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Hostel student are less attentive during the school times.

Case study at SMK Segambut Jaya, Kuala Lumpur.
INTRODUCTION Teachers in Malaysia today to teach with dedication and responsibility in educating students. Therefore, when implementing the process of teaching and learning problems and obstacles faced by teachers. This issue was purely a stunt of teachers to teach. One of the main problems faced by teachers is a problem arising from the students. Student discipline is a major problem faced by teachers when in the classroom. In addition, teachers also have attention deficit problems of the students. This is a common problem faced by all teachers. Therefore, the transfer of knowledge from teacher to student cannot run smoothly.


So. A case study occurred in SMK Segambut Jaya. Kuala Lumpur. teachers and schools. This problem has been identified and is given emphasis. What happens is. So this study should be conduct to identify why hostel students are less attentiveness when the school time. RESEARCH OBJECTIVES 2 . If this problem can be solved. This problem is long-term impact on students. The study will be made among the students of the sleepy residential teaching and learning occurs. when the session the student’s hostel will be sleepy and not paying attention in learning. the purpose of this study was to investigate investigate the factors that erect the hostel students less attentive during the school time . PURPOSE OF THE STUDY The purpose to investigate the factors that erect the hostel students less attentive during the school time. The question arises.This study was done to identify why hostel students are less attentiveness when the boarding time to learn. when compared with students who live in the house is less common problem sleepiness. This problem became an issue among teachers. It happens to all levels. 600 students are students who live in dormitories and 400 students who do not live in the hostel. performance and achievement will be enhanced. SMK Segambut Jaya. Of the 1000 students. Kuala Lumpur has a total of 1000 students and 80 teachers.

Kuala Lumpur. 3. What are the factors that contribute to the attentiveness or inattentiveness? 3. How attentive are students living in the hostel in the classroom? 2. Are there any difference the level of attentiveness between hostel living and home living students? SIGNIFICANCE OF THE RESEARCH 3 .The purpose to investigate the factors that erect the hostel students less attentive during the school time at SMK Segambut . To investigate the attentiveness students who living at the hostel during the classroom. 2. this research is carried out to fulfill several objectives: 1. To study the differences level of attentiveness between hostel living and home living students. To study factor that erect hostel student a less attentive during the school times. In detailed. RESEARCH QUESTIONS 1.

In addition. DEFINITION OF TERMS 4 .This study is intended to ensure hostel students are interested and more attentive to the process of teaching and learning. it will have an impact on their performance in examinations. Most of them are sleepy during the teaching and learning period. When they showed less interest in attitudes towards teaching and learning process. This is because most of the hostel students show their lack of interest during the school day. this study hopes to change their attitude during the school period especially at the teaching and learning time.

not or a Less Attentive Exhibiting a lack of attention.especially. a college. sometimes a bunk Student A person engaged in Hostel Hostels provide budget oriented. intent.answers. or who seeks knowledge from professional teachers or from books. a medical student. observant. a learner. a pupil. lounge and sometimes a kitchen. regarding with care or attention.Attentive Heedful. (http://www. (http://ardictionary. (http://en. a hard student. (http://thinkexist. the students of an academy. a sch olar. one who is devoted to learning. one who attends a School 5 . sociable accommodation where guests can rent a bed. in a dormitory and share a bathroom.

1. 2.reference. A college or university. (http://dictionary. esp. 4. LITERATURE REVIEW 6 . program of instruction: summer school. A regular course of meetings of a teacher or teachers and students for instruction. to personsunder college age: The Children are at school. An institution for instruction in a particular skill or field. An institution where instruction is given.

and Portes. a friend will affect their actions. Recently some attention has been given to peer interaction in student-directed groups and informal groups (Steinberg and Cazden. Inattentive behavior 7 . friends are people close to them at the hostel. student attentive behaviour. 1979. and Ayer-Lopez.Sewell. the studies are direct to literature review which is concern about peer influence. 1982. Marquis. Wilkinson and Calculator. 1982). 1970).In this chapter. Haller. and classroom attention. Donna Eder. friend did have a strong influence in the lives of students. 1082). Peer’s educational aspirations have consistently been found to predict students’ own educational aspirations (Sewell. they stayed away from the family. Peers are likely to have important direct influences on student behavior in any group whether it is teacher-directed or student-directed. When they are in class. and Ohlendorf. 1969.So. Cooper. especially students living in student hostels. Peer Influence Friend is the one most closely premises. So. Moreover. Haller.

