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ItretoD Mohlaia lhe forbiddinep€akwhoseddk shadowonce cst sioom over Lhewhole of Noithem Allnri4 h6 ben quiet for tJn yeas. IL h* beq that lons sirce lhe diabotGl reisn of the evil srerer Zasor, was ended by a heroic advoturer who the mortain boved the countless oerilsof lhe duseons beneath and suceded where'so manv h.d faiEd before. But now, resuected by the power of dak sorcery, Zagor has .isen from the deadl More evil tha before the @ed wizard is intent upon Meabng hi, revm8e upon aI Alld,ia. He m6l be stopped, dd for eood Lhis Lime.Some brave ldvmltm YdU' - must entei lhe fodiddins ldbrinth and brinS istie once rnore to the lord of Firetop Momtainl Two dice, a pencil and m erass de a you need to dbdk on this thrilins adventde, which ons compl€te with its oM elaborate combat systm ed a score shet to raord your Many dansers lie ahead od your succest B d,'thing but cedain. Sinister €nemi6 d€ raryed against you; it's uP to YOU to decide which route to folbw, whi.h ddgers to ri,k and which foes to fight. Bel@e Zagor wi not be co ea,y to def€at lan Livinsstone is the c;fomder, with Steve Jackson,of Games Workhop, the hugely .Iah which sPeciali4s in fantasygmes of all klnds.


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Ian Livingstone

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The lnkoductdv RoL?l'vhA Gam IICHTNG F NTAi TH! NDDLNG RFA\'ER- Four TkiUing Sttrtcm Th. Adv@rl PlBhrnA fsby DT,NGEoNER - An l;bDduum lo dvuc.d FEhlin8 Fultsv BL CKSANOI - MoE AdnEd FiAr'6naF.ntlv OUT OF THE PIT - F'gl*rns Farav Motr*d TIT N - Tlt FisihS FrrsY World P.ntry Nowb nE fi.ldr. wARs - cl'ror lnhd., AIsi, T+ TiolaTooTh OEMONS-iEALER - cn dda Datnr. (.thr SIIADOWMA5TER G,rlda Ddome .nd D.!th


Illushatedby Martin McKmw



id wlhoui I rihi|I . 6 ljotr rh4 n $rII rcL by wry ot hdc d dh4n . lp Rre Te.9r n $e srft5 of |Jffi.ed d lhc {&caucd pur-\'li . hrEd@r. r& P4en B@ls (N4 u4 t#rFr{in u n64 ro Nd z<rlid ^*i. b. Hrnrudsdrr Mddh r4rdd Fd Pub['h?J 1*: 7 ADVENTUR! a4 BACKG ROUND L6 SHEET rqt @pFisht e hn uise. G'old.Mrp dnr. RETURNTO FIRETOP MOUNTAIN 20 Th€moril nsht of th! ruthor hd 5q apdd Rhr€J h b3r.K{frer! MP@PFdr c L@ tsrd4 e.o Mrtntr{.r? wdshk Lrne lqJo! w6 tr. or orh.onht h :ny fom of brndr$ or coE othd rEi rhd Ln whkh i6 plblish. 4. rll. pnor .d .ondion hdudin3 rhts oidrim bdns nmo. r*l r etudrrdi. tol s so& i/ai.^shrh p63d 3@16cxl: rd ro rl{m A!@ To@rc onldo ond./. r7t Hudln SkEr. LrSA PmsurnBmlc Arddh Lrd njiswN4vtrod.n8uhBooki Ltd.nsn c@P P.m without whoh this book would nol hav€ ben nece$tryi CONTENTS IN TR OD U C TION Pubtlhed bv rh. Enghid Pcfsun B.6 of ny Ult .kd drhour itu tsblrrl.ok USA1!c. l4r.d ro rl'.nd by cLr$ L(1 sr rE! Pr. N€w Yoit.nd Pdsu n E@h ur e3i*6€d of6d.To all rdb. P. Fijre r MoMphdo PJaft Er.. N€w Ydk rooa.

On pagesr4-r5 thereis an Adomture Sfrzelwhrch you may use to record the details of an advenhre. Add 6 to this number and enter this total in the sKrLL box on the AdomtureSlteet. On il you will ffnd boxes for your sKILt. suurttr.INTRODUCTION Before embarking on your advenfure. Skill. Starnina and Luck Roll one die. But never rub out your lftikal scorca.rvlxe bor There is also a LUcx box. For reasonsthat will be explained below. Usedice to determineyour initial scores.srlMrNA and IucK scores. and rucx scoreschangeconstantly during an advstue. You must keep an accuraterecord of these scoresand for this reason you are advised either to write small in the boxes or to keep an eraserhandy. . sxrtt. Add rz to fhe number rolled and enter this total in the sr. Roll two dice. Roll one die add 6 to this number and enterLhis total in the LUCK box. recording You are advised either to record your scoreson the tMomlurc Shut in pencil or to make photocopies of the sheetfor usein future advmtures. you must first determineyour own strengthsand wealnesses.

the higher the betler. your STAMTNA reflects score will to survive. The sequence of combat is then: 1. z. srrvrve and LUCKpoints. so subtrac{ 2 points ftom it8 5TAMINA scor€. Fighting More Than One Creature If you come across more than one crearure rn a partior. Add the number rolled to your curent sKtL! score.Add its 8 sKrLL acore. Lhehigheryour sr^MrN^ scorq th€ longeryou will be able to survive. so subtract haswounded z points fiom your own srAMlNA scone. Battles You will often come acrosspages in the book which instruct you to fight a creature of some sort.larencomter.The scores for each creature are given in the book each time you have an encounter. The creafure you. This sequence continuesuntil the srAMrN^ score of eitheryou or Lhecreature you are fuhting has beenreducedto zero (death). Luck and magrc . 7. these totals may never exceed your laiLial scorcs. when you will be instmcted on a partjcular PaSe Your s(rLL score reflects your swordsmanship and general fighting expertise. Roll both dice once for the qeature. Begin the next Attack Round by retuning to step 1.or if you choose to attack the creature anyway . 5.m you may useLUcxat this stage (se€ over).you must resolve lhe battle as describedbelow. This total is the creature's Attack Strength. 4.Aga.seeover).You may useyour Luck here to do additional darnage(see overt.start the next Attack Round lrom step r above. Make the appropriate adjustmenls to either the qeafure s or your own srewlxe score(and to your lucx score if you usedLucK. Fi6b recotd the deature'ssKrLLand sraMrNA scores in the first vacant Monster Encounter Box on yoor Adoenture sfiecl.excepLon very rare occasions. avoided eachothels blows .Allhough you may be awarded addrtional sKrLL. Proceedto step 6. This total is your Attack Strength. the inshuctions on that page will . your determination and overall fitness.Your rucr scor€indicates now narunlly lucky a person you are. 6.are factso{ life in the fantasy kingdomyou areaboulto explore. You have wounded the creah[e. An option to dee rnay be giveq but if not . Your your geneElconstitulion. Roll both dice once for yourself.

instead you done only t). Usitg Luckin Baltla In certain paraSraphs of the book you will b€ told to Tesl your Lutk and will be told the consequences of your being Lu&y or Unlu&y. restorel point of sraMINA (i. the wound was a mere Sraze and you must restore 1 point to the creature's srAMrNA (i. Thus you will realiz€that the more you rely on your ludq the more risky this will become. If you have just wounded the creature.e. or to minimize the effects of a wormd your opponent hasjust inflictedon will tell you how to handle the have been Unluckyand you will be penalized. you have inflicted a severe wound and may subtract an extra 2 points from the creature's stlvrr. If doing 2 points of damage.e. sometimesyou will 6ght eachone in furn.If the numberrolled is lessthan or equalto your current LUCKscore. you have managedlo avoid the full damageof of the blow.However. The procedure for using your lucl is as follows. you may Testyour Luck as descibed above. Sometimes treat them as a single have been Lucky and the result will go in your favour [f the number rolled is higher than your current Luc( scorc. you may Tssf your Luck lo try to minimize the wound. instead of scoring the normal 2 points of damage you have now scored If the creature has tust wounded you. Each fime you Trsf yo1lt Luck. If you are Lucky. However. Luck At various times during your advenfurq either in battles or when you come acrosssifuations in which you could either be lucky or unlucky (detafu of these you may ctll on are given on the pages thernselves)..But bewarelUsing lu& is a risky business and if you are azlucky. if you are Unlucky. you musL subtract 1 Pomt from your current LUCK scor€. This procedure is known as Testingyour has .r scone. roll two dice. the results cotrldbe disastrous. If you are Lucky. in battles you alwayshave lhe opfion oI using your luck either to inflict a more sedous v/ound on a creature you have just womded.. yow luck lo make the outcome more favourable.

Stamina andLuck skitl Euiparent Slaflliha ous ways. Remember also that your stAMlNA scoremay never exceedits I value unlessyou are inshucted to the conkary in a specfic paragraph. . Subtract 1 extrasT^MrNA Doint. Luck Restoring Skill. you have laken a more serious blow. Rememberthat you must subtract r point from your own lucK score each time you TesluourLutk.are Unlucky.


a sword for hire. always aligned to evil. keeping themselves alve by their own magic and potions. they n'eaeable to rais€ themselves after a predetermined fime when their assailanLwas long gone. Thosegood peoplewho remain are lenifie4 for it is rumouredthaLZagor has risen and is building himself a new bodt bit by bit.Coming to the village of Anvil.' . The barmansfaresaLyou stemly. The chatter inside dies down quickly to a low rnurmur and the cuslomerseye you as you walk up to the bar. and recently people have even disappeared. One of those wizards was lanown(and feared)by the nameof Zagot the infamous Warlock of Firetop Mountain. ln the last six months. The villagers look frightened and women quickly push thelr children indoors as you walk along lhe marn strcet. watching you dos€ly for a reaction 'Zagor. But all that was ten years ago. Ten years have passed since the day when he was killed by a brave adventurer who risked the guards and deadly traps deep iruide Firetop Mountain to save Allansia from his evil magic.' you reply conftdendy.n adventurer. however. There is a well. they cast a spell on thenselv€s so thaL in the event of their being slain or assassinated. so you mter the Two Moons. the top of the mountaio which was famousfor its red-colouredbracken. wanderhg tlrough the lands. But killing Zagor is one thing keeping him dead is another-Nobody knew that Zagor had cast Lhe Raise Dead Spell on himself. olherwise the advenlurer who killed him would have sealedhim insidehis mountain tomb. 'was the Warlock oI FiretopMounlainuntil he wasslain. You tell htm that you arean adventurer a new seeking questthat will end in richesand honour. lcrown saying among wizards which goes: You re a long time dead. and you can seeby the look in his eyes that he is a proud man Lrying to hidehis fear.He frowns. Does the narne Zagor meananythingto you?'he asks softly. ten yearsago. so leL's live insteadl' Some wizards even went one step further. First. YesT he grunh in a low voice. sinister events have begun to happen around Firetop Mountain. You decide that the local tavem would be the best place to find out what is houbling the villagers. you decide to stop for a resLalter your weeklong marcll Howevet as soon as you enter the village you sense that all is not well.Livestock which havegrazedon and aroundfhe mountain for de@deshave started lo die a sickening death. The wizards who chose to come back from the dead were. from the unfortunate villagers of Anvil! You are a.some live for over two hundred years.has tumed deathly black. draggedinside the mountain (it is said)by hideous creatures of the nighl. for it was dark magic that was needed to cheat death. not knowingwhetherto hust you.BACKGROUND Ten years is not a long time in a wizard's life .

but we do know that there are chestsfull of gold inside Firetop Mountain.' the barman That I get a hot bath and a room for the nightl' you laugh.whose narneyou leam is Moose. cooking a large breakfastfor you. (eplies. thanlc LoZagor 'We needhelp. All eyes are upon you.' Lhebarman says dramatically. We are poor and cannot pay you what you deserve to take on such a lask. In the moming you find the barman. TIe's come back to lifu! He is building himself a new body and ts sending his evil servantsto Anvil to takebacklive donorsl' The barman seems to accept you as a hiend and quiclly goes on to tell you about the doom that has befallenAnvil.shangerl' 'None of he saysdesperaLely. Don't even think about tacHing Zagor on your own. 'On one conditio&'you say. Name it. . You must set off south irbmediately to visit the Srand 16 wiziii Yaztromo. and they all gather round to slap you on the back and offer to buy you someale. . us here has the power to defeat Zagor . You thank him for his advice and bid him farcwell_ Now tum to paragraphr. How can you let them down? Slowly you smile and nod your head. Will you help us7 By now the tayem is silenl. He alone can prepare you fot such an adversaryas Zagor.' lhe Wadock of Firetop Mountain. 'Done!' Everyone in the tavem leh out a cheer. . but maybe you do. He is stronger than ever and hii magicir deadly.

we must caLchth€m. turn to 34r.Firetop Mounlain is only a short distance fiom Anvil. 'Zagor will know of your plan unlesswe can catch th€ Lwo TrackersI saw running from Anvil. philanthropic and many other words were used to describethe greaLYazhomo.As it lumbersLowards you with its greatswordoutskeLched.' Moose says seeMoose running towards you You noticeLhat his sword is drawnand thereis a look of alarm on his face. tuln to 16r. but to go all the way to Yazhomo's Tower {irst would mean losing nuny oays valuable time How could Yaztromo help? Ever since he single-handedlydefeatedeight ghoulish Dark Elves on the edge of DarkwoodForesl. powerful. Wise.t have overheardLlsand are running back fo inform Zagor. If you would rather continueto walk along Lhepath alone. Quick.He nms off into the undergrowlh. 2 Now the undeadChaosWarrior canbe de{eated only by piercingiLsheart. you set off east deep in thoughL.the placewherehe built his famous towet his reputahon has grown. you Lryanupwardthrustwith your swordin orderLoskikeunderits breastplate . If you wish to do so.I Leaving Anvil and its villagers behind. still pantinS. follow rne. a few minutes ago. good.shoutinSat you lo follow him. Many soughLhis help against evil and none were hmed away Suddenly there is a shou! from behind you You spin around. lhey mu.

The door is Ernrly locked. If you have an iron key. However. Looking up. If you want to sit down on the bmdr. he starts to laugh out loud. His body starts Lo shimmer and soon As you lean over the ra& and reachfor the skeleton's . but there is a large keyhole in the door. finger. you tell the Barbarianthat you will be back later to deal with hirn You gulp down a mug of water to get rid of the tarte of lhe eyeballsand now. All you can rnakeout is the first wor4 which is Rest'. If Sre total is great€rthan your s(lrl. If you would rather walk orr hun to 162. 4 Il is not long More you arrive at a great iron door in the right-hand wall. you hear a smothered laugh coming ftom above. prcfening to feast on the dead flesh of the dog. lf you win. . you comeacrossan old wooden bench above which therc is a sign.u trlrr to tt9. turn to zrr. You wait for a gap Lo appearbetween the worms on the floor.tUNDEAD CHAOS WARRTOR SKILL10 5-E 6 Not wishing to draw aftmtion to yourself. you will have to walk on (hlrn to r72). . fum to 2j2. one of the worms has rolled over on top of the box. The SuckerWorms show no interest in you. hlm to 88. a roll of r-4 means that you missed its heart. tum to the paragraphnumber that is inscribed on lhe key.Regain1 srAMIN. I If you win an Attack Romd. ff the total is less than or equal to your sxlr. You walk past Lhe Lizard Men guards and turn righl jnlo the tunnel (tum to 3o4). the ChaosWarrior does not lose sraMrNApoints. at leastyou have eaten. a roll of 5 or 6 meansthat your blow pierced its hesrt and kills it. you see a weighted net dropping down on top of you Roll h^'o dice. allhough you are bloafed. Wii. On fuming the comer.l you wait for it to slide off the box (trmr to to-l) or hack at it with your sword shaight away (tum to 39O? 8 As soon as you touch the wizard's hand.r'point. but the Painted words on the sign have all but 0aked off.Instea4 you must roll one die. then you jump. If you do not have an iron key.

Yazhomo. tum to j4. He drops a rope down to you and you climb up oub of the pit. You look down into the pit and discover a sinewylooking more than a meke tall. He leads you over to the secondpit. this is because not the hand of are shakingthe hand of a doppelganger. You walk towards the Metallix . .it is likely that sooner or later you will meet an rmtimely death. t. II As the moming wearsor! dark cloudsappearoverhead and the wind quickly picks up. tum to 279. soulful eyes and drooping mouth it looks almost harmless. If the oew consists of five or fewer members(induding yourself). lf you want lo open lhe door. You are doomed to live in a twilighb world forever.For now. The Metallix is not what it seems. The ghost-like ffgure has th€ ability to drain you of your lifq when you look down. tum lo rr8. h1mto 3E. You pressyour €ar to the door and hear what soundslike sornebodymoaning in pain. you must droose which way to go: if you want to enter the left-hand rnakea qui& exit (tum to ro2).9 you you areableto seeright through him. But lhen it your mind that perhapsthe Metallix oanfs you crosses ro-rt to strike it. you jump down into the PiL sword in hand. You raiseyour sword above your head ready to shike. tum to 387. If you would rather pick a rock up off the floor and tluow it at fhe beast to get it to move. If there are more than five qew left on board fum to 3rz.Rememberingthe Pitmaster's waming. saying. The unstable boat is caughl by a suddengust and lilts disconcerfinglyover to one side. With ibs Iarge. The Metallix does not 0inch and appearsalmost unconcernedby your arrival. You soon come to another door. IO You know you will have only a few minutes to escape beforethe Mummiescomebackto life. If you would raLherwalk on.teis over. and look up to see the PitmastersmilinS.and still it doesrlt move. but this time there is no window to look through. Spyingthe door at theendof the hallway. Your next opponenf has curming and decePtion as well as shmgth.Your advenh. You try to Pull your hand away but it is too late. T2 You place your treaswe in your backpadg r:naware thal one of the diamonds has been treated with evil magic. however. 9 Coming Fom above you hear the sorud of hands dapping. tum to r24 if you prefer to enter the right-hand tunnel. you seethat your own body is tuming hansparenttoo. If you want to try to cut off its head tum to r95.

Another ffery humanoidhas been summoned.If you have one more golden dragon s tooth you must throw it on the floor lo defend yourself againstthe demon 6re. The piece of tooth rolls on to the floor just in time to reldasethe Fire Elemental. He begins lo chant again. looking ill-at-ease. until finally the Earth Elementalcmmbles into a heap of broken boulders and scordred eafth. The llame dies and you look up to the thtrone where Zagor sib. and you skewerit to the floor.a Fire Elemental.bhelast of his Elementals of Chaos.He has decidedto copy you. and suddenlya jet of flameshools oubof the floor at lhe bottom of the take the garlic out of your ba&pack and thrust it out in front of you to halt the Gorgon . Transfixed by fear. If you have the right tooth. you stare blankly al the monster toweringaboveyou.Tum to 26t.. . but garlic is usefulonly againsb the Undea4 il is useless €ainst a creafure like a Gorgon. rt With not a moment to spare. tum to the paragraphwhich hasthe samenumberas the one on lhe tooth.hrm to 36t. The Fire Elemenbal wraps its fiery arm round the waist of the Earth Elemental and hies lo lift it off the gror:nd at lhe same fime ib is being pounded by giganlic stone ffsts. At such short range you can hardly miss.If you do not havethe tooth.. as the massiveEarth Elemmtal is descendingon you.The battle ragesfor some minutes.r4-\t You whip the dagger out of your boot and lhrow it at the rat.

but the one thaicatches your attention is a tiny leather-bormdbook entitled Eye ol the Dmgon.lf you have a magnifyint -yoi glassand. You open it at randort but the print is too smallto read. . t6 vvrln hgntrungspeedyou clutch at your thoat and manageto tear the rat away Hore it is able to wound 20 to 2r8). Tlv Da* Lirht and VampireBlood are iust a few.wish to read the book tum to 53i lf would rather read Vamin Blood.r6-18 rg4. rt Yotr discover many skanSetitles on the book shelves: Casketof Souls. 'fra smutation. hM to 2go.

If you want to go to the left to the end of the tuulel. You put them all into your ba&pack except the guge from the book the copper bracelet and the silver pendant. . It drops the bowl it is carying and durges at yo+ swinging a ball and drain.a calling hom.r.Will you now' Readthe page lrom the book? Put the copper braceleton your wrist? Hang the pendan[ round your neck? Put the braceletand the pendant in your baclqack? Take a look at the weapors. Slowly and noisily the portcullis ris€s into the ceilinS and you w{k salely under it. She staggers backwardsand Blarts to scream. a copperbracelet.a trdp laid marry yearg ago. A magrcalnote rings out and the witch coverc her ears.22-2t 22 You quid. On doser ins?ection you see that dre left-hand one is a drmmry made out of old black wax . before collapring to the take the bel out of you badgack and shakeit vigorously. hmr to 3. you see that the hEurel ends dt the massof rubble of a cave-i( Looking right. Tum to 206 Tum lo rj t MUTANT DOG .BEAST srrlr 6 If you win. trying to shut out the pul€ sound. rmconscious. Among the itemsyou ffnd a rafs skull. Looking to the left.a page from a biny book.An iron portcullis blocks your way rnd it is lar too heavy to lift.rnnel continues for thirry nrtres beforc bearing left. tum to 2t2. hml to 3o8. and a silver pendant on a beaded cord. where it joins a cross-tunnel. a horseshoe. STAMTNAE 2t You come to the end of the hrnhel. You decide to pull lhe other lever. the h. The Dog Beastappearsunharmedby the bell's ringing. lI you want to go right. if you have not done so already? leave the room and walk on up the tunnel? Tum to J22 Tum to 62 Tum to rot Tum to .z Silver Pieces. t4 The box contains bits and pieces that the Chaos Warrior must have collected over the yeais.3 Gold Pieces.On the wall to your right are two levers.

If you win. and rises. you lzrow you rnust accept his challenge so you lemove your seeZagor standingat the baseof the steps. The fate of Allansia rests on this final battle. you and L and we must fight on equal terms. 10 ST A M I N A 6 Each time you lose an Atlack Round you will also sufferbites from the Gorgon s snakes. at You drop the tooth on the floor and watch i[ break in two. forming into the shape of a liquid Titan Suddenlyit flows forward and qashesdown on top of the Fire Elemental in a giant cloud of steam. Order will you 6gha blndly o& swinging your sword from side to side.The skeletal sfump that is his left arm protrudes awkwardly from his shoulder.25-21 25 Although in pain. you do not have time lo slay and watch the competitioq but he is too engrossedin admiration of the prize to hear you as you slip quiefu oul of lhe room and turn right along the tunnel (lum lo .' he says solenu y. Prepare to die! Chaos awaits Allansial' Zagor removes his robds ard stands. Ugly red scarscover his body as a result of Lhe many hansplantshe has recenLlyreceived.Allansia. We are equals. . For a moment il loola as if the Water Elemmtal will boil away to nothing.l You explain to the Troglodyte thaL rcgrettably. who examinesiL with a smile on his face. The Water Elemenlal hisses loudly as it battles with the flames. Vfhen the steam dears.Accept this challmge or with my last energies I will crush you wilh a thunderbolt. bare cheste4 before you.If I win.(Remove the item from yow E4uirymt Lbt.Zagor thLrowsyou a lcrife and walks slowly towards you. If I lose. You shudder at the siSht o[ him. A fountain of waLer shoots up out of the floor ZAGOR S K ILL 11 STAMINA 1E If you win. hrn to 79 '26 You take LhearLicleout of your backpa& and hand it to the Troglodfie. Roll one die and deduct lhat number of poinls Irom your sreulr.ll/e will finish this battle with a duel. Quiet rclums to bhe hall as the Water Elementalretreatsto the tooth. CORGON sl(ILI. Chaoswill swallow . It is Lhe skuggle betwem Chaosand Order we must decide. He lools shaken and stands with his head a little down.o4). W€ will fight with long knives and wearing no armour. tum to 4oo. Perhaps his magic power is all but spmt? . bul gradually the flamesdie down and go out.

