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A sacred town at the convergence of rivers Ganges and Chandrabhaga, Rishikesh is a naturally attractive place at the foothills of the lower Himalayas in the state of Uttaranchal in India. The importance of this holy city lies in the fact that it serves as a gateway to other religiously important centers like Kedarnath, Gangotri, Badrinath and Yamunotri. Rishikesh, literally means Lord of the Senses, stands for Lord Vishnu and the city is blessed with the flowing of Holy Ganges. The city is a hub of many ancient and new temples, attracting thousands of pilgrims throughout the year. The popular belief of Hindu devotees is that performing austerities in this holy town and offering prayers in the holy temples brings the much needed attainment of ‘Mukthi’, the salvation. The main attractions in this exciting tourist and religious spot include Gita Bhavan, Nilkanth Mahadev, Lakshman Jhula, Swarga Ashram and Triveni Ghat, all the places having great religious importance. Rishikesh and other nearby places like Dehradun and Mussoorie makes a good interesting and amazing excursion getaways. Rishkesh is renowned for numerous Yoga centers, and perfectly termed as the World Capital of Yoga, offering training of Yoga and many other spiritual activities. This is a place to attain peace and tranquility. Many water sports activities like white water rafting and adventurous activities like wild forest trekking can be enjoyed in Rishikesh. The tourists who look for spiritual holidays as well as seclusion are welcomed at the lap of Rishikesh, with all its natural beauty and God’s gifts. It offers its visitors with experiences which nobody can forget for a lifetime. The sacred pilgrimage to four holy shrines starts from Rishikesh.

When To Go
Rishikesh climate is continental type, but the weather is pleasant as Rishikesh located at the foothills providing cool breeze. Summers (March to June) have an average temperature of 35°C. Winters during November to February give a pleasant weather with a temperature range of 19°C to 33°C. Monsoons offer average rainfalls during July to September. Basant Panchami, the spring festival, is celebrated here with much gaiety and enjoyment during February-March. Holi is an important religious festival with much colors and illuminations, celebrated during same period. Rafting season is from mid September to April. Rishikesh can be visited all through the year, may avoid the May month when the temperature reaches maximum.

Travel within city
Rishikesh is a small town that is located in Uttarkand. It does not have its own airport and the town is served by the Jolly Grant Airport which is located at Dehradun. This is located around 15 km from the town of Rishikesh and taxis and cabs can be booked in advanced through the hotels. The airport also has some taxi stands outside and they charge around Rs 400 for the trip. Rishikesh has its own railway station and there are taxi services that are available outside the railway station. Prices are negotiable and it is advisable to fix the price before boarding.

On Foot
Many places in Rishikesh are pedestrian only and this the best way to see some of the areas of Rishikesh. Travelling around the town on foot is an interesting experience. The whole town is small and can be travelled on foot from one end to the other.

Auto Rickshaw
Auto rickshaws are available from most of the train and bus stations and are pretty comfortable. However travelers can expect to pay around Rs 15 per km. Since there are no metered autos the prices are generally negotiable. There are no separate night fares.

Local buses also ply along the main arterial roads and the main areas of interest. They are available frequently and are

