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February 2009

GARY GEREFFI Curriculum Vitae
Office: Department of Sociology Duke University Box 90088 Durham, North Carolina 27708-0088 Tel: (919) 660-5611/660-5614 Fax: (919) 660-5623 E-Mail: Home: 1008 Monmouth Avenue Durham, North Carolina 27701 (919) 682-6391 Professor, Department of Sociology, Duke University Director, Center on Globalization, Governance, & Competitiveness Ph.D. – Yale University, Sociology B.A. – University of Notre Dame, Sociology

Current Positions: Academic Background: Selected Honors and Awards:

Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation grant, “U.S. Competitiveness and Global Innovation,” 2008-2009. Alfred P. Sloan Foundation grant, “The Engineering Outsourcing Debate: Comparing Engineering Graduates in the United States, India, and China,” 2006. International Labor Organization, 7th Nobel Peace Prize Social Policy Lectures (3 lectures), “The New Offshoring of Jobs and Global Development,” Kingston, Jamaica, December 5-7, 2005 Polson Memorial Lecture, Cornell University, “The New Offshoring of Jobs and Global Development: Who Wins, Who Loses, and Who Calls the Shots?” Polson Institute for Global Development, October 28, 2005 U.S. National Academies, member of Committee on Analyzing the U.S. Content of Imports and Foreign Content of Exports, Washington, DC, 2004-2006 Rockefeller Foundation grant, “The Global Value Chains Initiative,” 2005-2008 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation grant to organize a workshop on “Globalization, Employment, and Economic Development,” June 14-16, 2004, Rockport, Massachusetts < > Director, Markets & Management Studies Program, Duke University, 1997-2003 Simon Visiting Professorship in the School of Geography and the Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK, May 2003 Ford Foundation grant, “The Development of Social and Environmental Certification Institutions: Corporate Accountability in Global Industries,” 2000-2002 Howard Johnson Distinguished Teaching Award, Duke University, 1995-1996 Woodrow Wilson Fellow Phi Beta Kappa Areas of Interest: Sociology of Development; International Competitiveness; Environmental and Social Sustainability; Economic Sociology; Political Economy; Latin America; East Asia

C. University of Sussex. National Research Council (Washington. Brighton. French and Portuguese (reading) America in the Modern World System. Rockefeller Foundation and Institute of Developing Studies. American Sociological Association. and the Global Economy. Director. Editorial Board of International Organization. UNCTAD Program on Transnational Corporations. Capstone Course in Markets & Management Studies. Sociology of Business and Labor. World Health Organization. 2000-present Academic Priorities Committee.C. Duke University. U. Washington. Department of Sociology. Regions. Committee on Analyzing the U. DC. Washington. Editorial Board of Competition and Change. 1989-1991. 1986-1988 Member. Comparative Area Studies Major. Comparative Sociology. MA).S. Inter-American Development Bank. Collaborative Research Network on “Globalization. 1988-1990 Director. Duke University. D. Management Sciences for Health (Boston. 1986-1988 Referee for Economic and Social Research Council. World Bank. 1993-1994 Member. U. DC). 1994-1998 Chair. Referee for the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. 1981-1982.Languages: Courses Taught: Spanish (fluent). Local Institutions. Transnational Corporations in the World Economy Duke University Activities: Director. Environmental Defense Fund. Editorial Board of Latin American Research Review. Editorial Board of Contemporary Sociology. International Sociological Association. Consulting Activities: Asian Development Bank. Political Economy of Development. GA).globalvaluechains. United Kingdom Referee for the National Science Foundation. New York. Washington. 1993-1994 Director of Graduate Studies. 2004-2005 Co-director. 2001-2004 Member. D.” Social Science Research Council. Strategies of Comparative Analysis. Editorial Board of American Journal of Sociology. Nations. 1997-2003 Duke University Athletic Council.S. Markets & Management Studies Program. and Competitiveness. Pan American Health Organization. Duke University. Governance. Council on Latin American Studies. Duke University. Contemporary International Issues. Section on Political Economy of the World-System. Co-chair. Agency for International Development (USAID). North Carolina in the Global Economy. and Development. United Nations Center on Transnational Corporations (New York). United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). 1988-1992 Chair. International Labor Organization.S. Executive Committee of the Research Committee on Economy and Society. UK. 2 . 1999-2003 Executive Committee of the Graduate Faculty. Department of Labor. 2000-2008 (see http://www. Content of Imports and Foreign Content of Exports. Global Value Chains Initiative. 1985-1987. Duke University. Italian. The National Academies. 1997-2002 Member. 1985-1986 Professional Activities: Member. Third World Development. 2004-present. Organizations and Global Competitiveness. United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC). 1995-1996 Member. Kurt Salmon Associates (Atlanta. 1986-1990 Member. Organizations and Management. Center on Globalization. 1995-1997 Academic Council.