The Fire Sprite leapsout of Lhef.If you wlsh to attackthe old man. but it does not loosen its flaming grip.or.tum to . you soon have a 6re buming.e and grabsyour outshetched arms Deduct3 pointsfrom your sr-lvIxn You awake in pain. trying desperatelyto shakethe Fire Sprite off your arm. .' Before you have hme to explain.If you would ralher try to reasonwith him again. Will you atlack it with your sword (hm to r9r) or try Lo (fum lo 98I smolherit with your blanket 29 'So!' shouts the hunchback. Deduc!2 pointsfrom your sKrLLYou dmw your swordand shoutat the old man to undo the damagehe hasdone you. but your back seemsto bend and conkact. quickly stiffeninS and lockingin its new posifion.'you are in the employ of Zagor. the old man hits you acrossthe back with his crooked stick. Well.You settle backagainstLheboulderand are soon fast asleep.and you find yoursell unable to standup straight. are yotf.tum to zo5. the wood has been left there on purpose by one of 7-agols servantsThe flamesstart to jump about and then take on Lheshapeof a small human-shaped being.'9 2t After gathering some wood. Unknown to yor! however. you evil leech!'the hunchbackshoutsback.This is no ordinarystich however but a withering stick! The blow in itself is not too painfd. 'Comeanotherstep closerand l'll whack you again.2'6-. any servanl ol Za4or is atr enemy of mine.

Her wiry. tum to rto.. him to .All aLonceyou heara voiceinsideyour head.Decidingto keep them. bent and hairy ffngers end in long. blm to 22. If you are nol carryinga bell.rfum your head away before the hideous creaLure can look you rn the eyes. 'Ring crying out. or searchyour ba&packfor an item to use againsL her (tum to 66)? You soonarriveaLanother door.If yoLrwould ratherfind somewhere sleep elseto sleep.If you havenoL done so already. . 11 You prise the lid off the box with the tip of your sword. Her eyes are dark and hollow and her cloLhes are Lattered rags. dirLy nails. a waming ftom the ring. tum to 97.o-tr Jo The ring you are wearing allows you to see through illusions. with yow free hand covering your eyes (lum to 391).If the total is less than or equalto your sKrLL.In front of you standsa hideouslookinghunchba&ed witch. lum to r8o.You must act quickly to defeather.and you discovera smallleatherpouchinside.knowing that catchingher glance for jusl a second will be enoughto tum you to 14 You whip the daggerout of your boot and throw it al lhe Goblin Roll Lwo put them Lnyour pocket. hrm to r44.turn to 228. you maynow examine the clay pots (fum to 186)or go to (tum to 95). Will you atta& her with your sword. revealingtheir true idenlities. this time rn the righlhand wall of the tunnel lf you want to open lhe door. thebelll Ring the bell!' If you are carryinga silverbell.7r II the total is greater thanyour sKrLr-. t2-t4 stone.Her servan[ is a mulantbeast with a humar torso and a dog's head. The imageof Lhewomanand the young boy slowly fade awa. Yor. If you would ratherwalk on. The pouch containsa smallwooden ball and a small lvoodenbrick.

. Setme freeand I'll help you defeat and this evil warlock. lf you have not done so already. The secret door swingsop€n inwards. landing safelyin a rross tLurnel. Otherwise. I was blinded and my beautiful eagle was in sometrees. Lefs go.and now you cannot even tell that it is there..but at the sametime lhe floor stone on which Zoot is standingdrops away beneathhim. you leap acrossthe piL and through the doorway. You decide against picking them up. An Orc pahol picked me up and brought me here. If you would Ether go to the right.however.' Al the fooLof fhe wall he finds another loose stone with another handle behind it. the hmnel continues for twenty mehes before tuming left. I've been wrong before. I've found somethingelse. may be blind but l'm still a HalfEll My sense of Louchmay well prove usefulin this trap-infested hell-hole.I will not be ableto recognize you. you may now smashthe red pol (tum to 4r). tum to . but I think there'sa hidden tlap attachedto it. 'Stand back while I tum this handle. There are footprints on lhe floor which all point towards lhe end wall You Lell Zoot that you think lhere may be a secretdoor in the wall He nrns his Engersslowly over the wall. The eagle badly bumt.' You lead Zoot out o[ the room and tum right along the tumel which ends. 'This will be the one.' You prise open his iron shackles 'l helphim to his feet. trying to shield me. There may be anotherway of openingthe door. you seean ilon po*cullis in the Ieft-hand wall of the tunnelwhich goeson for another twenty mekes before ending at the massof rubble of a cave-in. tum Lo 253. If you want Lo tale a look at the portcl lis.Hello. The secret door swingsslowly backand slams shut. The daggers held in the tight grip of the Dealh Head stop glowing and hrm black. I'm sure. Looking right.Here. a[ a stonewall. You hear his loud screamfade away as he falls to his death at the bottorn oI a spiked pit Spurred on by sudden anger.You never loow. thereis nothing for you to do exceptwalk over to the new door in the other room (fum hot47). We aashJanded in her last heroicmomentsavedmy life but gave up her own. 16 'So.' Il is a large toobhmadeof solid gold which has the number '186' stampedon i[.. searchingfor hairline cracks He soon 6nds a looseslone ard carefulJy pulls it out Thereis an iron handlein the recess. take a look and tell me what it is.'Zoot saysexciLedly'Alas. Add l point to your LUCX.a Fire Dragon atiacked. While I was giant flying back to Kaad on my eagle.gleefullytelling me thaLmy lefl arm was to be sewn on to Zagor in placeof his own rotLenbones.' He tums the handle and you hear a click. Zoot smileswhen you describeit to him.r-36 t) 96 This handlewill open the mustindeedbe a friend. Looking to the left.

. It is your task to prove to me that you are worthy to pass through my domain.' If you want lo obey the Inquisitot tum to z6z. Yaztromo. your fest may smashlhe brown pol (tum lo 397). black stone.17-t9 40 40-4r A few mehes up the turmel you see three doo$ in the righFhand wall.Standingin the rniddle of the cavem is a black-robed person whose folded arms are concealedin baggy sleeveswhich almost touch the floor. If both pots are brokeq you will have Lo rctum to the room containing the s[atuesand lry the new door there (tum to 347). as you know. if you have not done so already.I am bheInquisitor. Step {orward and lisLm carefllly.8 You step warily into the tord it tunnel. Insideyou find a message from Moose:'Zagor a ghost-likeimpostor of has sent a doppelganger. and you shall die. stranger. Will you open the door (hrm to 389) or walk on to the seconddoor (tum to t6n . and you notice that a smallpouch is attachedto its leg. You walk up to the 6rst door and press youl elll aSainst it. doppelgange$ always have green eyes and Yazkomo's eyes are blue. to trap you when you reach Kaad But. and only by the pon'er of your mind shall you do so. The handle tums in your hand. 39 There is just a single sentenceon the page. If you would ratheraLtack him. it reads: The WaLer Elenenlalof Light is ntmberedz7 and duLroys fhe Fie Eleftentalof Chaos. A large black hood complelely covers the figure's head. A white dove circles then lands on the deck. bul you can hear nothinS. \ou memodze the words while you walk on up the hnnel (tum to 97). tnter.Tum to rr 4r You drop the pot on lhe floor and watch it shatter into dozens of pieces. lined with bookshelvesthat are crammedwith hundredsof books.Lying among Lhedebris of the shattered pot you see a round. In the distance you can see Lhat the turmel oPens out into another cavem.' a deep voice calls. Beware!' Wondering how Zagor hasfound out about your missior! you throw the message into the river. You have chosm the path of the Puzzles. LumLor4r. The bird appears lo be unconcemed as you untie lhe pouch from its leg. tum lo rj4 AltemaLively. Fail. The dove flies off as the boat conbinues ifs rapid joumey downsheam.If you want to pick it up.

The Baftarian looks at you 6ercelyand asksin a gruff voice. . You sit down to join them and gulp at the sight of the eyeballs in front of you.tum to 63. 41 You are conducledto a table. If you win using a will soon be defeatedand your adventure will be over. has a pot belly . tum to 3to . If you don't want to bet. The one fo your right is a neanderthallooking caveman and the one sitting oppositeyou is arother Troglodyte who. You look at the others and try to raise a smile. and everybody knows that she€p'seyes are a Troglodyte delicacy. .The dianond immediatelykansforms into a large warrior conshuctedof diamonds. although of small build. DIAMOND SENTINEL sKrLL 11 srAMtNA 9 The Sentinelcannot be harmedby edged weapons. set up in the rniddle of a large room. Your opponenLto the left is an old Barbarian wearing furs and a leather headband. It raisesits crystal sword and skikes at your sword is useless againstit. Do you want a side bet on this?' If you want to have a bet with the Barbarianon the outcome of the competiho4 fum to r6t. around which three contestanh are sittin& eachwiLh a plate of sheep'seyeballspiled high in front of him. Unlessyou have a hammer.4t'4' L2 One of the diamonds in your hand has beerr coated with a magic potion of Zagor's creation.

hrm to r9r.Roll two dice. various small skulls.You land on your back with a thump on a stone floor. 48 The tr-rmelmds at a wooden door with rnany strange symbols carvedon it. 46 The chasmis only a metre wide. including old coins. Slowly the chasmabove you closesup and you are left in toLal darkness. 4' As you creepover towards LhesleepingTroglodyte you stumbleand trip over the rough floor. ard two Death Lords are hovering over you with sharp krives.o9.ln less thananhourZagor yours! will have a new limb Your adventureis over. If you want to tum back and go past the lasLjunction.ll you areLucky. a rabbit's foot.44-46 44 Ignoring lhe boy's request. Various objects are nailed to the door.tum to 7o. turn Lo Jot. .'Begin!' a voiceshouts. then run Iorward and iump as far as you can over the skulls. lf you areUnlucky. but you are unableto jump asoss it: you hit an invisible wall in mid-air and tumble headlongdown into the bla& void. lt is not long beforeyou Ioseconsciousness.If the lolal is lessthan or equalto your sKrlr. If you want Lo open the door. you try lhe door of the store but 6nd that it is locked. Thinking thal you may come ba& later. Testyour Luck. 47 You tale a couple of stepsback. Turn to .You listen at Lhedoor and hear a woman's voice ordering someone to bring her a bowl of crushedmaggots.lum to your sKlLL. tum to 4. you set off Lo find Zoot Zimmer. lf LheLotal is greater Lhan hlm to 26r. 168.a copper friangle and a shrivelled ear. 47-48 you ffnd yourself on a marbletable When you reawaken.

'Correct. If you do not know the answer. I first wenL to the School of Evil Magic when I wa8 4+ yeaft of age and I stayed there for a sixth of my life. its blade is made of a dark.rnderthe great necomancer Hellmoon for a quarter of my life and. tum to the paragraphwith that number. theinformation abouttheAir Elemental beforewalking throughthe cavernand nto the tunnelat the far end (tumto 3t7). to The sword and dagger disappearfrom the Inquisitols hands. tum to 355. The boat flips . almost black metal If yor: wish to take the sword. Now for the secondpuzzle. brandishingyour sword. you decide to shike. for a third of my life I have beenin the serviceof Zagor. t2-4 |rlakeyou just plain evin'While the Mindbenderis chuckling to himself. Will you usel A whip (if you have one[ Your sword? Tum fo 382 Tum to zz4 Turn to r74 You dimb up through the hole in the ceiling into a small. Then I went Lo the School of Demonic Sorcery for a fifth of my life.' If you can work out the Inquisito/s age.You must tell me my age from the information I shall give you.He folds his arms again slowly and says. I then studied r.Tum to 72. too low to allow you to stand upright. 54 The crew try hanticallyto easethe sailsand balance the boat.tum to r27. which clatters off the shield and falls harmlesslyto the ground. t.4r51 49 Reactingswiftly you fling your shield up to block the steel dagger.btrLthe wind is too strong. If you would aathersqueeze through the narrow bunnel tum lo 68. A laree sword hangs on the wall next to the tunnel entiarce. candelit room with stone walls and a low roof. sincethen. There is a narrow hmel in onc of the walls. You pick it up lhen charge hto the bushes.

tum to zz6. 56 You listen inLentlyat the door.stranger. bul how did you know it? Haven'e m€t som€where before? BeforeI can trust you. tum to . hlm to ro the paragraph yrhich has the same number as the numberon the footh. but you can hearno sounds coming from the other side.lrn to 176. including yourself. ing. tum lo .lum to 392 lf you preferto leavethe ball in :heroom andre-enter the tunnel. LumLo276. the silverrat is a cham which was nade by Zagor . A searchof the Skeletons Gold Pieceand a hollow glass ball which contains . I need to be convinced that you do know me. raising your spirils. Can you tell me the number of my house in HobnailSheet?' If you lcrow the numberof the house. If you do nol have the tooth or do not havethe righLone lo counlerthe Air Elemental. Roil one die.lf the total rs lessihan or equalLo your sKILLscore.and contact with lhe human skin activates iLIAs soonasyou put it roundyour ne&. If there are as many (or more) Razorflshas there are crew.vhite smokethat swirls aroundinside as you rotaLe :he ball. i.Roll two dice. turn Lo ror. lhe at rmallraLcomesto life and startsio gnaw frantically lour throat. If the total is score.5t-51 over on to its side. If you wish to smashthe glassball on Lhe 3round. this is the number of RazorfishthaLconverge and atbackyou withouL warn. 58 ]'ou examine the dragon game pieces and find that :hey are carv€doul of wood and have been painted yields r gold and silver. :realerthanyour 5KILL . You tum the handle and find that Lhedoor is unlocked If you want to enter the room. t9 lnknown to you. spillirg you and the crew inlo the cold the Air Elemental starts fo envelop you The noise of the wind is deafening. You mlrstcastone of the teelhon lhe floor immediatelyIf you know which one to use.If you do not. It yott would nther walk on [o the lhird door.tum to r7.73. )l t8-t9 :um to the paragraphwiLh thaLnumber. turn to 325 )) The dragons' teeth in lhe palm of your hand begin lo feel warm.6j. If there are fewer Razorfish than there are sew. 'That is rndeedmy name.

You searchthe cupboardsin the room but {ind only crude bowls. Otherwise.if you have nol done so already. One of the teeth in the dragon'sjaw sparHes. Regain 4 sraMINAPoints. walk back down the turnel and tum dght at the last iunctiorr tum to . you see a hundred. If you wanf bo hang the pendant rorjnd your nec( hrm to ro5. If you would rather l€ave it unopened. 6r You are sunounded by a pile of broken bones whidr you have to brush aside with your sword in order to make a may take a look at the weapons(lum lo zo6) or leave the room and walk 6:rther up the tunnel (tumto 15r). Your wounds are healed and a sudden feeling of strength *:rges throughyour body. it could be made of gold.7. fum to 32.50-42 60 Opening the door. 62 The copper bracele! is a magic healing band. pock-marked deature w€adng lattered grey rags and staggeim8 rmder the weight of a dragon's skull whidr it is carrying aqoss a 6lthy room. plates and spoons. If you want to open this case. There u a large wooden crate at the back of the room. But tmder fhe serving halch you discover a thin leather case. turn Lo rr9. hlm to 2r2. . If you would rather close the door and walk further up the tunnel. filled wilh shaw. towards which the creature is walking. If you want to attac-kthis creatule. half a metrelong.

only just missing you. If you now want lo enter the left-hand tunnel.broken like a shattered window. The blind worm starts to wrilhe around and falls off the box. the groundcloses you walk Lowards Dealh Lordslook suddenlynervousas them wibh the skull staf{in your hand. you 'have tirne to. Back in the tunnel i'du drake the box but can hear nothing raLtling inside it. Itis an ogre and it is iurned with a spearand a heavy club If you wanLto slandyour ground and fight.Ifyou preferto fry to outrunthe Ogre.grab just one before the advancing Gorgon is upon you. htr A whistle? Tum Lo r5 Turn to 23r Turn to tr4 If you have none of lhese articles. Will you choose. then add !o Roll one you may be wearingor oFarmour the followingpieces lf the total is carrying. a shiel4 a helrnetor a breastplate.rfltfi6l .After making up your rnind aboul Lhe . If the lotal is 5 or more.One of them calls at you. grab the box dd scrambleup out of the pil.The asthe drasmhad openedup.tum to 135. if wish bose-The box is you. out and they all throw their razor-sharpspheres r the number rolled for eachof die. You seize your opportunity. Its doLhing is DrimiLive. You fum aroundto seea Lall. ' . You tum thb box on Lhe over and see that the word 'Fire' is scraLched you to fit it in quite large and. you will have to attack the Gorgon with your sword after all (tum to 19t) If you iare carrying any of the following items. tum to 38 64 until you makeout fhe incident The day rolls by without sound of somebody rurming towards you. From its mouth it is drooling spittle all overitselfasit skivesto catchup with you. 6j your The slime flies past head. tum fo 28t. only to 6nd that all the box @ntainsis a page from a tiny book.tum to rz6.ugly humanoidwhosefaceis lumpy and beastlike. 1-4. tum to r24 lf you prefer to enler the righFhand tumel.67 63 The Sentinel collapses to the ground in a m)'riad oieces. htn to 195. you your backpa& and lake it with will have tb leave two other items behind (remove them fiom your E4uirynent List). You lift the hd gently. 65 You tap the ground lwic€ with the staff .and asquickly again. no more lhan loincloth madeof animalskins.

the eagle carriesyou high into the sky. The sensation of flying is €xhilarating and for a mornent you forgetthe dangerous taskthat awaitsyou.tum to 383.rnentfor lhis trip. and becomes Beyondthe spike.perhapsit's the Goblin. Ydu are fairly sure that the h. but how could he be behindyou. Come on.the floor disappears a total black void. 7r The giant eagle appearsto be completely unperturbed when Zoot fixes a hamess and a two-man saddle acrossits baclc When he has finished the iob. where another flying qeature is coming into view If you want to inskuct him to lan4 tum to 24o. Troglodyte and pick up its thtrowing dagger and pouch.6&-7" bo& you may now eitherreadrhe pagefrom the book (tum to zlo) or walk further up the turmel(tum to 97). Kaadis soon left behindand it becohesjust anoLher smallfeature of the landscape beneathyou. You put this in your pocket and slip the dagger down the side of your boot. but then your luck runs out. I just want rny moLherto be avenged as I am convincedthat this tenible plague which is deshoying Kaad is ol Zagofs doing. You feel kapped . What will you do to get it to openthe door? Offer it ro Gold Pieces? Tum to 2r4 Tell it that you are the relief guard? Tum to rSt Of{er it DarkbladeSkullbiter's sword? TIlm to 2o2 7o Regaining your balanceyou bmd over the sleeping . climb aboard!'You do as ot ask and. lnside the pouch you find a piece of slate with the word'arroriy' saatched on it.tum to rr4. you hear th€ unnerving sound of metal grating on stone coming along the turmelbehind you. ZooLsteers the great bird noftheasLwards. 6t The funnel is dark and you are forced Lo use you! hands ho grope along the floor aheadof you to avoid the chanceof falling down an unseenshaft. For half an hour you seeno other areatures in the sky. with a flutter of its massivewings. lf you'd rather attempt to climb down the shaft. Zoot fums to you and says. Zoot suddenly points towards the distanb horizon.a certain dead-end. 69 You skide confidently over to the guard.yow hand encountersan iron spike thal has been drivgn inlo the stone floor.mnel ends at the far side of the shaft. lf you would rather order him to fly on towards Firetop Mountair! tum to I'I. since you can just make out a wall . high abovethe Pagan Plains.Just as you are wonderinghow far down it is to Lhebottom o[ the shaft. you tiptoequieLly over to fhefar door (turn to rj8).Seeing nolhing elseof interest. About twenly metres further ahead. sinceyou did not ffnd him in his room?If you wan[ to tum around and oawl ba& along lhe tunnel.Don t even think aboul offering me pa).

TRACKER If you win. You stumble {orward. foamy spittle &ipping from their dogJike laws. Half Dark Elf and half Goblin. sKtLL7 STAM TN A 6 1' lf your cr. LUCK lf it is 8 or lesghun to 32o.your sword cutting through the air.Suddenly they lhrow their daggersabyou md Moose and draw their short swords. fall against the door and slide down to Lhefloor. tum to 167. But you are ready and duck below the flying dagger. you chargeat the nearestTracker. Wasting not a second more. Your adventwe is over. tum to 3o5. they wilJ not usually fight openly unlesscomered. To your right is Moose and in front of you are the two servantsof Zagon they couch. and growl. Always armed with a coss-belt of throwing daggersacros6their chest.rrent scorc is 9 or above. 74 Your outstretched handgraspsthe doot handleat the samemomenl as Lhreespearsthump into your ba&. . t> The key tums in the door and you walk throug[ with the feeling tlnt you may be nearing the end of your quest(tum to 169). Traclers are perfect hunters and messengers. daggersdrawn.12-15 12 You leap into the bushes.

If you want to open the new door.tation to look back over your shoulderand enter the tunnel(tum to .unr<nown to you. Its deadlytip pierces your hearl Youradventure is or er.lf you would ratherlook insidethe adjoining . has been cast on the pendant. pulling hard at the helln. furn :o 347. If you are Unlucky.' 7T-79 77 With her sailshoisted and kimmed. No more sLops unLilKaad.'snarls Lonie. After retrieving your sword you swann up the rope and await his slumpagainst a wall to rccovet nol dafing to take your eyes off the Gorgon and the snakes on her hea4 which continueto writhe around.76 76 You look up to see the Pitrnasterthrowing the rope down into the piL.'You may now go. A minute or so latet you feel you are ready :o move on. you wonder if the Pitmasterknows of your quesl.'the Pilmasterannounces solemnly. 79 You uncoveryour eyesand see the hideouscreafure lying in a pool of green slime which oozesfrom ifs tvounds. tum to 4o. Surely he must be a servant of Zagor? Why didn't he try lo kill you? You resistthe tem. you sit alone on the rack watching the vivid landscape speedby. Testyour Luck. tum to 2t8. 78 Thegarlicfumes activate anancient spellthat.Feeling guilty. Bathed in sweat.'You have earned the right to enter the inner s€nctum of Firetop Mountair! where the harmony of the spheres aligns iLselfLo Chaos.37). The pendant changes shapeand tums inLo a stiletto blade which thmsbsjtself through your backpackand shirt. If you are Lu&y. the boar is quicHy uderway and the war canoesare soon left far behind. As you make your way to the lar end of the cavem and a new tunnel.

tum to J2J.half buried in the dirt Takeit if you wish and turn to 267. . tum to 164 If you areUnlucky. 82 You find a round. If do nol havea lantem. empty chamber which hasa tunnelleadingfrom its far wall There appearslo be a message on this wall.ou would raLher turn to tt7. wntfen in yellow chalk. If you wor-rld ratherwalk shaight alongthe tunnel.-ou down and sleepout on wonder whetherto seLtle groupof largeboulders.If you want to read the m€ssa8e. 8t The Mummies becomeaware of your presence and you. You ihuffle towards their arms outstretched. The oniy sureway of defeaLing ihem is by fire If you have a lantem.a fellow-servanf Za4or Test of VoutLuck.with :iretop Mountain now plainly visible in the distance. andsetoff alongfhe bunnel E4 You placea Cold Piece on the palm of your handand urgingtheGoblin :hoveyour armthroughthe cellbars.If Ii you wish to go over to the boulders.r'oLr 86 \ few hourslaterit is beginningLoget darkand. you find yourself in a small. lum lo 372 8r There is just a sngle sentence on the pagejiL reads: TheFneElenental jr5 and desfrcVs of Light is numbered an EarlhElemmfal of Clmos You memorize these words and decidervhat to do next If you wart to tale the dragon'shead. walk on in darkness.Lum to 8o Lightrng your lantem. plain lo press on. fighlers.turn to 288. offer some sort of €lseto Lake nowhere shelter erotection.You decideagainstpushingyour luck too far (hrm to 3o4).they are inow thaL while they arenot savage Cifficult to de{eatsincethey cannotbe properly killed 'oy normal weapons.Ilyouarc lucky. .'the doorman says angrily. A iheopen or :rvo hundredmetresto yotr left. . polishedshield.lum to 7l If you would rather leave the room as il is and Lumleft into th€ tunnel.fum to 239. :o approach and communicaLe with you With Zagor's coinsyou hopeto convince him lhat you arear ally.8o-82 8j-{6 chamberfrom where the Gorgon emerged.turn to 127. '.tum to E3 Zagor?That was last weeks passwordNow be off ivith you or I'll call the guard.. but you cansee tum to 263.

