Balancing Kapha’s Qualities

Kapha substances have many qualities or attributes. These are given below in capital letters along the left margin. One can offset, balance, palliate, reduce the disturbed principle by avoiding certain diet, lifestyle, and other experiences and by DOING some things of the opposite attribute or energy. Read and follow the list below for how to balance kapha.

AVOID the CAPITALIZED by DOING the following to help balance Kapha

COLD—avoid situations which promote, provoke, increase or otherwise bring your attention to depression, attachment, worry, fear, anxiety, hopelessness, insecurity, helplessness; avoid cold food, drink & weather / air conditioning, dairy, sweets, yogurt (and especially in evening), cheeses, cucumbers; to promote and increase digestive function eat pungent foods and spices such as chilies, black pepper, ginger, cayenne, cumin, ajvain, hing (asafetida), mustard seeds, drink copper water (water stored overnight in copper container); favor hot / dry saunas, hot living climates; meditate daily to stimulate mental fire, use mustard oil in cooking or externally for its heating property (when oil is not contraindicated)

OILY—avoid oils, fats, dairy, coffee; favor dry foods, eat unbuttered, toasted breads, eat raw fruits and vegetables; pan--roast grains prior to boiling; favor living and working in dry climates, drink babul water (water stored overnight in this wood is bitter and helps breakdown oily substances and clear channels)

LIQUID—avoid excess fluids, avoid hydrophilic food and drink such as yogurt, sweets, salt (except mineral salt, which is diuretic), sour foods, cucumbers, cheese, juicy fruits and vegetables, etc., avoid sedentary lifestyle (exercise promotes sweat); drink only hot liquids when and if thirsty, pan--roast grains prior to boiling; favor living and working in dry climates (winter and spring seasons are problematic for liquid in many geographical areas); favor PK elimination techniques (vomiting) during this time (junctions of winter and spring or spring and summer) to control increase of liquid in physiology; use eucalyptus or camphor-like substances to control congestion buildup, use dry saunas to promote sweating, favor dry / windy living areas

excess sleep. sweets. fats. fasting on liquid juice or vegetable diet one or two days per week. hopelessness. favor hard bed mattress and chairs. choose small or light (feathered) pets when desired.HEAVY—avoid situations which promote. meats. mineral supplementation. wheat / carbohydrates. XXI.28). do lightening therapies seasonally STATIC / STABLE—avoid foods such as cheese. favor activities that are strenuous but invoke varied. hopelessness. light clothing—silk. sweets. increase. listen to dynamic and complex music. SLOW—avoid situations which promote. and sleep less (Ca. attachment. provoke. favor windy living areas. exercise daily to 50% of capacity and in the early morning to get going. never eat within 3 hours prior to be time. provoke. physical work. eat barley. Su. leftover. sleeping beyond sunrise. helplessness. sex. consider skipping breakfast. eat pungent/sharp foods including occasional herbalized wines for digestive purposes. canned. or cotton. DULL—avoid leftover. lack of movement/exercise SOFT—avoid soft furniture. greed. lack of exercise. sedentary lifestyle and artificial stimulants. isolation. use pungent spices to stimulate digestion . exercise daily to 50% of capacity. helplessness.. avoid sleeping in past sunrise or day sleep/napping. dairy. frozen foods. frozen foods. or otherwise bring your attention to depression. listen to light music. canned. cheese. eat only light foods in evening. loneliness. engage in more mental activity. use lively and bright colors in clothing and environment. use light bedding. walking and sleeping surfaces. sedentary lifestyle. excess meat. candy. stop and go functioning. attachment. loneliness. avoid use of remote controls for controlling electrical appliances to facilitate movement in your life. cheese. HARD—avoid excess meats. take honey water or herbal wines after eating. or otherwise bring your attention to depression. avoid sedentary lifestyle. greed. isolation. avoid oils. increase. exercise daily to 50% of capacity. and over-eating. dairy. avoid day sleep.

fats. etc. Su. sweet grains/carbohydrates.. oily. etc. ginger. or otherwise bring your attention to attachment. XXI. excess liquids wheat products etc. oily. fatty.. provoke. oils. simplicity with variety are important themes mentally. sweets. excess liquids. mohair. wheat products etc. and vidanga (Ca. cotton. GROSS—avoid excess food and drink. favor mountain/high altitude environments for living. sweets. silk.. honey with amalaka powder and barley or honey with black iron ash. sweet or salty taste in mouth is indication of kapha imbalance ..STICKY— avoid situations which promote. avoid sweets. old foods. refined grains and other refined foods SLIMY--avoid sweets. avoid sedentary lifestyle. refined grains and other refined foods CLOUDY--avoid sweets. dairy products. favor mountain/high altitude environments for living. eat (raw) vegetables and other foods with high fiber (roughness).23). fatty. old foods. sweets. oils. yavakshara. SMOOTH—avoid sweets. favor natural stimulants—exercise and digestives—to control this attribute SOLID—avoid excess food and drink. whenever possible living in climates sunny and bright is preferred to rainy and overcast climes. excess meats. tactile surfaces should have the quality of roughness if possible. excess liquids. greed. oils. avoid sedentary lifestyle. etc. meditate daily to promote mental clarity. use full spectrum lighting to simulate natural sunlight conditions. fatty. interact with children whenever possible SWEET—avoid candies. use raw fibers in clothing whenever possible—wool. avoid sedentary lifestyle. bitter taste is better for helping digestion and cleansing the body channels. oils.. increase. do roughening therapies seasonally DENSE—avoid excess food and drink. old foods. oily.

lifestyle Increase metabolism with dietary. · · 4.SOUR—avoid sour foods generally with exception of small amounts of apple cider vinegar as they tend to promote secretions and congestion SALT—most kinds of salt are heating (balancing to kapha) but they are also hydrophilic (causing water retention). dark. · · 3. 2. · · Remove the causes of the imbalance by direct behavioral avoidance. roughening (drying). lifestyle. emotions. and lightening therapies as indicated Balance kapha Avoid its attributes in food. and activity changes to promote lightness and dryness Balance / strengthen digestion Increase fire component in food. use mineral salt predominantly in small quantities. thinking. give particular attention to the attributes of the imbalance as detailed above Remove excess kapha by elimination therapies—pancha karma Do therapeutic vomiting as indicated Do heating. ignorant—avoid those behaviors promoting them The Big Picture 1. lifestyle Increase bitter and astringent foods in diet especially when heat is problematic to the imbalance . salty taste in the mouth is indication of kapha imbalance TAMAS—this mental attribute is destructive.

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