Nursing Diagnosis

OUTCOME STATEMENT Within 1 hour of effective nursing intervention the client ill be able to identify individual area of weakness or needs and identify personal resources that can provide assistance.

Nursing Interventions · Performed or assisted with meeting client’s needs when he is unable to meet own need. · Planned time for listening to the client’s or SO feelings and concerns.



S“maglisud Self Care man gud ko Deficit ug lihok” as verbalized by the patient

Facilitates confidence and increases selfesteem

Objective: -age: 80 y/o -with NGT, FBC, colostomy bag -O2 Saturation: 92% -edema on the upper and lower extremities -inability to move -inablity to pick-up clothing -inablity to take a bath -inabilty to get commode -appears weak

To discover barriers to participation regimen and to work on problem solutions.

After 1 hour of providing nursing interventions, the patient was able to identify areas of weakness and identify his children and grandchildren as his personal assistance.

· Reviewed and modify program periodically to accommodate changes client’s abilities. · Supported client in making health related decisions and assists in developing self-care practices and goals that promote health. Collaborative: · Administered intra lipid 500cc @ 42cc/hr, as indicated.

· To evaluate status with regards self-care deficit and to further strengthen the self-care of the client.

· To full gear the self-care of the client.

· Substitute as a nutritional diet.