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1 Attach the power cord to the A.B.C., then plug the A.B.C. into an outlet. When the cord is plugged into the A.B.C., the charge indicator will be orange. Then, when the A.B.C. is fully charged it will turn green. The A.B.C. can be used while charging. The wall charger comes with several different adapters for use in various countries or regions.

A.B.C. Driver Setup, Windows Only

If nothing appears to happen when you inserted the CD, navigate to Start > My Computer (Win XP) or Start > Computer (Vista/Win 7). Then, double-click on the CDROMs icon to open it. Find the file Stahltek_ Setup.exe and doubleclick on it. If Windows asks if you would like to allow this program to make changes to your computer, click Yes. This will cause the setup window to appear.

Select Install Windows Drivers.

The install process may take some time.

If Windows asks you what to do, select the option to Launch Stahltek Setup. exe.

Click Next on the setup window.

Select Install This Driver Anyway when prompted. This will occur twice.

Select an install location.

Connect the A.B.C. unit to the computer.

For Windows PC only: Insert the Stahl~Tek ABC USB 2.0 Driver CD into your computers CD-ROM.


This Driver is For Windows Only ABC is supported out of the box on Mac OS and so no drivers are needed for the Mac platform. Before installing the ABC driver, uninstall any previously installed drivers. Do not connect the A.B.C. until prompted by the installation software.

Click Finish to complete the install.

Minimum Hardware Requirements PC or laptop manufactured after January 2006 Intel Core 2 @1.6 GHz, or AMD equivalent 1 GB main memory

Windows You will need to set the A.B.C. as your computers default audio playback device. To do this:
1. Nagivate to Start. 3.

Selecting Your Computers Audio Output

6. With the Stahl~Tek device selected, click on Set Default, then Default Device. 2. Select System Preferences. This launches the System Preferences window.

In the upper right of the Control Panel window, type Sound.


Select Manage Audio Devices.

Macintosh You will need to set the A.B.C. as your computers default audio playback device. To do this:
1. 5. Select the Stahl~Tek Device. Navigate to the Apple symbol in the upper left of your screen.

3. 4. 5.

Select Sound. This opens the Sound Preferences window. Within the Sound Preferences window, select Output. Select the Stahl~Tek A.B.C. (It may take a few minutes for the device to register)


From Start, go to Control Panel. This brings up the Control Panel window

To Open The Full User Manual:

Windows PC: Insert the CD into the CD-ROM. Select User Manual from the menu. It will open in Adobe Reader. Mac OS: Insert the CD into the CD-ROM. Double-click on the disc icon that appears on the desktop. Open the file named ABC Manual.pdf. Online:

A.B.C. Supported Protocols

ABC Supported Protocols Audio Output Windows XP (32) ASIO Yes KS No WASAPI No DS Yes Windows Vista Yes Yes Yes No Windows 7 (32) Yes Yes Yes No Windows 7 (64) Yes Yes Yes No