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Delivering Unparalleled Gains in IT Efficiency

1E’s unique Analyze-Optimize-Realize Methodology “This is the only IT project I’ve ever worked on where anyone was focused on ensuring a positive return.”


Proven Model for Success
Finding true business value
It’s unquestionably true that organizations are frustrated in dealing with IT companies. The problem is that projects never seem to be delivered on time or bring the benefits they claim. The typical model of scoping, implementing and supporting a project ignores how enduring value will accrue to a customer. All too often, determining business value from IT is at best estimated or not even considered. It doesn’t have to be this way.


Business transformation - lowering the cost of IT
Driving business value from IT is in our DNA. At 1E we believe passionately in our customers’ success. We work with the necessary business and technical resources to drive business value from initial engagement through full deployment to ensure rapid payback and enduring success. It does not stop there. Our unique ActiveEfficiency software combined with our Analyze, Optimize, Realize (AOR) methodology, program of regular quarterly reviews, membership of the 1E Center of Excellence, expert 24/7 Support team, comprehensive training programs and 1E Knowledgebase ensures we are committed to your success.

A virtuous cycle of Analyze, Optimize, Realize
Today’s business managers have demanding expectations. They are no longer looking at IT simply as a cost center that they have to prudentially manage, instead they look to it as a key enabler which can positively contribute to their organization’s goals. Over time, IT priorities change and need to become dynamic, to continually align with the business’s objectives. 1E’s Analyze, Optimize, Realize methodoloy is a continuous cycle designed to ensure that you are always successful, maximizing your IT cost savings and return on investment in IT as your business enviroment evolves.

We leverage 1E’s unique Useful Work analytics to identify areas of IT waste across hardware, software, service delivery and energy, and opportunities to free up wasted IT resources and cost. We also create a benchmark of IT operations practices and costs, against which all savings from the ActiveEfficiency platform are measured.

We incorporate 1E’s unique Intelligent Automation Solutions into existing infrastructure designs and solution implementations across hardware, software, service delivery and energy to free up wasted IT resources and cost and fundamentally enhance the agility of an organizations’ IT operations.

Our unique IT Efficiency Reporting Dashboard and analytics provides IT managers, IT procurement and IT finance with the actions and best practices they need to take to monetize the IT savings achievable and reallocate the freed-up IT resources across hardware, software, personnel and energy.

Delivering a quantum difference to your business
1E delivers you unprecedented gains in IT efficiency through the combination of our ground-breaking ActiveEfficiency software platform and unique Analyze-OptimizeRealize (AOR) methodology. This advanced approach to identifying and managing IT waste mitigates technical and commercial risks and assures savings you can truly reinvest in the areas of IT that will transform your businesses.


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Transparent results
We provide a dedicated program for every customer to continually drive the AOR Cycle each quarter. With access to our business analysts and experienced solution consultants you will benefit from unambiguous project results delivering hard savings that lower the cost of IT ownership. Working in collaboration with you, our team helps draw up realistic IT savings targets and a documented plan to achieve these objectives as well as measure the progress to them. Our experienced solution consultants focus on the best practices for implementing, using and getting the most out of 1E ActiveEfficiency software so that you achieve the greatest efficiencies and cost savings. In addition you will benefit from: 99 Realization Accelerators to lock in and expand IT efficiencies and cost reduction with faster and more expansive software licensing optimization, shutdown of replaced legacy technologies, reallocated IT resources and expanded energy savings 99 Quarterly Reviews to ensure your IT Efficiency Program is constantly maximizing value, driving IT cost reduction and delivering expected benefits over time 99 Community Membership that gives you dynamic interaction with the world’s leading experts in IT Efficiency: Community Forum, Webinars, Case Studies, Best Practices, Knowledge Base, Customer Advisory Board, Early Adopter Program.



AOR is not just a methodology or philosophy - you are buying into an approach that genuinely enables efficient IT operations and delivers a quantum difference to your business: • Cut through the conflicting trends of IT • Accelerate projects



Training and Support
In addition to the AOR Methodology and the commitment to continued success, we provide comprehensive ActiveEfficiency training packages. Training is provided as standard in all implementations and includes classroombased and online training as well as access to the 1E Knowledge Base. In addition, our 24/7 Customer Support is ready to answer any of your questions and talk you through issue resolution, as well as refer you to one of our ActiveEfficiency solution experts.

• Migrate to System Center Configuation Manager and the Cloud with confidence • All stakeholders benefit

No risk solution
While there is no such thing as a ‘no-risk’ IT solution, you are buying into an approach that genuinely enables efficient IT operations and delivers a quantum difference to your business: maximizing value of investments, driving cost reduction and locking in gains. Our unique ActiveEfficiency Software, our AOR methodology and deep partnership and collaboration with customers ensures that IT waste is identified and eliminated year after year. Over time, your IT savings from your IT efficiency projects far outstrip the costs of the 1E solution.

1E – Empowers Efficient IT
1E is the pioneer and global leader in Efficient IT solutions. 1E’s mission is to identify unused IT, help remove it and optimize everything else. 1E Efficient IT solutions help reduce servers, network bandwidth constraints, software licenses and energy consumption. To date, 1E has helped more than 1,600

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