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Lisa Wilbanks July 2013 Ed.S. IT Portfolio Matrix Artifact Titles, Descriptions, and Filenames for Upload 1.

2-Year Plan This artifact demonstrates two years worth of ideas for plans and projects to be implemented in an elementary school through the media and technology program. Many of the projects build upon one another and involve not only the students but also the teachers, parents, and members of the community. One important technology piece that is highlighted is a school-wide reading blog. 2. Grant The grant I developed is written in order to receive funding for tablets such as iPads to support struggling readers, as well as students with limited English proficiency. I envision the tablets being housed in the media center and available for use by not only the targeted students, Course Taken in Ed.S. Program Descriptors from Conceptual Framework

NETS-A Standard 1. Visionary Leadership a., b., c.

Reflections Connecting Artifacts and Standards

1. 2-Year Plan 1. Inquisitive In order to demonstrate – MEDT 6466 – 2. Knowledgeable visionary leadership, Media Program 3. Reflective technology leaders within a school consider how 2. Grant – technology can be acquired and MEDT 7469 – implemented in order to Supervision of increase student achievement School Library as well as efficiency and Media Programs organization. Leaders advocate for technology to be purchased 3. SWOT and implemented in lessons in Analysis – every classroom. They help to MEDT 8463 – develop and apply long range Issues in technology plans for the system Instructional and the school. Technology My 2-year plan demonstrates my ability to think long term when it comes to the implementation of projects, programs, and technology. Larger projects are started with only a couple of grade levels and grow to involve the entire school over time. Pieces of technology are infused into each of the projects in order to help promote student achievement. For example, one of the goals outlined in this plan is to develop a schoolwide reading blog hosed through the media center website. The grant that I wrote is one way that I could help a school receive funds in order to purchase technology. Technology leaders need to consider multiple avenues for receiving funding for technology and grants offer

The SWOT Analysis is my own personal reflection concerning technology. It demonstrates my ability to consider my personal background and future goals in implementing technology within a school. As a technology leader in a school, I would find it helpful to conduct a similar reflection on the use of technology within the school building. As a visionary leader I need to consider where we have come from and most importantly where we are going when it comes to implementing technology. 2. Digital 1. Standards 1. Standards 1. Inquisitive School leaders of technology Age Learning Alignment Alignment 2. Knowledgeable are a part of a digital age Culture In this assignment, MEDT 7469 – 3. Leading learning culture. They must I looked at a fourth Supervision of 4. Collaborative model, support, and encourage a., b., c., d., grade social School Library 5. Culturally the use of instructional e. studies standard Media Programs Sensitive technology throughout the related to school. Leaders need to design Westward 2. Conference and implement lessons across Expansion and Proposal – the curriculum that are learneraligned it to 21st MEDT 7469 – centered and technology based. century skills and Supervision of Technology leaders also need AASL standards. School Library to participate in local, state, and I developed Media Programs global learning communities in activities that order to keep up with new involve various trends and ideas in the field and forms of media to share their own ideas and and technology. success. In the activities,

but by all of the students in the school. 3. SWOT Analysis When writing this SWOT analysis, I considered my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and goals in incorporating technology in the classroom. This artifact demonstrates my reflection not only of my background in technology, but also where I envision it leading us in the future.

many opportunities for schools to gain the technology that will help raise the level of student achievement. This grant is written in order to help students reading below grade level as well as those with limited English proficiency excel so that they are reading on grade level by the time they reach the third grade. It supports one of the long-term goals outlined in our school-wide student achievement plan.

the students use their research develop a blog and podcasts about their hypothetical trip west in the 1800’s on the Oregon Trail. 2. Conference Proposal – In this assignment, I developed a conference proposal to share a presentation that I created on blogging in the classroom. I developed a PowerPoint as well as helpful handouts. I show teachers how to set up a blog using KidBlog and provided specific examples of how I have used blogging in my own classroom. I also reviewed various school and classroom blogs and shared the links in my presentation.

The Standards Alignment activity demonstrates my ability to collaborate with other teachers in the school to develop a unit that involves multiple disciplines and the use of various media and technology resources. This unit was developed with a fourth grade teacher and requires students to conduct research and develop a variety of products from blogs to podcasts to demonstrate their learning. As a technology leader in a school, I would collaborate with teachers to develop similar units and continue to “model and promote the frequent and effective use of technology for learning” to meet the needs of diverse learners.

3. Excellence in Professional Practice a., b., c., d.

Throughout my career, I will participate in various learning communities at the local, state, national, and even global level. One way to do this is to attend and present at various technology and media conferences. The conference proposal and presentation that I developed is an example of one presentation that I may give in order to share with others my experiences with blogging in the classroom. Participants will be shown how to set up their own blogs for their classes and be provided with a variety of ideas for implementing blogs in their schools or classrooms. 1. Professional 1. Professional 1. Knowledgeable It is important for technology 2. Reflective leaders to be committed to Development Development Presentation – Presentation 3. Leading excellence in professional This presentation MEDT 7469 – 4. Collaborative practice. This means that they is designed for Supervision of 5. Empathetic need to design and participate teachers and media School Library in various professional specialists and is Media Programs development opportunities both based on work that within and outside of the

