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The world’s first IT Efficiency platform

1E’s Analyze, Optimize, Realize (AOR) methodology is designed to help you achieve and sustain transformational gains in IT efficiency. It uniquely combines 1E’s consultancy expertise with its market leading and innovative ActiveEfficiencyTM software. REALIZE, the third step of every IT Efficiency project, involves proactively monetizing and reporting on the IT savings achieved, and embedding the IT efficiencies achieved, for the long term.

Continuous monetization and identification of savings achievable
99 A unique set of tools, expertise and techniques that ensures the IT savings identified in the Analyze and Realize phases are fully and rapidly achieved and result in proven IT cost reduction across hardware, software, personnel and energy 99 Custom Realization Plans for each customer that detail the specific actions needed to monetize IT savings and free-up IT resources 99 1E’s ActiveEfficiency Reporting Dashboard provides realtime information on the savings achieved to date and a benchmark against industry averages. 99 An unmatched commitment to revisit your IT estate and further monetize areas of IT savings year after year delivered through a program of Quarterly Business Reviews.

Through the highly efficient Realize process, you will be realizing the benefits of IT cost reductions and savings in only a few weeks following the deployment of the 1E ActiveEfficiency software.

An On-going Commitment to Your Success
Post deployment, we remain your trusted IT efficiency partner to ensure you continue to operate the most efficient IT infrastructure as your environment changes over time: 99 Implement a collaborative process of Quarterly Business Reviews to continually review your IT savings and identify areas of further IT efficiency savings that can be monetized within your environment. 99 Create an on-going Realization Plan 99 Measure cumulative savings and benchmark reports against baselines and targets

What Happens During the Realize Phase?
1E’s team of experienced Realization Experts utilize their skills and 1E’s ActiveEfficiency software platform to work with you to: 99 Create a Custom Realization Plan and actions needed to realize your IT savings 99 Generate savings reports that compare post deployment IT operations costs against the baseline reports conducted during the Analyze phase 99 Configure 1E’s unique ActiveEfficiency’s Reporting Dashboard to exhibit cumulative IT savings achieved 99 Run benchmark reports that compare savings generated against industry averages 99 Take the direct actions needed to turn the IT savings identified into hard monetary savings, for example deinstalling unneeded hardware and software; securing IT energy rebates; and renegotiating software license terms and maintenance costs. 99 Train IT staff on implementing low-resource and highautomation IT operations processes.

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