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Introduction Fuel Calculation System Sample Form Revision Notes Learning Outcome 6

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Calculate fuel consumption of fire vehicles and engine-driven fire equipments. Assessment Criteria: 6.1. Describe fuel calculation system including: 6.1.1 6.1.2 6.1.3 Method of calculating the total of mileage. Method of calculating the total of fuel consumption. Method of calculating the target of fuel consumption

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INTRODUCTION 1. Any use of a motor vehicle require fuel to provide energy to enable a vehicle to work. When the fuel was used, it will produce engine and pump running, either as the number of kilometers driven measures listed in the 'odometer or course of registered pumps in hours. AIM 2. The purpose of this lesson is to expose the trainees to the calculation of fuel in a vehicle, particularly the Special Fire Vehicle. FUEL CALCULATION SYSTEM 3. Total Running Count. Each time a running is made and upon completion of the task, column 12 on Work Ticket (BAT J 7) shall be entered in column 13. Distance be summed from beginning to end of month and take note at total of running column in month. 4. Fuel Usage Count. Fuel issued must be counted at month. Fuel combustion is taken to be mixed with fuel in the tank at the beginning of the month for the total amount. To get the fuel used, the total amount of fuel should be minus with fuel in the tank at the end of the month as: Fuel in Tanks In The First Month

Fuel Taken

Fuel In Tank

Fuel Used

5. To get the amount of fuel in the tank at the end of the month for vehicles that are not refuelling on the last day of the month is: a. Fuel in Tanks In The First Month

Fuel Taken

Total of Fuel

b. Total of Fuel

Fuel in Full Tank

Total of Running After the Last Fuel Taken

Old Target

Used Fuel


Target Count: a. Target count of vehicles without the aid of a pump or engine: Total of Running

Used Fuel

Use Target

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Target count of vehicles with the aid of a pump or engine: Total of Running Total Hours x 16

- Used Fuel

Use Target

7. All the details of fuel usage and running hours (Kilometers / hour) other than listed in BAT J 7 be included in the statement List of monthly fuel usage for motorized vehicles (BAT M 3015 - Monthly Register of For MT Vehicles) to be kept as a record after BAT J 7 sent to the auditors. CONCLUSION 8. By knowing and understanding this lesson will enable the Senior NCO in a section control the calculation of fuel consumption with more efficient and orderly.

FCS M1 LO6 60

In Lieu of BAT M 3051


UNIT:___________________________ VEHICLE TYPRE REGISTRATION NUMBER DATE B/F 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 FUEL DRAWN TOTAL FUEL FUEL CONSUMED MILES/KM HOURS K.P.L Certifield Checked/Found Correct _____________________________ (Officer I/C M.T) BULAN:_________________ TOTAL ISSUES PER DAY ON BASE ON BASE


To be cut off only when more the one page is used during the month. Fit centres is front of main sheet to form book for each month.

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