All rnannerof instrumenlsof pain are skewn abou$ branding irons. chains. If you would rather set off to *re west towards Kaad. You look back and see the boat drifting off dowrstrearn but no crew members are left alive. and tum ght up the tunnel(lum to rtr). ropes. lsrives.If you wish to resf for a while hrm to r5t. you leave the room. as thouSh sdeaming in agony. thumbscrews. panbing in exhausLion. behind You swim to the northem banl of the river and scamble up it.79. all long since abandoned. just Lhe Lhrashing waLers as more Razor6shswim in to feed. ln the middle oI the chamberyou seea rac( the most feared torture instrument known.fum to . lie covered in dust and cobwebs on the stone floor. The skeletonof an unfortunate victim is still tied to the raclq the skeleion's iaw hangs open. tum to 5 If you would rather leave Lhe torture chamber and carry on up the tunnel.On closerinspection you noticea gold rinS on one of Lhefingers of the skeleton. & .87-89 a7 You enter a derelict room that was once a torture chamber.I[ you wish to take this ring. slamming the door you. tum to 2' tE Not waiting to see whether the Chaos Warrior will rise again.whips and 6n iron maiden.

gr Good!' says lhe Troglodyte. It is an Earth Elemental thal you have summoned. hrrn to 26.lfyou have suchan item to give may availyourselfofmy lib. fum to . You haveeamedthe right to enter the innet sancfumof Firetop Mountain.If you wish. where the harmony of the spheres aligns itself to Chaos. If you would rather walk though the cavem and into the tururelat the far end.' If you want to perusesome of his books.94 90 Correct. lf you do not have eithera gold or a silverilem Logive away.tum to r22. lf yotr do not havea pair of glovesor.Quiel suddenlyretums to the hall as the wind drops. slowly pushes backthe raginSwhirlwind until its evil forces are spent. 'l'd forgotten about the prize for the mnner-up.77. tum to r7t. You put the string in youl backpack and leavethe room through the door in the far wall (tum to r2r). Like a tidal wave iL sheamsdown the hall to engr:lf you You need to castanother gold tooth on the floor to halLth€ Water it gold or silver this time?'ln order to avoid suspicion. hrrn to rt. 9' The box is empty. 92 You reach down into the compartment until your hand touchesa.ellyJike substance at the bottom. A formtain of water suddenly spurts out from the base of the steps and takeson the shapeof a watery giant. A great battle ensuesas the Earth ElemenLalits head down. Zagor looks surprise4 then frowns while he concen hates on his next summoning. If you know which one to use. The Air ElemenLalis defeated and Lhe Earth Elemental shnnksback inlo the tooth on the floor. tum to 337.apartfrom a ball of shing.tum to the . If you are wearing leather gloves.rarybeforeyou go. a massivestone humanoidrises up oub of the ground betweenyou and the Ah Elemental. you must give the Troglodle oneitem which ismadeof eithergold or silver.' saysthe Inquisitor. 94 The tooth bouncesup off the floor and breala in two.

Ifyor ae Lucky. yourLuck.tum lo t6j You make a bed out of ir. as though the Fire Sprite were gasping for air. and you soon arrive at yef anolher door in the right-hand wall.7o..95-97 pangraph which has the sarnenumber as the one on the tooth. tum to 147. With luck. 9t 98 You snatchup your bla cefand wrap it round yourself and the Fire Sprite.r r close the trapdoor and settle down to sleep. You grope slowly for your sword. If you want to open the door in lhe far wall. Suddenly moLionless. tum to 222. i. trying not lo make a sound.the Fire Sprite hasbien banishedback to the Plane of Fire. gj The trmnel aoiiunues skaight ahead. tum to . If you wish Lo open the door.tum to 2o9.tum to 352. An eerie sound comesfrom rirlder lhe blankel. . You 9E pressyour ear againstthe door but can hearnothing. to become a shhre in her own lair. to . After bardaging your wormds. You allow yourself a grim smile while wondering what bther hideous aeatures s|ill lie in wait inside lagols mountain labl'rinth.y tendrils. ear-piercing scream. Suddenly the blanket goes limp and drops to the Sround in a smoulderingheap. After eating some bread and cheese. At crack of dawn you set off determinedly lowards Firetop Mountain which. you wale Lo the sormd of footsLepscrossing the floor above you.If you are Test Unlucky. 96 The Gorgon calchessighL of her own deadly gaze in the mirror and lets out a brutal. If you would rather walk on. in the moming light. you estimate that you will reach it by midday. turn to 373. In the moming. lf you would rather investigate the adjoining chambersfrom 'which the Gorgon emerged. appears to rise menacingly out of lhe plain. but soon you are fast asleep. Tum. If you do not have the right tooth to counter the Water Elemental. you spend a pain6:l and uncomfortable night. In the you can hear scratchingsoundsas pitch-black darkness the insectscome out of hiding.she begins to hemble and her sealyskin slowly lightens until it is the colour of sandIn a few seconds she tums to stone. covered with an old sack. hardly ableto sleep at all.

causing you zudden pain. lf you he will be a fferceopponent. roo As soon as the ear-ring is hanging fiom your eat it sLartsto move of its own accord. FirstRAZORFISH S€cond RAZORFISH 78 78 Fight both Razolish at the same time. The metal earwig fiees itself from the clasp and wriggles into your ear.If you are Ludgr. even if your Attack StrenAth is Sreatec just consider this as blocldng its atta& If its Attack Str€ngth is greater. BARBARIAN SKILL 10 ror Protected by drick silver scales. fum to 89.Razorffsh attack by viciously ripping at their victimt' flesh with rows of razor-shamteeth-The river is soon red with the blood you. Each Attack Ror.-roo I The Barbarianswings his furs ba& over his shoulder and facesyou. however. The others in the room start to cheeral the prospectof watching a good fight. tum to 299.but both Razorffshwill make a separabe attack on youl You must throw for your Attack Strength in the normal way against the othei Razorfuh. Its many legs are as sharp as needles. a two-handedbattleaxe at the ready.{ If youwi& tum to rrt. it will wound you in the nonnal way. of Lhecrew as two 6sh swim to attacJ< SrILL sTr{MIN. tum to 274.then fight it as normal . Txt your Luck. but you will not wound it. If you are Unlucky.rndyou musf choose which assailant you will attack. .

loz' The door opens into a small antechamber.Deduct 1 point from your If you are sKrLLand 1 point from your STAMTNA. hanging on to the iron spike. lantem.'Time to die!' Wispsof smokeseemto dance on his fingertips as len Linyred dartsthat you thought were his nails fly straight Lowards you.spikedclub. it also has homs and is far more gruesome 'lVill you try to bluff your way past the guard (tum to 69)or wasteno time but a[tack(tum to r98t rot The Pitmaster raiseshis arms ard points his hngers towards you as you run to atta& him. tum to 278- .A huge leLter'Z' standsin relief on the door.let go of the rron spikeand drop down into the dark depthsbelow. and twist your anldebadly. he says. a few melresbelorar. tum to 8o. the main ieatureof which is an incredibly omate door in the far rvall. r'.so you tale a deepbreath.You Iandheavily on the stonefloor. in a cruel voice. They strike vou wiih devaslatinB force.its outstretched armsrestjng on the handleof a large. The beasthas leathercrossbells looped acrossits hairy torso and sporLs two spiked shoulder-pads While its head is t{olflike.hichis embossed with gold leal Guardingthe door Lsa brutal-looking beast.Your adventuejs over r04 You lower yourselfover the edgeof the sha1t.Your feet do noL touch solid ground.If you do not have a carryinga lanLem.

If you are Unlucky. III The spearlhumps into your back and bowls you over. h secondsthe Lizard Men are upon you. If you would rather walk on. You tear lhe pendant from your neck and throw it on the floor. tum to 4o. her crew silencedby the u-nexpected yon arc of one of their number. a large snakerears up aird hies to bite you wilh its venomous fangs. He hascome Lotake a parLof your body for Zagor. dead even before he hi[s the water. If you want to open the door. If the total is greater thanyour sKrLL score. who topples over into the river.II you are Lucky.' one of the Lizard Men growls in a deep. . r06 You walk ba& to lhe path with Moose. Your adventureis over. If the total is lessLhanor equalto your sKrL! score. hrm to 258. With its head tilted honibly to one sidq revealing the gaping wound of your fatal blow it climbs ba& to its feel. Roll two dice. tum lo 275. tum Lo 36o. tum to 388. deep in discussion aboutZagor. ro7 As soon as you remove the lid. Moose sets bff on the retum jowney to Anvil. r\ 2 The axe thuds inlo the back of Fyll.' Moose says cheer6:lly. tum to 3oz. follow the pathin the opposiledirection. tum to r99. sharpknife. Trst 'tour Luck. If you would rather make a run for lhe door and escape up the tunnel.hrm lo rEj.gurgling voice. tum [o r72. Trst vour Luck. IIO You snaLch up the spearand steady yourself Lo throw it al the advancing Ogre. 'Keep this intruder alive lor another hour in caseZagor asksfor a new arm or someLhing.' Eventually you shakehandsand say goodbye. until you come to a door in lhe lefthand wall. AL leasL Zagor doesn't know you're coming. The loss boaLsailson. You can hear a noise like the flapping of small wings coming from inside.rowninto a dark cell later. following it round a long right-hand bend.a white-robed manenlos kss lhan thirty minutes the cell holding a long.rot-r08 to9-112 rot As soon as you place the pendanl round your neclg lhe Chaos Warrior's body starts to twitch. ftantically wondering how to deal with the undead warrior. while you Tum to 16r. Il Lucky. If you wanb lo fight iL tum to 2. r08 Resolving not to 80 down the sewer after all. r09 You walk along the tunnel. If you are Unlucky. Mission accomplished anyway. you now have to decide whether to sit on the oak chair (tum to 269) or open the door in the far wall (tum to 2t1). You are carriedoIf in chainsand th.

hrm to 264 . rope. you see that the Goblin is standing in his torture chambet you hadn't spoLted this door when you first entered.lantems.'but seeingas you gave a presentto Deep SeaJuniorhere.s of different-coloured .as they with dust. Will you shout 'Zabaronl'(turn to 344) or 'Ca(tum to 55! chondol' The bucket? A Gold Piecewith the letter 'Z' A silver key? An iron key? II' Tum to 2r Tum to 84 Turn Lo 20. baned window. You must activate one inmediately! If you lnow the magic word that releaseslhe magic in these [eeth. boxes. rctuming in a few minutes wilh a raLher tubby old man who is drewing on a chickenIe& he is wearing a white apron and seemsLo be a jolly old soul. ard hanl. Will your escaDe Dlanmakeuseof: The Witch is not carrying anything of any interest to you However when you look behind the drapes. are thickly coated juggling some dubs.shields. large vases.' He opensthe door and openingup specially you follow him into the rather dingy shop. Suddenlythe floor beneath you way and fall a few mehes on to a stone floor. You stand up and go acrossto the doo4 peering through. stafuet paintings. games. maps. He jumps up and runs off.books. tum to 362. You find yourself in a small.But how? You think hard. carvings. DeducL 1 point from your srAMrNA. There's a stuffed was tucked away in a dark corner. an awful. he says wifh a smile. There is a wooden door in one wall and a small.I don't mind for you. obviously manyof the objects havestoodherefor years. which is bare exceptfor a straw-coveredwooden bed and an iron bucket. r1 6 The boy's face lights up when you give him the wooden brick. boots and hanls iars. and a dot above it. botues. repetiLivechant. the tunnel is blocked by a solid iron portcullis whrch you cannot you gives possiblymove. hoops. If you have z Silver Piecesto pul in the slot.r\t-rt4 rrJ-rr6 rrt You Laketh€ dragons'teeth ouL of your pockefjust before the Air Elemental is upon you. If you would like lo lry two other coins. landing 6nd a metal parel wiLh a handle set in the wall. 'Shop'sclosedthis altemoon. ums. The Goblin lopes over to the rack and gleefully slarts to get it ready for you. Then it sLartsto sing. 'Silver Coins Only' a sign on the wall v|ams. dimly Lit room. Tum to 163 1\4 Your worst suspicions are confirmed. you may say it now. Through Lhe bars you observe the smiling face of the Goblin! You are trapped in his cell. gljrgled out of key by a sadisticlittle oeature {rom whom you still hope to escape.

the Chaos Beast Man 6oths at the moutfu ils body kembles and sr:ddenly darfs [o expand. Txcus€ the mess.II5 't7 you leave the store with directions on how to f. Zoot rt7 On seeing your blood 0ow.n cusrom . The King of Strin& they call rne! Now. how much have you gob to spend and what do you want?' You open Yaztromo's pouch and empty the cont€nts on to lhe counter top. But people usually 6nd what they are after in Deep Sea's Store. Inl and Paper SilverDagger Leather Gloves Healing Bdm You chome five items (makea note oI your selection <xr yt>tr Adocnhre Sfiaet)and hand over ro Gold Piecesto Deep Sea.nd -d Zimmer.He thanks you for yor. Choose what you like. turn to 3rr.busting its leather qossbelts. You count out r5 Gold Pieces. MUTANT BEAST LORD sxr!! 14 sraMrNA 14 Eyou win. You must continue your 6ght againstbhewarped B€ast Man. and you decide to keep back five and spend ten.'Hire's rny list of equipmentfor that kind of foolhardhess.'says Deep Sea 'I rmrst get around to dearing the place up one day. You ask what might be useful for dungeon exploration and Deep Seareplies.Everything costs : Gold Pieces.' He shows you a slate on which the following items are listed in chalk Irntem Rop" Hammerand lron Spikes carlic Mirror Wale! Bottle Magnifying Glass Quill. Twn to lo9. that they do.It trows another mehe in height and its head expands gotesquely: its jaw extends and two tusks sprout forth.

Tum to 37. straw-coveredfloor as you another wooden door.I$-I'I IIt The door opens into a dingy cell. Two rats scurry aooss lhe dirty.The Soor is of polished marble and the walls are painted .No! No more pain! No more pain!' You think you recognizehis voice and try to thinl of his name. If you prefer lo keep on walkin& tum to 2jo. r20 An hour or so latet you hear a qy for help coming Fom a wood in the middle of the scmbland to yoln right. but you find nothing inside.' Disap pointed at not having found anything useful. and you walk into a room which is richly decorated. tum to Jr8. Is it Zoot Zimmer (h|m to t7) or FergusFinn (turn to 2t7D I19 The case opens quile easily. t2t The door opens into a sho corridor which walk back down the tunnel and tum right aL the junclion. a bandage covershis eyes.The manpanics as your he hears footsLeps. He presses himself against the wall and cries. Ar inscription inside the lid of the casesays: The giver of sleqr to those who never can. You listen bul hear nothing. lf you want to inveotiSate. You try the handle and it tums. a few metres ahead.On the far wall you see a thin rnan wearing red kousersi he is sithng on the floor and his hands are chained to the wrll.

The Lizard Men chase after you. You notice lhat the nails on his red. tum to 2jt. lurn to 234. lhe savage Cave Troll runs forward to attack. you take a coin {rom youi pocket and spin if towards him. Fail. . their spearsraised. but you can Slandheargrowling noisescoming from one of bhem.122-r2t r24 1s thaf the letter "Z' I see embossedon this Gold PieceI have here between my fingers?'the hunchback aks slowly. He grunts with satishction thm scews up his eyes to examineit more closely. Slep forward to ready'yourse]I Ior the ordeal.paintings used to hang. stranger. your test begins. tusk-like teeth protrude menacingly from its bottom jaw. tuming right. It stops in its tracks when it seesyou and starts to drool Its long. and he puts it in his rnouth to bite down on it. Amed with a spiked club. you guess. If you prefer to say that it is lhe lelter N'. There is a door in the far wall which suddenly openg and a tall. If you chooseto reply that it is the leLter Z'. Roll oni die. although grown dull and faded over lhe years.'the Troglodyle 'GuardslArrest this imPoslorl' sneers. You push the Troglodyte out o{ the way and nm out through the door. muscrJarcealure with long arms enterc the room. while. 124 'l dpnt believe Lhat lor a second.In the distance you can see that the lunnel opens out into another ovem in which there are Lwo pits. CAVE TROLL SKILL 9 STA M I N A 9 You try to explain that Zagor has takenall the available gold and silver for a new expedmentin sorcery.' his calrn voice calls out You have You chosenthe path of the Pits. hondsare all filed lo a sharppoint and are PainLed Tnter. If the nwnberis 4-{. t'nr. ' You step warily into a torchLit Lunnel. One sinewy hand snal&es it out of the air. From where you are standing you cannot seeinto the Pits. There are four paler squarePaLches. and you shall die. and only by the skill of your sword shall you do so. tum lo rrr. r23 Smiling at the old man's audacity. ing in the middleof the cavernis a bald man wea-ring a chainmail coaL. Il the number rolled is 1-J. The first one into the tunnel hwls his spearafter you as you race away. where. to 29. If you wil! tum to 284.' . I am lhe Pitmaster. you are worthy of passing prove to me thal must through my domain. one on each u/all.

for you rt is time to diel' There is a blinding flashand suddenly the floor beneath you opensup and swallowsyou.a small The room is very small:it contains y.. thoughts Look at the staff?' Takethe lid off the basket? Leavethe room and draseafter the Death Lords? Turn to zo Tum to ro7 Turn to 2r9 r28-r30 r28 The Troglodytehandslhe Barbarian a smallhophy.You give him a goldenobject.5-r21 If you want lo obey the Pitmastertum to 29r. Roll one die. You scream as you is over.After drinking a mug of rraler.(Removethe gold article from yolur Euipmeat tist) Although you are bloated.r2. the eyeballs arestill a source of nutrition.clawedfoot protrudes from one of the bowls of soup./hich two of table on lie bowls steamingsoup. puLtins off any you may havehadof drinkingit. ^1ou are forbidden entry into the inner sanctum of Fietop Mountain By the will o[ my lord and mastet the warlockZagor. as you deem it unwise [o refuse. Lumto rt7 lf you roll 5 or 6. turn to 2J8 rath rro The Goblin ducksand the daggerflies past his head. r2t two stools. It is a bust of 7-agor!The Barbarianthen tums to you andholdsout his hand. Turn to rt4.tum to 59 If you would ratherleave the silver with its owner and male your way back to fhe -t and thenheadsouLhra'ards. fall throughthe blacl void Your adventure r29 A search nothing. :uming right into lhe Lunnel(turn to 3o4). o6 you legs soon begin to pull away Your are freshand hom the tired Ogre Realizingthat he cannot catch you. he stopsand hurlshis spearat you. lf you would ratheraltackhim. a staff and a wicker basket. tum Loro3. If you roll r 4. whrch is hanging round lhe ne& of one of the GoblinsIf you fr'anl to :lace the silverrat roundyour own neckby its leather cord. Will you. tum to t19 a27 The InquisiLor raises his armsabovehis headand says in a cold voice. .Add l poinL to your srAMrN/.A small.other of the Goblins'bodiesreveals than a silver amuletof a small rat. you make your excuses and leave the room.

