Regional Specialties

Sale, K. 2010. Asian Cuisine. Siena College Taytay. Philippines

tocino. sapin-sapin. vigan longganisa. Longganisa. cassava cake. Among these. Bulacan – Sale. sisig. making the Ilocanos more thrifty and frugal. bagnet. kalderetang kambing. Bulacan. kare-kare. kesong puti. Philippines . Siena College Taytay. cassava pie. Batangas is also known for its special coffee. popular for chicharon (pork rinds) and steamed rice and tuber cakes like puto. Batangas –is home to Taal Lake. suman. with its pabalat wrapper. empanada. kapeng barako. panutsa. the maliputo and tawilis that are not commonly found elsewhere. in San Miguel. the famous carabao milk candy pastillas de leche.REGIONAL SPECIALTIES Ilocos Region – land is mostly dry and arid. It is a center for panghimagas or desserts. halaya ube and the king of sweets. Pinakbet. Pampanga – Culinary Capital of PI. like brown rice cake or kutsinta. Asian Cuisine. K. 2010. Pangasinan– Puto Calasiao / Tupig Laguna –famous for their sweets : buko pies. which is home to 75 species of freshwater fish. espasol. These fish are delicious native delicacies.

this city is also famous for its scrumptious lumpiang ubod. heart of palm in soft crepes. a type of soup surrounded with a mixture of prawn. Famous dishes also include Lapaz batchoy . chicken and pork dumplings. is characterized by a crispy outer skin and a moist juicy meat with a unique taste given by a blend of spices. Besides that. K. another cuisine known as inasal. a barbecued chicken marinated in annatto and citrus also originated from Bacolod. 2010. chicken soup based on sweet water of the young coconut (buko). Sale. dinuguan with puto. Siena College Taytay. Cebu – known for its lechón. biscocho and piaya. Bacolod –well known as the founder of binakol. one can find delicious noodle soups like pancit molo. Philippines . On top of that. Cebu is also known for sweets like dried mangoes and caramel tarts. Asian Cuisine.REGIONAL SPECIALTIES Iloilo –In the Iloilo City. Lechon prepared "Cebu style“.

reduced to a dry crumbly texture. Home of laing. bicol express and pinangat. bagoong and gabi. Siena College Taytay.Popular Dishes in Luzon Rizal – * Cainta in Rizal province east of Manila is known for its Filipino rice cakes and puddings that are usually topped with latik. Sale. 2010. Asian Cuisine. Bicol –famous for their use of coconut cream. Philippines . K. straddled mid-level in the mountainous regions of the Philippine Sierra Madre. * Antipolo. a mixture of coconut milk and brown sugar. is a town known for its suman and cashew products.

Asian Cuisine. Siena College Taytay.Popular Dishes in Visayas Sale. 2010. Philippines . K.

2010.Filipino Popular Dishes • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • lechón (whole roasted pig) longganisa (Philippine sausage) tapa (cured beef) torta (omelette) adobo (chicken and/or pork) braised in garlic & soy sauce. fish. Siena College Taytay. or shrimp in tamarind stew) pancit (stir-fried noodles) Lumpia (fresh or fried spring rolls). and vinegar or cooked until dry) kaldereta (goat in tomato stew) mechado (beef or pork cooked in tomato sauce) pochero (beef in bananas and tomato sauce) afritada (pork or beef simmered in a tomato sauce with vegetables) kare-kare (oxtail and vegetables cooked in peanut sauce) crispy pata (deep-fried pig's leg) hamonado (pork sweetened in pineapple sauce) sinigang (pork. Asian Cuisine. Philippines . Sale. K.

Siena College Taytay. Asian Cuisine. 2010. Philippines .dinner Sale.Filipino Meal Patterns • Agahan/Almusal – breakfast • Tanghalian – lunch • Merienda (Minandal/Minindal)afternoon snack • Hapunan . K.

meat. – Also consists of savory dishes such as pancit dishes. dinuguan. karne norte (Filipinostyle corned beef. a variety of coffee produced in the mountains of Batangas noted for having a strong flavor. palitaw. sapinsapin. particularly kapeng barako. longganisa. and squid balls. which is considerably moist compared with the Western variety). sinangag (fried garlic rice). bibingka. 2010. champorado (chocolate rice porridge). kesong puti (white cheese). Coffee is also commonly served. – Street foods have also become very popular such as fish balls. – Other option of cakes made with sticky rice (kakanin) like kutsinta. • Merienda – Often paired with traditional kape (coffee): breads and pastries like pan de sal. Siena College Taytay. tocino. such as tapa. hopia (pastries similar to mooncakes filled with sweet bean paste) and empanada (savory pastries stuffed with meat). and pitsi-pitsi. ensaymada (buttery sweet rolls covered with cheese). or itlog na pula (salted duck eggs). Asian Cuisine. tokneneng. tokwat baboy. biko. Philippines .Filipino Meal Patterns • Breakfast – A traditional Filipino breakfast might include pan de sal (bread). K. or fish such as daing na bangus (salted and dried milkfish). Sale. suman.

in some cases. adidas Smaller snacks such as mani (peanuts) are often sold boiled in the shell.Filipino Meal Patterns • Pulutan – Pulutan (from the Filipino word pulutin which literally means "something that is picked up") is a term roughly analogous to the English term "finger food". Another snack is kropeck which is fish crackers. salted. barbecue tenga. K. betamax. Deep fried variands include chicharon (also spelled tsitsaron) Grilled foods include barbecue isaw. Philippines . – – – – Sale. main dishes. chicken or pig intestines marinated and skewered. Asian Cuisine. The fried tokwa't baboy is tofu fried with boiled pork then dipped in a garlic-flavored soy sauce or vinegar dip that is also served as a side dish to pancit luglog or pancit palabok. spiced or flavored with garlic by street vendors in the Philippines. as in the case of sisig. Siena College Taytay. It originally was a snack accompanied with liquor or beer but has found its way into Philippine cuisine as appetizers or. 2010.

Philippines . 2010. K. Asian Cuisine.Filipino Meal Patterns • SIDE DISHES AND COMPLIMENTS – Itlog na pula – Atsara • FILIPINO DRINKS – – – – – – Tuba Lambanog Teas made from pandan leaves or lemon grass Salabat Kapeng Barako of Batangas Tsokolate from tablea (chocolate tablets) Sale. Siena College Taytay.