In a series circuit, consisting of all resistances total resistance is equal sum of (a) individual inductances (b) individual powers (c) individual resistances (d) individual voltages 2. What is the rule followed for kirchoff’s voltage law? (a) loop rule (b) mesh rule (c) wheat stone rule (d) current rule 3. In a parallel circuit, the relation between different currents is (a) I1 + I2 + I3 + − − −− = inf inity (b) IT = I1 + I2 + I3 + − − −− (c) IT = I1 × I2 × I3 − − − − − − (d) Zero = I1 + I2 + I3 + I4 + − − −− 4. A battery of emf 1.8 volts and internal resistance 1.2Ω is connected to a pair of resistance 4Ω and 6Ωin parallel. Calculate the potential difference of the battery (a) 100V (b) 1.2V (c) 10V (d) 1V 5. The inductive reactance of an inductor in a ac circuit (in ohms) is (a) ∞ (b) zero (c) ω L (d) 1/ω L 6. The reactance of a capacitor at 50 Hz is 5 Ω. If the frequency is increased to 100 Hz, the new reactance is (a) 2.5 Ω (b) 5Ω (c) 125Ω (d) 10 Ω 7. The equation of 50 Hz ac sinusoidal current having an rms value of 10A is (a) 14.14 [2Π × 50 × (t − φ)] (b) 10[2Π × 50 × (t + φ)] (c) 10 sin (2Π ×50×t) (d) 14.4 sin (2Π ×50×t) 8. A coil of 0.06H and 2.5 Ω is connected in series with a 6.8 µF capacitor is connected to a 230V, 50Hz a c supply. Calculate the effective reactance of the circuit (a) 449.16 (b) 510.3Ω (c) 620.9Ω (d) 470.2 Ω 9. A coil of resistance 100 Ω and 100µH is connected in series with a 100 PF is connected to a 10V variable frequency supply. What is the resonance frequency of the circuit. (a) 1.59 × 105 Hz (b) 1.59 × 106 Hz (c) 1.59 × 108 Hz (d) 1.59 × 107 Hz 10. A balanced delta connected load of (2+j3) ohms per phase is connected to a balanced 3-phase 440V supply. The phase current is 10A. Find active power. (a) 50KW (b) 10KW (c) 100KW (d) 7.26KW 11. A d.c series motor should always be started with load, because it (a) will not develop high starting torque (b) will rotate at dangerously high speed (c) cannot start (d) draws a small current 12. A compound generator is to supply a load of 250 lamps, each rated at 100W, 250V. The armature, series and shunt field resistances are 0.06, 0.04 and 50Ω respectively. What is the value of armature current when connected in short shunt. (a) 100.08A (b) 105.08A (c) 100A (d) 105A 13. The mechanical power developed by a shunt motor will be maximum when the ratio of back emf to applied voltage is (a) 4 (b) 0.5 (c) 2.0 (d) 1.0 14. Which of the following does not change in a transformer? (a) Frequency (b) Voltage (c) Current (d) Voltage and Current 15. A 1000/200V transformer takes 0.3 A at p.f of 0.2 on open circuit. Find the magnetizing, and iron loss component of no-load primary current (a) 0.294A, 0.6A (b) 0.3A, 0.6A (c) 0.4A, 0.8A (d) 0.294A, 0.06A 16. If P is the number of poles, f = frequency in Hz, N=Speed in rpm, the relationship between the three for a synchronous alternator is given by (a) N = (b) f = (c) f = (d) p =
fp rpm 120 NP Hz 60 PN Hz 120 fN poles 120

at no-load

17. The stator winding of a single phase induction motor is splitted into two parts in order to (a) improving power factor (b) develop starting torque (c) increased speed (d) improve efficiency 18. The shape of the iron piece used in Attraction type moving iron instruments is (a) Oval (b) Rectangular (c) Circular (d) Elliptical 19. The multiplier and the meter coil in a voltmeter are in (a) series-parallel (b) shunt (c) parallel (d) series 20. The disc used in Energy meter is generally mode with (a) Aluminum (b) Copper (c) Steel (d) Graphite

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