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May 25, 2013 Alaska Republican Party Chairman Removal from Alaska Republican Party office, Peter Goldberg Abusing the privilege of his office; Seeking to overturn the results of a properly held district election; Attempting a hostile takeover of a Republican District Committee; Removing a member of the ARP State Central Committee without due process and in violation of the members rights to receive notice of charges and a hearing, as well as other procedural safeguards against abuses of power on the party of ARP leadership

Charges Against: Peter Goldberg Charges: That, on April 25th, Peter Goldberg did attempt to effect a hostile takeover of the District 12 Committee, without any notice, warning, or any consultation whatsoever with the elected members of the District 12 Executive Committee; That he interfered in the affairs of said district committee by claiming falsely that the District 12 Committee had never been created and organized; That he attempted to remove District 12s District Chairman from the rolls of the ARP State Central Committee without notice of charges or a hearing, or other procedural safeguards meant to protect the rights of elected officers of the Alaska Republican Party; That he then attempted to appoint, again without consultation with any of the members of the District 12 Executive Committee, a then candidate for district 12 party office (Nancy Dahlstrom, a declared candidate for District Vice-Chairman at the April 25th District Election Meeting), a non-officer of District 12, as the Temporary Chairman of District 12 and ordered that her name be added to the rolls of the ARP State Central Committee without election, and in opposition to the will of the District 12 Committee who had declined to support her candidacy for District Vice-Chairman at the March District Meeting, and in so doing caused a mockery to be made of the Alaska Republican Party Election Process.

Outcome Requested: Removal from any position of trust or responsibility in the Alaska Republican Party Additional Facts: On March 29th, David Eastman was added to the rolls of the ARP State Central Committee as District 12 Chairman, was added to the ARP State Central Committee E-mail List, and on April 22nd David Eastman was added as a registered Deputy Treasurer for the Alaska Republican Party so that District 12 could then be enabled to accept future contributions. Without any charges being filed, the charged officer receiving notice of such charges, or a hearing held, Peter Goldberg ordered that David Eastmans name be removed from the rolls of the ARP State Central Committee and that Nancy Dahlstrom be added in his place, whereupon Mr. Goldberg began to act, and instruct others to act, as though David Eastman were no longer a member of the ARP State Central Committee, to remove David Eastman from e-mail lists addressed to members of the ARP State Central Committee, and to act as though Nancy Dahlstrom were an official representative of the District 12 Committee. In so doing, Mr. Goldberg has engaged in activities prohibited by (or contrary to) the rules of our party. GROUNDS FOR REMOVAL: ARTICLE X - REMOVAL FROM REPUBLICAN PARTY OFFICE Any person holding elected ARP office may be removed from office for any of the following reasons: Section 1: Grounds for Removal (a) Engagement in any activities prohibited by or contrary to these rules or RNC Rules.

APPLICABLE RULES: ARP PARTY RULES: ARTICLE X, Section 3(c-d) ARTICLE X Removal From Republican Party Office Section 3: Hearing of Charges (c) No person may be removed from elective Republican Party office without first being given an opportunity for a fair hearing of the charges against him and a reasonable opportunity to reply to such charges. (d) Persons having charges brought against them have the right to have legal counsel present and, should they so chose, to speak on their behalf. ARP PARTY RULES: ARTICLE IV, Section 1 Section 1: Function of District Committees The Republican District Committee shall be organized in accordance with ARP rules. The District Committee, when the district convention is not assembled, shall be responsible for administering ARP policy in its district, subject to SCC direction. The primary function of the District Committees shall be to promote the election of Republican candidates. This includes candidate recruitment for legislative offices, fund raising for Republican candidates, promotion of the candidates, and any other campaign assistance that may be requested by the candidates.

Wayne Ozosky Vice Chairman

David Eastman Chairman

Devin Homan Secretary

Laura Temple Assistant Secretary

Karen Perry District 12 Representative to the State Central Committee (BV)