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Form Drawing The skill of writing letters is introduced to the children through Form Drawing.

This is begun by teaching the child the form of a straight line (they themselves are physically upright and can be a symbol of this form) and the form of a curve. The children do not just draw these forms, they physically experience them. This is done by getting them to “draw” the shape in the air with their arms, to walk the shape, to make the shape with objects, to draw it in sand in the sandpit, to paint it, to model it and so on. Once they are able to differentiate between these two forms they can then begin to learn the letters of the alphabet. These are introduced to the children in the same physical way and before they actually begin to write on paper, they draw the letter shapes in the air, paint them, model them and do the same movements that they did in exploring the straight and curved shapes.

.one at a time . the teacher brings all the childre n up to the blackboard .In the first writing draw a straight line on the board.

These first drawing experiences on the blackboard make a great impression on the children.The teacher does the same when introducing the curved line. Th . All the children come up to the blackboard and carefully draw a curved line. The childre n begin to learn good writing practic es.

Examples of other form drawings . This technique is used when the children begin writing their letters.e teacher shows them how to make a "pathway" with a block crayon and position their form upon this guide.

Forms suitable for Class Three and Four Form Drawing Books photographed at the South Devon Steiner School's Open Day .

A selection of work done by children in Class One and Class Two Work done by a child in Class One .