There aboutas appelizing area few jals of herbson a rackabovethe stoveand a jug of waterstands on the 0oor.. Resolve the combatbeLween lhe two flying smells as the smellof rotten eggs..13r-r12 I'I As the creature becomesrecognizable. .Its birdlike feet are armed with long curved talons.You alsonoticea box of cutlery. thereis no mislaking theHaryy.:..a shiver runs down your spine Cawing and screechingand gliding down on huge lealhery wings is a hideous creature wilh a long sinewybody and a grotesquely over-large head.sorling throughit. you will hit the Harpy and reduce its SrAMINA by z will fall to your death.. rt z You ffnd yourself in a small kitchen Everything is filthy: a wooden bowl rs stackedhigh with cracked plates of rotting food.If thegianL eagle wins.. you rnay throw il at Lhe Harpy Roll one die: if you roll r-J.: :/t:. tum to 166.. If you have a steel dagger. a poL of vileJooking soup bubbles away on lop of a wood-firedstove. it attacks the gianteagle. Loolcnglike a humanbaL.if you roll 4-6.". you will miss.-". S K ILL S TA MIN A HARPY GIANT EAGLE 7 6 6 . you find a goJdspoon. whichis burdened by your weight.If the Harpy wrns the combat against Lhegiant eagle.

you are left with no choicebuLto qo out of this room and walk on to the second door (tum Firrt LIZARD MAN Second LIZARD MAN ThirdLIZARD MAN 8E I 7 to to. You put this in your pocket and calmly drink a mug of water to wash If you win. but il doesnot do you any harm. he snarls andhurlsa throwingaxeat it. luckythatin the nanowtunnel only onecar fightyou at a time.coiledlail. .E \16 As your boat speeds by the Orc. Inside the canirter you lind J dragon's tooth made of gold and with the symbol of a heart inaide a flaming circle stamped on its base. I3GI. lf the total is 10 or more. you rrury now nrnmage around in the dirt (hrrn to 242).ucr point. you run off up the tunnel trfore any more Uzard Men appear(h. After exarnining it.If the total rolled is betweenz and 9. you leave lhe room. S K ILL STAM I NA 1t4 The green smokecontinues[o escap€ from the canister.rtt-r15 which you pop into your backpac( then you walk back inlo the room where the Orc and Dwarf lie motionless. Breaking Lhe string whjch tied the pouchto hi. fum Lot88. t3. inside. If you have The text on the page is too a magnifyingglass.brandishinga silver sword.scaly torso of a fearsomewoman.hming riSht into the hurnel(hlm to r3). rt7 you are TheLizard Menaretoughard skilful6ghters. it ius the number 27'stampedon openit and find a large tootl made of gold. you may either take the dngon's head (tlmr to 7r) or leave the room and turn teft into the tunnel (turn to l2).Lm to 3o4). Add r r. You explain to the others that the Barbarian had renegedon the bet. belt. If you have not done so already. Add 1 rucK point. Standing upright on its huge. r18 You nm over to the door in the far wall while the creatue is slitherinS into the room.Roll two soondisperses and &iftr away. but the door is firmly locl<ed.You glance over at the creaue ancl discover that it is not just a giant snake. tum to rr2. you place it carefully in your pocket. you seethe large.Stepping over their bodies.turn to 8r. You nnrmage through the Barbar ian's furs and find a cloLh pouch. lf you do not have a magnifying glass. " t small to read.Olherwise.

you hear Lhe almosl silent flapping of wings aboveyou. As night gradually closes in.AL the samemomentthe Coblin sees you and reachesacross to a levet set in the wall. turn to 3to. lt is a Vampire Batandil wantsto suckyour bloodl VAMPIRE BAT SKILL 5 The humel soon ends at a wooden door which looks as if it raasboarded up many yearsago. il seems to go on any further in virtual darkress.Add 1 poinLto your STAMINA. as you are pointless still a long way from Stonebridge.creaking on its old hinges You ffnd yourself in a short corridor which leads into a largeroom. Her buming red eyes with their deadly st?ueslowly searchthe room for the inhuder. Before long you can hardly see the path at all and.You listenat Lhedoor but can hear nothing. If you have a throwing dagger tucked down your boot.isitorraiseshis arms During this fight you must temporarily reduce your you are 6ghting at a disadvantage sKrLL by 2 because you If win. tum to 34. shake and walk on to . feeling perfectly normal You stand oncemore.swallowingthe lasl piecejusLas as quickJy you feel yourself losing yolu ate Lucky.If you do nol havea throwingdagger.r19-r4r Small snakes writhe on top of her headin placeof hair. yor. You are happed rn the Corgon's lair. you seethat it rs madeof dark-blue glassand is stoppered.tum to 2tr.turn to 1zr. You are jusl on the point of tuming around and walking ba& to the junction when you catch sight of a bottle. hrm to rE4. Teslyotr Luck. a39 RememberingDan's words.walk backpast the junclionand go on down the turuel.rrself (tum up. you find that walking along lhe path becomes incaeasinglyditficult. t40 r42-r4t above his head and says in a cold voice. You wake up agarnless than a minute later. Your advenfure beneath is 142 The huge door swings slowly inwards. but the metal object yrill not come out through the narrow ne&. you slrainyour eyes towards lhe dark sky and catch sight of the predatory creaturethat is swooping down to attack. If you would ratherput it ba& on the floor. Jus[ as you are wondering where you will find a safe place lo deep. in neardarkness. Drawirg your :word. I4I As you run to attack lum the Inqu. On pi&ing it up. If you want to break the bottle. t4.You uncork the bottle.At Lheend of the conidor you spot a Goblin. II you are Unlucky.73). Thercis a metallicobjectinside which ratLleswhen you handle Lhebotble. tum to 3r. tucked away in the comer of the tunnel by the wooden door. you chew the mushroom as you can. Time to diel' There is a blinding fash and suddenly the floor opens you and swallowsyou up. .tum to z6y.

r47 Your sword slashesthrough the air in an attempLto fend off the attacking weapons. For a steelclashing few moments you marage to hold your on'4 but the . hurry back along the turnel and go past the junctior! Lumto 4.'44-147 144 you. suckered mouths. you are unabl€ to resist lookingup at her. If you want fo jump down into the pit to retrievethe box. with which they areblindly trying to grip the dog in order to suck out its juices. As one of the SuckerWorms rolls to one side. r45 The pain from the snake bites is so great that you Loweryou arm momentarily. tum to 97. They are yellowish-whiteand have large. a terrible stenchassails door opens into a room with a sunkenfloor. There are several rotting carcasses in the pit. If you would rafherclosethe door behindyou and carry on up the tunnel. r46 If you want to enter the room. each four metres long.Tum to 26j. oval. The sharp noise of upon steelrings through lhe air. Aware lhat Lhe Gorgon Lsabout Lo stdke with her sword. and these are the causeof the nauseatingstench. Looking dow4 you see three bloaled worms. slithering over Lhecarcassof a dead dog. hrm to 291 If yoLl would rather slam the door shut. The As you open the notice an omately madebrass box lying on the floor of the pit. turn to 7.

and is wearing only a loinclo[h. you arrive at another wooden door with a carved bone handle.Still yawning. You enter a skange. pearshapedroom with a rough stone floo4 Lheieis another door in the far wall and on one side of the room there is a pile of rubble. r5 0 You wakeup the next moming feelingas thoughyou have slept for a hundredyears.Your advenfureis over. tum to 60.Deduct z points from your sr^MINr.{MrNA points.r48-r49 sheernumber of blades chopping at you through the air is too 8reat. If you prefer to sneak r. It Lhe door and walk You open tums brie0y to the right and then to the left. Walking on.rp to the Troglodyte and tale its dagger and poud! hlm to 4j. A dagger and a pouchhe by the Troglodyte's head. it has large earsand a long nose.If you want to tiptoe over to the n€xt door.You suddenly spot a smallcreature lying asleepon the rubble pile.ldrather walk on. where there is a small alcove. you walk back to the path a (tum to 23t). as if you had been stru& by lightning. You anive at a wooden door in the left-handwall. If you want ro open the door. If you wou. A suddenjolting pain shoots up your arm. you tum the handle. Silence quickly retums to the roor& Fom your body and and the weaponspull themselves fly backlo their racks. LisleninS at the door. r48 The key does not 6t lhe lock. tum to 33o. you hear the sound of feet shufflingslowly acrossa sfone floor. .Wi you now try the iron key (tum to 2t9) or the brass key (tum to 75! rto-r tr Hearing no sourd coming from the other side of fhe door.2. continue southwards I'I r49 along a narrow funnel. turn ro .Regain2 sr.

a56 'l thought as much. My friend Zonk was supposed to hrm up.tum to 22r. If you would ratherrekaceyour stepsbackto the last junctionand turn right. tum to 17. lf you would rather keep on nrnnin& htm to. t54 your hand stiffens As soon as you louch the sLone. t he spearfliesover your head. This is bhe only day in the year when we are allowed lo enjoy ourselves.You listenat of clnking bones. rtl You rummage hastily through your backpac( finding the egg. if you didn't wanLto enter the competilion. . below. Deduct 2 points fiom your sx[r If you have not done so already. lf you reply that you havebeen sent to relereethe contest. If you tum to 272.tum Lo 9r. which containslow-skength kansmulation r57 you.only iusl missing If you wish to stop and tlfow it back at the Ogre.iL doesnot appearLobe locked. Well.Otherwiseyou have no option but to walk over bothe new door in the other room (fum to t47J. It is a poisonous snakelTestyour Luck.Il yott are Lucky.r52-r54 r52 The funnel ends at a solid wooden door wilh metal hinges. Sometime lateryou awaken asyou with a sLart feel something long and smooLh slitherinA over yuu body. Your usualfightinSarm is now useless and you musl hold any weapons in your other hand. somedistance chasm. but without any magical effect. and lo&s as cannot move any of your fingers You have picked up the Gorgon's gallstone. If the door and heara noiselike bhat you wanLto open the doot fum to zro. Regain1 srAMrNA poinl. t5t-r51 properties.' the Troglodyte says.turn to JJ6. you throw il al once down fhe yawning You hear the soundof it landing. fum to rro. The island has all but disappearedand you are forced to jump (tum to 46). whabdo you want?'If you reply that you have brought a prize for the competilionwinner. r55 Exhaustedby your struggles in the rivet you decide that a short nap will do you good. No doubt he's fallen asleepsomewhereon the way here. and Zonl<has lo miss it. you you up Try may. you rrury now smashthe brown pot (turn to 397).

The bell gives oul a dull clang.and a few moments later a wiLheredold man in a small wooden boat approaches the riverbank. You sensedanger Something The old man is being too {riendly. hoping lo attracta ferryman.rtt-rt9 The door leadsinto a tunnel " E which has beenroughly cut rnto Lhe mounLa.'he saysgruffly 'Two Gold Zagorsto cross.rl IL widens out. pa''ment in advance. nol the way grumpy old Yaztromo behavesat all.If you do not haveLhecoinsor do not wish to pay.If you have two Gold Pieces with the letter'Z' stampedon them and wish to pay the ferryman. an old aacked bell hangs{rom a posl.' You assume that inside the mountain Zagor must enJorcethe use of his gold coins. doppelganger. On Lhenearsidebank of the river a few stumps o{ wood stickingout o{ Lhewaterlook Likethe remainsoI a you decideto ring lhe bell. tum to 399. a ghostJikeassassn You must pierceils ethereal heart wilh your sword . Suddenly you have it! His eyes are greer! whereasYaztromo's eyes are bluel The imposLorin front of you must be a sent to slay you. The nver is fast-flowing and looks too deep and heacherousfor you to try swrmminS across. To their left.A signis nailedlo Lhe post but it is too faded bo read anything except the word Terry'. ) Jump ir. unLil you find yourselfin a largesand-covered cavemthroughwhich a river flows. hlm Lo260 159 rs not as it shouldbe.

161 The Death Lordstum and run throughan archwayat the backof the chamberscreaningat the top of their if waitrr6 for applause. r6r is shiningbrightly and it By middaythe sun overhead is uncomfortably hoL as you walk along the dusty path. chest. Olherwise. The roof of Lhetunnel to your right hasalsocavedin. depending on who won Lhe 162-154 want to talk with Dan. tum to r2t 164 The Coblin grunts his acceptance of your proof of loyalty to Zagor.but do not deduct points. then eilher the Doppelgangelsheart is pierced or it touchesyour AttackRound flesh. 'I'm DungheapDan the rnushroomman I'd ratherbe a poet thana manwho hasto hoe it.If you need a sworo.There is another cave-in in the left hand tunnd. but thereis a new branchin the lefthandwall just beforethe cave-in. r6z You soon arrive at a junction in the tunnel. and unbolLs the cell door.You hear the soundof someone whistling.16.then you seean old man.if a doubleis rolled. s K rL L9 r6o handsjust fail to catchyou The Wario/s outstretched as you swervepast hirn You slam the door behlnd you and rur up the turmel(tum to rt r). are strapped to the donley's back. To resolve to immaterial existence this combal.tum to zr9. If you wish to chase aJlerthem.A both dice again. rolL dice as normal. If you would rather enter the side room from which fhe Coblinshad You nod your headat the Coblin as you calmlywalk through the Lorturechamber.or you will be doomed beforeits fleshtouches in a twilight world. is in one com€ro[ the room (turn fo 93) or leavethe room throughthe door in the far wall (tum to rzr.rum ro you may eitheropen an old box that zzt. Therers a ineJooking sword in the skeleton's hand. tum to 237. .fie16r yours. tum to 286. standing boldly in front of his donley with his arms folded acrosshis he says. he comes to a halt and. some thirty mehes further on. You decrde to make a qui& nght-left tum and makeyou way up the new branch The new tunnelsoonendsat a sturdywooden dooq you try the handleand it tums You peerround the door and seea humanskeleton lying on the floor of a dust-covered room.leadinga donkey.lming right into the turnel (tum to 2r). Two largewickerbaskets.' If you He smiles ard bows.The winnerof an Atta& Roundrolls srAMrN. As you approach the man. DO PP E L C AN GE R lf youwin.tum bo. lf you would rather ignore him and keep on walking. in lhe drstance piledhigh with mushrooms.

fum to r4o. he did not believethat good or bad luck happened lo people as the result of random occurrences. Firebop Mountain looks menacing.From the gound. the sleep face in you front of looks as if it has been savaged by lhe claws of somegargantuanbeast-Across the clearing is the dark cave entrancethat you hope will lead you to Zagor. lf you want to turn right. If you want to turn left here. You take a deep breath.and thaLsome peopleand creatures werebom with it. soon coming to a junction. enkance and peer into the gloom. The walls of the cave are dripping with water and there are stagnant pools on the biggerthan a buLton. 166 h ls late in the aftemoonwhen FiretopMountain al last comesinto view. furninS west for Kaad.You tell Zoot Lomakethe eagleland as closeas possible to the caveenfrance which lies at the foot of the south face of the mountain The giant bird glides down and lands in a clearing. Yor are a lucky pe$o& and Probabuswants you to be rewarded for your possessing that quality.The lu&y charmdetecLs high luck factor and rewards you: restore either your sKrLL or yow sr^MIN^ ba& to its lnifral score.It was madeby the wizard Probabus who held strange beliefs as to what thingsin the universe wereimportant and what were unimportani.You hear the sound of tiny feel scurryinS across Lhe floor. He held that luck was the all-important force.r4). The air is cold and danl<. Soon he is in the air again. exrt the room and tum Ie[t into the tunnel. withoul stopping to look aroun4 you run on into the new tunnel(tum to . Probabus liked lucky peopleand disliked unlucky ones. You walk up to the cave .tum to 71. If you would rather leave everything where it is. If you wish to readthe page. At the back of the cave Lhereis a tunnel which is lit by burning lorches. tum to J2. condemninSthem as worthless if they had not receivedtheir measureof luck. its former fiery-redpeaknow a deathlyblack. enter lhe cave and walk on rnto a tunnel.fi5-166 r6116t I r5t There are two small objects inside the skull: one is a Linydragon's headcarvedout of bone. Few words are spok€n as Zoot holds out his hand to bid you farewell. r68 You just manaSe to clear the skulls and. and Lheother is a page from a tiny book.turninglefbinto the tumel (tum to 1z).You put the lucky charm backinside bheskull and leave the room. tum to 2Er.67 The object in your hand is the oriSinal lucky charm.tum to r33. . If you wish to takethe dragon's head.

. If you want to knock on the door. tum to r87.You walk around to the other side of the boulder and see the number '92'. tum to tum to r89 34o. setoff againlowaldsFiretopMountain(tum to 64). If you are carrying a shield. perhaps representing the Gargoyle ConstellaLionof the northern skies. If you would rather walk on. r70 The door opms into another tulmel. also painted in the you same white painl. between lhem they are carrying a body towards a malble table.169-17r 169 You enter a large chamber which is brightly lit by glowing domes on the walls and ceiling. Two Goblins. You can hear great gusts of laughter coming lrom the other side of the door You tryr the handle but it will not tum. They both tale aim and 6r€ at you.In any case. Lumto .o4.Findingnothhg elseof does not make much sense[o you. where two men in white robes and white skullcapsare waiting with gleaming knives in their hands. On seeingyoq one of the Death Lords raiseshis knife and calls out. t7r You recognize the &awing as thal of a Galgoyle. The Death Lords are Zagols personal physicians. armed with bows and arows. suddenlyappearfrom a side room.rllcaps.If you arenot carryinga shield. You observe two black-robed men wifh black skr. and after twenty metresyou come to a door in the righL-handwall.

but he waves his arms about wildly to stop you. ' /) Crook slips as he is pulling on the rope to hoist the mainsail and the rope flies out of his hand. You realize you carmot help him ard leave the room. Another bites your olher leg. \76 'I thought as much. Suddenlyone bites your ankle. 174 As soon as you louch lhe hilt of your sword. You are just another servant of Zagor. You fall through a kapdoor on to a bed of iron spikes. r71 As soon as you slep amonS the skulls. tum to 2r2. but he remainscompletely silent . you hear a loud dick and the floor gives way beneath you.tearing away a lump of skin with its sharpenedLeeth. If any qew are left alive. Another hail of arrows hiLsthe boaL roll one die and reducethe number .' You try Loconvince Zoot that you are noL his enemy.172-r15 r76 of the crew remaining by the amount rolled.but then he laughs out loud. lhey start to closein on you. you can use either your whip (turn to 3t2) or some garlic (tum to 224).r4). and the others all try to do likewise Deduct 2 points from your srAMrNA. if you have Lhem. As you turn lhe comer. tum to z9r. hrn to 2or. some ten metres below.but I won't utter another word.E7). Their jaws start to click open and shut repeatedly. You try to undo his chains.You kick oul at Lhe skulls. Otherwise.You won'Lget any informationout o{ me. to walk turther up the tunnel (tum lo . sending them {lying in all direclions You pull two skulls ofl yor:r calf and run into the turmel ahead(tum to . the Mindbender becomesgrirn-faced.maybe his inluries have sent him mad. Eventually you come to a bend in lhe tunnel. Kill meif you like. Your adventureis over. If none are lefi alive. the sail comes cashing down on Lhe deck. If you slill intend Lo strike him with your sword. sending an eerie snapping sotrnd echoing round the room.

He grunts and slapsa cloth purseinto your hand. After drinking a mug of waLer. as you do so.You topple to the ground in the middle of the Sleeping Crass.. Add r rucx point. .and you fall into a deep sleepfull of vivid yourLuck. in fact. greensmokestartsto creep out If you wart to throw the canister back through the hole in the wall. Insid€lhe box you find a quill and an ink bottle tull of blood! You decrdeto abandon yott 6nd and walk on up the tunnel (tum to r72). th€ same fiery red that made Firetop Mountajn famous On brushing the planfs' long leaveswith your leg.tum to rjo If dreans. r78 Your fingers feel Lheir way through lhe jelly at the bottom of the compartment and come inlo conLact with a smallrylindricalcanister.Add 1 LUc( point. you becomeaware of a very sweet smell in the air. lt has the number'27' stamped on it. tum to are defenceless aSarnst you.Ifyou are Lucky.r7T-r19 r17 hthout any goldenteeth. Tuft fo 2o8.{ point You tum to the Barbarian and remind him of the bet.Luming dght inlo the tunnel(turn to jo4). You immediatelyfeel relaxedand very tired . tum to r34 r8o-r8r Regain 1 sr^ mal<eyour excusesand leave the room.. r80 You leave the ruined hut and walk over to somerocks. Although you are bloatedand revoltedaf halrng to eatall thoseeyeballs. hrm to 356. that you cannotkeep yolrr eyes open a momentlonger. You lift it out and are surprised to seethat yorr glove is now smouldering you deduce. hissing with fear and hatred With the garlic held out in front of you. hoping to find a safeplacein which to sleep.\f you would rather continue unscrewing Lhetop.Test you are Unlucky. You open it and find in it a large tooth made of gold. You decideto unscrewthe top slowly. To reach the rocks. fortunatethat you were wearinggloves. You are sucked lhe raging wind which envelops up into the air and thrown against one of the columnsYour head slamsagainst the marble and you lose consciousness. you stepslowly into the room and pick up the smallbo>9 then you walk backwardsout of lhe room and slam the door behhd you. and it was lhe jelly musthavebeenacidic. so tired. I8I r79 The Troglodyte hands you a small trophy: it is a brorrzebus[ of Zagor! lou pretend to be grateful. You see that ihe canister is made of iron and that the lid will unscrew. they aresfill a source of nutntion- The red-eyedVampire shrieksat th€ sight of the Sarlic and ba&s against the have to walk througha patchof plants that are red rn colour.

Deduct 1 point from your STAMINA. I[ you win. METALLIX sKrrL8 STAM IN A 1 2 your SKILL temDuring this combatyou must reduce porarily by z points. the wizard you are s€eking.' you. . 1/Velcome stranger. He is dressedin long. as you cannot us€ your sword. and there is a slight whiff of decayin the air A carL track runs from the tributary to the town gates. From twenty mekes away he calls out to yotl saying. flowing. You manage to shake it off and areabouL to you remember skike with your sword when suddenly that the Metallix cannot be harmed by any weapons made oI metal. The occasional personyou meet looks eitherill or scared.I am YazLromo. and you seean old man walkingalong it towardsyou. he puts out his handin greeting. I believe. tum to 76.tum to 8. scarlet robes and his hair and beard are long and white. and all about you you sense an almosphere of despair. scratching and biting viciously. rurnro rt9.r82-r8. t82 You soon arrive at the outskirts of the town.You must use the rocks and stones scattered around on the floor of the pit to defeatit. and his greeneyes sparkleIf you wish to shake his hand. If you prefernot to shake his hand. r8l The crealure suddenly leapson top of you. On reaching His faceis suddenly up by the sun as passes lit the cloud by.

rE4-rEt rt4 The Goblin hauls on the lever, and a metal plate comescrashingdown Irom the ceiling to block the coridor betweenyou and the Goblin.No amounl of pushingcan move this barrierand it is far Loo hea\,y to lift. You haveno opfion now but to 8o ba& doMm the corridor and hlm riSht into the tunnel (tum to 112). r8t jts into Lhechestof mark, LhumPing The spear6nds the advancrng Ogre, whosefacebetraysa bewildered look as the large beastswaysback and forth, before toppling to the gror-nd. When you have salisfied of yourselfthat the Ogre is dead,you begin a search a sjiv€r its body. A leatherpouchon its belt contains You decide to eat the key and a lump of cheese(regain1 srAMlNA point) and keePthe silver cheese key- You wrench the spear free, thinking that it may proveusefullaler on, and set off oncemore for Firetop Mountain Tum lo 86.


r86 The tooth bouncesup off the floor and breaksin fwo. A jet of air shootsup from the floor where the tooth hit and startsto spin fasterand fasLerIL increases in sizeuntil il develops rnto the raging whirlwind that is an Air Elemental As fhe tonent of water roarsdown the hall, it is halredby the invisiblehand o( rhe Air Elemental. The wall of water climbsup to th€ ceiling as it baltles to push past the raging cyclone that blocksits path But the Air Elemental is srronAer ano pushesLhewall of water back down the hall until it subsides into a harmless pool The WaLerElemental is defeated, and the Air Elemental shrinksbackinLothe tooth on thefloor Zagor. now angry, cursesand shouts,his good arm gesticulating madly in the air as he summonsyet anotherElemental of Chaos.The ground in front of the steps suddenly €rupts as boulders,marble and earth rise up and fuse togelher into a gargantuanstone humanoid- an Earth Elemental. Another dragon's tooth is needed lo defealit. If you haveone and know how to use iL, turn to th€ paragraph which has the samenumberas the one on the tooth. If you do nof have the Looth that can deIeaL the Earth Elemental, tum to ,65

r87 A small hatch slides open in the middle of the door and you seea pair of big eyesstaringat you. 'Whafs the passwor&' a voice demands. Will you answer:


r9r-r93 Tum to 8J Tum to 2o4 Tum to 3oo

Zagort Chaos?

rE8 The axe sailsover the boat,missingall on board.The crew ieer al the Orc, shaling their fisLsangrily Soon the Orc is left far behindas you speed on throughthe you greenlandscape. Testyo r Luck.If areLucky,tum to 4o. If you areUnlucky,tum to 2j8

The noise you makeis enoughlo awakenLhesharpearedTroglodyte.ll leaps up, grabs its dagger and Onyou POUnCes

I[ you wio tum Lo 22o.

sKrLL 5


The ring haslost its clnrge, and you remaincompletely visible.You must thinl(of anotherway to esape fiom the Murnrnies.'l urn to 8j. 193 The FrreSpriteis in\,'ulnerable to your sword:its blade orts throuShthe Fiery creahue. but the fldmesioin up again immediately, and anotherbuming hand grabs your leg.Deduct3 pointsfrom your sr^MrN^ Reeling arourd in agony, it dawns on you that you musl try to smother the evil fire with your blanket. Tum to 98.

r89 The Goblinsare highly skilledarchers, and their accu racy is greal.Roll one die Lwice, one for eachanow. If you roll a r, a 2, or a J on eifherthrow. hlm to 236. tum to Jt8. Otherwrse, r90 Ifyou areat present without a sword,you may takethe Goblin's. After a search of the Goblin'spockets reveals nothrngmore thana sLale you decideLo crustof bread, the Lorture search chamber for hiddentreasure. Nailed you to the underside of a woodenchair fhd a leather pouct! it contains a bronzemedalwith a buming spear embossed on it. You slip thisinto your pockelandwalk oulinto thetunnelonceagain andturnright (hlm to 2r).

r94-a9t ,94 The door handle tums ard you walk in on a sight to drill the blood: a fearsomeJookingwarrior practising his swordplay on a human-shaped block of wood that is suspended from the ceiling. Splintes of wood fly in all directions as Lhewarrior's heavy fwo-handedsword crunches into the wooden dummy The warrior is wearingthick metalarmourwith spikedshoulders; his helmet is homed and coveredwith demonic qznbols there is no mistaking a ChaosWarrior. On seeingyor! the Warrior raiseshis sword and lets out a war crv.
CHAOS WARRIOR If you wi& turn to Jt6 sKtLL 10

r9t You bring your sword down hard on the Metallix's neckand, although the blade sinks in deep,bhestrange beast doesn't appear[o be harmed in any way - not a drop of bJood is drawn Yotr try lo extricateyour sword but cannot.t-aconically the Metallix raises one arm and slowly pulls your sword out of its necL It wields the weaponaboveits headand stepsforward to attack. The MeLallix cannot be harmed by any weaponsmadeo{ metal, a fact you suddenly recollect. You will haveto do your bestby throwingrocksand tones at this adversary. Dwing combat you must tempor.rily reduce yoUI sKrLL by 2 pomtt as you have lost the useof your sword.
METALLIX If you win, tum to 76. SKILL 6

catching you by surprise. . can sometimes go berserk and mutate into an even more formidable oDDOnent. If you win the fight without losing more than one Attack Round.Regain 4 STAMTNA points Feeling fortiEed. even if lhe lhought of it makesyou feel even worse. OGRE SKILL 8 STAM IN A 1 1 If you wi4 turn to 24E.brandishing your sword in one hand ard lhe dagger in yow bloodied left hand.73).t$-rsg r96 The dagger thuds painfully into your left arm.Deduct 2 points from your sT^MrN^. if in a state of fighting fienzy.leaving the Skeleton Warriors behind in the room.Tum to 7z t97 Though very weal you know what you have to do. You comb through the Orc's hairy legs and pick out some fat fleas. a fanatical fighter whrci. Tum to 9 Tum to . You hardly have time to draw your sword as the mraged beast lets out a blood-ofdling howt and launches a ferociousatfack on you with rts club.tum to 33r. You wrench the dagger out of your arm and charge into the bushes. You pop them into your mouth one by one unLil gradually the sickress and {atigue leave you. At last Zagor'scurseis lifted. 200 You quickly make your escape. ln the light of the tunnel you se€ that the 'dragon' is simply carved out of wood thaLhas beenpaintedgold You put iL in your backpack and continueup the hmnel (tum to . CHAOS BEAST MAN sKrLL 12 STAM!NA 13 If you lose more than one Atta& Round.7t Tum to rt2 rgt The guard is a Chaos Beast Man. turn immediately to rr7. willyou now: Leave the room and fum right into the lunn€h Open the wooden crate? Enter the back room? r99F2oo r99 The spearmissesthe Ogre and landsharmlesslybehind it.

