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Melocoton, CPA MMPA – 1 MMPA 224 “Philippine Local Government and Local Admin” (Reaction Paper #4)

Section 16 of RA 7160 General Welfare

RA 7160 Book I Title I Section 16. Every local government unit shall exercise the powers expressly granted, those necessarily implied there from, as well as powers necessary, appropriate, or incidental for its efficient and effective governance, and those which are essential to the promotion of the general welfare. Within their respective territorial jurisdictions, local government units shall ensure and support, among other things, the preservation and enrichment of culture, promote health and safety, enhance the right of the people to a balanced ecology, encourage and support the development of appropriate and self-reliant scientific and technological capabilities, improve public morals, enhance economic prosperity and social justice, promote full employment among their residents, maintain peace and order, and preserve the comfort and convenience of their inhabitants.
If ever I will become a Mayor of a town; I will definitely see to it that my constituents will have the welfare that they really do reserve. Maybe at this point of time I am some kind of an idealistic person when it comes to general welfare of the people, since I am also experiencing decisions that the officials of the local government unit is imposing to its jurisdiction. When it comes to projects, I will give a priority to the following: 1. Maintaining peace and order; 2. Promoting health and safety; 3. Encouraging and supporting development of appropriate and self reliant scientific and technological capabilities 4. Promoting full employment among residents 5. Enhancing economic prosperity and social justice

Preserve the Comfort and Convenience of the Inhabitants Improve Public Morals Preservation and Enrichment of Culture Enhance the Right of the People to a Balanced Ecology 5. Enhance Economic Prosperity and Social Justice 4. Promote Full Employment among Residents 3. Encourage and Support the Development of Appropriate and Self Reliant Scientific and Technological Capabilities 2. Promote Health and Safety 1. Maintain Peace and Order

measure and manage. However.Thus.  Professionalization of the PNP. Communities with a positive safety culture are characterized by communications founded on mutual trust. communications and investigation equipment. vehicles and police facilities. perceptions. competencies and patterns of behavior that determine the commitment to. Promoting Health and Safety The culture of a community makes the greatest contribution to its health and safety performance. by shared perceptions of the importance of safety and by confidence in the efficacy of preventative measures. particularly in investigation. a community‟s health and safety management. generates more employment opportunities and attracts more tourists. Maintaining Peace and Order Peace and order is an essential ingredient in maintaining economic development. In particular. the remaining four projects as indicated on RA 7160 Section 16 will just follow. and  Continuous and intensified operations to neutralize terrorism and other organized crime groups Project 2. The safety culture of a community is the product of individual and group values. Unfortunately culture is not an easy concept to understand. I will adopt the following strategies:  Effective and credible law enforcement jointly executed by a trilateral partnership between the local executive. including kidnapping. the inadequacy of funds affects the overall operations of the police force. A good health and safety management system can go some way to setting the scene for developing a good culture. Project 1. A condition of peace and order facilitates the growth of investments. intelligence and police community relations. The inadequate logistical support given to a police station contributes to its limited effectiveness. Hence. Likewise. the police and the community. Foremost in the government‟s agenda is the promotion of peace and order. and the style and proficiency of. attitudes. threats to peace and order continue due to a higher-than-tolerable level of criminality caused by an ill-equipped and undermanned police force and the lack of desired holistic and integrated approach to address rising criminality and terrorism. illegal drug trade and smuggling and street crimes among others. the regular upgrading of the skills and knowledge of police personnel for efficient and effective policing is limited. by doing this. This is exemplified in its continuous and active campaign against terrorism and criminality. police lack adequate provisions of basic police equipment such as firearms and ammunition. operations. . social order and political stability. but it goes much deeper than that. To address the issues affecting peace and order.

