FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, July 11, 2013

Albany County Launches Online Budget Survey
Process Provides Residents’ Input on 2014 Budget
As Albany County continues to face fiscal challenges, crafting the 2014 county budget is going to be a difficult process. In an effort to open the process and engage the public in formulating the budget, Albany County Executive Daniel P. McCoy today announced that the county is launching an innovative way for residents to be directly involved in the development of the 2014 county budget through the use of an online survey. County Executive McCoy said the survey will enable county residents to provide input on county government programs and services they value most. The survey also provides an opportunity for county residents to better understand how the county budget works and the timelines involved. “We have made a lot of progress in getting our finances in shape and as we face difficult decisions ahead we want to open the process and hear from residents,” McCoy said. “This survey is a good way to provide an open and transparent budget process so that residents can participate in the process. It will also serve as a tool to educate the public about the budget process and will assist my administration in determining the services residents want.” The 11-page survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. The survey includes information on the programs and services the county provides and how their tax dollars are spent to provide those services. It also takes residents through the budget development process and timeline. The remainder of the survey focuses on the county’s major service cost sectors with programs and services components broken out and asks residents to indicate their level of support for each of these areas. Respondents are also asked to share their opinion on whether or not a particular service should be eliminated, reduced or if they are willing to see an increase in property taxes to support it. The budget survey is available on the county website at

The survey will be available online until July 31st. Survey results will be reviewed and utilized as 2014 budget decisions are being made before the release of the County Executive’s proposed budget on October 10. ###

Mary Rozak Director of Communications Office of the Albany County Executive 112 State Street, Room 825 Albany, NY 12207 tel 518.447.7040 ext. 7218 cell 518.368.9528 fax 518.447.5589

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