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The Searl Effect Part 2 The Searl Effect Generator (SEG) consists of 3 stationary rings with movable rollers

. Both the ring and the rollers are made out of 4 distinct materials, making it magnetic diodes, meaning that electrons can enter only in the middle of the roller and exit on the sides. Best used materials are from outside to inside : Aluminum (paramagnet), iron, nylon 66 (positively charged to attract electrons), neodymium (for use as a magnetic mirror to attract electrons). Basically the whole unit is a magnetic diode, electrons can only enter in the middle of the machine and get accelerated outward.. Normally you magnetize materials with DC power to get 2 poles, however , you can also make a 3 pole magnet or a 20 pole one. Now these rollers and rings have a sinus form pole (this is accomplished by magnetising a roller with AC), If you have the rings and rollers magnetized the same way (same "comparable" AC frequency), and put them 90 degrees out of phase, (basically a sine wave pole on the roller and a cosine wave pole on the ring and put them together in this unstable condition) they will move. If you draw this out you see that it constantly attracts or constantly repels. The roller would not spin on its own axis to get to equilibrium, this is because the forward push and the rotation are balanced out to stay at 90 degrees off phase..[7/12/2013 2:09:28 PM]

linux-host. Searl showed the properties of one of these magnetic diodes by putting a wire in the middle of the roller and one on the outside and brought them together in a oscilloscope. http://www. electrons are sucked into the machine and pushed out faster and faster. making the machine the rollers do not shoot away from the ring. The attraction of electrons out of the surrounding air will ionize the air surrounding the machine.html[7/12/2013 2:09:28 PM] .Thanks to aluminum. It showed on the oscilloscope that there was a current moving in them and not dissipating in intensity. iron. Well. will effect aluminum (paramagnetic property) so that is sticks to the ring but does not touch it. This is because a changing magnetic field which is the case with the rollers going around the ring. Nd. and Nylon 66 combined). what happens to the whole machine. creating a vacuum in between the rings and creates a superconductivity. Due to the magnetic mirror effect becoming stronger and stronger the faster the rollers rotate (due to Aluminum.

Supposedly you can use the disk as transportation. but it has never brought me anywhere because it will suck up that radiation as well. You can catch these electrons on the outside with an ordinary metal brush.linux-host.. Inside the disc you do not feel acceleration. Later on I will brainstorm you with some of my ideas on space time which I really like to get some feedback from you.4m/s^2. no matter what the acceleration of the unit is. the SEG is more than perfect. if you disagree from it or not). The limit to the speed of this disk is unknown but most likely far beyond the speed of light. and it is supposedly quite comfortable http://www. this will slow down or speed up the rollers. You cannot detect the machine by radar. but keep in mind that it supposedly has its own space time inside. For the purpose of flight.html[7/12/2013 2:09:28 PM] . you can use a regular radio transmitter with a frequency of one of the harmonics used to magnetize the system. turbulence etc. (In contradiction with most theories. and you can create a propulsion system just by putting these electrons inside a CRT and aiming it in one direction.These electrons are "sucked" inside the SEG and are accelerated outward. Hereby I mean a constant gravity of 4. To control it. Some interesting phenomena's are "anti-gravity" and its own space time inside. but you can have matter in different spaces in the same time or same space in different times. you need to know how much aluminum (paramagnet) you need to cancel out the centrifugal (pseudo)force etc.cation between the author and Searl and should be considered preliminary as further research and development may give reason to alter and/or update the content.html[7/12/2013 2:09:28 PM] . There is a thorough knowledge required on the law of the squares to built the SEG (ancient Chinese called these the magic squares. where the number 666 is found.(There is no record of any live form which has gone aboard. but I like to point out that this machine flew since 1946. Right now prof. I refer to MASTER THERION studies.C. Magick studies are using them. The rings and rollers are almost finished and you can see the developments on SEARL's HOME PAGE (link below). The Searl-Effect Generator Design and Manufacturing Procedure The objective of this report is to reconstruct the experimental work carried out between 1946 and 1956 by John R. Searl is working on a big model in England. Searl used them to basically construct the SEG.I. http://www. The information given here is based on private communi.) These squares are based on a very simple law. materials used. but it does have records on meters which have gone with it) UFO's are an entire different subject. which in religion has the meaning of the number of the beast. and in Germany and the States some members of the D. You cannot have matter in the same time and in the same space. and the manufacturing process of the Searl-Effect Generator (SEG). are working on a smaller version. R.linux-host. Searl that concerns the geometry.   For example.

