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Sulphite, Sulphate (Kraft) and waste stock and other pulp & stock upto 6% consistency Dewatering applications where water is contaminated with solid particles. Raw sewage, slurry. Effluent, industrial waste transfer in industries. Waste water. Drainage of basements, tunnels, boiler rooms. Storm water.

Material of Construction
Parts Name Casing Impeller Shaft Sleeve Bearing Housing Wear Plate All Cast Iron Cast Iron Cast Iron EN 8 SS 410 Cast Iron CF8 02S Fitted Cast Iron CF 8 SS 410 SS 410 Cast Iron Cf8 CF 8 Fitted CF 8 CF 8 SS 410 SS 410 Cast Iron Cf8 CF 8M Fitted CF 8M CF 8M SS 316 SS 316 Cast Iron CF8M

Other than above state materials pumps are available in Cast Steel, CA 15, Ni-Resist, Super Duplex, CN7M, Haste alloy and other special stainless steel alloys. The materials of construction are offered as examples of generally accepted practice, but are not intended as recommendations of fitness for a particular purpose. The customer must determine and take the ultimate responsibility for specifying the proper materials to handle the particular fluid pumped. Unless otherwise specified, all pumps shall be furnished with the standard fitted materials.

Process Pumps


for Paper & Pulp Industries

These pumps are designed for 24 hour, 7 days a week duty under severe mill operating conditions, with long trouble free life span and features that reduce maintenance at moderate cost.

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Size upto Capacity upto Head upto Temperature upto

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350 mm 1800 m3 /hr 125 m 150 C


Constructional Feature :
Casing : Casing is extra smooth heavy duty to achieve best efficiency. Casing is volute type, end suction, back pull out, top centreline discharge ensure no high spot to trap air straight unobstructed suction prevents are entrapment. Flanges are drilled as per DIN 2543, 2533 ND-16 Impellers : Highly efficient semi-open design to prevent plugging, design with heavy vanes and a thick back shroud for rugged service and long life. Impeller give better air handling capabilities and higher efficiency. Balance holes are machined into the Impeller to keep stuffing Box pressure at an absolute minimum and reduce axial loading an pump shaft. Impeller is keyed to the shaft for Positive torque transmission. Shaft : Extra Heavy Duty Shaft are designed to transmit the power required and to withstand the redial loads. Shaft Slave : Shaft Slave is keyed to shaft and gasket sealed to stop leakage under sleeve. Bearings : Oil lubricated, heavy duty ball bearing provided as standard. Double row angular contact radial / thrust bearing selected for maximum life permanently aligned and securely looked to take thrust in either direction. Wear Plate : Provided at impeller suction side to protect casing against wear. Designed to prolong pump efficiency. Easily renewable tightened by stainless steel studs. Bearing Housing Assembly : Bearing Housing with generously sized sump gives substantial oil reservoir with maximum surface contact to facilitate heat dissipation to atmosphere maximum rigidity. Back pullout design with spacer coupling permits removal of complete bearing housing and rotor assembly as a unit. Stuffing Box : Designed for gland packed arrangement fitted with neck bush and has been provided with external fluid connections which enhanced life of gland packing. Mechanical seals can also be provided.

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It is a highly efficient Pump for handling sulphite, Sulphate (Kraft) and waste stock. It is also suitable for other types of thick, Pulpy mixtures in various applications through out industry. This series handles all kind of stock up to 6% consistency, and can be used for higher consistencies in special condition. Smooth and extra heavy casing and Impellers, prevents clogging or air locking.

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Special Features
Semi-open impeller, hydraulically balanced. Oversized rugged shaft to minimize corrosion. Stuffing box easily converted from gland packing to mechanical seal. Heavy duty bearing for maximum life. Stuffing box cooling arrangement is provided with stuffing box, the temperature of liquid to be pumped should not exceed 150 C in case of standard fitted pumps. Oil lubrication.





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Salient Features
Efficiency at par with internationally available pumps. Replaceable wearing parts and hence longer life. Non clogging impeller to handle suspended solids. Repairs possible without disturbing the pipe connection due to back pullout design. Dynamically balanced rotating parts ensure minimum vibrations. Easy maintenance and spares availability. Suitable for Direct Couple / V Belt drive

P . No. 172 54 51 50 49 41 38 37 36 35 34 33 32 30 19 18

Parts Name Distance Piece Breather Internal Circlip Oil Drain Plug Oil Level Window Drain Plug Oil Seal Brg. Lock Nut Brg. Lock Washer O Ring Bearing (Back to Back) Bearing Oil Seal Gland Packing Gland Support Plate Sleeve Key

P . No. 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 3 2 1

Parts Name Slinger Wear Plate Bolt for Impeller M/C Washer Foot Outer Brg. Cover Bearing Housing Shaft Inner Brg. Cover Gland Piece Lantern Ring Sleeve Gland Bush Gland Plate Impeller Casing