mustseeindia. Winter clothes. revealing the deed act of Lakshmana. a perfect place for rock climbing. White water rafting is a good sport practiced here. religious books and mythological sculptures are available here in moderate rates. in the early morning at sunrise they offer milk to the river and happily feed the fish in the Ghat. They are available frequently and are inexpensive. www. Attractions Laxman Jhula mustsee Lakshman (Laxman) Jhula. Many thousands devotees throng to this temple during two annual festivals. Rafting equipments and proper guidance for the sports activities are provided in these camps.Local buses also ply along the main arterial roads and the main areas of interest. The story behind this bridge is legendary. Kaudiyala popular Kaudiyala. One can get many items which are useful for day to day life from the small shops nearby the temple town of Rishikesh. This enchanting revered shrine is placed at an altitude of 1330 m with its main deity as Lord Shiva. is constructed in the year 1939. It is believed that the event occurred here in this place where the temple is located. Evenings are very busy with local people come out for shopping. Many religious and temple related articles like Rudraksha. An impressive view of lamps floated in the river as part of aarti ceremony is pleasing to eyes after the sunset. Visitors are enchanted with the rare view of a number of wild animals in their natural habitat. Vishnukoot and Manikoot is very attractive. Nataraja statues. The place is surrounded by dense forests and very picturesque in appearance. Handicraft items made of shells. Triveni Ghat mustsee Triveni Ghat. is nearby. Nilkantha Mahadev Temple popular A nearby attraction of Rishikesh Neelkanth (Nilkanth) Mahadev Temple. but due the number of temples and ashrams scattered around the bridge. The panoramic view of surrounding hills of Brahmakoot. This is a place where all tourists reaching Rishikesh pay visit without missing. It is situated nearby to Swarga Ashram in Rishikesh. A good place for religious visitors also. Shopping popular Shopping in Rishikesh is a happy and rejoicing activity. A new swinging bridge. constructed a few years back and known as Ram Jhula (also Shivanand Jhula). There is a Lakshmana temple located at the west bank of Ganges. related to the crossing of the Ganges River on the Jute ropes by the epic character Lakshmana and it is believed that the bridge is built at the same place. perfectly placed at the confluence of Pankaja and Madhumati rivers. is a most revered sacred bathing spot in Rishikesh and is situated on the banks of Ganges River. The name Neelkanth for Lord Shiva has a mythology related to the drinking of poison known as Kalakoot obtained when churning the sea and after drinking the poison thr throat of Lord became blue (neela) and hence the name Neelakanth. the Yamuna and the Saraswathy. one in Shivratri and another in the month of Shravan (July-August). The bridge attracts many tourists not only because of its legendary story. a relief from all sins carried out. Dynamic tourists are steadily attracted towards these neat and calm surroundings. the water here has the power to purify them. Kurtaz and Salwar kumeez beautifully knit are specialty of this location. is located 380 m high of sea level nearby Rishikesh. a very long of about 450 ft Iron Bridge suspended over the mighty Ganges River. Ganesha . pearls and beads are other attractions in the shops of Rishikesh. Devotees make many offerings at Triveni ghat. a confluence of three holy important Rivers the Ganges. For adventurous tourists camping facilities are available. is assumed to be one of the most respected temples in Haridwar District of Uttaranchal. It is of belief that those who take a dip in Triveni Ghat will have salvation.

