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Christ, Be Our Light Bernadette Farrell

Unison Keyboard

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gry. light for the Make us your shared un til walls made of mak ing your C world liv all liv king Am to ing are ing dom see. Long Long Long Long Man Em ing ing ing ing y for for for for the light. 5. ple. Long Long Long Long man Em ing ing ing ing y for for for for the 1. voice. 5.Christ. stone. 2. warmth. your ho ly has pow’r to bro ken for shel ter ing to one an D peo save oth oth oth G ple. ers. 3. 132) 1. hearts Am7 ter. E sus 4 Make us Your word Make us Make us Let us Em your a your your be own. spair. bled. 2. 30100333 . Published by OCP Publications. vants 1. 5. 4. truth. fed. that we man man man yearn Bm7 turn y y y to to de still are be you. lone bread. D sus 4 D © 1993. thirst. hope. long. shel ter. come. build ser Am7 ing. er. Be Our Light Bernadette Farrell VERSES ( = ca. peace. gifts. food. All rights reserved. Play first four measures as an Intro. Am7 we wait in our world is man y are man y are man y the Bm7 dark trou hun home peo E sus 4 ness. 4. cold. 3. us. 2. less. ers. 3. wa 4. Bernadette Farrell.

1-4 Final G Am7/G G D. C. G be C our light! G Shine Em in our hearts.Christ. G . Be Our Light (2) REFRAIN Christ. G be D sus 4 our D light! Em Shine Em7/D in your 1-4 D. C. D Christ. Final church C gath ered Am7 to D day. Bm Shine through the Em dark Am7 ness.