holding. touching. and Jackson. making eye contact. etc. Kounin. Wahler. 1970. Verbal approval is supplemented with nonverbal attending behaviors on the part of the teacher such as smiling. Most students who live in the dorms will be sleepy in class during teaching and learning. Harris. Schutte and Hopkins. 1968. Stoddard.Teacher approval or attention has been used extensively to alter student behavior in the classroom. 1968. Thomson. 1953. Hasazi and Hasazi. McAllister. Welch. and Armstrong. 123). 1970. Panyan. and Baer. Hall. Ward and Baker. Cooper. e. or a function of personality 8 . Senn. instructions from the teacher. and Cooper. Madsen. Attention is a controlling relation-the relation between a response and a discriminative stimulus" (Skinner. listening. Buell. and Broden. patting. 1972. Wasik.. Rabon. Arnold. among others (Becker. and Thomas. and some prerequisite student behaviors such as looking. and Conderman. "Classroom attention" has traditionally been described in terms combining psychoanalytic theory and client-centered therapy. 1968. Baer. 1967.g. "a function of the ego strength of the individual" (Hinsie and Campbell. Lund. 1972. Stachowiak. moving toward the child. varying tone of voice. and Baer. Thomas.1969). being quiet. 1969. Becker. These cause they lost concentration in class if they often slept in class. Class attention "Classroom attention" refers to a complex and fluctuating set of stimulus-response relationships involving curriculum materials. 1960). p. 1968. 1969). 1968. Kaufman and O'Leary. Teacher approval is operationalized as verbal praise (Hall. 1970.

METHODOLOGY 9 . however defined. Student attention.factors such as "uninhibited receptivity" (Maes. seems to be an important parameter of successful academic performance. 1968).

The SMK Segambut Jaya. researcher will used the quantitative research. Kuala Lumpur hostel student from form 1 to 5 was selected by using the random sampling. This study was also made to investigate the factors that influence student inattentive behavior. Hostel students at SMK Segambut Jaya.The purpose to investigate the factors that erect the hostel students less attentive during the school time. Questionnaires will administrate in the classes and will conduct by the teacher. Are there any difference the level of attentiveness between hostel living and home living students? Research Design In this study. Research Sample 10 . What are the factors that contribute to the attentiveness or inattentiveness? 3. the researcher will ask a few items. Kuala Lumpur will ask to participate in the study. In the interview. The research question will be raised are: 1. Kuala Lumpur. SMK Segambut Jaya. How attentive are students living in the hostel in the classroom? 2. The researcher will do face to face interview between teacher and student.The study conducted was a survey research. The researcher will give a set of questionnaires which is related with the research study.

Also their attitude when less attention either sleepy. The first instrument is questionnaire which is constructed by using the 5 Likert Scales which indicates point 1 = Strongly Disagree. The researcher will do the face to face interview with the selected respondents. The targeted respondents are 70 students. question is about the hostel living student and home living student behavior. Second instrument is face to face interview. 3 = Neutral. Method of Data Analysis Research Instrument Two main instruments will be used in collecting the data from the respondents. The instruments are the questionnaire and face to face interview. Research Procedure 11 . The question will be divided into two section. 4 = Agree. It is about when their lack of attention and give full attention during the teaching and learning process. Kuala Lumpur.The study will be conducted at SMK Segambut Jaya. They will also be asked about their interests and feelings of living in the hostel. The questionnaire will be conducted by the teacher during teaching and learning period. In the student section they Students will be asked about life in hostel. 2 = Disagree. make noise or otherwise. 5 = Strongly Agree respectively. They will be picked randomly which are 3 students from each class which is form 1 to form 5 students who live at hostel. In the teachers section. The researcher will distribute the questionnaire to the student in the class. activities and dormitory schedules.

In this study the researcher has prepared the plan. : Researcher will do the face to face interview to the selected respondents. it is important to ensure this study can be run smoothly. Week 5 : The researcher will do the analysis of the questionnaire and face to face interview items. Researcher will distribute the questionnaires to the respondents. Kuala Lumpur. Week 3 Week 4 : The researcher will collect the questionnaires. Week 1 : The researcher designed the research item which is including questionnaires and list of observation items. The data will be analyzed by using the SPSS. The second method used for data collection is interview. and researcher has selected the respondents. References 12 .All collected data has been done on SMK Segambut Jaya. Week 2 : The administration of the questionnaires.

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