Dipwell installation guide A dipwell (PVC pipe) is used to measure the water table depth in peat soils and

is also used for measuring subsidence when the dipwell is installed into the mineral soil. Materials / Equipment required

Perforated PVC pipes

Non-perforated PVC pipes

Glue Cap Connector

Soil auger Collar

Additional equipment: Measuring tape, gloves, hacksaw, compass, GPS, permanent markers, notebook & pen

Denise Cheah Wetlands International Malaysia

Augering should be carried out gently to minimize damage/widening of gap. . Denise Cheah Wetlands International Malaysia . the dipwell location is not only used for measuring groundwater depth but also subsidence (i.All activities within the area of interest are to be conducted on the planks to reduce pressure on the peat soil . . . lowering of the peat surface). The auger must be perpendicular to the peat surface of around the augering point.Place planks around the area of interest. 2. to avoid too much disturbance.e. clear the area of vegetation before starting the augering.Place the auger on the peat surface and turn in a clockwise direction.The peat soil collected gradually while augering will be used for filling the gaps later.If needed.How to install a dipwell and measure peat thickness 1. . Only clear the vegetation which is hampering the augering. In forest install the dipwell in the hollow (not in the hummock!) .Identify a suitable location for the dipwell.

5. Augering can be carried out by one person but to decouple (to extend or reduce the length). 4. it is best to be handled by two people– one to hold to lower part of the auger (to prevent it from falling into the hole) while the other removes the connector.Measurement of mineral soil trapped in the auger is measured for calculating the peat thickness later. . .Before removing the auger.Augering is carried out until the augur reaches the mineral base of the peat soil. Denise Cheah Wetlands International Malaysia .3. measure the length of the auger protruding from the peat surface which is to be used in calculating peat thickness. .

After the installation is complete.PVC pipes are then measured and cut into size to be inserted into the hole. preventing peat soil material from the side of the auger hole to enter the pipe. 7. and a cap is put on the pipe to prevent rainwater from entering the pipe Denise Cheah Wetlands International Malaysia . Gently. 8. . a collar is placed on the peat soil which is used as a reference base for all future measurements. until it reaches the mineral base. The top few meters of the pipe is perforated with small holes to allow water to enter the pipe. back-fill the hole with the soil collected during augering. . .The open end of the bottom pipe is to be covered before inserting it into the hole.6.

and the position of the dipwell measured by GPS for the purposes of making data bases. 2. Measure the length from the starting point to the point where water is recorded. The stick is inserted into the dipwell until it reaches the water. How to measure groundwater levels 1. Stick should be straight and also dry before it is inserted into the dipwell. Measure the length of the protruding pipe. 4. .Write the name of the dipwell on the cap with a permanent marker. 3. Denise Cheah Wetlands International Malaysia . Take note of the starting point on the stick.which might affect the results if readings were taken on/after a rainy day.

Illustration for measuring peat thickness and water table level Denise Cheah Wetlands International Malaysia .

87 m Denise Cheah Wetlands International Malaysia .60 m Measurement of mineral soil = 0.60 m – 0.10 m Peat thickness = 7.65 m 2.Calculation formula 1.35 m Length of auger protruding from soil surface= 0.35 m – 0.40 m Water table level = 0.10 m = 6. Calculation formula for peat thickness: Overall length of auger (From handle until it reaches mineral soil) = W Peat thickness = Y Part of auger not in soil = X Mineral soil = Z Y=W–Z–X Example: Length of auger with extensions = 7. Calculation formula for groundwater table level: Groundwater table level = Z Length of measuring stick until water table level = Y Height of pipe protruding from the soil = x Z=Y–X Example: Measurement of water table level = 1.27 m Length of pipe protruding from soil = 0.

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