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012 Hydrodynamics for Ocean Engineers

Reading: Propellers

Propeller Performance Characterization

Dimensional Attributes: Diameter Rotation rate Density Thrust Torque Ship Speed Inflow Velocity D N T Q V Vs

Overall diameter of the propeller Rotational speed of the propeller in rev/sec Fluid density Propeller axial thrust force Propeller shaft torque Ship velocity Mean inflow velocity

Non-Dimensional Characterization of propeller performance: Advance Coef: Thrust Coef.: a Thrust Coef.: Ct = 2T/( AV 2 J = Va/(ND) Kt = T/( N2 D4 ) ) (A= Propulsor area)

Torque Coef .: Propeller Efficiency: Propulsive Efficiency:

Kq = Q/( N2 D5 ) 0 = (T * Va)/(2 N Q) t = (Rt * Vs)/(2 N Q) Rt= Total Ship resistance

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