On your tables find examples of films from your genres What specific element of the film tells you this?

In pairs discuss the trailers you watched using the prompts

The trailer I watched...
The genre is.... The audience.... And I know this because.....

What did you partner watch? How did they know what the genre and audience was for the film?


What is a trailer? What is a ‘genre’?

Understanding trailers
developing a secure knowledge and understanding of the purpose and power of trailers

Through close attention and analysis: Understand how MOVIE trailers are designed to appeal to specific audiences Explore how features combine and identity a specific genre.

Key words
Representation Audience Institution Genre




Mise en scene


Sound track


Voice over









Success criteria
What makes for HIGH LEVEL ANALYSIS? Level 6 - a range of points made, excellent use of media terminology, showing independent thoughts and backing them up with evidence.


Watch the trailer with a specific purpose

Table 1 Picture

Table 2 Sound

Table 3 Titles & editing

Animation Thriller Horror Rom-Com War

Musical Sci-Fi Comedy Action Adventure

Drama Fantasy Family Western

Count (how many shots? Etc.) Describe (types of sound effect) Explain (the title informs us about...) Feel (how you feel emotionally when the...)

Watch again
Did you see more, hear more, were you aware of more? Deepen your explanation using the key words Extension: which thing makes the genre clearest? Explain.

Send an envoy from one group to explain what you discovered to another group. Explaining how your area contributes to establishing the genre Extension: can you also tell what the target audience might be from what you have seen, heard?

Envoy 2

Send envoy to next group.

Envoy’s feedback
Envoy must feedback to group and they add notes to what they already have. Individual: How do visuals, sound, titles and editing contribute to establishing genre? Write a paragraph using your notes and the key words to support you. 10 mins

Peer assess on your tables using the ASSIGNMENT 3 guide - first table. DO NOT LEVEL instead use the levels to write an ebi for them.

What do you notice about narrative in trailers? Discuss

Narrative theory
Todorov 5 part theory Equilibrium Disruption Complication Climax Restoration

What do these words mean?
Equilibrium When things are in balance? The beginning of the story when we meet the characters and understand the situation

Discuss what you think this means in terms of narrative. What is the disruption in the trailer? Are where does it come in the trailer?

What does this mean in narrative terms? What is the complication in the trailer? What technical means is used?


What is the climax? What are the features you might expect in the climax?


Is the equilibrium restored? Why not?

Apply your new skills to the analysis of a new trailer

Observe and annotate
You must answer the following questions: What is the genre and how do we know - you must provide evidence in the form of a PEE Who is the audience and how are they targeted? What are the strongest selling points of the trailer and are they effective? Blog your answers in a new post.

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