Kalindi Khal Trek. Tryambakeshvar. Mountain Biking www. Bharat Mandir Bharat Mandir. It is very well placed on the banks of Ganges and the natural beauty around the temple is amazing.e. The best time for trekking in Rishikesh is between February and October. Rishikesh.mustseeindia. It is also known as the mystery lake because of the human and animal skeletal remains. and there are training guides for rafting from whom a tourist can take help in this sport. A spectacular sacred Shree Yanthra is placed at the inner canopy of the temple. and can be done by people of average fitness levels. This is a nice location for tourists who look for ancient religious places and historical facts. Present temple is the renovated one reconstructed on the ruins of the original temple destroyed by Tamur. One of the main attractions of the destination is a trek into Garhwal Himalayas. Devi National Park Trek. and Kankul Khal Trek. silver fir. Trekking popular Situated at the foothills of Himalayas. All facilities for white water rafting is available here. Many adventurous tourists both from India and abroad visit this place to experience the real challenges of white water rafting. The Gita Bhavan encloses many paintings and statues of characters from Hindu Mythology. The statues and sculptures are very attractive and give detailed information on the Hindu Gods and Goddesses and the Hindu culture in the ancient period. serene rivers and wild mountain ranges. Roopkund is situated at a height of 5029m in the lap of Trishul ridge. September-November and March-May are ideal for rafting. is an ideal location for rafting and cannoning and trekking activities in India. The paintings include the renowned Gita Sandesh depicting Lord Krishna and the great Pandava Warrior Arjuna in a Chariot in the Kurukshetra War field. Lord Shiva. pine and oaks. This trek is full of life and the trekkers enjoy the nature’s beauty throughout. an ancient temple founded by Adiguru Shankaracharya during the 12th century. ancient pots and coins from this site. Buwani Neergud' is a very compact trek. means the abode of the three eyed one i. White Water Rafting popular The main sporting activity in Rishikesh is White Water Rafting. The trek is best for winter months. It has grown to a popular and adventurous spot for white water rafting enthusiasts as the place offers a spectacular experience of medium to very tough and rough rapids in the regions of River Ganges. waterfall etc.Shri Tryambakeshwar Temple popular Tryambakeshvar temple in Rishikesh is set on the backdrop of beautifumajestic Himalayan ranges. Gita Bhavan Gita Bhavan is dedicated as a Museum for puranic and mythological awareness of the common public. is an imposing shrine located in the heart of the city Rishikesh. Shivarathri is celebrated here with much enthusiasm and vigour. the idol is being carved out from a single piece of Saligram. Surrounded by mountain ranges from all sides. to enjoy the enormous Himalayan treks. One can also witness the amazing scenarios. Some other famous trekking routes of Rishikesh are Kauri Pass Trek. This is an ideal trek for small groups and corporate teams Roopkund trek is another important trek . is considered as one of the twelve Jyotirlingas(self emanated lingas). The main deity installed here is of Lord Vishnu. The details of this ancient temple are recorded in the very old record of Kearkhand. Many poojas are offered here by the devotees. The trek starts from Thalisain via Pauri. ancient temples. From Thalisain the trek trail through a very rich forest of deodar. full of wildlife. which can be done over a weekend. Buddhist monastaries on the way. The trek is easy. It is a well maintained and neatly kept calm religious abode of Lord Shiva. The key highlights are natural environment. Recent excavations brought out many old statues. forests. Rishikesh provides trekkers some exciting outlooks of dense forests. Travelers from various parts of the country as well as the world come to Rishikesh every year. beautiful sceneries.

30m www.mustseeindia. Each floor has separate shrines for various Hindu Gods. 20m 3h. calm and serene. 10m 3h. 20m 4h. It is owned by an organization led by the guru Kailashanand. Swarg Niwas Temple A spectacular temple constructed in huge 13 storey building. they include Yoga-Vedanta Forest Academy. social. Shivpuri A small serene town in the National Highway between Rishikesh and Patisira. especially that of God Shiva. Sivananda Eye Hospital and Sivananda Ayurvedic Pharmacy. a recipient of many awards and is engaged in many social activities for the accomplishment of spiritual and physical well being of the society. The Ashram is under the dynamic leadership of Shri. Shivpuri. where classic Indian music and dance classes are also conducted. run by a group of Sanyasis (sages) and located at a place Muni-Ke-Reti the bank of river Ganges. It has a beautiful and unique color combination. The Pristine beauty of Rishikesh is visible from the top floor of Swarga Niwas Itineraries Distances Haridwar Dehradun Mussoorie Kedarnath Chandigarh Delhi Gangotri Nainital Badrinath 18 km 43 km 69 km 189 km 210 km 225 km 229 km 239 km 283 km 10m 1h. The tourists are attracted towards this calm town due to its pristine beauty. The town is a hub of many ancient ritualistic religious activities. religious and .The Ashram is hosting a kindergarten and a school. Yoga classes are conducted daily for the public in the Ashram. Omkarananda. 10m 3h.Omkarananda Ashram Omkarananda Ashram. This ashram offers yoga classes for benefit of public. Sivananda Ashram Established in 1932 by the great Indian Sage Swami Shivananda. Swami Sivananda established this ashram with a sacred idea of promoting spiritualism and of providing the spiritual practice for devotees. Nature has abundantly showered this small town with lots of natural comforts. Swarg Niwas is a temple unparallel to any other temple in India. 20m 3h. is established long back in 1967. Shivpuri is renowned for its temples and religious glamour. Many charitable and spiritual activities are comducted under the auspices of the Ashram. The activities are mainly in the fields of cultural. Sivananda Ashram is located on the banks of the holy river Ganges at the foothills of the Himalayan ranges. is credited with many ancient temples. literally mean the house of Lord Shiv. orange colored construction and tapering into thin turrets at the top of the temple. The environment is spiritual. 50m 4h.

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