runner surface traces out a whole nwrber of cycloids during one revolution round the and a number of moving cylinder-shaped rods called runners. During operation each runner Is spinning about Its axis and is simultaneously orbiting the plate in such a manner that a fixed point p on the curved. The GC can be considered as an electric motor entirely consisting of permanent magnets in the shape of cylindrical bars and annular rings. in applications where the generator is mounted inside a framework. called the plate. In principle. The GC can also be used as a high voltage source. Another and important quality of the GC is its ability to levitate. 1 shows the basic GC in its simplest form. consisting of one stationary annular ring-shaped magnet. 2. Measurements have revealed that an electric potential difference is produced In the radial direction between plate and runners. http://www. as shown by the dotted lines In fig. Fig. 1. no mechanical constraints are needed to keep the GC together since the runners are electromagnetically coupledto the plate. the plate being positively charged and the runners negatively charged. is either fitted with coils for generation of electricity or with a shaft for transfer of mechanical power.depending on the application. used as a torque producing device shaft and casing must be fitted to transfer the power produced.linux-host.Cell (GC) and. the runners should be made shorter than the height of the plate to prevent the runners from catching the frame or other parts. as shown In fig.The Gyro-Cell The SEG consists of a basic drive unit called the Gyro.html[7/12/2013 2:09:28 PM] . Furthermore. However.

. 14. More complex Gyro-Cells can be formed by adding further plates and runners to the basic unit Fig 3 illustrates a 3 plate GC consisting of three sections. 4. Magnetic measurements have revealed that the poles are approximately one millimetre across and evenly. 1.linux-host. The experiments showed that the power output increases as the number of runners increase and to achieve smooth and even operation the ratio between external plate diameter DP and runner diameter Dr should be a positive Integer greater than or equal to 12.defined as the total number of pole N per track'divided by the circumference nD must be a constant factor specific for a particular generator. it was also found that the pole density 6 .org/energy/ssearl. spaced. and WC weight of section C. Thus D p = N > 12 (N 12. Thus http://www. 13. WB weight of section B.) r The experiments also indicated that the gaps 'r between adjacent runners should be one runner diameter Dr as shown In fig. Each section consists of one plate. with corresponding runners. The Magnetic Field Configuration Due to a combined DC and AC magnetising process.. each magnet acquires a specific magnetic pole pattern recorded on two tracks consisting of a number of individual north-poles and south-poles as illustrated in fig. gaps are created by electromagnetic interaction and centrifugal forces preventing mechanical and galvanic contact between plate and runners and thereby reducing the friction to negligible values.When In operation. Thus WA = WB = WC where WA weight of section A.html[7/12/2013 2:09:28 PM] . B and C..A. The experiments showed that for stable and smooth operation all sections should be of equal weight.

the craft takes up an angle to the Gra. which must be some 10^13volts.R. This is a simple electrostatic effort.html[7/12/2013 2:09:28 PM] . the generator and attached parts become inertia free. leaving the well known hole in the ground. It gives rise to a translucent glow surrounding the craft and glowing trails.N Nr P constant pi D n Dr Some additional other points to ponder The estimated porter output of the generator is some modest 10^14 or 10^15 watts which puts the figure too high for a solar source. http://www. The work was carried out by Prof.The intensity of the field is such that it is capable of excluding the ionized air creating a near vacuum around the craft. it is possible to propel it. Ionization of the air. Since this article appeared I have had some questions as to what nylon 66 I believe it should be nylon 6:6 JOHN R. The generator may produce a gravity-type field of its own. 1920. Above threshold potential. This occurs when the craft is on the ground and the drive is suddenly stitched on. Drive.after working near the craft or generators he had a "cobweb sensation on the skin. Vhen in horizontal flight. Searl noticed that. I found this is and below is from a high school chemistry book detailing how it is made. Eguchi Tokyo. in in this case. This of course jars with accepted concepts of inertia in mass. By altering the distribution of potential on the surface of the craft. This was accompanied by occasional crackling and lasted some hours. The preferred direction of travel at ultra high speeds is away from the planet. Permanent electric polarity. matter snatch during acceleration. Little work has boon done on permanent dielectrics. the Material being body tissue. The rising craft takes up a lump of the Ground with it. This effect could be attributed to a permanent polarity of dialectric material. Searl mentions it in construction of his Levitation disk on this Inertia loss. His clothes clung to him and also the bed linen. but reference may be found in the records of the Physicomathematical Society Qf Japan.vity field suggestive of the balance between like vector fields. the plane of the generator being at 90 degrees to-the Gravity field. An American company is at the moment producing permanent electret material for electrostatic loud speakers.