Geneva: International Institute for Labor Studies and International Labor Organization. 3. Cleaves. Una Kim De Vitton and Gary Gereffi). 2002 2001 Free Trade and Uneven Development: The North American Apparel Industry after NAFTA (Gary Gereffi. Kristen Dubay and Marcy Lowe).ssrn.duke.ilo. ILO Social Policy co-editors). July. Special issue of the IDS Bulletin. Wyman. ( 1983 2006 2003 1994 1990  ¢¡¤£¢¥§¦©¨¢¤¢¤¢ !"¢# · " $ %¤&¢' · ( )¢0 1¢23 4¢56 1996 ) The Pharmaceutical Industry and Dependency in the Third World.cggc.: Fondo de Cultura Económica. Santiago.PUBLICATIONS Books: 2008 Manufacturing Climate Solutions: Carbon-Reducing Technologies and U. co-editors). Report funded by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. NC: Center on Globalization. Marcelo Cavarozzi.cfm?abstract_id=1170049 “The Globalization of Innovation: Can India and China Cure the Global Pharmaceutical Market?” (Vivek Wadhwa. and Jennifer Bair. Chile: LOM Ediciones. and Jonathan Hartlyn). and Pete Engardio). July 23. The Value of Value Chains: Spreading the Gains from Globalisation (Gary Gereffi and Raphael NJ: Princeton University Press. Philadelphia. Governance & Competitiveness. México. PA: Temple University Press.S. 1986. Translated and updated (Spanish): Industria farmacéutica y dependencia en el Tercer Mundo. Report funded by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. Electronic access: People’s Republic of China. Electronic access: http://www. Commodity Chains and Global Capitalism (Gary Gereffi and Miguel Korzeniewicz. Durham. UK: Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex. Electronic access: The New Offshoring of Jobs and Global Development.cfm?abstract_id=1143472 2008 3 .pdf Latin America in the 21st Century: Toward a New Sociopolitical Matrix (Manuel Antonio Garretón. NJ: Princeton University Press. co-editors). 1996. David Spener. 32. Peter S. CO: Lynne Rienner Publishers. CT: Greenwood Press (hardcover) and Praeger (paperback). Princeton. Duke University. 2004. John Trumphor. Recent Research Reports: 2008 “How the Disciple Became the Guru: Workforce Development in India’s R&D Labs” (Vivek Wadhwa.ssrn. D. Jobs (Gary Gereffi. co-editors). Boulder. Translated with a new Preface for the Chinese edition: Shanghai Far East Publishers. Princeton. Ben Rissing. No. Gary Gereffi. Electronic access: http://papers. Vol. Gary Gereffi. Brighton. Manufacturing Miracles: Paths of Industrialization in Latin America and East Asia (Gary Gereffi and Donald L. Westport.F. Shanghai. Translated (Spanish): América Latina en el siglo XXI: Hacia una nueva matriz sociopolitica. June 11.

