The story that I have read is tittled Desiree’s Ba by by Kate Choplin ( 18511904) .The story is about the love story in the aspect of family’s love. The story started when Madam Volmonde granddaughter because granddaughter. The story develop when Madam Volmonde try to do a flash back all the past memory that will remind all the things about her daughter. All the event that related to her daughter before she get married with Armand. She also said all Aubignys man will try to do all the ways just to be a husband of a girl. Madame Valmonde really love and care to her daughter and her grand daughter. When she arrived to see both of all the girls, the moment that shows how she caring her girls is when she kiss her grand daughter . That shows how caring she is. The story also develop when she find out that her grand daughter was changed the physical appearance like a skin colour and also the attitude. Desiree has a loving husband that her husband is really take care about her and their daughter. Husband of her called Armand and she also have a maid named Zandrie . When Madame Volmonde met both mom and her daughter she try to show how much she love her daughter. She found out that her grand daughter was different from the past time that means she is different from her mother, the overall of the baby are different from the recently that Madame Volmonde had visited them about four months before. Desiree went to his daughter home just to look at her didn’t see her belovest

about four months she

Armand. Desiree’s attitude couldn’t accept the faith about her ancestry that are from the native people. . The story has the sad ending. All of these things shows that how the mother’s love is very important for the children. all the human’s attitude will disappear like loyalty and love is gone. The sensitive heritage issues is showed by the both of them . Desiree and Armand. All the children need the mom’s love. But when the point of the identity of the daughter and Desiree is argue . that shows the Desiree’s left her husband because she didn’t expert her husband.really love her husband very much. She take care of her daughter so much and feed all the provision to her daughter.

Armand had a conversation with his wife that he talk about the origin of his wife. Madame Volmande said “ This is not a baby! “ she exclaimed. The short story also begin at the moment when Madame Volmande memorized all the memory when her daughter going to married. He said his wife is actually a girl who a are a native man as ell as him. The baby is differ from the four months ago. . That shows how the grand mother instinct to her grand daughter is so strong. But she got mad with her husband and she decided to left her husband. The climax in this story is when Deasiree and her husband are squirrel about the status of their baby. The story is also develop in the way of when Madame Volmande want Desirer tell her about what had happen to her life. She said all the Aubigny man will fall in love with the girls there like they struck by a pistol shot. Eventhough Armand is a dark.PLOT The story started when the minor character Madame Volmande on the way to visit her daughter and her grand daughter after about four months they didn’t meet. handsome fecehad not often been disfigured by fronws since the day Armand fell love with Desiree. The story then develop when Madame Volmande went to the room whereby her daughter and grand daughter stay. She just kissing and she fad recognize that something is different with her grand daughter. She left their house and built a new life in the in the new place with a new hope.

Sha have a baby. However. called Armand. Armand cruelly casts aside his wife and son. a possession that will bear his name. she try to say that she is a really English women. He seems to see the things in his life—Désirée. this can be shown when her husband told that she is not an English women actually. Apart from that. She ia a loving wife as well as a loving mother. She also has a husband. . At first. This can be shown when she with husband. ARMAND AUBIGNY Armand is a neighbor of the Valmondes. Désirée's influence seems to soften him. their child. upon discovering his child's mixed ancestry. his slaves—as mere possessions. His self-interest is easily evidenced in his strict rule of his slaves and his eager acquisition of Désirée. and blaming it on Désirée. and he is kinder to his slaves. He has inherited his father's plantation along with one of the finest and oldest names in Luoisiana . She also a though girl. ones that either reflect well or poorly upon him. the value of kindness also can be showed by the incedent when she tring to get sleep with their baby with comfortable and try to cheer ufp their baby. for they now have no worth to him. she try to be an honest wife without hurting her husband. She also thinks he is enormously proud of having a boy child—again.CHARACTERS DESIREE She is a major character in this short story.

A real Cinderella story becomes true when a girl who holds the burden of not knowing where she came from is now the object of desire of the handsome and wealthy Armand Aubigny. . and impatiently waits on it to marry the woman he desires. a man who’s so in love that ignores the fact of her obscure origin. According to Armand. Chopin introduces the story with pleasant images and events. STYLE In Kate Chopin’s short story. the reader feels touched by the story. whom she believes “had been sent to her by a beneficent Providence to be the child of her affection” (31). Armand’s lo ve is such that he orders the “corbeille” from Paris. either by relating to it at some points or when confronted with things we frequently decide to ignore in the world: the evil some human beings are capable of possessing.MADAME VOLMONDE A mother of Desiree. Through words and images. “what did it matter about a name when he could give her one of the oldest and proudest in Louisiana?” (31). she enchants the reader with fairy tales. She is very mom and she is also loved her daughter very much. Chopin goes on with the fantasy in her successful attempt to soften the readers’ hearts. affectionate and sincere” (31) of all girls. A woman who cannot have children is blessed with the most “beautiful and gentle. she demonstrates how racism played a major part in people’s lives in the 1800’s. Kate Chopin is extremely successful in getting her readers to feel disturbed by the events in the story. “Desiree’s Baby”.

where their name—Acadians—was mangled into the name they are still known by today— Cajuns. and came to settle in Louisiana. .SETTING At the time of publication of Bayou Folk. or people of mixed French or Spanish and Black descent POINT OF VIEW This story has the third point of view that shows the writer didn’t involved in the story. This designation was partially due to the fact that Chopin wrote about the Cajuns and Creoles of Louisiana. They had been driven from Canada in the 1600s. The Cajuns were descendants of French settlers in Acadia. he didn’t used any representation of the word I in the story. Creoles are white people descended from early French and Spanish settlers. members of which had distinct cultural traits. was relatively unknown to northerners and even other southerners. which reprinted "Désirée's Baby. Canada. This world." Chopin was primarily seen as a local colorist.

MORAL VALUES We should be a strong women eventhough we are alone women in the step to prepare if we are be left alone. As a husband and a wife. we should obey to the instruction that are had been ordered to us. . We must love and care our own baby because they are need us to give them support in the step of them to become a successful man soon.

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