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PPA Applauds Rep. Joe Barton’s Internet Poker Legislation
WASHINGTON, D.C. (July 12, 2013) – The Poker Players Alliance (PPA), the leading poker grassroots advocacy group with more than one million members nationwide, today commended Congressman Joe Barton (R-TX) upon the introduction of H.R. 2666, the “Internet Poker Freedom Act of 2013,” legislation to license and regulate Internet poker. “Since April 15, 2011, ’Black Friday,’ millions of Americans have been waiting to regain their freedom to play poker on the Internet. I applaud Congressman Barton for listening to their voices and introducing legislation that restores this freedom and establishes a safe and regulated marketplace. Internet poker is here to stay in America, and we are all better served through licensing and regulation that implements high standards to protect consumers, thwart fraud and abuse, and guarantee the proper safeguards against underage and addictive gambling,” said Former Senator Alfonse D’Amato, chairman of the PPA. The legislation is very similar to legislation Congressman Barton sponsored in 2012 and addresses many of the concerns raised in previous Congressional hearings. It will focus exclusively on Internet poker, as opposed to H.R. 2282 a recently introduced online gambling bill that includes online casino games in addition to poker. Mr. Barton’s bill also mandates technologies to protect consumers from fraud and limits underage access, preserves state’s rights, and ensures Indian Tribes have the same rights to apply for a license as other entities. Additionally, the bill:  Expressly prohibits accepting Internet bets – poker or otherwise – without a U.S. license, and ensures that licensees can only accept Internet bets on poker.  Creates specific standards for licenses, modeled after existing land-based gambling licensing procedures.  Requires qualified bodies to develop a Compulsive Gaming, Responsible Gaming and Self-Exclusion program to help mitigate problem gambling.  Does not restrict states from licensing and regulating Internet poker on the state-level.

 Establishes a new U.S. industry creating thousands of American jobs and billions of dollars in much needed federal and state revenue. “Congressman Barton is a leader in the U.S. Congress and has championed many causes for his constituents and the nation. The poker community is thrilled to have his long standing support, not just as a politician, but as a fellow poker player who is passionate about America’s greatest card game,” said John Pappas, executive director of the PPA. “This bill was drafted specifically to appeal to the widest array of legislators possible and has the PPA’s full support. We look forward to working with Congressman Barton as this bill moves forward in the House of Representatives.” About The Poker Players Alliance The Poker Players Alliance (;; is a nonprofit membership organization comprised of over 1,000,000 online and offline poker players and enthusiasts from around the United States who have joined together to speak with one voice to promote the game and to protect poker players' rights. ###

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