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Report on : HCL Technologies bringing “Engineering out of the box (EOOTB)” concept.

Submitted ToProf. Mayank Dhaundiyal Prof. Vivek Bajpai

Submitted ByJoy Abhinav Charles FT-12-FS-405

So the core competencies that automotive companies have of working on engines and style with HCL’s experience of bringing solutions into electronics and software. Products of tomorrow will have to look outside the product for differentiation as products become platforms.A product overview and concept is undergoing a major and fast paced transformation based on ever-changing customer needs. For example. What “Engineering Out of the Box”(EOOTB) does is bring all of the ecosystem and user experience together for customers. all with the goal of encouraging higher adoption of the technology in the long run. an engine etc. Now customers don’t have to wait for the product to be launched and then have somebody else develop a solution around it. HCL has over 20 productized solutions that are part of the innovation ecosystem. It also integrates the perspectives of the customer's through enhance platform extensions. User experience and value-centric mindset are becoming the two key components driving differentiation for product companies. How EOOTB gain existence. multitasking from a single device and rise in demand from emerging markets. The ideology for market leadership is no longer associated with only patents and product features but with ecosystem creation and leveraging the platforms. ecosystem innovation and importantly the customer’s user experience. .? According to the case the expansion was driven by three trends : increasing use of electronic components and communications technologies. cars today are much more of a connected platform than just looks. are combined. This brings unique experience to the customers and also reduces the overall time to market for the end product launch itself. Even the clients are also able to launch products faster because they are not developing everything ground up.

NIMBO. Because the market is maturing so fast. The collaboration of HCLT and ERS brought several benefits to the customers. “Engineering Out of the Box” is our differentiated. GDW. It looked at the product development not in the isolation but through a system perspective. AGORA. A major advantage of HCLT has been that it supports a value-based relationship rather than just a competency-based relationship.In the late 90s HCLT became the leading provider of business transformation. solutions and services as an integral part of the ecosystem and deliver their services around the globe. They extended the core product by creating platforms. If you are in the business. Competencybased relationships today are table stakes.ERS collaboration. you are expected to have competency. enterprise and custom applications . SP Dias etc. eCALL. The company major focus shifted to value-creation and innovation hence giving all the more a better platform to launch EOOTB. HCLT productized solutions were one step short of a fully developed product. HCLT thought that it was not only about creating products but actually making the combination of products along with the services. HCLT was realizing that in order to be competitive they needed to collaborate with firms to explore more capable areas with which HCLT could gain advantage in incorporating better product solutions . It considers products. ITS. HCLT. By 2011 ERS division of HCL T had global team of 15000 of the best managers and . They understood that competency-based-relationships will not fetch them competitive advantage so they concentrated on value based relationships. infrastructure management and BPO. For over a decade HCLT ERS was providing complete product development and life cycle services with a strong product engineering background and also providing software and hardware in addition to other product services. unique market proposition to take the value equation to the next level. EOOTB was the prime reason which boomed the business of HCL. CIRRUS. AEGIS. HCLT named them as.

They need to focus more on value based relationships than competency based relationships. EOOTB is an innovative way of reaching customers and satisfying their needs. services innovation and unique positioning in the market place. We can bring our customers up to speed on the technology requirements and quality certification standards for emerging markets much faster . QUESTIONS.Products and technological advancements are alone no longer sources of competitive advantage. QUES.The experience of developing products across industries and across geographies is a very. very big factor for our ability to successfully partner with our customers.Its strategy was to focus on growth. NIMBO etc and as there was a high demand for cloud computing in the market HCL had released as many as three productized solutions in one combined platform .. How do we build on the compititative advantage we have developed so far to scale up the business? ANS. SCRUTINY. QUES.What is the potential new market that EOOTB could address? ANS. Therefore HCL came up with many innovations to build on competitive advantage by introducing various verticals and some of its brainy decisions like AEGIS.engeneers from across the company and their main policy theme was to adopt EOOTB for all proposal value of $ 10 million plus. they work all together in a new holistic approach which is very important for being on an edge to your competitors.