Electronic access: http://papers.ssrn.-China Economic and Security Review Commission Hearing on “China’s Impact on the North Carolina Economy: Winners and 2009 2008 2008 4 .” Kenan Conference Center. and Gary Gereffi). March 4. and Immigration: America’s New Immigrant Part I” (Vivek Wadhwa. Ben Report funded by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. Cotton Industry” (Andrew Hutson. Entrepreneurship. Annalee Saxenian. Enterprise and Competitiveness (ITEC). Joonkoo 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2005 Journal Articles: 2009 2009 “Development Models and Industrial Upgrading in China and Mexico. Annalee March 14. the Immigration Backlog. Electronic access: http://www. Kyoto. Ben Rissing. Reprinted: ITEC Working Paper Series (March 2008). [Journal published in 3 (May): 297-321.cfm?abstract_id=1008366 “Education. August 22. 1 (February): 37-51. 1-2: 7-24. Johannes Van Biesebroeck. Doshisha University.] “Value Chains. Electronic access: http://www. January 4. Report prepared for Oxfam America. Guillermina Jasso. “China’s Impact on North Carolina’s Major Industries. Report prepared for Industry Canada. Part III” (Vivek Wadhwa. Institute for Technology. Sturgeon. and Gary Gereffi). and Gary Gereffi). “Textile and Apparel Firms in Turkey and Bulgaria: Exports. and Gary Gereffi). and Michelle Christian). Electronic access: http://papers.S. Sturgeon. International Journal of Technological Learning. Johannes Van Biesebroeck. September 6. Olga Memodovic. Johannes Van Biesebroeck.pdf “America’s New Immigrant and a Reverse Brain Drain: America’s New Immigrant Entrepreneurs.php “Intellectual Property.-Based Food and Agriculture Value Chains and Their Relevance to Healthy Diets” (Gary Gereffi.” Written testimony for the U. International Journal of Technological Learning. Report prepared for the Healthy Eating Program. and Richard Freeman). and Gary Gereffi).S. Electronic access: http://www.cfm?abstract_id=990152 “Value Chain for the U.” European Sociological Review 25. and Gary Gereffi).S.uscc. 3: 148-179. “The North American Automotive Value Chain: Canada’s Role and Prospects” (Timothy J. June. 2007. Monica Biradavolu.ssrn. 1-2: 25-52.unc.cfm?abstract_id=991327 “Prospects for Canada in the NAFTA Automotive Industry: A Global Value Chain Analysis” (Timothy Sturgeon. and Gary Gereffi). Local Upgrading and Dependency” (Evgeni Evgeniev and Gary Gereffi). Report funded by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. Networks and Clusters: Reframing the Global Automotive Industry” (Timothy Sturgeon. Johannes Van Biesebroeck.ssrn.itec. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Gary Gereffi. “Globalisation of the Automotive Industry: Main Features and Trends” (Timothy J. Report funded by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. Ben Rissing. Electronic access: http://www. Trade and Development 2.2008 “The Governance Structures of U. Part II” (Vivek Wadhwa. Trade and Development 2. Electronic access: http://papers.doshishau. Journal of Economic Geography 8. Japan. June 11. Economic Studies 17. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

2002 2001 “Prospects for Industrial Upgrading by Developing Countries in the Global Apparel Commodity Chain. Review of International Political Economy 12. 157-176. Ben Rissing. Technology and Management 5. Vol. John Humphrey. Ryan Denniston. Brazil] 19. Harvard Asia Pacific Review 9. 1 (January): 27-60. 3 (Spring): 73-84. 1: Rome. 4 (Fall). Bulgarian Academy of Science. Online journal: http://www. 2 (July): 71-110. pp. “Getting the Numbers Right: International Engineering Education in the United States.” Tempo Social [revista de sociologia da Universidade de São Paulo. and Jobs in the North American Apparel Industry” (Jennifer Bair and Gary Gereffi).hcs.” International Journal of Business and Society 4. Uneven Development. Special Issue. “Where the Engineers Are” (Vivek Wadhwa. Applied Research in Economic Development 5. “Promessa e desafios do desenvolvimento. Reprinted: Pp. 1 (junho): 233-248. 2007 2007 2007 2007 2006 2005 2003 2003 “The International Competitiveness of Asian Economies in the Global Apparel Commodity Chain. and Ryan Ong). Global Networks 3.).ncsu. 2007. “The Governance of Global Value Chains” (Gary Gereffi. “Upgrading.2008 2008 “Skilled Immigration and Economic Growth” (Vivek Wadhwa. and Timothy Sturgeon). Translated (Italian): “La gestione delle catene di valore globali. and Ryan Ong). 2004).” International Journal of Business and Society 3. Electronic access: http://www. 5-30 in Sociological Problems. Italy: Carocci editore. Vivek Wadhwa. Labor and the Globalization of Production: Causes and Consequences of Industrial Upgrading (New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Comparative Studies. Andarsene per continuare a crescere: La delocalizzazione internazionale come strategia competitiva. 1 (February): 78-104. Ben Rissing. March 2007. Ben Rissing. “Changes of Work and Knowledge-Based Society” (edited by Rumiana Stoilova and Vassil Kirov). and Mike Hensen). Giancarlo Corò. Environment and Planning A 38. 1 (Winter): 46-49.harvard. Translated (Chinese): “Quanqiu jiazhilian zhili yanjiu” (The governance of global value chains).html “Explaining Turkey’s Emergence and Sustained Competitiveness as a Full-Package Supplier of Apparel” (Binnur Neidik and Gary Gereffi). AnnaLee Saxenian. 12: 2285-2303. and Gary Gereffi). Journal of Engineering Education 97. 1: 1325. 39. World Development 29. Vol. Quarterly Journal of the Institute of Sociology. and India” (Gary Gereffi. 2 (April): 143-169. 29. 58-87 in William Milberg (ed. Journal of Textile and Apparel.).” Pp. “North Carolina in the Global Economy: A Value Chain Perspective on the State’s Leading Industries” (Gary Gereffi. 11 (November): 1885-1903. “Local Clusters in Global Chains: The Causes and Consequences of Export Dynamism in Torreon’s Blue Jeans Industry” (Jennifer Bair and Gary Gereffi). China. Issues in Science and Technology 23. Gary Gereffi. and Mario Volpe ( Reprinted: Pp. 5 . “Wal-Mart in China” (Gary Gereffi and Ryan Ong). 2006. 55-83 in Giuseppe Tattara.

