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Faith-Based Schools

Protecting Your Students
When character is core in your school a responsibility clearly exists to protect students - this extends to their use of the Internet. The accountability for protection from on-line threats extends to all administrative, IT and leadership roles throughout the school.

Solutions for

Designed for Education
Smoothwall’s years of experience in education and constant feedback from our users have given us an insight into e-safety processes that work and the precautions that should be taken to protect students, staff and the school. This knowledge has inspired us to engineer a product that teaches responsible internet use and maintains the integrity of staff and students without comprimising high academic standards. We can help you and your school use the web effectively by giving administrators and educators immediate control of the web content they use. You can encourage students to be inquisitive and creative on the web, without compromising their safety. In addition, with a single appliance you can actively manage multiple Internet connections on separate networks. Your school and church are protected with the same license. Mange Wi-Fi access, BYOD, social media, peer-to-peer file sharing, gaming and provide protection from e-mail spam for your entire property.

“Smoothwall is far superior to other systems I have used, not only in ease of use but also effectiveness. The flexibility is in place to accommodate just about any type of configuration. Even better than the software itself are the people. My experience with both sales and tech support has been great!” Paul Cahoon Faith Christian Academy

Highest Web Filtering Standards
Smoothwall is committed to providing the best web content filtering and control. We enable compliance with CIPA - the Children’s Internet Protection Act, and FERPA - the Family Education Rights & Privacy Act. We have achieved UK Department for Education accreditation for Web Filtering in Education, which is believed to be the most stringent filtering standard worldwide. Smoothwall supports the Internet Watch Foundation and implement their illegal content blocklists.

“After talking with Smoothwall, I learned that we could go with a UTM device and achieve a whole new level of functionality - beyond that which our existing device could do.” Jeff Mesch Father Ryan High School

US Based Support
Our engineers know networks. When things go wrong, you need a specialist not a help-desk. Smoothwall’s US-based support team is exceptionally capable and has direct access to product development and testing groups so they can quickly address the most complex issues.

e-Safety Law in Education
To find out more about e-Safety Law in Education, please visit our website for a range of white papers ( developed for Smoothwall by Dr Brian Bandey - a leading researcher and commentator on the subject.

Supporting WinOS, MacOS, iPad & BYOD

Education Features
•• Educator led management of appropriate web content - Soft Block temporary override - YouTube/education support - Devolved personal safelist management (SWURL) - ‘SafeSearch’ for all major search engines •• Dynamic web content analysis delivers safe, appropriate content in the classroom •• ‘Who, What, When & Where’ flexible policy tools - ensures the right web content to the right user at the right time and in the right place •• Complies with the world’s highest filtering standards •• Social Media Controls for Instant Messaging, chat, posting, blogging, file-upload and ‘read-only’ Facebook •• Flexible and precise reporting - usage trends through to individual activity via non-technical portal •• Centrally controlled impassable ‘red-line’ content policies •• Enables compliance with CIPA and FERPA

Designed for Education.

Technical Features
•• Flexible deployment - software, vitual or hardware appliances to protect you at the perimeter •• Authentication integration - Microsoft Active Directory®, Open Directory, Novell eDirectory™ •• Proven perimeter and internal Firewall with network features that include; QoS, Multi-WAN, VPN, IDS and IPS •• Active protection from web-borne viruses and malware (identity theft, botnets, trojans, spyware, encryption) •• Filter public Wi-Fi and guest devices (BYOD) on networks •• SSL/HTTPS filtering scans encrypted/secure traffic for threats •• Remote Device Filtering (Windows, MacOSX and iOS) •• Web cache reduces bandwidth utilization •• Signature-based proxy detection •• Constantly updated with signatures, blocklists and IWF illegal content lists

Trusted by Educators.
“Education-led web content control and filtering from Smoothwall delivers a better educational experience. It saves everybody time and reduces IT support requirments.”

About Smoothwall
Our business is built on trust, innovation, engineering and technology. Smoothwall is a U.S. and U.K. based web security and filtering company, operating around the world. Our British developed technologies deliver real-time Dynamic Content Analysis™ of web pages, allowing you to filter, monitor, and report on web usage, malware, social-media, instant messaging, proxy avoidance - all without impacting on the users’ experience. Smoothwall Web Filtering and Security solutions are available in a range of virtual, software and hardware appliances. They can be combined with other add-on modules (Web Content Filtering, Email Security, Anti-Malware, Anti-Spam, Firewall & Bandwidth Management) to form a Unified Threat Management solution. For more information please see individual product datasheets or discuss with a technical representative. Smoothwall 6201 Fairview Road, Suite 320 Charlotte, NC, 28210-4274 1.800.959.3760