Matot and Massei: 7/5/13 Numbers 30: 1 – 36: 13. I. The numbers surrounding this “double” Torah portion are no accident!

Matot is the 42nd of the year. This number is ominously connected with both the 42 stations of the wilderness and the 42 months of Great Tribulation. Is what follows a link to understanding what will happen in this future confrontation? Let’s look a bit closer: 42 is a factor of 6x7. 6 is the number associated with fallen man, while 7 infers spiritual completion. 42 seems to indicate the end of mans’ opposition to YHVH. This number is also seen in one of the most familiar types of the Anti-Messiah – Nimrod, whose gematria equals 294 (42x7). Ironically, it is also the gematria of Melchizedek, #4442, ‫ מַלְכִּי־צֶדֶק‬who is first referenced in Gen. 14: 18. It would seem a confrontation between the two would be seen in this passage (Matot) and again in the future. If this number 42 helps to provide context, I.E. a battle between the forces of Evil and YHVH, then it should come as no surprise this Parsha begins with an admonition to honor one’s oath! Vows and Oaths: What possible connection lies here? Perhaps looking into the Hebrew instead of the English translation holds the answer? • Vow, #5087, ‫ נדר‬nadar, to vow, to prostrate, to fall down. It is from the root of #147, `iddar, a fem. Noun meaning threshing floor, specifically, the grain that falls to the ground during or after the winnowing process! When a ‘Nun’ is prefixed the indication is similar to ‘we’ in English and infers future action. The 42 months of Great Tribulation serve as a winnowing of the Wheat and Tares. Curiously, the Alef-Dalet-Resh root also forms ‘Adar’, the 12th month of the Hebrew calendar corresponding to Feb-Mar. This word is only mentioned once in the Tanakh in Esther – The Book of Purim, Haman (Another Anti-Messiah) and the attempt to annihilate the Hebrews! Another interesting link is found in the gematria of nadar – 254 – the same as a word for Donkey/Ass, Chamowr. Yahshua is seen riding into Jerusalem upon the back of an Ass – could this mean more than a physical picture and hint at His arrival in Jerusalem at the apex of the threshing know as Great Tribulation, in order to deliver Israel? We should also note the 2-letter root, Nun-Dalet, nuwd, which means to wander, to be a vagabond and also the remains of a FAILED harvest!

• Oath, #7621, ‫ שבע‬shĕbuw`ah, to foreswear oneself, to adjure, a sacred promise. Though similar to the word nadar, the root here, #7650, Shaba, to ‘seven oneself’ has its connection to the 7th-Day, Sabbath, and also hints at fixing a date connected to the Sabbath millennium. These sacred promises are binding. It is perplexing to some that the vow of the daughter or wife can be annulled by the father or husband on the day he hears of it. This paints a picture of Adam & Eve who by sexual intimacy, vow an oath to the enemy and by divine intervention have the curses of that vow annulled. If we examine the word shĕbuw’ah spelled backwards, Ayin-Bet-Shin spells #5685, abas, a verb meaning to shrivel, to rot, decay and death. To engage in sexual intimacy outside the marriage constitutes an oath or vow and sets in motion the accusations of a Jealous Husband and the bitter waters test resulting in the rotting of the belly and thigh. Babylon – That great Harlot Bride – will oath herself to the Anti-Messiah and if we don’t “come out of her” accepting the annulling of our adulterous vows, we will experience her judgment. Avenging Israel against Midian… II. This part of the Parsha presents an unusual paradox. Moshe is given instructions by YHVH to destroy the Midianites and avenge the children of Israel who have been seduced by them. • Avenge #5358, ‫ נקם‬naqam, to avenge, to revenge. This words’ 2-letter root is unusual in that its usage points the idea of piercing or perforating, making something clean or pure. While the Mem suffix (a closed Mem btw) infers a womb that is closed, its contents hidden. Just as Israel had Yahshua [typified in the Lambs’ slaughter] pierced for their cleansing, becoming the SeedGeneration cut off to allow their grafting in; Midian must also have their womb pierced, their seed cut off. Will their false god, Baal Peor come to their rescue? In addition, this word naqam is used regarding the Avenger of Blood who acts on behalf of his slain kin. • Midianites, #4084, ‫ מדיני‬Midyaniy, strife or contention. Though an adequate definition, it is not as revealing as the two-letter roots convey. The Mem-Dalet, is the Hebrew word for garment (exchanging garments always hints at new beginnings). The Yod-Nun root is the same as that of Jonah – Dove, the only sign given to confirm that Yahshua was indeed, Messiah! What garment did he exchange – the flesh, thus renewing Israel! No wonder Noah is seen releasing a Dove – Yonah – to insure the flood waters, the waters of jealousy, are staunched!

We also have another very peculiar issue to consider here: Though translated ‘Strife’, nowhere in Torah do you find Midian engaged in mortal – physical combat, yet their kind of striving is more insidious, more devious and results in their judgment. Our first hint at the character of Midian is in connection with Joseph where we see a Midianite caravan as the one who purchases Joseph and then sells him into bondage. How apropos! He could have served as “Kinsman Redeemer” an Avenger of Blood - yet propagates the bondage of Joseph. Here in Numbers 31:2, Moshe is told once he avenges Israel he will be GATHERED UNTO THY PEOPLE. • Gathered, #622, ‫' אסף‬acaph, to gather, to take away, to harvest. Curiously, this is the same 2-letter root as Joseph, #3130, ‫ יוסף‬Yowceph, to add, to do again, and to increase. Is it possible that YHVH is also avenging Joseph and plans on Moshe acting out the redemption, regathering, and the adding again of the Outcasts of Israel/Joseph in rehearsal for out day? Moshe will be “JOSEPHED TO HIS PEOPLE” Isn’t Moshe a picture of Messiah who will avenge Israel during the coming Tribulation against those who had sold him into bondage? Moshe becomes the Avenger of Blood! This shadow pictures Yahshua who became our Blood Avenger – dying on our behalf – and is gathered to the Right Hand of YHVH! Massei: III. This second Parsha when considered in English alone continues in an arcane manner. The Hebrew however, reveals the lucid mind of Yahweh in a way only the initiate can fathom! Let’s you and I look further at the title, Massie: • Massei, #4550, ‫מַסְעֵי‬, stations, stages, journeys. It lists the 42 stops that Israel makes during their wilderness excursion. Another connection to our opening paragraph. Each of these 42 stops will be traversed again as we prepare for the Greater Exodus! Our first, like theirs, is Sukkot – the place where we’re taught about intimacy, how to trust Him rather than the frailties of our “temporary dwellings – our flesh”. The final stop: Bethjesimoth, #1020, ‫בית הישימות‬, the desolate house. The root of Jesimoth is Yod-Shin-Mem, yasham, desolate. However, the 2-letter root, Shin-Mem is significant! It infers to NAME, specifically, to identify. The Yod prefix is 3rd

person qal imperfect and indicates continuing action in the past or future. He was, is, and will be, doing something. They were also close to Abel Shittim, ‫השטים‬

‫אבל‬, which is often translated, ‘meadow of acacias’. However, avel can also mean
to withstand, a period of mourning, and a place where proper judgment was rendered. The root for sittah comes from #7847, to go astray, to commit adultery, a defection or revolt. This final location reminds us; our purpose for the coming Great Tribulation and Greater Exodus is to teach that in the face of desolation, YHVH will Name and thereby identify, those who are HIS! The period of mourning is over, proper judgment has been rendered to the Adulterous Bride and we are about to enter into the Promised Inheritance!

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