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The world’s first IT Efficiency platform

1E’s Analyze, Optimize, Realize (AOR) methodology is designed to help you achieve and sustain transformational gains in IT efficiency. It uniquely combines 1E’s consultancy expertise with its market leading and innovative ActiveEfficiencyTM software. This transformation starts with the first step, Analyze, and involves analyzing your existing IT environment, operational processes and cost base, and identifying areas of IT savings.


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Identify Areas of IT Savings
99 A rapid analysis of your IT environment, operational processes and cost base using 1E’s unique analytics capabilities identifies areas of IT waste across hardware, software, personnel and energy 99 A proven business case is built along with recommended actions that will free up wasted IT resources and cost 99 Baseline reports of existing IT operations practices and costs are delivered, against which all efficiency savings from the ActiveEfficiency software platform are measured 99 Repeated snapshots of IT operations’ practices and costs during deployment and over time are compared to the baseline reports, ensuring efficiency savings from the ActiveEfficiency platform can be constantly measured against your dynamically changing IT environment.

99 Through the highly efficient Analyze process, you could be reviewing your business case and benchmark reports within only one to two weeks of engaging 1E.

What Happens During the Analyze Phase?
1E’s team of domain experts including Business Analysts, Implementation Experts and Domain Specialists utilize their skills and 1E’s ActiveEfficiency software platform to work with you to: 99 Host interactive Discovery Workshops with your IT team to derive a detailed picture of your IT environment and the opportunities for IT cost reduction 99 Run the 1E analytics software to identify areas of IT waste across hardware, software, personnel and energy 99 Assess and review the findings with your team 99 Create a financial model that quantifies the areas of hard IT savings and cost avoidance 99 Prioritize the actions needed to realize those savings 99 Set targets and baselines against which the efficiency savings are measured 99 Present a detailed deployment plan and savings roadmap for the 1E ActiveEfficiency software selected 99 Agree a way forward to the Optimize stage.

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