Abortion Arguments

What will follow in this document are examples of arguments that proponents of abortion have put forth when stating their view point of being in favor for abortion. As you will see their arguments have become senseless and ridiculous to the point that they are out of excuses to abort the unborn. Usually, one of the first responses an opponent of abortion will receive from a proponent of abortion is the proponent asking what of the health of the mother and then they may follow up with that question with another question, like, what if the mother is raped? Those questions may not appear in that order, but usually are the first to be asked. At least that is how I have noticed abortion arguments begin. You want to respond with sincerity because if you don’t the proponent will most likely claim “You don’t care about women!” Soon after, you may have insults hurled at you one-by-one and the argument will not progress in a way that would like it to. As I begin to talk about the proponent’s arguments, most of these arguments you may have encountered – maybe you’ve encountered all of them. As each argument is mentioned, you will see how senseless the proponent’s argument has become. Nobody can tell us what to do with our bodies. This is a statement and ones phrased similarly (My body… my choice!) is a phrase that often comes up in an argument about abortion. No one should tell anyone what to do with their body; however, when a woman is pregnant there is a tiny human in the womb (But proponents won’t acknowledge it is a human… more on that later). Proponents will still declare that it is still their body. Okay… since the proponent is declaring how it is their body… is the tiny human a part of your body? They’ll answer yes. So then you have another set of eyes, four extra limbs and an additional sex organ which may be different depending on the tiny human’s gender? They may foolishly answer yes. Do you see how ridiculous their answer would sound?

The ridiculousness does not end there with them and their responses; in fact, it becomes worse and worse with each of their responses. The tiny human is not a part of the woman’s body. No matter how much they want to believe it is a part of their body... it is not a part of their body. Also, the tiny human’s own genetic code is already in place since conception (the merging of the sperm and egg). But the proponent will still deny that it is human… We don’t know when human life begins.

This is refuted above. As said, the tiny human has its own genetic code… and a new life has begun. But why would proponents continue to exclaim that it is an unknown when human life begins? Because it is all part of their viewpoint in denying rights to the unborn so that they can continue to abort the tiny human at any point possible and at any time possible. Do they claim this because the tiny human does not have recognizable human features? Yes, it is a reason why they use this claim. With that logic, are those with less recognizable human features allowed to be treated with cruelty? NO! Stop saying it is an unknown when human life begins. It is proven life begins with the merging of the sperm and the egg. Another part of the argument that proponents will bring up takes on many forms. This part of the proponent argument claims that an aborted child is better off than an abandoned child or an abused child. That is just one way they will present that claim of theirs. Another way they will present that argument is asking what if the mother cannot afford the child or care for it?

What about if the child is an unwanted child? There are unplanned pregnancies… it happens. The proponent will usually assert that because it was an unplanned pregnancy that they should be allowed to abort. However… there a plenty of people of would love to care for the child. Some of those people are those who cannot have children. Some are those who are already caring for one of their own and wish to care for another or a few more. Adoption is an option.

Also what may come up during this claim from the proponent is that they will ask the question “do you want to pay for the expenses of raising the child” or “why don’t you adopt all those unwanted children?” Here’s an idea for you proponents: Take responsibility for your actions and do not shift your responsibilities onto others. There are organizations providing help to those who need it. But the proponent solution would be to have aborted those receiving the assistance. Again, take responsibility for your actions It is a clump of cells… and it is not even human! Revisiting the “it is not a human” issue. This will undoubtedly come up in any abortion argument. The proponents will call the tiny human a clump of cells or exclaim it is not human. Well… if it is not part of the human species, then what exactly is it?

It is a human. Their “not a human” response is the continuation of wanting to deny any human rights to an unborn human. Terms and labels do not change the fact that a human is a human. It’s a human.

In summation, these are just a few of the arguments that proponents of abortion will cling to. Another point I want to address is when proponents claim that abortion is not murder. They make this claim for a few reasons: 1) they claim the fetus – the tiny human – is not a human. See a reoccurrence here? Again with the argument “it’s not a human”. If it is not human… then it is not murder, they say. Again I ask: when is it a human? The second after it is born? No. It has always been human since its conception. If it is not murder, then what is it? Artificial abortion is the poisoning, burning and dismantling of an innocent unborn human. Also, if you didn’t know, a pregnant woman cannot be given the death penalty. Why? The tiny human in the womb is innocent. An innocent human cannot be sentenced and put to death for a crime they did not commit. If the tiny human was not recognized as a human… recognized as a person, then there would be no need for that law and the pregnant woman would be executed. If a woman in utero cannot be executed, then why are unborn humans being executed because the woman in utero considers carrying and having the child an inconvenience? Think about that. And then… think about this: Why is it the courts charge someone with murder of two counts when a woman in utero is killed? Why is it considered murder of an unborn human then and not considered murder when artificial abortions are performed?

Something else to think about: Abortion is similar to slavery. Those who were enslaved were not considered persons and thus did not have rights. See the similarity?

We need to pause and think about who we are aborting. We are aborting future generations of the human species. We have no idea what contributions that those aborted humans could create have they not been aborted. What if we had aborted a human who could have contributed a life changing invention that would benefit all of mankind? I guess we will never know. What will future generations think of about past generations that allowed for human abortion?