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This project is a heritage character study of the district known as Waterview. While
aspects of this study will undoubtedly delve into the local history of the area in question, it
cannot be viewed as an official detailed history. Though it is hoped that this heritage
character study may give impetus to such a history being written in the not too distant

If this work then, is not a history per se, than what is it? It is the study of the character and
heritage aspects of a particular small localised suburban area of Auckland.

The purpose, therefore, of this "heritage character" study then is to provide a generalised
overview of the history of the area and to identify the distinctive features that make
Waterview what it is today, in the 21st Century. It aims to provide a snapshot of Waterview
as it is now in 2006, including the types of houses and residences contained therein and
other local features of importance to this community, its infrastructure and the like.

It will attempt to describe the patterns of development over time and the features that have
helped to shape the present suburb of Waterview as it is today and lastly it will endeavour
to identify and trace the remains of early buildings and important historic features in the
area and point out what still survives.

To my late mother Mrs Anne Josephine Dragicevich (née Tyler),
who passed away 4 March 1996 aged 59 years ,
to my Dad, my partner and to my beloved pets, Smokey & Monica.

Note: The source of all photographs used in this publication have had their source(s) acknowledged. All
other photographs used (unless otherwise stated) were taken by the author.