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Dear Judge Jeanine, The Zimmerman Trial is all over the news.

On your next show how about you set up a wall with ALL the pictures of the deceased Trayvon and have a little talk with your audience about journalistic integrity; maybe even examine what the Society of Professional Journalists ( website has to say on ethics in journalism? Ask your audience if they think it is right to portray Trayvon as the youngster he was not when he was shot through the use of outdated photographs that depict the deceased young man as having been much younger and smaller when the incident occurred wherein he was killed.

You could talk about the "race baiters" and the misleading efforts by various entities within the media as well as certain folks associated with certain political organizations/special interest groups. You could bring up Al Sharptons inciting of violence; Mr. Obamas, (NOT the president for he was in the commission of a crime when he was illegally elected while fraudulently representing himself as constitutionally eligible to be president), embracing of Trayvon as the son he never had without any background on the young man yet having been investigated or confirmed; Jamie Foxxs vitriolic threats of an impending black-lash should the presumed guilty until proven innocent Zimmerman be acquitted; or the instructional Tweets from has-been movie director Spike Lee intended on organizing a mob to literally attack George Zimmerman and family at their home.

Now that would be a good show Judge Jeanine.

Quite naturally you will be labeled a racist for presenting the facts and ALL the photos that have surfaced regarding the deceased young manmany of which are Trayvons own photographs which have been published from social media websites that he used or right off his cell phone.

Perhaps a new word will enter into the journalistic lexicon of terminologyTo

"portrayvon" an individual: To falsely portray an individual with irrelevant photographs of how they once looked as opposed to portraying them in the light of truthhow they at the time in question did in fact look.
Investigative journalist Michael Brendan Dougherty reminded his readers that NBC deliberately and with malicious intent editedno mutilatedthe transcript of the 911 phone call made by Zimmerman in order to portray Mr. Zimmerman as a racial profiler in his April 4, 2013 article on headlined NBC: We're Sorry We Edited The Trayvon Tape To Make George Zimmerman Sound Racist where he put to paper the transcript of the disgusting false portrayal made by NBC along with the actual transcript of the call:

Here's the transcript of the audio NBC played: Zimmerman: This guy looks like hes up to no good. He looks black. Here's the actual transcript: Zimmerman: This guy looks like hes up to no good. Or hes on drugs or something. Its raining and hes just walking around, looking about. Dispatcher: OK, and this guyis he black, white or Hispanic? Zimmerman: He looks black.

NBC launched an investigation into what happened in their editing process.

Obviously, the editing can hugely prejudice the viewer into thinking that Zimmerman has definitely engaged in racial profiling when he followed Trayvon Martin. The actual transcript doesn't rule out the possibility of racial profiling, but it certainly doesn't confirm it.

Consider the photo of Trayvon that was plastered larger than life behind you Judge Jeanine when you were recently a guest on 'The View. The producers of The View were using one of those irrelevant photos of a much younger, child-like Trayvon.

Then consider the video of Trayvon taken in the convenience store recorded only minutes before he died and in other photographs that have been released that show how much he had matured physically if not mentally, and please answer me this: Is it not

unethical for media outlets to have bent over backwards in a most prejudicial manner to falsely portrayvon the dead young man as having been a cherubically innocent little boy several years younger and physically quite

different than the reality that faced George Zimmerman in the dark?

George Zimmerman has repeatedly been negatively portrayvoned himself in a literary sense by members of the media who have no right to call themselves journalists. Like many Americans, this journalist is still trying to figure out what precisely the term White Hispanic means.

In an article headlined DEFENSE RESTS CASE IN GEORGE ZIMMERMAN TRIAL on the website the journalist team of Mike Schneider and Kyle Hightower collaborate to arrive at the subtly biased, and covertly racist remarka literary portrayvon of Mr. Zimmermanwhen they write that Martin was black and

Zimmerman identifies himself as Hispanic. The implication

of the literary construct that the two writers jointly employ is that Trayvon was black and Zimmerman simply identified himself as Hispanicnot that he really in fact was Hispanic, but as we all know was actually a dreaded White Hispanic.

Consider if you will how strange it would appear if Schneider and Hightower had written, Zimmerman is Hispanic and Martins family identify him as having been black. Everyone in the media would be asking, What is that supposed to mean? Was he black or not?

The George Zimmerman investigation was hijacked in a number of ways by outside forces, said the former police chief of Sanford, Florida.

Bill Lee, who testified Monday in Zimmermans second-degree murder trial, told CNNs George Howell in an exclusive interview that he felt pressure from city officials to arrest Zimmerman to placate the public rather than as a matter of justice. CNN.

In a remarkable interview, former police chief of Sanford, Florida Bill Lee is on the record stating that he did not want to place Mr. Zimmerman under arrest, but was pressured to do so.