He looksyou up and down appraisingly and says. If you preler lo follow the Troglodyte in silence. You throw the broken key on the floor and wonder what Lo do next. He is flanked by two Lizard Men the cieering delight of the Orcs You are anoLhervictim whose blood has helped k€epR€dRiver's namenoto ous. yor.No one told me any humars were enLering the sheep's eye eating compeLiLion Anyway. If you want to use the bucketto escapg tum to 2r Otherwis€. no matter.' The guard snarls but appearsto b€ inter€sted in the sword. You waste no time walking through the door (tum to 169).?a+-205 20t Unable to sail the boat on your own. but three arrowshit you in mid-air. if you have a Gold Piecewith the letler 'Z' starnpedon it. tum to 84 204 The door opens and you are greeted by a small crealure with large ears and a long nose. If you wish to tell the Troglodyte that there has been some mistakeand thal you are not enleredfor Lhe sheep's eye eaLingcompetitio4 turn to rt5. follow me. door. Frantically you try to tum the key in the locl but succ€edonly in snapping the key in half. Your body surfaces. You dive off the side of the boat. You hold out the weapon and the guard snatches it from your hand. you must deduct2 points from your SKILL as a result . HUNCHBACK 20.The beastlookscloselyaL lhe bladeand even sniffsit. Satisfied that whal it has got rs worth havin& it takesone of the keys on its belf and urlocks the great door. you raise your sword and attack. SKILL 6 STAM IN A 6 The key is far too small for the large lock of the cell Every time you lose an Attack Round during combat.tuln to 4l 20t Seeking revenge.r are left helplessin the middle of the river. it's another Troglodyte.

6 The weaponsare all fairly ordinary and are probably those taken from the victims of Lhe ChaosWarrior. When you wake up . Thereis a leather whip. filling the recesswith a wann glow. whereaslhe brown pot raLtlesas though a stone were rolling aroundinsideit. which you decideto takeWill you now leave the room and walk on up the tunnel (tum to rjr)? Or. Your adventure is over.It walksover Lothe celldoor andlaughsat you Through the smokeyou catchsight of a bambooLube poinLing at you Lhroughthe bars.You feel a suddensting on your neck. tum lo 397. there is nothing inside it apart ftom two in the far wall. clay pots. 209 is sr. sLanding in a domedrecess A buming candle separatesthe two pots. smding you into a deep coma. II you want lo smash open Lhe red pot. If you would rather smashoPen Lhebrown pot. instead of losing STAMINA points-As soonas you wrn your 6rst Attack Round. 208 oi being hit by the withering sti&.the chamber ingly small. You shake the stoppered pots bul can hear nothing moving inside the red pot. but you can hear lhe unmistakablesound of a knifebeingsharpened.You havebeenhit by a poisoned dart from the Goblin's blowpipe. will you now tale a look at lhe contents (tum the box of to z4)? You wale to find yoursellstrapped down on a marble slab Your head rinSs and your vision is bluned ard distorted. hlrn to 4r. 207 The Goblin may be stupidbul it is not fral stupid.rrprisAlthough it hasa high ceiling. 2c.tum to 39r. The poison takeseffect at once. if you havenot done so already.206-207 zoa-2o9 some Limelater you 6nd your hands and feet tied to the radq you are doomed to a slow and painftrl death. Your advenfure is over.

zto The door opensinboa large room which has plainly not been cleanedin years.There is rubbish all over the floor and everythingis thi& with dust. The smellin the room is urbelievably bad:a mi-r<ture of rotten eggs and an Orc's armpitl The room may once have been a dining room, judging by the crockery,cutlery, pots and pans that are strewn all over the place.There is a large table in the middle of the room, around which five seaLed skeletons are squabbling over some rat bones they have found in a cauldron. Your presence has nob yet been detectedby lhem ( you want Lo enler the room, turn to 296.If you would ratherclose the dooa walk backto the lastJunction and Lumright, rum ro J7

Afler siLting down on the bench, you begin to feel relaxed.Your aches and pains are slowly soothed awayby the healing properties of Lhe enchanted bench Regain2 srAMrNA points and r s(rLL point. With renewed energyand deteminalio4 you set off down the tunnel(tum to 16z).

The creatureis a PlagueBearerand although it is not slrong, a single touch of its hand up on your skin will tum you too into a PlagueBearet to Livefor ever in a iwilight world of eervihrde PLAGUE BEARER SKILL 6 STAMINA4 If you lose even a single Atta& Round, you will

2t3-2r6 become a Plague Bearer and your adventure will be over.If you win, tum to 24r. 2rt The green tea hasa disbinctivepeppermintflavour, and a warm glow runs through your body. It also has secreL healing properties. Regain2 sr,{MlNA points After dlnking up your tea, you follow Zoot into a cowtl'ard at Lhebackof Lhehouse.You watc-hhim cranehis ne& into the sky and let out a high-pitched whistle.Momenlslater you makeout a spe& in the sky; it grows bigger as it glides down effortlessly towards you. It is a huge, beautiful eagle,its feathersmagnificen! shades of golden brown. With its wings still outshetched, it landsunconcemedly in bhe courtyard. Turn to 7r.

of use,so you jump into th€ boat and row yourself aaoss the river. You are about half-way acrosswhen suddenly the boat tums of its own accord and startsto float downriver and no amount of work on fhe oars by you can alter iLs course.The river narrows as lhe walls of the cavem close in. The roof of the cavern lowersrmtil you have to keep below the gunwaleof the boat to avoid bumping it. Thankfully, the narrow Lunnelsoon opens ouL into anoLherlarge cavem; this one is filled with giant crystals, all sparkling and glinting in the light oI many torc-hes. The boat veers to the left and slidesup on to a stony bank. You dimb out and standfacing two tunnels. The word 'PITS' rs chiselled into Lhestoneabovebhelefb-hand and tunnel, the word 'PU ZZLES' is chiselledabove the rishthard one. Will you now: Examine the giant cryslals? Enter the left-hand tunneh Enter the right-hand h-:nnel? Tum to 247 Tum to ru4 Turn to ,8

The guard snarlsand kicks the Gold Pieces out of your hand. Swingrng rts spiked club above its hea{ it lungesforward and attacksyou. Tum to r9t. .\' The gold ring is stamped wiLh the number '3o' and inscdbed with thewords'Seeing IsBelieving'.Ifyou want to placethe nng on your finger,tum to 1t4. If you would ratherleave if wiLhLhe skeleto4you cannow either climb up the ropein pursuitof the Goblin(tum to jr) or leave the room and go Frrther up the tunnel(tum to z3). 2r6 In the WereraL's pocketyou 6nd a Gold Piece with the letter 'Z' stamped on it. However,thereis nothingelse

Gaspingfor breath,you reachdown and pull oub the you dagger. Forcingit underthe wanior'sbrcastplate, plunge it inlo his chesl,hoping that a piercedheart may halt the tmdead assassin. Your desperate actionis rewardedwith success. Once again,the ChaosWarnor falls to the floor. Not waiting to seehim rise again, you leave the room, slamming the door behind you, and turn right into fhe tunnel (tum to rjr).

2ta-2,r9 2r8 The folded paperis dampwith sweatand an unsavoury smell wafts up from it. Holding it gingeriy by the comers, you shakeout the folds. A pair of blood-red eyesaredrawnon the paper. Suddenly they burst into flame and your hands staft to tremble unconhollably You have been onsedl Deduct 2 poinLsfrom your You drop the paper to lhe ground and the SKILL. trembling stops Moose apologizesaL great lengLh, blaminghimselffor your misfo une. 'Forget 'At leas!Zagordoesn't it,' you sayreassuringly. Ianow I'm coming.' You walk backto the path together and there bid farewell once more; then you set off east alone(tum to 16r). 2r9 You run through ihe archway rnto a circular room wrth a marblefloor. At the backof the room, marore stepslead up to anotherarchway,above which is a srnSle stonewith the letter 'Z' embossed on it in gold. But betweenyou and the stepssLand the four Dealh Lords,huddledlogether on a gold crescent inlaid in the marble flool they are holding small metal spheres abovetheir headgas though they are about to throw lhem at you They look at you coldly and start to murmur an incantation. The floor starts Lo tremble as their voicesgrow louder.Suddenly the floor all round you opens up and you are left teetering on the edge of a deep chasm.Will you hy bo jump across this chasm(tum Lo 46) or use a magic item to halt the (turnto 3t4I earthquake

You empty ouL the Troglodybe's pouch and ffnd a pieceof slatewith the word 'arro!y' scratched on it. You put this in your pocket and slide the tfuowing daggerdown the insideof your boot. Satisfied that thereis nothing elseof interest in Lheroom, you walk over to the far door,Tum to rtt.

A< you draw closer to Firetop Mountain, you are amaz€dat fh€ sighbof the once red peak,now coloured a deathly bla&. When you reach the foot of the mountainat iast, you can seehow menacintit looks: the steepfacelooks as if it has beensavaged by the claws of some gargantuan beast.You soon find the dark cave entrarce that you hope will take you to Zagor.You peerinto the gloom ard seethat the walls are dripping with water which has formed info pools on lhe stone floor. At the back of the cave is a tunnel, lit by buming torches. The air here is cold and dank and you can hear the sound of tiny feet scurryrng acrossthe floor. Taking a last deep breath of fresh air, you step into the cave and walk on into a tumel, almostat once coming to a junction.If you wanbto tum left, turn lo 2Er. If you prefer to tum right, tum to r4o.

slumped in old oak chairs oppositeeachother and with a table betwem them. You are canied off by Orc Guards to a busy i . The only thing you are good for is as spareparts m our body pool. Both are wearing armour and appear to have been playing some kind of board gaune before meeting sudden death years €o. At Lhefar end of the room sit two skeletons.' he saysmockingly. 224 The Mindbender watchesas you hold the garlic out in Fronlof you.half of them coloured silver and half color-uedgold. If you want to inspect the garne more closely. and there are cobwebs everywhere. 'l'm not one of the Undead. If you would rather close the door and walk on up the tunnel tum to 17322' You lie completelymotionless while the snakeslides acrossyour body and slithers away into the undergrou. You spring to your {eet and set off for Kaad wibhoulfurtherdelay Tum [o 379. thenburstsout laughing.24 222 The door opms into a room which appearsto have been long forgotten: the floor is thick with dust and You notice that the game piecesare all miniature dragons. The only lighl comes through the open door. Blrl you wo 't be for much longer. hrm to 333.'l am very much alive.' A mere fli& of his fingers {ieezesyour limbs.

Lumto 298. and va ous pieces of dented and rusty armour lying on shelves.turn to 2lE 2to The text on the pageis too smallLoread lf you have a magnifying8lass. hoping they may be of use later. Grabbingits sword. sending its stew bowl flying.225-227 228-2to room where Zagor's surgeons s€t to work on youYour adventureis over. .In seconds is 8one. tum Lor2r.Wh€n you are quite happy thaL this is noL a trap. 229 Threeglassmarbles are all that you find of interesL in the pocketsof the Hobgoblin:one is purple. some broken spears leanint against the wall ir the lar comer. which you tuck into your belt. If you wish bo walk over to the far wall yourself. tum to oRc sKrrL6 STAM I NA5 If you win.nnot movq you can only watc-hhelplessly as shepicksup another silver headband Fom the table and places your it rourd yourmemory forehead. I1 you were pornts.never to refum. 226 lo The door opensInto a smallroom which appears are armoury a long time ago: lhere three have beenan broken swords standing in a rack. If you would rather reLurn fo the path and continue south. The Hobgoblinwas also wearinga helmetwhich looks as if it may 6t you.the Orc leapsat you while LheDwarf runsinto the backroom. If you would rather closethe door and walk on io lhe thrrd door. one is green and the fhird is hansparent You put th€m in your pocket. 225 Before touching the sword. you make sure that it is not wired up Loa Lrap. you take the sword.regain2 SKILL you are already carryinS a sword. If you wish to open the old bo>qtum lo 9r. however.tum to 59 lf yotr do not have a On seeingyou barge into the room. swinging a warhamDWARF sKrll 6 STAM TNA 4 you wir! Lumto 243. Your advmture is over. tf you wish to try it on. you take the Orc's sword. A jagged beamof h'hitelith! shootsout from it and hibsyou on Lhe forehead You are stunned momentarily and find you c. 228 The Witch walks slowly round lhe glass table and pointsher cooked right indexffngerat you. you now have a spare. tum fo zE9. and you The floor is covered with a thi& layerof dusL notice that there are footprints in the dust leading over to fhe far wall. IJ you would rather leavethe room through the door in the far wall.if previouslywithout a sword. you hardly have Lime to catch your breath before Lhe Dwarf runs back into the room. the Orc immediately kicks over the table.

s. .ela.2tr-2tt you lasnlfrtnc.' _willhaveto forgeraboutthe pageard setoff alongthe hrrl|el (tum to 97).

He hasgoneto thetown of Kaad.We have been you.he continues: A messenger bird broughtus the newsfrom Anvil and wewish lo helpyou so thatyou canmeetYaztromo.'Pointing at the shortestman.We havea fastsailing boatthat canget you there in half a day. he continues. as all seasoned sailors'facesare. . al the head of the line. it is mannedand ready Losailimmediately.Nine men stand to harness in Iine before the boat. because Yazhomois not at his tower aLpresent. \ You follow the two Dwarfs through the village to lhe banls of the Red River. stranger.'Seeing your puzzled expecting look. It is your good fortunethaLyou camelo visit us. You walk inbo the village and are met by two Dwarfs.which is far to thewest of Stonebridge.but with . They will take you fo Kaad. somewhal resembling an enlarged longbow.'Thesemen are good friends of the Dwarfs of Slonebridge.Plague hasbrokenoul thereandhe hasgonelo help.The massive flap noisilyin the wind wailing sails {or someone their power. Comenow. follow us.but we arenoLsureif thisis ofZagoy's doing.we haveno Lime to rose. News havels last in Allansia" for one of them sayr 'INelcome.arva'sed racls stickjngout on both sidesA five-metre pole pokesthreatennglyout of the bow. their faces brown and lined. down theRedRiver. The Dwarf points to the men and says. who is standinS 'This is Sach.2t8 2t8 A brisk three-hour march brings you to the outskirts of Stonebridge. r 'here a sLrange-looking sailing vesselis moored:it is about ten mekes lons and is narrow. doubtless a rarnmingweapon The mast is tall and curved.

a tin whistle and ai onyx egg You pack away ytrur findingsand decidewhat bo do next. . Maak. ploughin! throughthe water at an alarming rate Ahead. An Orc is clinginglo the uptumedhull If you want to tell Lonie to slow the boat in order to pick up the Orc. trimming lhe huge sails The boat pulls away immediately. Meanwhile the flying creaturepassesby overhead. furn to ro. Stooy. Neel andNdroo. being so narrow.If you wish to lift the top of the skull. jumpingaboard. you comeup with r Gold Piece. Tum fo 166 242 After five minutesspent poking around in the dirt with your sword.eachhas SKILL 9 and STAMTNA 12 If somehow you manage to win.If you would rather leave this room and tum left into the furtllel.12) Otherwise. and stafts Lo rock fiom side to side 'We're out of herel' shoutsLonie. you will have to fight them wilh your sword Fight the six Mummiesone at a hme.' You greet lhe crew and climb aboard The vesselfeels very unstable.there is nothingfor you to do but leavethe room and walk to the second door (tum to j6). If you would rathersailor! tum to 136 24r jaw and You prise the gold tooth out of bhedragon's inspect it closely. The two Dwarfsuntie the boat as Lhe rest of the crew also iump on board They rush about lheir various tasksrpulling on ropes. you noticea rowing boat lyrngupsidedown and bobbing along downstream. Eeyun. You noticethat the top of the skullhasbeencut through. You put it in your pocket and inspect the dirty room. seemin8ly not interested in what is happening on the ground. furn to 39t. Againstone wall stands a smalltableon which thereis a human skull with a candlebuming on top of it. lf you have not done so already. balancingthe boat. turn bo32 2r9 There is nobhingyou can do to escape the circle of Mummies.219-240 he's in charge The helrnsman'snarne is Lorrie Th€ others are Fyll. 240 The big bird glidesdowr Loearthand landson lop of a large boulder thaf slandsalone on the open plain.turn to 165. you may tu8 on the chain which js bolted to the wall (tum to .After five minutesyou judge it safeLo co'ntinueandrecommence your fliShtto FiretopMountain.jngs.It is plain and hasno marl.

you haul yourself to your feet and set off again for Firctop Mountain. lf you wish to leave the treasure. .you come acrossa treasuredEst which is fflled with gems. Tum to ro6 Tum to rtr 24' You ignore the old man's plea and walk on towards Kaad.lf you wish to take a handid of diarnonds. You sink to your knees and soonloseconsciousness. 246 The poisonoussmokeis lethal.lking among the giant may entel either Ure left-hard hrnnel (tum to r24) or the right-hand tunnel (h. (regain 1 You decideto eat the cheese srAMrNA point) and keep the silver key. .2$-246 241-248 243 If you aresuffering from Zagol8 Curse of theDemon's Breathturn to r97-Otherwis€ will yotr kave the room and tum right into the hnneh Open the woodm crate? Enter the ba& room? Tum to r3 Tum to t75 Tum to r32 247 Wa.i! reads: fol numbercd an Ait Elemmtalof Chaos. WiI you: Put the copper bncelet on your wrist? Hang the pendant round your neck? Put the braceletand the p€ndant in your backpack? Tale a look at the weapons. A leather pouch on the Ogre's belt contains a silver key and a lump of you sit down on the ground for a few moments to recover.tum to 142.if you havenoLalreadydone so? Leave lhe room and walk on up the tunnel? Tl[n to 6t Tum to rot Tum to 3r. Tum to 86- 244 gentence a There is only half on the pa8e. Turn to 27r. 94 anil destrovs memorize the words and decidewhat nexl to After the fight you are exhausted. is over Your advenfure .ing and cursing behind you.ri to .leaving him splutte. You also decide to take the Ogre's spear.8).

If you havea water bottle. 250 The rest oI the day passes without incidentan4 as the lighr starls to fade.but the acid continues fo bum. yet.29) or keepwalhng towardsStonebridge(tum lo r43)? 25r The slimeshoolsoul and a large gobbet splashes on your cheek. you ls acidicand starls Lo bum. leads inLo a long. their shrivelled bodies wrapped in stained hessian. Lhree on either side. You know the Dwarf village of Stonebndge is nol far away. But in laci the sLatues are all Mummies. Lurn to 16. If you do not havea waLer botLle.res. turn Lo8j. you begin to lhink about finding a place lo sleepfor the night. althoughyou do wonder whetheryou willbe ableto reachit before nightfall. .49-25r 249 The door opensinto anothercorrdot this. marble-floored hallway whrch is roughly twice the width of lhe conidor and is lined with what appearLo be siah. You enLer the you hallwayon Liptoe. turn to J28.Will you find som€where to sleepwhile rt's still light (tum to .2. Deduct 1 point from your srAMrNA You wipe the messoff as fasl as you can. If you havea Ring of lnvisibility. tum to 29r. at ihe far end of the hallway thereis a door. If you do not have a Ring of Invisibility. A clock suddenly chimesand lhe Mummies all move and begin to climb down from their columnsNot one of thems awareof your presence . lookingaroundas go.

Tum to 1.'The old man walks away.But who am I to complain?A Gold Pieceis a Cold Piece.out of the way of the neL but your reactions are Loo slow The large net pins you Lo the ground and. you may escapeby running out of the room and up the hmel (tum to r72). and now you will have to defend yourself wiLh your sword(tum to . . The towering monster is almost on top of you. Coodbye.Regainz LUCK points-For a momentyou watch him walking slowly down bhe hac( before you h. If you win.You walk on Lo the place where the tunnel ends and poke around in the rubble. Out of bhe comer of your eye you see a Goblin standing over you with an evil grin on its face. 254 The VampireleapsaLyou with its mouth wide open. lhen looks up and says. intent on suckingyour blood.Thanksa loL stranger I wish you luck. On the wall on the other side of the portcullis there are two levers. you will soon discover Lhatyour sword cannot harm it As soon as you win an Attack Round.25'-2t4 . You puLthe toolh in your pocket and walk backdown the Lunnel. the point of a blade is being pressedagainst your lhroat and a healy bool is pressingyour head to lhe floor. 256 correct angle to reflect lhe Gorgon's gaze ba& at her.9t). 255-256 You try to dive to one side. just out of reach.and wishing you good luck will bring you luck. using the silver dagger tum lo .9a.t.If you do not have a silver dagger. before you can rmtangle yourself. Here you find a small metal canisler which contains a large bronze looth with the number'28o' stamped on it. Your adventue is over. buL he was a shaman. 25t ' your The portcullis bars entry Lo another tunnel it is Loo heavy Lolift. Your shaking hands fail lo hold the mirror al lhe STAM I N A 1 5 You will be able to kill the Vampire only if you are Eghling with a silver dagger. VAMPIRE SKIL L 1 0 255 The old man stares at the com lor a fel seconds longer.rm towards Kaan(tum to 27r). 'l dont know of anybodywilh lhe initial 'N" who coinshis own Gold Pieces.