I did with fifth graders using Google Earth. Students conducted research about World War II and practiced writing poetry with a focus on poems about a place. We used Google Earth to view the places students wrote about and to “pin” our poems to the places on the map as a collaborative project to share with other classes. In the presentation, I share this unit as well as show participants how to access and use Google Earth for a variety of purposes in the classroom. 2. Web 2.0 Website – This is a website that I developed and envision continuing when I become a media specialist. It is a website devoted to Web 2.0 Tools. It shows teachers how to use the tools and ideas for incorporating them in the classroom. The incorporated blog feature allows teachers and media/technology specialists to share ideas and

2. Web 2.0 Website MEDT 7469 – Supervision of School Library Media Programs

school. They need to model and promote collaboration among school personnel, students, parents, and community members. They also have a responsibility to research the latest trends in instructional technology and keep themselves on the cutting edge of what is available and possible within schools. One artifact that I have chosen for this section is the Professional Development Presentation that I developed based on a unit I taught with fifth grade students. This unit integrates poetry, World War II, and Google Earth. This artifact demonstrates my commitment to provide professional development and collaborate with educators in order to incorporate technology to raise the level of student achievement. This presentation not only models my own teaching and use of technology, but also encourages participants to incorporate Google Earth and collaborate with one another to develop their own ideas, lessons, and projects. I have also chosen to include the Web 2.0 website that I have created to support ongoing professional development within a school. This site is a place where tech tips, ideas, and handouts will be kept for teachers to refer to as often as needed. I have also incorporated a blog feature into the website in order to encourage teachers to collaborate and share their ideas for using various technology tools in the

collaborate all within the website.

4. Systemic Improvement a., b., c., d., e.

classroom. This is also a place where I can share and discuss the latest technology tools as they become available. 1. School Wide 1. School Wide 1. Inquisitive As a technology leader, it is Plan – This plan Plan - MEDT 2. Knowledgeable important to make sure that involves students 6466 – Media 3. Leading technology is utilized to of all grade levels Program 4. Proactive, continually support student including students 5. Collaborative achievement. Leaders need to with special needs 2. Principal’s 6. Culturally be constantly analyzing and such as those with PowerPoint – Sensitive interpreting data results from a limited English MEDT 6466 – variety of assessments and proficiency, those Media Program observations in order to who are at risk, develop achievement goals and and gifted to determine how technology students. Teachers can help the school reach those and students will goals. They also need to collaborate to support teachers in their use to incorporate technology to meet the specific various forms of learning goals of the students. media and technology in In this section, one of the order to become artifacts that I have chosen to familiar with a attach is my School Wide Plan. variety of reading This plan demonstrates my genres. Students ability to develop and will demonstrate implement a project that their learning in a involves all students in the variety of ways school building in learning including through about reading genres through the use of the use of various forms of technology. All of media and technology. This the projects will be project was designed to elevate highlighted in a the level of student special achievement in the school in presentation for the area of reading. This parents during an project involves various evening of stakeholders including parents “Getting Groovy and culminates with an evening with the Genres.” presentation where students will share their new knowledge 2. Principal’s about a variety of reading PowerPoint – genres. This is a PowerPoint I have also chosen to attach the presentation that I Principal’s PowerPoint that I developed that have created. This PowerPoint shares why it is summarizes the current important for each research in respect to the need school to employ for a certified media specialist certified media who is a leader, teacher,

5. Digital Citizenship a., b., c., d.

specialists. It highlights the benefits of a dynamic media program and the need for technology to be integrated throughout the school. It also shares the benefits of teacher and student collaboration to promote student achievement. 1. Internet Filtering Position Paper – Prior to writing this paper, I participated in a group debate about the pros and cons of Internet filtering. This paper summarizes my research about Internet filtering and what I learned about the laws that require Internet filters to be in place in schools. I also state my opinion that while open access to information is extremely important, the highest importance needs to be placed on keeping children safe on the Internet. I also highlight several strategies that can be implemented in order to help keep students safe when there are no filters enabled to block

collaborator, program administrator, and promoter of instructional technology. This PowerPoint demonstrates my commitment to excellence and my knowledge of what a dynamic leader of media and technology should be within a school

1. Internet Filtering Position Paper - MEDT 7477 – Technology for Media Services 2. Copyright Web 2.0 Tool – MEDT 7487 Practicum

1. Knowledgeable 2. Leading 3. Proactive 4. Culturally Sensitive

Technology leaders within a school need to take an active role in digital citizenship. It is our responsibility to make sure that all students and adults have equitable access to materials, but at the same time that they are kept safe when using technology, particularly when researching and communicating online. The technology leader needs to make school personnel as well as students aware of what safe, ethical, and legal behavior looks like when utilizing technology at school and at home. For this section, I chose to attach my Internet Filtering Position Paper. In this paper I discuss the pros and cons of Internet filtering as well as the implications of the Child Internet Protection Act. This document shows my understanding of the laws that are in place and my commitment to keeping students safe when using the Internet at school and at home. While I want students to have open access to information, I do not believe that their safety should be compromised. At the

inappropriate content. 2. Copyright Web 2.0 Tool – This tool was designed to help inform teachers about copyright laws. There is a focus on what would and would not be fair use. This tool can be revisited each school year and made available on the school or media center website.

same time, we cannot rely only on filters to help keep students safe. As leaders, it is important that we teach them how to practice safe, ethical, and legal behavior as well as how to handle questionable material they may come across on the Internet. I have also included my Copyright Web 2.0 Tool. This tool was designed to inform school personnel about the copyright laws and especially about the fair use policy. As a technology leader within the school, it is my responsibility to inform the other adults about these laws and to make sure that materials are used legally to support the education of students.