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LCCI Simulation

Felix Flentge


LCCI simulation – beyond the physical layer Market Management Cyber Physical Interdependencies IRRIIS .

Need for simulation? Market ? Management Cyber Physical ? Interdependencies ? ? IRRIIS .

impact of market structure and power outages .simple model of power generation. USA .ASPEN-EE Sandia National Laboratories.focus: short-term electrical market .economic micro-simulation . no transmission or distribution IRRIIS .

simulation of economic shocks (power outages) .agent-based simulation based on micro-economic data .calculation of macro-economic data .N-ABLE National Infrastructure and Analysis Center (NISAC) . very simple communication model .very.interdependencies between banking and telecommunication IRRIIS .

Market scenarios.Power transmission.SEPIA – Simulator for Electrical Power Industry Agents Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) . money transfer IRRIIS . information flows. Simulations on real-time pricing .Adaptive Agents .

air conditioning Very abstract level IRRIIS .CISIA – Critical Infrastructure Simulation by Interdependent Agents - - University Campus infrastructures Power supply. information infrastructure.

telecommunications and transportation . gas distribution.Agents reason about the effects on the infrastructures IRRIIS .GIS-based simulations University of North Carolina .Fictional town with power transmission and distribution.

PSLF electromechanical simulator .distributed simulation environment .NS2 communication simulator .EPOCHS – Electric Power and Communication Synchronizing Simulator .evaluation of a special agent-based protection scheme IRRIIS .PSCAD/EMTDC electromagnetic simulator .

Generic ABM Tools z Tools already used for LCCI simulation: – – Cognitive Agent Architecture – Cougaar Recursive Porus Agent Simulation Toolkit .RePast SWARM Shell for Simulated Agent Systems – SeSam … z Other ABM tools: – – – IRRIIS .

Questions? z z Are you aware of other simulations beyond the physical level? Are you aware of other ABM tools which have been applied to LCCI simulation? IRRIIS .

g. physical equipment. connections. …) IRRIIS .SYNTEX – general ideas z z z z Generic simulator for different infrastructure Should include cyber & management layer Simulation of LCCI Interdependencies Interface to existing simulators & tools Everything is an agent! (e. operators.

SYNTEX Architecture Idea Simulation Kernel Agent / Scenario Engine GUI Logger MIT Middleware Tool 1 Tool 2 Electricity Simulator Com Simulator LCCI Data IRRIIS .

SYNTEX spectrum Market Management Cyber Physical Interdependencies IRRIIS .

Questions Market Management Cyber Physical Interdependencies z z z What do you think of SYNTEX? Could it be useful for you? For what purpose? IRRIIS .