In the article Ex-Sanford police chief: Zimmerman probe 'taken away from us' by Elliott C. McLaughlin, CNN, at the website posted on July 10, 2013, but misprinted as July 11th, former police chief Bill Lee said, It was (relayed) to me that they just

wanted an arrest. They didnt care if it got dismissed later, he said. You dont do that.
When Sanford police arrived on the scene on February 26, 2012, after Zimmerman fatally shot unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin,

they conducted a sound investigation, and the evidence provided no probable cause to arrest Zimmerman at the scene, he said.

It had nothing to do with Floridas controversial Stand Your Ground law, he said; from an investigative standpoint, it was purely a matter of self-defense. The police department needed to do a job, and there was some influenceoutside influence and inside influencethat forced a change in the course of the normal criminal justice process," Lee said.

The Orlando Sentinel reports today, 10 July 2013, in an article headlined Trayvon Martin: New Black Panthers offer $10,000 bounty for capture of shooter George Zimmerman that Members of the New Black Panther Party are offering a $10,000 reward for the "capture" of George Zimmerman, the Neighborhood Watch volunteer who shot Trayvon Martin.

New Black Panther leader Mikhail Muhammad announced the reward during a protest in Sanford Saturday. And when asked whether he was inciting violence, Muhammad replied defiantly: "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth."

In a cogent analysis of indications that the judge in the Zimmerman trial is biased in favor of the prosecution in a 10, July 2013

article on headlined WATCH: JUDGE SAYS SHES ALREADY MADE UP HER MIND: ZIMMERMANS STORY DOESNT COMPORT WITH THE EVIDENCE, DENIES HIM FAIR TRIAL the author writes, She denied the text evidence on the absurd claim that because there was no way to know with 100% certainty that the texts on the phone owned by Trayvon were sent by him, the jury shouldnt see them, even though the jury would be able to consider the fact that there was an unreasonable chance that he hadnt sent them, and even though the defense may have been able to present evidence that they WERE sent by him. In addition, the prosecution team delayed letting the defense team know they had the texts in the first place, in order to prevent the defense from contacting the people Trayvon had sent them to, who could then corroborate that Trayvon had in fact sent them. The judge didnt care. She had already, before the trial started, denied the defenses request for a delay in order to do that very corroboration. These texts are very important, and perhaps key, because of the most crucial question of the case: Was Trayvon likely to start a fight with George, did he have a history of starting fights, or at least engaging in them? Georges claim is that he was attacked. So the question becomes, how likely is that? Does Trayvon have a history of attacking? Of attacking strangers? Of attacking MMA-style? Of attacking white people? There is no question that a history of Trayvon Martins attacks and fights, if any, should be allowed in the case. The judge is working overtime to keep such evidence from the jury. What does that tell you?

Both the and and report the Justice Department has disgustingly participated in denying justice to George Zimmerman.

Now, its turned out that Eric Holders Justice Department has even used taxpayer money to support and even train protesters at the George Zimmerman trial. Whether Zimmerman is guilty or innocent is not the point here. No matter what Holder thinks, it should NEVER be justified for the feds to support protests in some kind of attempt to influence the trial. That is disgusting. ( Eric Holder Used Taxpayer Money to Help Anti-Zimmerman Protests July 10, 2013.)

Documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request reveal that the Department of Justice spent thousands of taxpayer dollars to provide assistance for anti-Zimmerman protests in 2012, the Daily Caller reported Wednesday. Among the protests assisted by the Justice Department was one headlined by activist and MSNBC host Al Sharpton.

At issue is the money spent by so-called "peacekeepers" in the Community Relations Service, a division of the DOJ that, according to Judicial Watch, the organization that requested the information, "purports to spot and quell racial tensions nationwide before they arise..."

Judicial Watch said that:

CRS employee spent $1,142.84 to travel to Sanford, Florida from March 25-28, 2012 to work marches, demonstrations, and rallies; CRS employee spent $751.60 to travel to Sanford, Florida from March 30-April 1, 2012 to provide technical assistance to the City of Sanford, event organizers, and law enforcement agencies for the march and rally on March 31; CRS employee spent $1,307.40 to travel to Sanford, Florida from April 3-12, 2012 to provide technical assistance, conciliation, and onsite mediation during demonstrations planned in Sanford; CRS employee spent $672.24 to travel to Tampa, Florida from April 18-20, 2012 to meet with RNC official related to possible protests and demonstrations during the RNC

Judicial Watch also said it obtained an audio recording of a community meeting held at Second Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Sanford on April 19, 2012.

The meeting reportedly opened with a gospel hymn and organ music and reportedly led to the official ouster of Sanfords Police Chief Bill Lee, Judicial Watch said.

According to Judicial Watch, that meeting produced a nine-point plan, the main demand being Chief Lee's removal.

The Daily Caller said a DOJ spokesperson initially said she did not know "off the top of her head" what role the CRS played in the antiZimmerman protests. But DOJ spokesperson Dena Iverson later said in an email that "the Community Relations Service was in Florida as part of their mandated mission" while providing a link to the CRSs website.