For an inslanLyou are stunned. each tryrng to find an exposed area of Beshto nip. Before it can land. tum ro 3r r. however a large. As you shuggle Lofree yourself. Deduct 2 points from your sreunra. It rolls away under your foot and you furn your ankle. The old man has 26r kansformed himself into a Wereratl With claws outshetchedhe attacks. He startsto expandrn size: a bulging Lorso replaces his hollow chesl. Roll one die and deduct the number rolled Fom your srevrr. 258 Casually looking up into the sky.and a sudden pain shoots up your arm. You feel his vice-like grip on your fhroal as the undead Warrior blindly tries to you. You'll pay for wasting my Lime| he says in a voice thaLsounds almostanimal. sKl!! I STAM I NA5 26r You don't manage to jump over all the skullsbut land on top of one. sending skulls flying in all directions. tum to z16. and you open your eyes to fhd yourself face lo face with a wall of skulls shuffling towardsyou. lf you are slili alive. jeFbla&.257-26o 2t7 The Warriols outstretched hands manage to clutch the collar of your tunic. If you have a dagger in your boot. yotl see a white dove flying towards the boat. If you do no[ have one. sharp but is talons. Will you now try the brorue key (tum to r4E) or the blasskey (fum to 7t[ 26o The old man becomesangry and stepsoul of the boab. you are sLrangle forced to drop your sword. Thick hair sprouls all over his body. predatory btud swoops down on the dove dulching it in its long. as if you had been hit by a lightning iumpup and run into the new tunnel (tum to 3r4). The dove flutters its winSs in resistance carried off by the sleek Blood Hawk to some distanl nestto be fed lo ils young Tum to rr. . tum to zr7. WERERAT lf you win. One suddenly shoots forward and bites painfr:lly into your left ear Twenty more skulls follow suit. 259 The key does not fit the lock . his jaw elongates and his bared teeth are sharp and pointed. their jaws snappingopen and shuL repeatedly and making an eerie clackingsound which echoes round the room. losing your balanceand falling to the floor.r.

Terrible pain creeps through your .' he replies. you think about the ceatures of the niSht that stalk the plain.fr2-a6j z6z You tell the Inquisitor that you are ready. There is some wood close by.tum to . lou grip the handleand pull out a metal drawer.' He holds out his arms in front of him and suddenly a sword appearsin his right hand and a dagger appears in his left hand. If you wish to make a fire. How much is lhe dagger worth?' lf you can work out the answer tum to the paragraphwith that number.There are two puzzlesthat you have to solve. The sword is worth 2oo Copper Piecesmore Lhanthe dagger. 265 The Gorgon casts her gaze down at you and your eyes meet.rlder.Inside the drawer you find a larSedraton's tooth madeoI gold. lf you would rather go to sleep. tum to rz7. 'Good. 'The sword and dagger that you see are togelher worth joo CopperPieces. 263 With your back pressed6rmly against a large bor.t9. turn to 2E. 264 You hear a metallic 'cli&' and the panel orops oown a centimebre. enough to build a fue. You leavethe chamber with reneweddeLermination and walk bacl down the tunnel andon pastfhejunclion(tum to 4). it has the number'94' scratched on it Add 1 LUcKpomt.If you do not know the arswer. You are caught by her deadly stare and kansfixed by it.

you mur' tell the Barbarian th:l you don't want to bet afterall (tum to . so you leave the room and walk down the tunnel and on pasf the last junction (tum to 4).after how long you don t know . followed by a piercing howl. you arrive at a jelty on the riverbank wherea hibulary runs into the Red Rivei. You evenfually wake up . Tte blood flows freely hom your self-inflicled wound and the poison drips oul with it.26 If ycu do not have a golden object to bet with. turn lo . 267 You have to run hard lo keep up with Moose. 270 you dive sideways out of the way of the Justin Lime. and. In time you will shrink lo a height of no more lhan ten centimekes and will form part of lhe omate detail on the chair. but it works. Al1 at once he stoPs and puts his arm up for you to stop running loo. 269 polished chair. Will you now take a look at the staff (fum to 20) or leave the room and pursue the Dealh Lords(Lumbo2r9)? . falling cage. You hear a mstle of bmnches to your left. deep sleep. You start to panic and try ftanLically Lo move. Hows later. You cannotslop diaielyfeel very relaxed 210-1.7r yourself from falling inLo a long. A {ourth stafue will soon adom lhe Gorgon's lair.judging . but you find ifs impossible.You have fallen victim to the SapChair. The cageis locked in placeand now you cannot move it and reachthe panel.Your advenLure is over. Your adventureis over. glancing down at Lhe ground occasionally for prinls. Will you chargeinto the bushestowards Lhenoise (tum lo 7z) or stand your ground (tum to .741 268 'l only bet gold againsl gol4' lhe Barbariancontinues madeof gold No gol4 no bet' If you havesomething that you arewilling to bet 266 Your quick thinking savesyour life. He zigzags through the undergrorvth.It crashes to the floor with a loud clang. and drowsy. It may be a pain-fr:lway to saveyour life.You decideLhere is nothing else for you to do immeSittingdown on Lhesmooth.266-269 limbs as they start to stiffen and tum to stone.but when you Lry to stand up you find you cannor move.

By now il is covered wilh your blood and wriggles around madly between your finger and thumb. Having failed to bile you. You have savedyourself from a deathby a Bajnbitet one of Zagor'sfavouriLe Bruesome enchanLed assassins. 271 The next door in the tunnel is madeo{ solid iron. You pressyour ear againsLthe cold meLalbut hear nothing. You ask him if he lcrows the whereaboutsoiYaztromo. 274-276 274 You manageto grab the tail of the earwig betweenyoui fore6nger and thumb just as it is disappearinginside your ear. The people are dressedin tattered dothing. tuming right.'says the Troglodyte with a Irown Who senLyou?' Unable bo lhink of a name. you finally manageto Learthe rat away from youl thoat and aush it under fhe heel of your boot Cursing the Goblins. it recoils into iLs basket. '!Ve already have a referee. If you would rather walk ftuther up the tunn€l turn lo 2r.Tum to r8z.The cut may only be small. Will you now take a look at the staff (tum to zo) or leave the room and pursuethe Death Lords (tum to zr9[ 276 Before you have time to react the lat's sharp teeth rnakean incision in your Lhroat. you decide to male a run for it lo the door. in the town square. you deduce that you cannot be too far from Kaad. and hardly any of them are talking.but it is big enough to allow Zagols poison to be injected into you Fom the ral's leelh. The man tells you to follow the narrow tributary north for a short distance and you will come LoKaad. You slam the Iid back on the basket !o keep the snale inside. tum to 87. The Lizard Men immediately give chase. 275 The snalds fangs strike at your amour rather than your exposedflesh. you leave the cellar and walk back to the paLhlo continue south (tum to 218). Roll one die. Most are carryinS small bundles and You decide to approachone of then! a tall man sacks.272-2. You cnrshthe BrainbiLer under{ooL then walk to the door before you (tum to r49).75 by the number of people rnilling around. They all look downcast with th€ir chins on their chesls.its venom spmt. He a wilh black beard.The tiny needle-likelegs dig into you ea as you carefllly pull the ear r'ig out.mixhg Potionsto give the sick people.and askhim what is haPPeninS. You push the Troglodyte out of the way and mce out of the door. . The first one in the tunnel hurls his spearafter you as you run away. Roll one die and deducl the nwnber rolled from your sTAMINA score. tum to r r r. and he replies thaL he lasf saw the wizard.Groggy from the poison. tum to 234. I{ the number rolled is r-3. If you want to open the door. lf the numberis 4-6. a boat to take lells you soiemnly that he is waiting for him upriver lo Silverton in order to escapethe plague which is devastaLineKaad.with their spears raised.

.You find a largehole in one of the to walls.rpoint rf it loses an Attack Round If you win.whosesolepurpose to burn your fleshwith ifs white-hot knives. You catch a glimpseof the creaturds faceand the sighbfurnsyour stomach: the faceis drawn and lifeless with decayjng skin stretched so tightly acrossit that it is tom and festering A maggot suddenly wdggles out of one of the oeature's eye socketsand drops to the floor.t. hooded cloals it walks slowly towards you. tum to r9j. You havesummoned is a DeathHead.stone-walledchamberwhrchyou believeis empty. DEATH HEAD sK ILL9 STAM IN A 9 Unlessyou have a silver dagger. out of which appearsa dark figure wearing a long. you have placed a Ring of Undead Calling on your finger.Seeing no sens€ in stayingin the dark chamber. tum to r8l If you prefer to abtack wilh your swordnow. There is a sudden blinding flash.72) 219 and it lets out a The rock hits the Melallixs shoulder yelp of pain.andyou deduce that thismustb€ the enirance anoLher funnel.2Tr279 211 Unlnown to you. I{ you wish to carry on lhrowing rocks at it the crawl along the new tunnel (tum to . tum to . brandishing two shimmering daggers. 278 yourhands You gropealoundon andknees anddrscover that you are in a small. lhe Death Head will loseonly r sreuru..

If you wish to tuIn lefL here. 282 acoss them.You walk on round the comer and see Lhree doors in a row along the left-hand wall.280-28r 28o You throw the &agon s tooLh on Lhefloor but nothing happens. If you would rather searchthe chamber. you seethat in a ftfther ten metres lhe funnel ends at a wall. You soon come lo a iunction. IL musl have stood here undisturbed. You furn right and come to another junclion. tum to 37. It is made of silver and has no Elemental powers. 28r You soon arive a[ a stretch of the hmnel where it curves to the right. You are doome4 as Zagors Elemental bears down on you. If you prefer lo keepgoing straighto4 tum to rt2. All thrce doors are heavily padlocked and iron bars are bolted . rurn ro rrt.If you wanl to wear the headband. Turn to 165. there are cobwebs over ifs face and its jaw hangs open. tum to 33t. The skeletonis wearing leather armour which is dusty and cra&ed. for see the sparkling jewel in its headband. Looking back down at the Lifeless Dog Beast. bheydo not appearto have been opened for years.on the floor. Looking left. 2E2 You look around and observe that the Witch is still lyin& unconscious. humanoid skeletonpropped up in a recessin Lhewall. and you come across a shott.

The floor is made of polished marble on which three slatues stand facing you. Try to open the new door? Try to open the door you came Lhrough? Get ready Lo6ght? Tum to rJE Tum to l8r Tum to 294 . but with no stafuemounted on it. al the sametime. Wjll you. a wide sectionof one wall starls fo rise up. You can see the tail of a huge snakeflick out from under the rising wall and you hear loud hissingsounds.28t 28t The door opens inLo a large room with a dorned ceiling. As you enter Lhe room to take a doser look al the statues. each mounted on a marble plinth. and they all look as though their faces were set in stone at the very moment of a horrible death Their open mouths and screwed-upeyes give Lhe impression of sudden and intense pain A fourth ptinth standson lhe floor. and there is another door in the wall opposite.the door behind you slamsshut. The statuesare of warriors.

later you passout \44ren seconds 6nd yourselfon a marbletableand two Death Lerds are hoveringaboveyou wreldingsharpknives In less thanan hour ZaSorwill havea new arm yourslYour advenfure is over- 286-28j 286 You open your mouth to spea( but Dan immedialely intemrpts with another rhyme. Otherwise. turn Lo roo.a crudemetalearring in the shape of an earwig. If you want to wear it.' the man declares confidentlyYou try an assortment of othernames and do your best to convince the man that he can trust yol. puLtingthe mushroom in your backpackDan then seLsoff wibh his donkey (ium lo 237) towards you to continue Anvil. Pe-hap.You eventry fo freehim foomhis charns. but you won'L geL anolherword out of me. tryin8 to keep you away.' Yourealize thattalkingto Danwouldbea waste o{ time.I was going to lell you my secrets.284-285 284 A pouch on the Cave Troll's belt holds 3 Copper Pieces.and decidewhat lo do wiLh lhe earring.leaving east 28j 'Do not try to trick me by pretendingto be kiendly For a startmy nameis not Fergus Finn. Your vision begins to blur and you you reawaken. Whenyou'reili. but you get no response: he remains completely silenl.r'hen impossible lo do so.Kill me if you l*e. bul he waveshis find if but. but I've changed my mind. it will makeyou well. no blood appears you try to puil the missileouL. (tum to r49) you walk up to the door ahead 285 one of lhe polished steel spheresslicesinto your forearmand lodgeslhere. I won'Ltell. somegarlic. you accept hrsgift gratefully. lhe garlic and the pieceof paper.sion to find Zagor a leg for his new body. You decideihat lhe poor man has gone mad and decideto leavethe room and (turn Lo38?) walk fuifherup the Lunnel . 'Takea mushroom.Strangely. the Cavefroll wason a m.and a pieceof paperwith the word 'Leg' writtenon il. r. You may tale any or all of the Copper Pieces.

289 While you are walking acrossthe dusLyfloor. hoping to spray the advancingMummies wilh buming oil. Blood Eye' and Drain Life' are just a few of lhe potions that require Vampire's blood You memorize the information and walk fhrough the cavem and inlo Lhe tunnel at the far end (hlm lo 137).288-289 288 Smashingyour lantem wilh lhe butt of your swor4 you hr'irl it round your head. some of fhe broken weapons starL to move of lheir own accord: the swords dse from their rack and the spears move out of the comer. If you win. the door swingsshutbehrndyou. Roll one die: the number you roll is Lhenumber of Mummies you set on 6re their bone-dry bandages igniting like tinder. The momenL the ooor croses. you Imow you will have a few minutes lo escapebefore they come back to Lfe Running towards lhe door al the end of the hallway. each has sxnr.48 ?. Disease'.rurw. Fight them one at a time. 290 sr.9o You scanthroujh a couple of chaptersand leam that lizard's blood is the main ingredient in many potions of evil magic. you makeyour exit (tum to ro2). 'GeaLe Zombie'.rrounded by a circle of hovering weapons.r rz. You find yourself .Will you: Male a run for lhe door? Fighl the weapons? Drop your own sword? Tum to 74 Tum to r47 Tum Lo. The remaining Murnmies (if Lhereare any) you must fight with your sword.9 and sr.

You breathe in deeply before jumping into the pit to face the ChaosSlime Beast CHAOS SLIME BEAST sxrll i2 5rAMrNA 1. It has Sreen homed skin on its back and a soft. Its head is large and its main featureis a wide mouth with Lwo rows of long. Looking down.' he replies. turn to 9. you seea bloated creaturethree mehes tall and alnost two wide."Thereare two 6ghts that you must win. covered with red spofs. roll one die to deLemine whetherthe SlimeBeast's acidicdrool that it spits at you touches your flesh. 'Lean out.2 After each Altack Round. 'Cood. Drool runs down ils bottom jaw as jt catches sight of you. yellowish underbelly.If you win.' He leadsyou over to the smaller of bhetwo pits.It has powerful arms and sharp-dawedhands the size of dragon's feet. and the qeature starts to work itself into a fightinS fienzy. while two bulbous red eyes prohude above slimy nostrils. il looks a little like a giant toad. and hiket No more stops until . you lot. leaving the war canoes far behind. spiked teeth. On a roll of r-3 the Slime Beast misser but a roll of 4-6 meanshhatit hits you and infliclsdamage involving the lossof an addilional 1 sraMINApoint.29t-292 24r You tell the Pihnasterthat you are ready to fight. 292 With your help the skeleton crewmanage to hoist the sailsand the boat is quickly under way.

the woman's appeamnce changesand in front of you now stands a hideouslooking.tumto 6r. Tum to 22t. IirstSKELETON Second SKELETON ThirdSKELETON Fourth SKELETON Fifth SKELETON If youwin. Cently you lift the lid and ffnd that the box contains nothing other than a pagefrom a tiny book You tum the box over and seethat the word Tire' is scratched on its base.Her eyesare dark and hollow and her clothesare lattered rags. Seizing your opportunity. pullirg hard aL Lhe helm.r are Lucky. Now you may eitherr€ad the pagefrom the book (tum to zlo) or walk furtherup fhe lurmel(tum to 97). Her wiry.' shakethe box but no soundcomes from it. S (]LL S TA MIN A 293 You pour water over your burning skin. 64 5 5 6 5 1 4 . hunchbacked Witch. You ignore hirn.tum to 2t8.The box is quite large and. Iost in the lhought thaLyou were responsible for the death of so many of the crew. With her illusion dropped she can now concentrate on other typesof magic. bent and hairy frngers end in long. The woundedSuckerWorm is writhing aroundand flops off Lhebox on io the floor. Back in the tunnel. tum to 4o. they attackyou one at a time.29t Kaad. dirty nails. . The water quicklyneutralizes the acidand the buming stops.94-296 294 Will you fight your new adversary with your eyes open(tum to 26t) or closed (tum to lrf 295 As you enler Lhe room. and you sit huddled in a cloud of despondency Nobody spealcs for an hotrr Tesl your Luck If yor. if you wish to put it in your backpack and take it with yorl you will have to leave Lwo other items behind (remove them kom your E4uipmenllist). you grab the box and scramble up out of the pit.If you areUnlucky. 296 The Skeletons suddenlybreakoff iheir argumentand tum to face the common foe youl Standingin a line.

5t). HelmeL of Confusion has made everything appear distorled. But somelhing awfirl has taken place: you can The no longer see anything in ils real perspective. sword drawn.Do you wish to tumand run up the tunnel (hlm to .you retum lo the path and head soutb trying bo adjust to the new environment you areseeing (turn to 23E).297'299 to<'-3or BEinbiLer. 30t You explain al greatlengthhow you obtained the gold and why you arenow on a mi\iion to slayZagor .'And now.Secondslater. metal Leeth. You stepback.I'm afraid. All lhe treesand planLs that surround you now look short and bulbous FeelingexLraordinarily sad and confused. 298 you As soon as put the helrnel on your head you get a terrible headache. Then you.take off the helmet and the pain though you r/ere looking at a convex mirror. slight problem Lhere.VVhy didn't you say so in the first place?'the hunchbackretorts. The door is flung open and three greenskinned Lizard Men barge through lhe doorway. You havefallenvictim to a You didn't ask' you reply sarcastically. 299 You fry to grab the tail of the earwig as iL disappears inside your ear. one of Zagols favourite enchanteclassassins Your adventureis over. The pain increases as iL sta s Lognaw its way insideyour head wrth its sharp.the pain increasesand becomes unbearable. leaving the Fire Elementalstuck to the floot flickering harmlessly.67) or sland and fight the LizardMen (tum to r37n 300 297 The raL scurriesoff with half of lhe dragon's tooth in iLs jaws.' the hunchback mutferr Iooking a little sheepish. but you are too slow. if you don'Lmind. how about shaightening my back?' Ah.'I'm noL quite up to . LhemassiveEarth Elemental is uponyou (tum to . DeducL and 2 poinls I points from your sKrLL your from lucx. 'Guardl Call the guard! We have an intruder' shouls the dooman. . each wearing spikedleatherarmour and wielding a spear.

Cheerio and good luckl' Hardly believing what is happening. he's good al lhat kind of thing.ot You loop the rope round Lhe metal spike and lower yourself slowly down into lhe inky bladcress of the shaft. If you want to go to the left.but Gnally you arrive at a T-junclion. Now I must be on my way. If lhis lakes you 5 rolls or fewer turn lo 266 If it takes you 6 rolls or more. . you watch the old man shuffle off. turn to .to2-to4 thut of ho-r-po*s. If you dre carrying a lanlem. burdenedby a not insignificanl stoop. leaving you to walk to Kaad.injecting you with deadly poison. Or maybe someonein Kaad can 6x you up. But have you done it quicHy enough? Roll one die and keep rolling until you have a total of zo points. But the old man was a shamar! and wishing you good lu& will bring you good luck. Howevet since you are on your"o* you get him to way [o seeYaztromo. . Sorry about the confusiot but you just can't trust anybody thesedays.I suSgest straightenyou out.78. tum to 278. Deduct 2 points from your STAMTNAYou make a cut in your arm where the snakebite is and hope that Lhepoison will bleed out. lum to ro9. a few metres below. 104 The hrnnel seemsto be never-ending.49. You reach the botlom. 2 LUCK to2 The snake's fangssink deepinfo your forearm.Regain pointsand fum to 27r. If you prefer to go righl. and retdeve your rope. tum to . tum to 8o. II you do nol have a lantem.

If you are not wearing this ring. despitea deep gash in his left arm. you can have it.a-nd you also take two sLeeldaggers.carrying a bow! he is wearing a silver headbard with a large iewel set in the centre. bdghtly coloured cushions lying on the Iloor. If you are wearing a gold ring with the words 'SeeingIs Believing inscibed on it.A folded piece of brown-stained paper falls to the ground.. Moose pulls the boots of{ the Trackers and gives them a shake. tum to the paragraphwith the numberthat is the sameas that o. hun to 146. 306 You pull your sword {ree {rom the Tracker'schestand.She too is wearinga headband.There is an alcove in the far wa.Not content with emptying po&ets. He cardes the bowl over to a glasstablewhere a beautifulwoman is grinorng componentswith a morlar and pestle. .seethat Moosehasalsobeenviclorious.' she says in an alluring voice. 1'm not touching that smelly thing' laughs Moose 'If you wanLit.' If you do as Moose suggests. \ou agree to keepthree each. A search of the Trackers' bodiesreveals6 Gold Pieces. The door opens aad you behold a lavishly fumished chamber: the walls are covered with red and purple silk drapesand there are large.o5-36 30. Her gossamer-thinrobes billow in the draught from the turureland shelooks up and smilesat you 'Come in and close the door. lookinground. the ring. but hers is made of tiny flowers. eachstamped with fhe leHer'Z'.ll oul of which a young boy appears.

you see. you may now either read the page from the book (lum to zlo) or walk further up the hmnel (hrm Lo97). ys ir a slow. calm voice. to1 The worm slips of{ the box alrnost immedialely.Well. iI you wish to put il in your backpackand take it with yoq you will have to leavetwo other iLems behind(crossthem off yow Eq iryatt list) After decidingwhat to do. l08 3o8-309 You n'alk to the end of lhe tunnel and have a poke arotmd in fhe rubble. The box is quite large and. you shale the box but can hear no mttling coming from il. I'm a HalJ-Elf.. to9 You find HobnailSheetwithout much diffiolty Your kno& on the door of Number36 is answered by a ta1l.only to discover that Lhebox containsnothing more thar a page from a tiny book. You cautiously lift the Lid. You put the tooth in your po&et and walkba& down the hrnnel(tum !o J). 'Flello. You seizeyour oppo*unitt grab the box and scrambleout of Lhepit Back in the hrnnel. . Lumto ro5. . I can see by your expressionthat you are wondering how I know Lhal. thin ma. You tum the box over and see that the word Tire' is scratchedon its tmderside.' . Please comein. If you would rather leave the paper on the ground. You find a small metal canisLer containing a largebronzeLoothwith Lhenumber'28o' stamped on it. I heard you talking to Yazkomo I've got rather good hearing. Vy name rs Zoo! Zimmerand you must be the personwho wants to gel to FiretopMormtain in a hurry.rhoseearsare slightly pointed and who is wearingbn hbred trousem.301 tum to 2rt. h. will comeLoKaad. lmtil al last it glides to a halt at a jetty on the riverbank where a narrow tributary from the north joins the river. You start a conversation with a tall man wearing a black beard and leam that he is waiting for a boat to take him upriver to Silverto& so as [o escapethe plague which is devastatine Kaad. You quickly loseconsciousness anddeathsoonfollows. They are carrying small bundles and sacks. lf you would like some tea to drink tum to zr3 If you prefer lo dedine his of{er and demand lhat you set off irftnediately.and all appear sad and downcast. he replies that he last saw the wizard in the town square. There are guile a number milling around most of them poor and dressed in tattered clothing. His own strengLhis monumentaland he lifts you oif lhe ground by your ne&. You j1mtPoff lhe boat and lhank the crew.plants. 'lNould you like some of my specialherbal tea before we set off' Zool aslcs. Tum Lor8z.' His face suddenly loses iLs happinessand a deep frown takes over.\et\2 You follow Zoot into his house. 'It's the Elf in mel' laughsZoot My mother was {rom the Vale of Willow. giving a very realistic effect. tro At leastone crossbowbolt 6ndsits mark and sinksinto your neck.The boat continues its speedy voyage downriver. tum to t6r. as Lheytum the boal arormd to sail back updver. you approach the people standing on the jetty. You are dead before you hit the water. All the walls have kees. their long . You ask him if he knows lhe -of whereabouts Yazhomo. your shenglh ebbs as the warrior's grip tightens. The decoraLions made her feel at home.Your adven- tr2 experience making the task look easy. 3rr Gaspingfor brealh. she lived with me here until she died of the plague.mixing potions to give to sick people. small animalsand insecls painted all over lhem from Iloor Loceiling and all in incredible delail. The man tells you that if you follow Lhe narrow fnbutary north for a short distance. the rooms of which are decorated to resemblea forest.. 112 The cew reachby easing the sails and balancing Lhe boat quickly and withoub undue e{fort. Your adventureis over. She never did like living in a town.

then disintegrafes and drifts away like smokeon the wind.tr3-tr5 If you have any garlic in your backpack. stone-walled room wifh a door in lhe wali opposite There is a trapdoor in the floor in the middle of the room.until finatly he calrns . (tum lo 206) or leavethe takea look at the weapons room and walk further up the tunnel (tum to ryr) tr4 The Lunnel endsat a solid wooden door.apart {rom an omate oal chair. You try the handle and it tuns The door opens into another small. You call out his nameand are able fo hear his sLem reply abovethe noiseof the crowd.6ery humanoid. The EarLh ElemenLal strides down the hall but strangely. if you havenoLalreadydone so.rts. As Zagor'sElemental you sLart defend getscloser to worry. the Fire Elemental does not move to you. thenyou noticethat a rat haspickedup one half of the &agon's footh and is on the point of running off wilh it.. If you do not havea bhrowing dagget tum to 297. you sheathe your sword and breath€a deep sigh of relief. Will you: Open lhe door opposite? Open the kapdoor? Sit on the oak chair? Tum to 283 Tum to 368 Tum to 269 t16 tr6 The DoppeJganger screams. there you find a crowd of people huddled round d lone figure. you may.uneoncemore. carved with 6gures.the Elemental carmotbe irlly released you havea throwingdagger. tum to 14.Who jn the world wantsme now at a time like thisl you areso reassureo You drop the third golien toobh on the floor and watch it breakin two A jet of f]ameshootsup from a Fire the floor and forms into a huge. UnlessboLhhalvesare Louching lf the ground. 'Tagorl he shor. sbandingin one comer. Elemental. whrch is empty .an old man with long white hair anda white beardandwearingscarleL yaztromol robes.tum Lo 7t. 'lf I hearanolherpersonuller that infemalwarlocksn. Otherwise. you walk quickiy into town and make straight for the town 'quare. I'il Lum lhem into loadsl'Yaztromowaveshis armsaroundand indulges tn some rurwizardlycursrng.