 Regulate the transfer and promote the adaptation of technology from all sources for the local and national benefit.It is not possible to improve culture directly. . innovation. local governments. I will implement the following programs and strategies:  Provide for incentives to encourage private participation in programs of basic and applied scientific research. grants-in-aid. and other gifted citizens to their intellectual property and creations. inventors. and their utilization. Project 3.  Protect and secure the exclusive rights of scientists. and to science and technology education. In doing this. Scholarships. appropriate. and community-based organizations in the generation and utilization of science and technology. for such period as may be provided by law. training. and their application to the country's productive systems and national life. Instead. Encouraging and Supporting Development of Appropriate and Self Reliant Scientific and Technological Capabilities Science and technology are essential for local and national development and progress. or other forms of incentives shall be provided to deserving science students. and services. it is necessary to work at improving factors that can have a positive influence on culture such as:  Increase the amount of time the government officials spend visiting the community. The local government unit shall give priority to research and development. and specially gifted citizens. invention. particularly when beneficial to the people.  Increase level of workforce participation in safety related problems and solutions  Promote good job satisfaction and moral  Promote a “just culture” where blame is only used where someone takes reckless risks  Implement a competence assurance program to ensure everyone throughout the community has the skills they need to live and work safely.  Improve government officials non technical skills like communication. It shall support indigenous. artists. and self-reliant scientific and technological capabilities. It shall encourage the widest participation of private groups.

Additionally. and there is many times in which one is left without the other. both of which provide the skills necessary for young people to find full employment and decent work. Government Intervention Assistance o Governments must meet their responsibility to assist in the promotion of youth education and training. it is a goal that many in our society share. apprenticeships. Youth deserve a voice in determining a global course of action . Promoting full employment among residents The promotion of full employment and decent work for all is incredibly important to today's youth. but not limited to. Information and Communication Technologies o Stress the use of ICT in educational systems as they can greatly enhance the learning process.   . faster. prepare students for an increasingly information-driven global economy.I will also give a policy direction to:        Pursue more active partnerships in defining directions and priorities Adopt a strong client-oriented research and development thrust Increase private participation in science and technology activities Upgrade science and technology services Develop and upgrade science and technology manpower Promote science and technology culture Improve the welfare of researchers. youth. o Promote cheaper. Tragically. businesses strive to maximize productivity. I believe a series of strong goals and indicators are pivotal in addressing the issues as follows:  Education and Training o Support internships. including. more reliable and widespread internet access. o Effective internet portals should be provided as a means for individual educational efforts. our generation will experience the long-term effects of today‟s policies. o Support quality education and training that includes both the acquisition of skills and knowledge. Indeed. o Governments to set an example by employing persons with disabilities in the public sector. and other forms of pre-employment preparation to improve chances of securing entry level employment. governments aim for economic growth. Youth everywhere recognize that their future is at stake. such programs must also include other marginalized groups. society often fails to reach all of these determining our future. scientists and technologists Project 4. Workers seek a livable wage. and disseminate information and knowledge to remote areas that are cut off from current global information systems. full employment and decent work are not always correlated. This should be a priority for educational development programs. The availability of such programs also promotes an increased awareness of existing employment opportunities.

clean air and sanitation.  Youth Empowerment o Encourage and increase opportunities for youth participation in local. prioritizing these five projects will definitely lead to a more and well stabilize community. employment and environmental protection reduces social cohesion. As Millard Fuller quoted that “for a community to be whole and healthy. and depletes human and natural capital. it must be based on people‟s love and concern for each other. Pursuing long-term economic growth without ensuring social justice.  Project 5. and agents of change. and  Increasing social cohesion Thus. entrepreneurs.  Minimizing vulnerability to natural disasters and climate change. I will enforce the following:  Establishing a culture of environmental rights.Youth Labor Protection o Prohibit the exploitation of youth and increase penalties for the non-compliance of labor protection laws.” . self-respect and equal citizenship that require more than just meeting basic needs While economic growth is a necessary condition for human development. Youth should be encouraged as organizers. and 3. right of citizenship and ability to meet basic needs for income. Enhancing Economic Prosperity and Social Justice The ideal of social justice means that a „free‟ society is comprised of few things such as: 1. In meeting this goal. national and international forums. thereby perpetuating unsustainable and inequitable development. 2.  Protecting the right to clean water.  Migration o Forbid the exploitation of migrant employees.  Ensuring access to decent livelihoods. it is not sufficient. shelter and other necessities. the equal worth of all citizens that is expressed in political and civil liberties and equal rights before law.

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