Since the case broke last year, George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer on trial for the shooting death of Martin, has received thousands of death threats. It is impossible to determine how many of those threats are a direct result of taxpayerfunded activities by the DOJ.

Examiner's Dean Chambers noted that talk show host Rush Limbaugh discussed the CRS' activities on Wednesday.

"This is a fundamental disintegration," Limbaugh said, "and it's just one of many that are happening to this country under this administration."

Limbaugh went on to say that the DOJ did not just engage on the side of the anti-Zimmerman protests, but "revved 'em up."

"They went down there and started all of this," he said. ( Docs: Obama DOJ facilitated anti-Zimmerman protests with taxpayer money by Joe Newby. July 10, 2013.)

I would pay to see Jamie Foxx's faceand would not pay to see his face in a movie theater after his remarks about his lord and savior Barack Obamathe day that the NOT GUILTY verdict is read in the Zimmerman case.

Take note of the graphic representation of Trayvon when he was smaller, younger, and innocent looking.

Then the cases against the news services which maligned the innocent Zimmerman as well as against politicians and other public figures who incited violence shall begin and Mr. Zimmerman will

receive a just HEROES REWARD ($$$) for protecting us all from the likes of TRAYVON!

And what's with referring to Trayvon's biological parents as his "mother" and "father?" Shouldn't the current expressions of "Baby Momma" and "Baby Daddy" be used in describing Trayvons biological parents? The question has to be asked since 78-80% of those incarcerated in the US come from effectively fatherless homes and the U.S. incarcerates a larger percentage of her population than any other society in human history: Was Trayvon an illegitimate bastard child (the word "bastard" can be found in the King James Version of the Bible), conceived outside the covenant of marriage?

I have too much respect for the title of mother and father to just go throwing them around to people who think so little of the covenant of marriage and the blessings bestowed by God upon children conceived within said covenant between one man, one woman, and the Lord that they without reservation conceive children in a manner more closely related to the way in which animals breed than should human beings, created in the image of God and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, conceive children.

Where was Trayvon headed to at that hour of the early morning? He was headed to his so-called "father's" fiance's house; to the crib where his Baby Daddy was shacking up with his ho, to put it in the vernacular of the hood. Baby Daddy thought enough of his then

current paramourhis ollady, at the time, to at least propose to her to enter into the covenant of marriage if reports that they were engaged to enter into the covenant of marriage can be believed. Apparently Baby Daddy never felt so about Trayvon's Baby Momma because she has a different last name.

Perhaps if Trayvon had had a mother and a father with the same last name and not what is colloquially acceptable todaya Baby Momma and a Baby Daddyhe would not have been roaming around at that hour of the early morning when a young man of his age should be safe at home asleep to be well rested for work or school the next day.

And let us not forget that Trayvon had been approached by a teacher at his school who wanted to know where he had gotten a sizeable amount of jewelry he had on his person while at school. A reasonable person might suspect that the jewelry was obtained in one of the break-ins in the neighborhood where Mr. Zimmerman was a volunteer.

Perhaps Trayvon was just another adolescent black man who was caught up in the glorification of the 'Thug Life,' the 'gangsta' life.'

What was the term that Trayvon used? No, not Creepy-ass Cracka,'' the other one that he used to describe himself on FaceBook? "No Limit Nigga."Trayvons words.

Perhaps Trayvon had participated in breaking into properties in the neighborhood. Perhaps Trayvon used words like Creepy-ass Cracka'' to describe other peopleCaucasians or perhaps White Hispanics (whatever the Hell that is?). Perhaps he thought of himself as a person who lived outside the limits of society. Perhaps he thought of himself as an angry young African American with no limits. Perhaps he snuck a punch on Mr. Zimmerman knocking him down and then mounted Mr. Zimmerman M.M.A. style and continued pummeling the "White Hispanic" (??? whatever the Hell that is???) Perhaps Trayvon realized that the man he was beating had a sidearm holstered on his hip and so reached for it. Perhaps Mr. Zimmerman, in the midst of receiving a beating, realized that his assailant was reaching for his sidearm and so unholstered his weapon to take control of it in order to prevent his assailant from gaining control of the weapon and employed it out of fear of great bodily harm or even death at the hands of a selfdescribed "No Limit Nigga." Maybe Tupac Shakur was right when he spit, Sometimes my people be actin kinda evil.

Also published today, July 10, 2013 in the blizzard of news stories on the Zimmerman trial was an article by Dean Chambers headlined

New Black Panther Party allegedly busing mobs to Sanford, Florida for expected riots on the webpage of which reports that Reports have come in from eye witnesses in Sanford, Florida that the New Black Panther Party, an extremist group that has called for the killing of George Zimmerman if he is found not guilty, is busing in thousands to that town. Sanford is the location of the trial and near the place where the shooting of Trayvon Martin by Zimmerman occurred. There have been threats of riots if Zimmerman is not found guilty and it is believed that the New Black Panther Party and other extremist groups will attempt to take advantage of racial tensions after a non guilty verdict by organizing riots.

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