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Key ae inane AGE OF MORTALS CAMPAIGN, VOLUME ONE DRAGONLANCE® AGE OF MorTALs CAMPAIGN, VOLUME ONE Key OF DESTINY Desionen. =. CHRISTOPHER COYLE ARF Director, CurisropHer Cove | eat Can Bangs COVERARHIST 0.0. Jorr Exsury Appitionat Desien Sean Macponatp Interior Artists . Enic KIM Eric VEDDER EDITOR ...2...-.--, ELIZABETH BALDWIN Jin Zuakavicn Proorneapinc JESSICA BANKS CaRtoGRAPHERS . Ep Bourente CLAYTON BUNCE Project Mamacer. JAMIE CHAMBERS, Ronnie Ray CUSTER SEAN MACDONALD ]Grarnic Desicnen Kevin T. STEIN CRAIG ZiPSE SPECIAL THANKS: Weldon Chen, Renae Chambers, Richard Connery, Christy Everette, ‘Sean Everette, Matt Haag, Harry Kaiserian, Kevin Lamb, Ed LeClear, Luis Fernando De Pippo, André La Roche, Amanda Valentine, Clark Valentine, Trampas Whiteman, Scott Williams ‘This d20 Sytem game accessory utilizes mechanics developed forthe new Dungeons & Dragons® game by Jonathan Test, “Monte Cook, Skip Wiliam, Richard Baker, and Peter Adkison. “This Wizards of the Coast® Official Liensed Product consis no Open Game Content. No portion of this work may be reproduced in any form without written permision. To learn more about the Open Gaming License an the d20 System License please visit ‘www com/d20, Dungeons & Dragoas, D&D, Dungeon Master, Dragonlance, the Dragonlance Logo, 20, the d20 System Logo, Wizards of the Coast, andthe Wards ofthe Coat Log ae registered trademarks of Wizards of the Coast, In. a subsidiary of Hasbro, In. © 2003 Wizards ‘of the Coast, Inc. Used with permission, Al rights reserve. Fist Printing 2004, Printed in the United States of America. © 2004 Sovereign Pres ne. Sovereign Pres and the Sovereign Pres Logo are trademarks owned by Sovereign Pras, In ‘Additonal formation and content availble at ‘ww dragonlanc: com, Written & Published by ae SOVEREIGN PRESS Sovereign Press 253 Center St #126 Lake Geneva, WI 53147-1982 United States ‘, Wa, LLEET ad ay ve eh eee II» ome ff “2 yy iF Pa \ S S X tS \ Ay Mv . \ , Ty) ~ Appendix One: Monsters & Magic .. TABLE OF ConTENTS Introduction Wherein the tale is told and the foundation is set for adventure. Chapter One: Finding the Key Wherein the heroes discover an ancient secret hiding in plain sight. Chapter Two: The Mystery Unfolds ... Wherein the heroes journey through the deserts of Khur. Chapter Three: The Shattered Temple ..... Wherein the heroes relive a night of betrayal from the distant past. Chapter Four: Across Sand & Sea .... Wherein the heroes survive dangers of the open desert and ocean deep. Chapter Five: Far Less Kender Wherein the heroes brave the dangers of the Desolation. Chapter Six: The Peak of Malystryx ... Wherein the heroes confront a powerful servant of a slain dragon overlord. A collection of creatures and enchantments both good and evil. Appendix Two: Characters & Creatures .. An assortment of potential friends and foes.