Emergencies in OPD/Clinics

Dr.Pankaj Dubey

Poisoning.Patient come with symptoms ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Chest pain Shortness of breath/Cough Ghabravan Abdominal pain/Vomitting /Diarrhoea Backpain Headache Fever Weakness Overdose.Cardiac arrest .

P Sugar.You could find-Vital sign are “VITAL” ● ● ● ● ● ● High Blood pressure/Low B.think of Rash and Neck stiffness. .High or low Irregular pulse Weakness Altered mental state(A/V/P/U) Fever.

Alcohol.Ask about ● ● ● ● ● ● History of angina. Blood pressure. . Old ECG/CXR Stones-Gall bladder. Smoke.Kidney.

Penicillin.Contrast M=Medications taken P=PMHx L=Last meal E=Events. Food.Take AMPLE history ● ● ● ● ● A= Allergies.?What happened . Suplha.

P bag .The G.

What do you have in your clinic !! ● Recommended minimum requirements for managing Emergencies in out patient setting: A kit bag with a lots of goodies depending on what you are prepared to deal with. ● .

Nausea/Vomitting.Loperamide PSYCHOSIS :Largactil for Psychotic patient.adult give 0.Perfalgan/Melidens or Febrinil 2 ampoules Antibiotic: Ceftriaxone 2gm.The Drug kit Angina :Nitro-glycerine (sublingual tablet or aerosol spray).Derriphyline1amp/infusion.Wysolone 40mg) Allergic reaction: Adrenaline: 1 in 1000 ampoule.50D Seizures: Midazolam (injectable) Rectal Dizepam High Fever/Pain:Paracetamol. NVD :ORS:NS. Aspirin 300mg Acute asthma.Electral. gel or powder).5ml IM.Avil or injectable Phenergan.Efcorlin 100mg (or Tab.2 gm. Hypoglycaemia :Oral glucose (solution.Phenergan !! Oxygen with positive-pressure administration capability !! .Metrogyl 500mg .Perinorm.25%D. Azithromycin 500mg. Augmentin 1.tablet.1gm IV.Asthalin Inhaler/Nebulizer every 15 min.Stemetil.anti-malarial.

Unstable.Who do you not want to manage in your clinic ● ● ● ● Drowsy ones.what you do does not work or patient worsens again. Can't speak ones. . Those who need repeated measurements.

viral and bacterial barrier.Thermometer Blood glucose measurement device. 1 bag NS and IV cannula and IV infusion set.Gloves. Spacer device with mask for inhaled bronchodilators. Laedral .The real expenditure Minimum Emergency equipment and supplies: Pulse oximeter. . low resistance one way valve and pre inflated cuff. Single use sterile syringes and needles.Pocket mask with oxygen port.

Inhaler and spacer device .

Oxygen saturation monitor .

Ambu bag .

Non rebreather mask(O2) .

Oro-pharyngeal airway .

Thank you ● Any Questions ? .

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