and Erika Sasser). Apparel Industry. 2002). “The NGO-Industrial Complex” (Gary Gereffi. Mexico City. La Bobina 32. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mé Alejandro Dabat. “India’s Apparel Exports: The Challenge of Global Markets” (K.” IDS Bulletin 32. “Shifting Governance Structures in Global Commodity Chains. Bobbin 39.” Pp.). DF: Instituto de Investigaciones Económicas.” Pp. Ronie Garcia-Johnson.V. Ramaswamy and Gary Gereffi).ncsu. 2 (June): 186-210. 1998 “U. cadenas productivas y pasaje de naciones a eslabonamientos superiores. Online journal: http://www. 2001 2001 2001 2000 2000 2000 “Globalisation.S. Revised and reprinted: “The Evolution of Global Value Chains in the Internet Era. 1 (June): 37-70. 8 (April): 44-54. 1 (Fall). Miguel Ángel Rivera Ríos. México” (Jennifer Bair and Gary Gereffi). 89-134 in Jorge Basave.” Journal of International Economics 48. 19-34 in Andrea Goldstein and David O’Connor (eds.S. 2 (marzo/abril 2000): 16-21. 10 (agosto 2001): 28-32. Globalización y alternativas incluyentes para el siglo XXI (México. and Francisco Rodríguez (eds. 7 (March): 26-35.Translated and updated (Spanish): “Los conglomerados locales en las cadenas globales: la industria maquiladora de confección en Torreón. 2001 2001 “Global Sourcing in the U. Martinez). Translated and reprinted (Italian): “El contratto con i dinosauri. no.tx. Bobbin 41. Carlos Morera. “Torreón’s Blue Jeans Boom: Exploring La Laguna’s Full Package Solution” (Gary Gereffi and Martha A. “Las cadenas productivas como marco analítico para la globalización. 3 (July): 1-8. 125 (abril-junio): 9-37. Translated and reprinted (Spanish): “Globalización.). Mexico] 32. Companies Eye NAFTA’s Prize” (Gary Gereffi and Jennifer Bair). 3 (July): 30-40.” American Behavioral Scientist 44. 6 . Technology and Management 2. The Developing Economies [Tokyo. with Special Reference to the Internet.” Journal of Textile and Apparel. 1999 “International Trade and Industrial Upgrading in the Apparel Commodity Chain.” Problemas del Desarrollo [Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Sturgeon). 4 (abril de 2003): 338-355. 125 (July-August): 56-65. IDS Bulletin 32. Japan] 38. Translated and reprinted (Spanish): “El auge del blue jean en Torreón: Explorando la evolución de La Laguna al paquete completo” (Gary Gereffi and Martha Argelia Martinez). Value Chains and Development” (Gary Gereffi. 10 (June): 1616-1637. 2001 “Beyond the Producer-driven/Buyer-driven Dichotomy: The Evolution of Global Value Chains in the Internet Era.” La Stampa [Italy]. John Humphrey. and Timothy J. El caso de la industria internacional del vestido. Comercio Exterior 53. Raphael Kaplinsky. “The Transformation of the North American Apparel Industry: Is NAFTA a Curse or a Blessing?” Integration and Trade 4. Foreign Policy. 2002). Electronic Commerce for Development (Paris: Development Centre of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. 11 (May-August): 47-95.

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