THE MARTINEZ FAMILY – Mom, Dad & 2 Little Girls

Affected by both the 2 tornado & severe flooding. Verified severe roof, interior & electrical damage/helped file FEMA & ARC Claims.

THE ESPERANZA FAMILY – Mom & 12 Year Old Son
Plaza Towers family w/severe damage from the May 20 tornado & nd the downpours with the 2 tornado. Will not be able to apply for FEMA
& had no insurance. We are getting some assistance w/repairs to their trailer. It’s a miracle what’s left of their trailer in that area. *Gift cards/any financial support will help this family

5 Month Old Baby Girl
>Clothing size 6 months – could use any 6-12 month >Diapers size 4 >Baby items needed – wipes, bathing, diaper ointments, etc st >Toddler/Baby toys, etc. – lost what they had saved from 1 child

12 Year Old Boy
>Needs clothing: size 30/30 pants & medium-large shirts >Shoe size adult 8, also needs socks >Men’s bike 20inch or small if possible – lost his bike >Will be starting Jr High next year – backpack/supplies >LOVES Science, History & Architecture. Bilingual/advanced reader. >LOVES robotics & technology. Any books & related gear he will love very much & soak right up. Big supporter of his mom 

7 Year Old Girl
>Clothing size 8/9, medium tops, size 13 shoes >Needs school uniforms: khaki or navy bottoms (skirt, shorts or pants) navy, burgundy or white tops >Loves pink, purple, Hannah Montana, stuffed animals, coloring… >Has long beautiful hair - loves hair and nail things >Bilingual Spanish/English & loves to read – loves books.

Mom & Home
>pots & pans, general kitchen items >TV – using one a neighbor threw away that mom cleaned up & son fixed  >washer/dryer (we might have a dryer donation – need washer) >couch – has been looking for faux leather type >size 7/8, size 7 shoes, usually medium blouses (have some clothing for mom already – might need more in time)

Parents & Home The parents are humble to request specific
items. Set back financially doing own repairs – did say they need help with groceries. Got legal aid to help w/landlord & lease to buy issues. They’ve gone to resource centers as they can but Dad is working doubles/1 car family. Baby & mom have been ill but getting better. *Gift cards would help this family.

THE WELLS FAMILY – Elder couple who lost everything THE LUZ FAMILY – Mom, Daughter (2 yrs) & Son (8 yrs)
Home affected severely by the 2nd tornado & flooding. Helped her file FEMA & Red Cross claims. Has done a lot of her own repairs on her rental – got legal aid to help her deal w/landlord since the landlord has not been acting responsibly. This couple lost everything in the May 20 tornado. Filed with FEMA, etc. Starting from scratch & need assistance & support. More good & very humble people who have a hard time asking for anything. Gift cards would help this family.

>tops/blouses size 3X, women’s pants size L >tennis shoes/shoes size 7, socks >underwear size 8-10

Son – 8 years old
>Clothing size L-XL boys, 14/16 husky pants, size 8 shoes >Needs school uniforms: khaki or navy bottoms (shorts or pants – 14/16 husky) navy or sky blue, white, red or burgundy polos (XL) >Loves ninjagos, mario brothers, sonic & the hedgehog & his mom >Socks, Underwear, Backpack, supplies, etc.

>jeans 34x31 >pullover shirts size medium >men’s tennis shoes size 9 ½, socks

Daughter – 2 years old
>Clothing size 3-4T, size 5T diapers – ok to get bigger future clothing, socks, etc. >Loves Dora & Hello Kitty. Wants a Dora backpack for daycare. >Loves princesses & blocks & any toddler friendly toys or books.

>mixing bowls, storage bowls with lids >large frying pan, cooking utensils, any miscellaneous pots & pans >dishes, glasses, coffee cups >queen sized sheets/bedding & towels >side tables & chairs for lounging >chest of drawers

Mom & Home
>Refrigerator –will buy used if she can afford or accept donation >Dining Table & Chairs – eating on a little donated coffee table >A/C’s – Window Units – donated or will buy if can afford *Gift cards would help this family. *We have gotten some clothing for daughter, less for son

Questions: Contact Stacy Brown – call, text or email 405.323.7889,

FATHER with 2 SONS from PLAZA TOWERS This family lost everything & many of you have donated items & gift cards support them. They still have needs. They have located to where they will be living from here on out & are trying to find normal still. They’re also humble to request help & busy helping others in need. 16 Year Old Boy >socks/wears ankle socks mostly – black, gray or white (size 11 is shoe size & so is dad’s) >shorts or athletic pants– wears 30x32 in long pants so relevant size 7 Year Old Boy >socks/wears ankle socks & crew socks – black, gray or white >shorts – wears 7/8 or relevant size Father >socks/wears ankle socks & crew socks – black, gray or white (size 11 is shoe size like elder son’s) >shorts – 36 waist (works outside a lot) *Still collecting Home Depot Gift Cards, Visa/CC Gift Cards & monetary donations toward a commercial mower for this father so he can get his business back in full swing again. Thank you!!
Questions: Contact Stacy Brown – call, text or email 405-323-7889, Items can be mailed to: Stacy Brown, c/o E.L. Family, 5561 N Shawnee Ave, OKC, OK 73112

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