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Text for question 8 8 (a


(4 marks) (doi) (b) Using the text above, design two different types of test-items to assess pupils’ understanding of the text (6 marks) - test type 1 and test type 2 dulcy

SECTION B (50 marks) 3 questions, choose 2. But for group discussion you have to answer ALL 1. As an ESL teacher, we need to understand the theoretical models of reading to help us understand the process of reading better. Discuss three different models of reading by explaining their features and relating them to your teaching of reading. Provide examples to support your answers. (25 marks) aimanrobo Suitable materials are crucial for the reading development of young learners. As a future English teacher, discuss the factors you need to consider when selecting reading materials for beginning readers in a primary classromm. (25 marks) ayiedul Discuss the criteria that need to be taken into consideration when planning activities for an English reading lesson for a Year 2 mixed ability class. (25 marks) cedoimuiz