It is part of the prrcefor invokingthe Raise Deadspellthat iLsusermust offer the chance of his own demiseBut. then fums Lohis aiung townsfolk without waiting for you bothank him.' Yazhomo hurls a leather pouch in your direclion. 317 You examinethe they say Now. you will needto caLl upon superhuman forces to combat his extraordinary magical powers. If want to talk fo lhe help is needed unable to accompanyyou. Their form is that oI dragons'feeth cast in gold. Here'ssomegold to spend. . I must retum to my patients' Yazkomo gives you a hearty slap on [he backthenretumsto lhe sickpeopleof Kaad He stops for a moment.'Go and see Zoot Zmmer in HobnailStreet. my good peopleof Kaad. If you would ratherenLer thes[orewithout delay.' You walk awayfrom the crowd with Yaztromo. telling your him of for hjs help. Zagor has hidden fhe dragons' teerhcarefullyYou'llneedat leasttwo . powet but you mustleamLhe magicword that releases their elemental powers Thenit will sunplybe a matter of throwing the teethon the floor in order to acLivate them Cunously enough. It is extremely well cafted and will help to protect you. ever mindful of haps and evil ma8ic.but the more the merrier.but il looks perfectlynormal so you put it on. SittinSoutsidethe shop is a smalJ boy who you is playing with some wooden bri&s. Seeingnothing else of will find the dragons' teeth inside the labyrinthsof FirefopMounLain. He'sgot a giant eagle that could fly you to FiretopMountarn Arrd it might be worth paying a visit to Deep SeaDowlands store 311 in Pudding Skeet He's got some useful items in I am .3ro down and says.tum to .pass this potion of min€ amongyou and you'll soon be as {iL as firefoxes I must go and see lo this young whippersnapper who hasjust bargedin unannounced.sincehe is strongernow Lhan he was Lenyearsa8o. maLerial eachstamped Eachtooth has a special with a number.looksbackaLyou and says. as you cansee. questand asking 1r'y'e here. hun lo 2jr. headingfor Pudding Sheet. Regain I SKILLpoinf and l LUc( you open the poinl. you as would expect. You mustfind the Elementalsl Only the Elementals can saveyou from certain deaLhwhen facing Zagor. door in the far wall (tum to r7o). You set off wibhout further delay. You will have Lo face Zagor aloneand.You find Deep Sea's slore aLthe end of a row of shops.Now.

take lhis as a rcward. Lheir plan has failed. As soon as my horseis left alonefor evena second he'll by thoseinfemalbandils.'AILer making sure the man is fit enough to be le{t on his own. Before taking off wilh my horse. the spear lhuds into your back. come gallopingback to me. you head southalongthe path(tum to z5o) 349 The Ogre's tkow is accurate.ta8-t20 lr8 You soon come upon a rrranwho is lying. Thanls to you. 120 The objeclin your hand is the originallucky charm. they decided to make me pay for killing their leader in the 6ghL. Although he is in great pain ftom the angry red bile marks thaL cover his body. Don'L worry about me. sending you sprawling to the ground in a cloud of dust. skipped to the waist and sLakedoul on the ground Somebody has spreadhoney over his chesL and face and he is being stung by hundredsof red anLsLhatare crawling all over hrm You hasten to cut him free. The Ogre reachesyou quickly and wastesno time in finishingyou ofl his missionfor ZaSorcompleted Your adventure is over. It who held strange was made by the wizard Probabus . he is not in mortaldanger'Bandils ambushed me while I was riding along the path.but it is a very old ring and has only one more charge left Off you go now. strangec it's a Ring of Invisibilily. lhen roll him in lhe dirt to get lhe ants off him. Here.I suppose I shouldhaveused it to hide from the bandits.

r will die by this cllrsel Za. If you fail to eat any Orc fleasbeforeyour STAMTNA is reduced [o zero. The cage crushesdown on the floor with a loud clang. If you do not have a magnifying glass. each time you fum bo a new paragraph you must reduceyour srAMrNAby l point. leave the room and tum left into the lunnel(tum to . yor. Deduct 2 points from your s<rrL and 4 poinLs{rom your srAMrNA.. You waste no time entering the tunnel (turn to 172). and it will slowly poison you.2) t2r The noise of breaking glass echoesdown the tunnel and you grip your sword in casethe noise attracts the atfentionof someone you do not want to meet.if you have not already done so? Leave the room and walk on up the funnel? . If you have a magnifying glass. 124 You try to dive to one sjde out of the way of the Ialling cage. you throw the lucky charm fo lhe floor. he did not believe lhat people were lucky or unlu&y as the result of random occunmces.Razorffsh atta& viciously by ripping at thier vic[ims' flesh with their rows of razor-sharpteeth. You try to lift the cage. I . and [haL some people and qeafures were bom with it.slow dealh. Your adventue is over 125 Sleek and prolected by thick silver scales.will you now: Puf the copper braceleL on your wrist? Tum to 62 ' Hang the pendanl your round neck? Turn fo rot Put the bracelet ard pendantin your backpackz Tum to 3r3 Take a look at Lheweapons.On the floor you find a small brassegg. He believed that lu& was the all-importanbforce.32r-t22 ideasas to what things in the universewere important. then walk back past Lhejunction and march on down the tunnel. You are down on your luck.ol. you will die.consideringasworthIess anyone who did not possessplenty of good luck . Unless you eaL some Orc fleas. Probabusliked lu&y people and dislikedunlucky ones. kapping you inside. Tum Lo28r t22 The lext on the page is Loo small to read.23'325 Tum lo zo6 Tum to r5r 323 The messagereads: Demons breaLh. A short blast of wann" stinking air envelops you. Lhis is demon's breath you have inhaled. From now on. The water stirs near you asone of the Razorffsh fums lo attackyou.tum Lo 244.If you are still alive. It won'L be long before you are discoveredby an Orc guard and are taken in drains to Zagor's surgeons. The dver is soon red wibh the blood of the crew. The lucky charm delects your want of good luck and punishes you. You put it in your pocket.bul your reactionsare too slow.. but it is fumly locked in place.

The river is soon red with the blood of the crew The water s[irs near you asone of lhe Razorfish fums to attackyou. On the floor you find a smallbrass egg. The text on the pageis too smallto read If you have a magnifyingglass.You pul it in your pocket. tum to 244. Deduct 2 points from your sr[l and 4 points from your srAMrNA If yor are slill alive. If you fail to eat any Orc fleasbeforeyour staurul js reduced to zero. you will die. .2). slow death. You waste no time enteflngthe tunnel (tum to t72).but iL is 6rmly locked in place.but your reactionsare too will die by this cursel Zagor'. A shorL blast of wam.consideringasworthlessanyonewho did not possess plent-5' of good luck ..out of the way of the falling cage. you throw the lucky charm fo lhe floor. Lhis is demon'sbreath you have inhaled. Probabusliked lucky people and dislikedUnluckyones.2r-31. and that some people and creatureswere bom with it. From now o& each time you fum to a new paragraph you musf reduceyour STAMTNA by 1 point. The lu&y charm your want of good luck and punishes debects you.24 You try to drve lo one side. 22 321 The messagereads: Demon's breath. silver scales. .2. slinking air envelopsyou. wlll you nowr Put the copperbracelet on your wrist? Tum to 62 Hang the pendant round your neck? Tum to ro5 Pu[ the bracelet and pendant in your backpack? Tum to 3r1 . Your adventure is over.Turn to 2Er. t2t Sleek and protected by thick. Unlessyou eat some Orc fleas.and it will slowly poison you. 32r The noise of breaking glass echoesdown fhe tunnel. He believed that luck was the all-important force.. kapping you inside. lhen walk backpast the junclionanclmarchon doranfhe lunnel. It won't be long before you are discoveredby an Orc guard and are Laken in chainsto Zago/s surgeons. and you grip your sword in casethe noiseatkactsfhe altention of someone you do noL want lo meel. The cage crushesdown on Lhefloor wilh a loud clang.. he did not beLevethat peoplewere lucky or unluckyas Lheresult of random occurrences.If you do not havea magnifying glass. t2J-125 Takea look at the weapons. if you havenot aleady doneso? Leave the room and walk on up the tunnel? Tum to 2o5 Turn to rJr ideas as to what thinggin the univeBewereimpofant.You try to lifL the cage.Razorfish attackviciouslyby ripping at thier victims'fleshwilh their rows of razor-sharpteeth. leave the room and tum left into lhe tunnel(tum fo . You are down on your luck.

yourLuck. The poison works instantly.2 6 327-120 sKrLL 7 STAM I N A 8 RAZORFISH If you wr! tum lo 89. you hear a dull 'dunk as yoru sword makescontact with somethingmeLallic. roll Lhedie again betweenthe )oint winner( until d Jear winner is found If you wm th€ compefition. adding up the totals for each CONTESTANT YOU BARBARIAN CAVEMAN 2 3 4 5 TOTAI TROGLODYTE If thereis a tie for the highestscore. You decide to poke around the floor o{ the hut with your sword. You wilhdraw your arm and step back. turn to r79. 129 You leave the path and wander into lhe undergrowllu evenfually you come acrossLheruin of a wooden hut which looks as if it was bumt down years ago.. If the Barbarian erther wins the competifionor eats more eyeballslhan yoLLtum to rz8 If you dont win the . Iry covers what's leff of the walls and floor. Then you hear the countdown: 'One. competition but managefo eal more eyeballsthan the Barbarlan. A bamboo pipe suddenly appearsthrough the bars and you feel an immedjate sharppain in your neck: you have been hit by a poisoned dart Irom the Coblin's blowpipe.Ifyott ateLucky. and as you peer into the gloom you hear insectsand small creafuresflultering and scurrying below. roll one die five times for each of lhe contestanLs includingyourself. After severalstabsinto the ivy.tum to r9z. You pick one up. turn to lyr527 The Goblin is not won over by your ruse and hurls a chair at your cell door. You cut away the iLy and uncoyer an iron dng which is atlached to a hapdoor Lifting il up mal<es a loud ceaking noise. On the top sLepof the stairs leading down you see a candle and a flint. hoping its magic is still there. Your advenLure is over.tum to 345. two. 128 You rub the old ring. You soon 326 You are instructedlhat on the count of three you musLsLarteating. three go!' You shut your eyes and pop the eyeball in your mouth To decide who eatsthe most eyeballs. but the cold and slimy texture of a raw eyeballmakesyou feel quite sick. and the people who once Lived here have long since moved on. ready lo begin.the winner being lhe contestant lo eat the greaLest number of eyeballsin five minutes.If you are Test Unlucky.

Tum Lo25t. tum to . You are suddenly transfixed by fear and stare blankly at the monster towering aboveyou.There are two day pots on a shelfand a wooden box liesundera ricketyold table.You quickly take the keyring from the guard's belt.130-332 have the candleliL and climb down into the darkness. ttl The Iearsome beastfinally slumpsto the floor You are exhaustedand covered in sweat after such a gruelling battle. andreachLhe far door (turn to rt8). Will youl Try the iron key? Try the bronze key? Try the brasskey? Tum to 2j9 Tum to r48 Turn to 7j As soon as you pick up one of the gold dragons.but your headis too big. hopingthat someunknownmagicwill halt the Corgon.69. Despitelhe profusion of insecllife and smallrodenls. tt4 With hembling handsyou take the whisde out of your backpack and blow a few high-pitched noLes on it. You have to decide now which key to try in the door. t32 The stone to which the chain is atlached starts to move. Lhere are Lhu:ee keys on it. if you have not done so already? Tum to z4z Leavethe room and walk on to the second door? Tum to j6 t30 you cross Lhe room Stepprngas lightly as possible. If you would rather sLand and fight. almost lmocking you off your .Will youl Go Losleep? Examinethe clay pots? Examinethe wooden box? Find somewhereelse to sleep? Tum to 95 Tum to 3E6 Tum to j3 Tum to r8o 3tt-134 feet. Cobwebs are everywhere. stand up and draw Lheirswords. You find yourselfstandingin a smallcellarwiLh just enoughheadroom to standup in. Put your arm inLo the compartment? Tum to 92 Rumrnagearound in the seemsto be a sale enoughplace in which to spendthe night. tum to zoo. Will you.You try Lo fiL your head through the hole in the wall to see inside the compartment. If you wish to run out of the room with the dragon in your hand. the Skeletonsjolt {orward in their chairs. You inspect lhe hole and realize that you have opened up a secret compartmenl. Bu! the whislleis nol magical and LheGorgonslithers ever closer towards you. You pull even harder and Lhe stone comes flying out of the wall. tt.

you now find yourself in a palatial hall a row of columns runs its lengthand abthe end lherearemore steps.His right arm is also visible and you can see slitchesall round his wrist wherean ouLsize hand hasbeen s€wnon to a strong arm This giant hand holds a crystal which sparklesin the yellow light from the domes.r reward is a slow and painfuldeath!It was consideraLe of you Lo bring me the lasl limb I needto rebuildmy body. Your left arm looksstrong. Seeingthe lelter 'Z' abovethe archwayat the top of the steps spurs you inLo action.' he says slowly and menacingly 'l you. lodging in the wall behind you. althoughI didn't think you havebeenexpecting would geLthis far But now yor.leaving only his robes behind in a cnmpled heap on the floor. one of the Death Lords vaporizes. fool. robesarea combination of pr:rple blackand white and a large rcd'Z' is ernblazoned acrosshis chest. Ihe skin on his faceis drawn taut across his skull and is heldby stitches down both sides His of his face.3t5 The four spheresfly past you. As each spherehits the wall.I'll fakeib!' He thrustshis own lelt arm out of his robes. leadingup to a plinth Seatedcalmly there on an omate throne is the most evil-looking man you haveever seenin your life.You are faceto facewith Zagor himself! lNelcome.You bound up lhe steps and run thror-rgh the archway.Without warning he tossesthe rysfal into the air and utters someunintelli- .and you seethat it is a skeletalstump.

If you do not haveany. . Its vaguely hurnan shapemeansthat it can be only one thing. The snakesenses fangs shike at your hand The bite is painful . before catching it again. tum to 23.If you have any golden dragons' teeth. The air in the hall starts to stir and soon builds to a howling gale. then disappea$. If you wish to 318-!40 put the breastplate 04 tum to . Their material forms are golden dragons' Leeth. turn to 2rj. s(ttL ttE t39 FirstGOBLIN Second GOBLIN 5 J 5 .tto-tr7 Bible words. you move your hand towards your danger and its venomous sword hilt. iLIYou entera large slides to on€ sideas you approach back into placebehindyou room. and chaseafter the Goblin. you seea hole in the ceiling A green. You jump up to defendyourself. hrm Lo 5r. The jewel in the headbandis filled with dark sorcery. you set off immediately for Kaad. If you want to leave the room and presson up the tumel.The Goblins run forward to attack you with their c[. bul you haveno idea. warty face with pointed nose.tum to r77. earsand chinis staringdown at you lt's a Goblin and it is angry that it has failed to captureyou.r7. Zagor calrnly remainsseatedon his throne as a whirlwind howls down the hall towards you.urged on by the DeathLords.but not as harmful as the poison thal now runs through your veins. 340 You tum your shieldin Lhedirectionof the Goblinsat the very momenLwhen they releasetheir arrows and you hear Lhemissilesthud into the shield. They can be from LhePlane destroyed only by SupremeElementals of Light.which. Looking up. lf you want to climb up the rope that is hanging down from the ceiling and altachedto the net. tum to r 13. tum to r7o. If you would rather open the door in the opposite wall. But the Elementals that Zagor can sunmon are th€ Demon Elementalsftom the Planeof Chaos No weapons can affect fhern.rbs.Tum to 379. and the wall slides The room is lit by lour candles standing at the four comers of a wooden table in the middle of the room A polishedbreastplatelies on the table. however. . t6 without thinking. Summoning all your reservesof strmgth. You jump backjust in time as th€ heavy net crashes down on lop oI the skelefon.r You brush Lhe snakeoff your body and roll away from it as quickly as possible. but the snakehas slitheredaway into the undergrowth. your memoryhasvanished. an Air Elemental. You wonder why you are slanding in the chamber. Your advenfure is over. The tunnel ends at the solid wall . If you would rather take the skeleton's gold ring.Deduct4 pointsftom your sr-luIN. The Goblin shakes its 6st at you and spits. In seconds neverto relum.

Spdnging quickly to its feet. 34r You run after Moose. tum to 82. the Goblin draws iLssword. As soon as the handle fums. just as the magic is wearing off (tum to ro2) i I i t t * I l :] ) GOBLIN SKI LL 5 STAM I N A 5 If you do not have a sword you must fight the Goblin with your srllr reducedby z points.o9. you charge it.Your head slams against the marble and you lose consciousness. tum to 163.. If you are wearing leather must temporarily reduceyour snrr by z poirts during this combat If you win. the store is dosed. t4t You try the door but find it lo&ed.If you wanr ro stop bne{ly to find out what it is. Tum to . you escapethrough the door aL the end of the hallwiry.Ifyou do noLhaveasword at the moment. If you are not wearing leathergloves. If you wirr turn to r9o. I . fum to 42. but only for a minule or two While the Munmies are walking around as though exercising their sliff limbs. 343 The Goblin is usry stupid and unbolts Lhecell door. you set off lo find ZooLZimmer.4\-r44 Fighl the Goblinsoneat a time. 342 One of the diamonds in your hand has bem coated with a magic potion which reacts when touched by human flesh. lnocking the Goblin over. Thinking that you may come back later. 544 Your lcrowledge of magic is insufficient to control the power of the Suprerne Elementals of Light. You catch sight of something sparkling in the bushes. I46 The old ring has just enough magic left in it to make you invisible. Turn to 2o8. Your magic I .4J-46 word is wrongl You are suddenly suckedup into the air and thrown againsL one of the columns. fum to 12. If you do not wish to stop. keeping your head down to avoid the many oulstrelchedbranches. tum to 267.

:nchbacked Dwarf. you male you! way to the third door (fum to 27?). you seea torchlil tunnel.If you wish Lo open the door and attack the Orc.The door looksas if it hasbeenclosedfor years ard you have to tug hard on the hardle. As soon as your sword hits the floor. Feeling defence' less. If you would rather walk on down th€ tunnel. The Orc is as ugly and brutalJooking as they come. An ugly purple scar runs down the Dwarf's face from his lefl eyebrow to his chin. Sitting at a rough wooden table. ar Orc is being servedwhat looks ljke rat stew by a grislyJooking soon force the lo& open.147148 t17 The door is chainedand padlocke4 but. Under the tableyou spot a woodencrate. turn to 227. beyond. Slowly you manageto drag the door open while its rusty hinges creaknoisily. using a spear taken from one of the stafues. About ten mekes aheadthere is a door wibh a barred window in it. You must your sKrLL reduce by 2 poinLs r:ntil you find another your sword. the jagged weapons encircling you also drop bo the floor. Lumto 13.Lose1 point from LUcr. t4a . You tiptoe quietly alonS the tunnel and peep through the window. headand all. You keep watching as the Orc pulls a rat cnrcass out of the stew with his fingersand eatsit. You realize it is too risky to pick up your sword againand are forced to leave the room without it.

You mustact quickly . not long after first li8ht. You shrmble acrossa fallen tree and The night passes decide to sleepbeneafhits branches. you hear what sounds like somebody chopping wood.94 Tap lhe floor with a skull staff? Tum to 6j If you do not have any of the articles narned above.t49-rt2 349 You walk along the tunnel. tum to r94. Peering out. until your hand encountersthe reassuringcold steel of your sword At any momenl you expect lhe hapdoor to be lhrown opm. If you have any of the following objects.will you: Drop an on1'x egg down the chasm? Tum to rjj Drop a glassmarble down the chasm? Turnto . l\4rile lhe hophy is being handedto the winner. following it round a long left-hand bend until you come to a door in the righthand wall. 144ratbet?' The Barbarianasks. you will have to jump aqoss the chasm(tum to 46) J)) Scratchedon the hilt of the sword is the name 'Darkblade Skullbiter'. flrln to rtr. you press on Lowards Firetop Mountain (tum lo 86). 354 The small stone island on which you are standing starts[o cnrmble awayandgrow smaller. Will you simply avoid confiontation and leave lhe room (hrm lo 6) or challenge lhe BarbarianLo a fight (tum to 99I . You can hear muffled voices. make your way back to the path and head south (tum to 2lE). lf you want to open the door. l)t The Ogre fually gives up its chaseand you are able lo relax once more and resumea walking pace. before slowly raising the trapdoor. without incident and.with the blood pumping lhrough your lum to the Barbarianand askhim to pay up on his beL. You . If you would rather walk ugly smile on his face. Listeningintently. You climb oul of lhe cellar. The narne sendsa shiver down your spine when you rememberthat it belonged lo one of the fiercest (haos Champions who ever will have time to try only one item. you rehrm Lothe pathand headsouth(tum to 2r8). but they do not sound human The sound of a hom suddenly blasts out and the J)r t53-155 ceatures above you run ofl You wait 6ve minutes.Glanc ing back occasionallyto make sure you are not being followed. 350 Slill reeling from the unexpecfed attack you slep warily off the path in search of some cover tmder which to sleep. you cannot see a living soul.t2 You feel like a trappedanimal.

