Exercise: Asking For, Giving, and Responding to an Advice / Suggestion

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A. Choose the best answer to each question.
1. Woman: "......... to the party tonight?" Man: "You’d better wear the dress that you wore to the prom last month. It looks wonderful on you." a. What are you going to wear.

b. Can I recommend something to wear c. Do you have something to wear d. What do you think I should wear e. Which dress could you wear 2. In the above dialog, the woman .......... a. asks the man for a suggestion b. agrees with the man’s suggestion c. gives the man a suggestion d. disagrees with the man’s suggestion e. asks the man about his party 3. In the above dialog, the man .......... a. asks the woman for a suggestion b. agrees with the woman’s suggestion c. gives the woman a suggestion d. disagrees with the woman’s suggestion e. invites the woman to a party

. offers to help the woman that I can hardly lift it.. the man ." a. Can you do me a favor? d.. That’s very kind of you. Can I see the bag for you? 8. regret b. agrees with the woman’s suggestion c... In the above dialog. In the above dialog. Can I make it not heavy? b...4... a. Where does the above dialog possibly take place? a. Woman: "I’d like to ." ". An office c.. Woman: "Oh... A travel agent 7. A restaurant b.. We’ll replace it with a new one. about my soup. asks for the woman’s opinion 6. A bank e.. disagrees with the woman e... apologize c.?" . Can you help me? c.. the man . apologizes to the woman d... reject e. regrets the woman’s opinion b. asks the woman’s help b.. Can I give you a hand? e. a.. The post office d....." a. consider d. complain 5.... madam. this bag is so heavy Man: Woman: "Thank you. There’s a fly in it... What can you do about it?" Man: "We are terribly sorry for that.

I don’t know how you do it.c. 13. c. make the woman’s bag lighter e. Woman: Oh. B. Woman: My car is being repaired. Let's take his advice. What should I do? b. I think you should ask for a suggestion. . Error Identification: Choose the underlined word or phrase which must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct. You always remember so much vocabulary. d. vocabulary isn’t a problem. Man: It is very hot here. Maybe the spark plug needs to be replaced. Woman: I think so. I think you should having it checked. Thanks. Man: Will I give you a lift? Woman: You’re very kind. I will probably take a bus home this evening. 14. Which of the following is used to ask for a suggestion? a. bring his bag to the woman d. You should be said the word out loud a few times and it will stick in your head. let the woman carry her bag 10. I think you shouldn't do that. The latest report on children and the media suggest that children would be able to concentrate and work well if they were restricted to only two hours use of the media every day. Woman: Yes. Can you help me? Man: Let's me check. put the woman’s bag c. agrees with the woman’s offer e. Man: You are good at English. 12. it does. 15. It seems that the air conditioner doesn't work. I don't think so. asks the woman to help d. suggests the woman to help him 9. Woman: My motorcycle wouldn't start. What will the man probably do? a. carry the woman’s bag b. e. 11.

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