Notes: Waterview Streets

Notes From John Davenport's "Street Names of Auckland" 1990 Arlington Street, Pt Chevalier- This is the name of a town in Devon, of a London Street, and of the site of America's national cemetery on the Potomac River. Alford Street, Waterview - In 1932 a major review of street names took place which resulted in this name being altered from Albert. New names usually had the same initial letter or letters, otherwise there seems to be no other reason for this title. It is however, a suburb in Lincoln, England. Alverston Street, Waterview - In 1932 new names had to be found for many Auckland Streets in order to avoid duplication. This name was chosen to replace Alexandra Street. See under Alford. Cadman Avenue,Green lane (Street), Waterview (Avenue)- At least two people with this name feature in Auckland's history. Jerome Cadman (18161879) was a builder and contractor, being closely connected with the construction of Queen's Wharf. He was also a member of the Provincial Council. His son, Sir Alfred Jerome Cadman (1847-1905), also served on the Provincial Council and later represented the City of Auckland in Parliament. Cowley Street, Avondale- Named after the town in Oxfordshire. See Daventry. Daventry Street, Avondale- Named for the English town. See Cowley, Middlesex. Fir Street, Waterview- one of the many street names here which changed in 1932. This was once Dale Street, while a map of 1900 shows it as Crown Street. Hadfield Street, Beach haven, Waterview. Named after a local family which had close associations in Beach haven area for over a century. Albert Hadfield was actively involved in local body affairs in the 1920's while his father Thomas had been on the local council in 1888. The name Hadfield also occurs in Waterview where the street was once called Hillcrest Avenue. Oakley Avenue, Pt Chevalier - Named after Edwin Oakley, a prominent civil engineer at the turn of the 20th century, who was involved in the city's early search for an adequate water supply. See Western Springs. Saxon Street, Waterview- originally named Norman Street. Tutuki Street, Waterview- A word which means to strike against an object, to stumble, to reach the furtherest limit, or to be completed. Here the word may have a local reference.

Notes From "Auckland Street Search Index", Auckland Public Library Alford Street.- Albert Street/Road (1) Waterview. (Now Alford Street 22/9/1932) 50.3 metres unformed, previously Albert Road. Alverston Street.(1 of 4)- Alexander Street (3), Avondale, Waterview. (Around 1921). Was Victoria Street, then renamed Alverston Street. (from 22/9/1932) when Avondale Road Board Amalgamated with Auckland City. Also spelt Alexandra. (2 of 4)- Alverston- Avondale- 40 metres permanently unformed, previously. Alexander Street (22/9/32), also Victoria Ave. Named after Lord Chief Justice Alverston. In 1937 it was described as half mile long with 23 residences. It was renamed from Alexander when Avondale Borough Council amalgamated with Auckland City. (3 of 4) Victoria Avenue- Avondale (Now Alverston Street) (4 of 4) Victoria Street/Ave, Waterview (Now Alverston Street) Arlington Street.- Avondale. Proclaimed in NZ Gazette 1949/639 Cadman Avenue. (1)- Mt Albert (1 of 2) (2)- Maungakiekie (2 of 2) (Named after a former Cabinet Minister) Daventry Street.- (1) Avondale. Proclaimed NZ Gazette 1947/639 Fir Street.(1of 3)- Browne Street, Avondale. Now Fir Street. (2 of 3)- Dale Street, Avondale, Waterview (Was Browne Street , now Fir Street 22/9/32) (3 of 3)- Fir Street, Previously Dale 22/9/32, Browne Street 40.2 m. (unformed). Footpath only. Part W. of Saxon Street, now part of Saxon Street 1954. Hadfield Avenue.(1 of 3) Avondale. Previously Hillcrest Avenue (to 8/6/1939), became Nesbitt Ave 1967. Named after Octavius Hadfield (1814-1904), the third Anglican Primate of New Zealand. (2 of 3) Hillcrest Avenue, Pt Chevalier, Waterview, Avondale. In 1937 it was described as 300 yards long, with 5 residences and named 8 years before (1929). Now Hadfield Ave (from 8/6/1939). (3 of 3) Nesbitt Avenue, Waterview (was Hadfield Avenue, Then Nesbitt; then Hadfield again from around 1967. Hemington Street. - Avondale, Proclaimed NZ Gazette 1947/639 Herdman Street.- Waterview, Proclaimed NZ Gazette 1947/639 Howlett Street.- Avondale. Named after landowner, whose brother was a POW in World War 2. Dedicated 10/5/1951.

Middlesex Road.(1 of 3), Cameron Street, Avondale (Now Middlesex from 22/9/1932) (2 of 3), Middlesex Road, Avondale. Previously Cameron Street (to 22/9/1932). Named for the English County. (3 of 3), Cameron Street (7), Waterview. Became Middlesex Road from 1932. Oakley Avenue.- Avondale. 10.2 metres unformed. Possibly named after Edwin Oakley, a prominent civil engineer. Saxon Street.- Avondale. Previously Norman Street (8/6/1939). 20.1 m. unformed. Tutuki Street.- Western Bays. Maori for "come to an end". Waterbank Crescent.- Avondale, Proclaimed NZ Gazette 1947/639 Waterview Downs- Private Road, off Great North Road. Named 17/9/1997, confirmed 5/1/1998.

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