SKILL You reason lhat the rcom is the living quartersof the Chaos Warrior.buf.t8 The anows fly past your head and thump into the door behindyou. and a box of assortedobjects on a wall shell Nurnerous weapons ire sbandmg in a rac( propped againstone of the walls. and sleep out on the openplain.If you do not havea sword al the moment.Tum to . Tum to t58-159 . 159 Although you sleep uneasily and are awake just after dawn. Tum . You have no option but to wrap your blanlcetround yoq hope for the best. by 2 points duringthis combat. the night passeswilhout incidenL.a hal{-eaten another comer. You look eastwards at bheimposingsight of FiretopMountain Lhatyou in the shadow of the rising sun and estimaLe to 22r shouldreachit by midday. you must Lemporarilyrcduce your sKrLL lf you win. you squeeze yoursel{ along the narrow tunnel. a table wilh. The Death Lords screamat them to smashyou to the groundwith Lheir clubs.t6 First GOBLIN Second GOBLIN s j 4 5 Fight the Goblinsone aLa time.t7 . There is a skaw-covered bed in one bowl of gn-relin comer. tum Lo163 C.louds slowly f $e sky. your queslion must remain unanswered.t9. With the Chaos Champion's sword in hand. for the time being. Will you: Tale a look at the box? Tale a look at the weapons? Leave the room and walk on up the bunnel? Tum to 24 Tum to 2o5 Tum to rjr . You nm loward to altackLheGoblin archers before they have time to reload their bows. covering the weak glow fiom Lhemoon so completely that soon you cannot see your hand in front of you.?56-57 wonder why Darkblade'slegendary sword is hanging on a Coblin's wall deep inside Firetop Mountain .

24. Sreaterthan your sKrLL. lf the total is less than or equal to your sKrrr. Thereis a smallbox under the tableand nexLto the table is an open coffin. lf the total is furn to . You look up . you see two long fangs protruding from its upper jaw. ih landsin the courtyard.rr With its winSs outstretched.62 You hear a melallic click. It is a Vampire! If you havesomegarlic/tum to r8r. . The cape suddenly flickers. lhere he looks up into the sky and lets out a highpitchedwhistle.6' 'As you wish.' says Zoot unconcemedly. followed by a rumbling noise comjngfrom above. its feathers magnificent shadesof golden brou. In Lhemurky shadowsh the far comer of the room you make out the vague ouLline of a dark-<apedfigure. Roll two dice. lt is a seean iron cage falling on top of you.Momentslater.I I t6o-162 36 You enter a dark room which has the smell of death aboutit. . The figure slowly steps forward an4 as its face comes into hhe candlelight.furn to seea speck in the sky which gows bigter as it glidesdown effortlessly fowards you. A solitarycandle is buming on top of a sku[ which standson a small lable againstthe far wall. . displaying its scarlet lining. Tum to 7r. lf you do not haveany garlic you may either6ght the vampire (tum to 254) or close Lhe door behind you and walk fttther up the tunnel (tum to r72). beautifrrl eagle.You follow him outsideinto a courtyardat the backof the house.

You stand facing h^/o tunnels. When you finally surface.Regainz st.te points.6 You wake up the nexb moming. tum !o 84. tum to 229. 1 point from your LUCK. Tum to zo8. tum to 2r. before you are hurled against a w6ll and lito&ed unconscious. 6nd younelf in another large caven. This is a Hobgoblin and it was goinS to rob you while you slept. You must thinl of another way to escape. For a few seconds you can hear Zagols evil Iaughter. sKrLL 6 STAM I NA7 t64 The cio$bow bolts fly over your headas you drve into the river. . it r r'ont 6t in the Deduct lock. If you want to usethe bu&et in you. Otherwise. HOBCOBLIN If you win.if you have a Gold Piecewilh the letter 'Z' stamped on it. t6t-r66 t6t t6t The Elementalqashes down on top of yoq then pickg you up by your foof and dangles you upside down. but jt becamea victim of the SleepingGrass as well. You swim downsheamunderwater until your you Lungs feel about to bursL. You must 6ght the Hobgoblin. then suddenly remembers that it was on the point of attacking you. feeling as if you have slept for a hundredyears.You swim over to lhe bank on your left and wad€ out of the river. It sits rqr and gnmts.tvrr. this one is fflled with giant crystals.rescape. The pain in your foot is rmbearableand you scrEan out. you arc startled to see an ugly.8 . It grab3 its spiked dub and tums to face you. warry+kinned creature in ramshackle armour lying near yoLU it too is stirring back to life. Sitting up.Will you: Examinethe giant crystals? Enter the left-hand tunnel? Enter the right-hand tmneh Tum to 247 Tum to r24 Tum to .t6t-t64 The key is too big for the keyhole No matter how hard you push and wiggle the key.all sparklingand glinting in the light of torclrcs. The word 'PITS' is chiselled into lhe slone abovelhe lefFhandtunneland the word 'PUZZLES' is chiselled above the right-hand one.

Suddenly the trapdoor above you is lhrown open and light pours into lhe cellar. 5 5 5 4 FirstSKELETONWARRIOR Second SKELETONWARRIOR I 7 6 6 on atLack Wanior will makea seParate EachSkelelon you every Attack Round. but you must choosewhich oPPonent of the two you will fight. but you cannot understand a word Lheyare saying. fum to 58- . FiShl them one at a time. At once you can hear high-piLched tenible smell walts up from below. and a squealing. so you are able to fight Lhemseparately. t{ you win. This time. almosL blinding you. ft clatterc Lo lhe ground and you snatch it up quickly. They descendthe stairs into the cellar one at a time. STAM IN A FirstGOBLIN Second GOBLIN If you wir! turn to r29. but you do not is lowet your oPPonent hurt it If your Attack StrengLh wounds you as nomal. Roll one die. EachSewerRaLhas a of 3. SKILI.tE-r69 367 As you nrn away.to2t4If thenumber 158 You raise the iron ring on the trapdoor and lift it up. Yoru pulse racesas you stand in the darkness. sKrLL of 5 anda srAMrNA t69 In a sedes of jerky movements the SkeletonWarriors lurch forward together to altack SKI LL ST A M I N A t70 370 your sword but succeeds Your hand bouches only in knocking it off the step on which it is lying. You can make out lhe heads of lwo qeatures above you partially blo&ing out the sun. Suddenly a huge rat leaps into the roogn and you let the trapdoor fall how many GiantSewerRats Roll one die to determine clamber up into the room before the trapdoor slams down. If Lhe number rolled is is 4 6. a successful defended yourself against its blow. feeling like a happed animal.t. They both start shouting loudly while jabbing their spearsdown the stairway.jtrr. If you ri/iD lum to ro8. the leading Lizard Man hurls his spear after you.Attack your chosen in the normal way. Roll again against your second roll meansyou have opponent. tum to rrr 13.They are Goblins and you will have to fight them.

are mounted on wooden pedestalson either side of the tunnefs entrance. Arswer my question and live .37r-312 37r The daggerfindsits mark. and it slumps forward on iLs face. and you die. Tell me. you may be of use to me. 'Intruder.Two candles.hitting the Goblin squarely in the chest. how many gold coins are there in thrs room?' Look at the illustraLion and count fhem up If you know how many Lhereare. scrollsand maps.humanand lit by a long Line of torches. you have no right to be here. In the opposife r. manuscripLs.' he says grin y. But if you are smart enough. bhe skulls start Loshuffletowards you. the walls are lined with shelvesfull of books. it is liftered wilh many skulls. After retrieving your dagger.^rallthe tunnel continues into lhe distance. both of whieh are buming in Lheir brass holders. makinSthe floor by .Thereare severalpiles of gold coinson the tableand odd coinslie scattered abouLthe room A door in the far wall suddenly opens and an old man enLe$i he is wearing a long purpie gown with a raised collar and a puple headband. If you get Lheanswerwron& remember to tum to 2r2- The tunnel leads into a candlelit room. you walk down Lhe corrjdor and enter what appearsto be a meeting room. In the centre of the room is a long table surroundedby eight chairs. tum to lhe paragraphwilh that number.You st€p into the room an4 as you do so.

but you do find one written in your own language it is headedTlu Elownlab.Yan read it and leam that.ise the lid off the o-ate and lind that it is filled with cabbageleaves. in order to create an Elem€ntal from a golden dragon's toobh. If you wish to Bo to the left. tum to 196. Repeating the word over and over in your min4 you passthrough the door ftom which the Mindbender appearedTum to . tum to 48. The saolls are wdtten mosdy in symbob. If you wish to go to the ri8ht.49. tum to 4.76-171 176 After picking up and sluffng into your podcts as many Gold Piecesas you can carry.Most of them are on the subiect of the human and non-human brain. But suddenly your hand is gripped by pain as though the flesh were melting. in particular the areas surrounding Firetop Momtain. The charts are mainly of Allansia. tum to 49. lf you do not havea shield. tum to 47. the holder of the dragon s tooth must cast it on the floor and say Lhe word 'Cac-hondo'. If you would rather brave walking through them. tum to 13.If you Lry to leap over the skulls. If you are holding a shield. If you wanf Lo enter the back room and have not done so already.tum to r3z. .71 At first the jelly feels cold and slimy to the touch. 374 A dagger flies out of the bushes. .t7t-r75 the tunnel's entrancelook like a cobbled path. hrm to r7r.chartsand scrolls. you take a look at lhe various books. You rummage dislastefully through the leaves and ffnd a small silver bell you put it in your baclcpackand consider what to do next.most of which are rottery the smell rising up from the crate is horible. 375 You soon D. skaight at you. You Frll out your arm and ane . The tunnel eventually ends at a T-jr:nction. If you want to leave the room and tum right into the tunnel.

you see now Lhatthe seaLure is more than just a giant snal(e. Standing upright on its huge.t1a-179 horrilied to see that your hand is smoking and blisters are forming.t. Your adventure 379 Following the tra& west along Lhe banl of the Red walking Rivet you observe a lonefigurein the distance towards you. Otherwise.The leadingone hurls his spear after you as you run away. 38r You nrn over to the door. only Lo find lhat somehow it is securely can rcstore 1 SKILL Point and :. you drop your hand to the hilt of yow sword. Tum lo t6. you and sayswith he suddenly lums his head Lowards 'Give me a Gold Piece!' If you have surprising menace. a Cold Piece. Looking behind you. you have no choice but to leave lhe room and walk on to the seconddoor. Roll one die If lhe numberrolled is r-3.and want to give it to lhe old man. tum to rz3. 378 The poison runsquickly through your veins. . If the number is 4-6. CuardslArrest this impostorl' You push back your chair get up and race out of the room. The Lizard Men chaseafter you. luming dght into the tururel. If you are Unlucky. coiled tail. Maybe you ought not to be herc. Lurn[o 24t. Wary of Goblins and oLher loaLhsome creatues. In place of hair. you see Lhe large. Deduct z points fiom your srrll and 3i poinls from your steuttt. tum to 234.If you are Lu&y.long before your r€medy canwork You lose consciousness and fall is over. sr. drawing level with you.' the Barbarian says menacingly. If you have nol done so aheady. brandishing a silver sword. bacloaards on to thefloor.8o-t8r 3Eo lEverybody bets on lhe eyeball game. you may now mrnmage around in Lhe drt (lurn lo 242). The acid jelly is deadly. he takes no notice of you unLil.tum to 265. You are happed in the Gorgon's lairTestyourLuck. fum to rrr. If you do nol have a Gold Pieceor do not wish to give the old man one. hobbling along slowly and leaning heavily on his crooked stick Staring at the ground.rvrwl points. . tum to lr. hunchbacked man. Her buming red eyes with their deadly slare slowly scanlhe room {or the intruder. small snakesare writhing on top of her head. But the 6gure turns out to be juit an old. if you possess HealingBalm. thef spears raised. scaly torso of a fearsome hurnanoid female. You bandageyour hand as best as you can and.

or. kon key with the number 'r4z' starnped on its barrel- . lf you do not haveany roPe. .[uar to ro4.d u t"rg" -bu?8ti" "ont"in. lurn to . Tum to r9g.""o.tE2-jt6 387 tEt |J you are carrying Bomerope. The guardsnarlsdisdatnfiJly and leapsto atLack you. rEr The6rstpot is€mpty. swihgint its great spikedclub.

and you feel completely disorientated and quite sick. staring almost disbelievingly at the wound on his arm. her frenzied snakeslash out and try to bite you. turning left into the tunnel (tum to t9r The hunchback &ops his sti&. finish me offl' You sheathe your sword aLtemptingto convince Lheold man thal you areZagols enemy. 190 body crumbles to dusl in You watchas the Varnpire's seconds only his caperemains.tum to 16o If the tum Lo257. If the total is lessthan or equalto yow sKIL!.'Go on then.lum to 246. you must temporarily reduceyour sKrLLby 2 while fighting the Gorgon.Then he looks up at you and says. Ha&ing and coughing. tum to r4t. total is greater thanyour SKILL. Tum lo rr2 Tum to t6 192 on the sLone floor and you are The glassball shatters immediately engulfed in the white smoke. If you do not have a mushroom. .Suddenlya baLemerges from [he cape and flies out of the room. Rummagearound in the dirt? Pull on the chain? Walk on to the seconddoor? Tum Lo 242 172) t9r-t93 leave Lhe room. If you have one of DungheapDan s mushrooms. Roll one die to find out how many snakes bite the hand covering your eyes. 189 The room is quite small and iLs floor is covered in bones. You decide to abandonyour find and 19t Hampered by having to cover your eyes. Your head spins.debris and dirt. not his friend Tum to .Lum to rr9. As you standyour ground before the advancing monshosity. You walk over to the box and find a quill and an ink bottle full of blood inside. If the number is 4 -6. Lhen reduce your sraMrNA by this number lf you are still alive and Lhe number you rolled is 1-i. In the far comer you seea chain whichis bolted to the wall. pulling the door shut behindyou.Will you. you stagSer out of the room.or. Lum to 25.88 As you run past the Wariot he lunges aL you and makesa grab for your neck Roll two dice.t8e-r9o .

Ihe Ogre is a ferocious beast and it lets out a bloodcurdling howl asit swingsits club at you. sending thick yellow slimeeverywhere. t9t O CRE SK I LL 8 If you win. then you throw it dom the yawning chasmwithout delay. turn to 2jj. You cut the string and open up the strawball. TestVaurLuck lf you are Lu&y. The rsland has all but disappearedand you are forced Lo jump (hrm to 40. tum to 67. t97 You throw the poLon the floor and walch it shaLter. if you havenot done so already(tum to 4r). somedistance below. Hiddenin Lhemiddleof the shaw ball you find a silverring with the number'69'stamped on it. tum to 24t. tum to 2tr. lf you are Unlu&y.96 Your blade slices into the huge worm with ease. ofherwise you will have to walk acrossto the new door in the room of statues(hrm to 147). 396-197 . A small ball of straw tied with string lies among the broken pieces. If you want to put the ring on one of your fingers. buL wi[hout any maSicaleffect resulling.You hear it land.t94-t9t 394 You rummage through your backpack and 6nd the glass marble. . It yoa would ratherleaveit on Lhefloor you may now smashthe red pof.

each armed with a loadedaossbow.Swiftly they takeaim and fire as you dive into the murky water Roll one die. Ndroo fhrows a rope to the Orc. A hail ofarrowsis loosed al yourboal. Roll onedie and your crew(tenmen.. you seetwo Orc war canoes.that had been hidden beneaththe branchesof treesalong the river. tum to . As soon as you gel out of the his boat on the other side. then grlrglesa dying breath and slumpsforwardon to the deck. tum to 3ro If the numberis 5 or 6.his legs twitching in spasms. coming towards yotr.includingyourself)by this reduce number. the old manraises head and howls like an animaland hom out of the shadows step for-rr Lizard Men.198-r99 .9E .-The crew quicklv brins down lhe sailsand the boat // gliaesto a halt alongiide the uptumed rowing boat.. .however. the remainder of the crew to hoisf the sailsas the war canoesdraw scrambles closer TesL VourLuck If you are Lu&y. Ignoring him. .tum to r7t. If the number rolled is r-4. Lookingbehindyou.64. tum to 77 If you areUnlucky.Stooy clutchesat an arrow that has gone right fhrough his neck. but Lhe Orc tums and dives into the river 'Ambusht' criesFyll.99 You climb into the boat and the old man rows you slowly across Lheriver.

With Chadda Darkme close at hand. Still panting heavily from exhaustion following the battle. there is a big smile on Zagols face and his eyes are wide open.ccer Yutromo. SHADOWMASTER Ian LivinAstone md Marc Gdcoi8ne Chaos stalk the wild ldds of nolthm Alldsia Ctuel bandits Gid the villages.d€r and ddlness luiks deep within the lighl Ce Yztromo ed Dallrde deleat lhese jllusions to dscover the real nast€r of the shadows?Only s. the attackeB are in s€sh of a heasue fd nore valuabl€ thd gold Drive^ by then inhud leader th€y de in pusu of the key that will unlo& the v€ry mysteries oI life fld death itsel! The so. The Lwisting labyrinth of passages appears deserted.400 Attu i.over the sou. where it had fallen The villagers aowd round il laughing commenting and ar8uin8. Your fortune is Lhere your ba&pa& with heasureand eventually 6nd yow way out of the mountain labl'rinth. But at least Allansia is saved! You walk up lhe steps to Zagols tfuone. you find his body still lying. they ask to lead them ba& to Firetop Mountain so they can witness Zagor's demise {or themselvesand help themselvesto some of his treasure. nothing @n ever be as it sems Fan hides IouI insaity hrdes im€r o.e of rhe nids md lhe sinistq re6on b€hind th€n What th€y disover is thal when Chaos rules. You Enally agree but puf a limit of ten on lhe party Lo accompany you. Could that bony stump grow into anotherincamation of Zagod Surelynol .lly by while his cdntrlmen @ put to the sword.Zagols guardsand servants have all fled.. You walk over and roll the body over with your foot. Zagor is dead! Long live Allansia!' they all chant. Yaztromo embark on a guest ro dis. though. which is made oI solid gold. recotrnting your quest Lo the cheering villagers.Filled with exciteyou ment. Prfffl The Warlock of Firetop Mountain is defeated. In just over a day you'are back in Anvil. Iace down. for so long the sellappointed g{ddid of the lands aroud Ddkwood For€st. and that was the only biL of Zagor that was huly his own. You fill of jewels. A suddengasp comesfrom Lhe villagers. set with hundreds for lhe taking. you stand over the body of Zagor Many of his stitches have burst opm grotesquely. .dduet4 the thnd Fishtins Fantasy nowel. 6not stand i. rmsacLing dd l@ting as they go Now. Vy'henyou finally reachZagor's hall. cm t€ll youl . allhough he is undoubtedly deadBul Lhething Lhat wonies you most is that his skeletal left arm is missing.

fall of ndy a brave wmior Two hu.t sooll fo slllmon othero to help hin in lns sorerou rasls Demons eho are not boud by the .g Hill Gobliro mount then raid on the Strcnsm . But * the q@3t SioM ever loneer. For that @. wjll Balth6 Dire's. thd th€ evil soon to esue . in the lint Fidting Fdtasy novel. hdy you have yet to hftt ea. DEMONSTEAI-TR Maic GeoiSne Ir erarred with a buslary.ould ar ay mondt be owatuBed .m ur octing th€ linal seftt of Yetrcno s *on Dmtut. a mystical hdb l..h of then de soibed in ninute detail An indispensable guide for Fidting TITAN The li8hting ldtasy Woild Steve Jacksondd Id Livingstone Edited by Marc Gascoisne You net the noNters in O. his nagging doubts about the pow* of sorc€ry tm into nightmes Th€ trail leads fd beyond northm Allansia ro the Pi.zlzt.ate Coart ad the tw$ting alleyways of Rimo( whrc Daknde's nishrm€s be.omtraiats of eanlJy foms who f€ast oh rhe hqd spint A few brav€ (@panioc a(ohpdy Ddlanne but will they b€ €ndgh ed m the .behdeo two 10.nDwm*t the r€sl of the FiAhtingFatasy worldl No advenlure!shouldbe without this ee apntidlC.ontdns eterutlMg \ou npcd to lnoh.1 ot rlir P .lr€d dd fffty of rh€se loarhsodeqeatus tom the witd and dangerous worldsof lighting Fatasy m .OU T OF TH E P IT THE TR O LLTO O TH Steve Jackon It 3tart€d with m mbusll Whm Dalthu Dire's bloodlut'. .rer he n nases ro male off with an ancimt Koll wh6e se@ts cdld spell doon abd detruction for all Chadda Ddkmane h soon on the t ail of the thief. little do they r€alize what &datic conseq@nes then &tions will have. the Kond Fighhng Fantasy novel in a saies that b€aewlth lt .&m @i6 Cm€lwoit. Ttulltooth wft.ollded here sone de old advesdies.haotics or zh@dan Mads bdead prove victorious? The mws B hd€.one llesh! For the rhief hns ukd rhe dcie. holds W ARS fighting FantasyMoroteB Steve lackson dd Ie ttrvingstone Irom lhe ddtest comds. frod the deepestpooh md fron the dug€ons lhdSht only fo exist in niahtmares comethe FightinA FmtasyhonstG the dtu. ove-hg the turbulent hislory of the worl4 fton its oeation od edly ciwilzations throush the devastatins War of the Wiz{ds to the present da. Bone alofl m rh€ bacl of d i|ms\e baL a shGt€r tlud break into the tower of the sEd Yehomo Cujded by lonsJead vo.davd.on Eastd Allansia dstined for none stop th€ thief I.ero! Zhdadd Mdl Wd .6 kll-nah:hed fm €vil . w dehe$ and anarchy whde the delicate balan@ be tween cood and Chaos .


. the yagged weapons encirdlng you also drcp Lo the floor. turn to t3. You realizeit is too dsky to pick up yor. The door looks as if il has been closedfor years and you have to tug hard on the handle.Loser point from your rucr. Silting at a rough wooden table. An ugly pr. but. t48 As soon as yotr sword hlts the {loor.tple scar nurs down the Dwarf's face from his left eyebrow to his chin The Orc is as ugly and brutalJooking as they comeYou keep watching as the Orc pulls a rat carcass out of the stew with his frngen and eats it. head and all. You must your SKILL reduce by 2 poinLs until you Iind another sword. an Orc is being servedwhat looks like rat stew by a grislyJooking hunchba&ed Dwarf.n sword again and are forced [o leave the room wiLhout it. lum to zz7. Under the tableyou spot a woodencrale. If you would ratherwalk on down Lhefunnel. usinga spear '47 taken from one of the statuet you soon force the lock open. Aboub ten mekesahead thereis a door with a barredwindow in it. You liptoe quietly along the tunnel and peep through the window. beyond you se€a torchlit tunnel. Slowly you manageto drag the door open while its rusty hinges ceak noisily.If you wish to open the door and attackthe Orc.t47-t4 The door is chained and padlo&ed. Feeling makeyour way to the third door (tum to 27!).

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