html[7/12/2013 2:09:28 PM] .R. Searl Searl-page Geoff Egel http://www. Using a glass rod or a pair of tweezers pull out a little of this solid and carefully wind the thread around the rod or tweezer.linux-host.diaminohexine 10cm^3 of 5% solution of adipyl chloride in hexane glass rod or pair of tweezers (optional) Method 1 Place 10cm^3 of the adipylchloride solution in the breaker Add die to the solution (if desired) 2 Carefully add the 1. The thread will go on forming until the solution is used up. The Searl Effect Part 2 Take a look at his page for additional information of diaminohexine solution so that two solution don't mix 3 A small amount of solid will form at the interface of the two liquids. Nylon forms at the interface between the two organic liquids in the breaker.Lets Experiment Making a condensation polymer nylon 6:6 Aim to make nylon 6:6 Apparatus 100cm^3 breaker 10cm^3 of 5% solution of 1.

The first set of permanent magnets made according to the procedure described consisted of two bars each about http://www.The Searl Effect Genrator The Searl Effect Part 1 The Searl Effect Part 2 by Gunter Sandberg In 1946 a basic discovery of magnetic nature was made by John R. He found that if a small ac component (~10^2) of radio frequency (~10^7 Hz) is superimposed on the magnetization direct current ( fig 1) during the manufacturing process of permanent ferrite magnets they acquire new unexpected properties.html[7/12/2013 2:09:50 PM] .org/energy/ssearl2.linux-host.R.Searl of Mortimer Berkshire.

roll around corner 2 and continues its rotation and along the left hand side of magnet C figure (4. Accordingly the information given to me by Searl.4) At the same time as magnet A is pushed around corner 1 magnet B starts moving spontaneously and accelerates to a high speed rolls around corner 3 and 4 and continues it motion along the right hand side of magnet C (fig 4.4) . If the magnets are put together according to configuration if figure 3 they will interact with each other in the following manner. One roller was made in the shape of a cylinder 210-mm in diameter and the other consisted of a number (~ 5) of annular rings ( 20mmext.3) until it reaches a turning point ( fig 4. diameter )(fig 2). After magnets A and B have reached their respective turning points they will oscillate synchronously (~10ms) until they come to rest in the new position (fig 4.5) (these sentence unreadable) The Searl Effect Generator The next logical step taken by Searl was to replace the bar magnets by annular rings placing rollers around the outside (fig). (fig 4) If a magnet is slowly moved by an external force towards corner 1 of the magnet c (fig 4.1) and carefully pushed around the same corner (fig 4. the same effect is produced in the configuration as with straight bars. the other rollers start spontaneously in the same direction (fig 5) http://www.linux-host. ie. All the magnets had been simultaneous magnetized in the described manner.2 ) magnet will accelerate at considerable speed.html[7/12/2013 2:09:50 PM] .org/energy/ssearl2.3 ) until it reaches a turning point (fig 4. These permanent magnets are still in existence and were demonstrated to me by Searl on August 15 1982. if one of the rollers is set in motion by an external force.The Searl Effect Genrator 100*10*10 cm and two rollers.

The Searl Effect Genrator Searl found that if the number of rollers placed around the outside of the ring reaches a certain minimum Number ( fig 6 ) the rollers are set in motion spontaneously increasing in speed until a [ [rotationally] {this word could also be meant to be [stationary] } dynamic state is reached The maximum number depends on geometry and material parameters and I do not know it at this time of writing. Another interesting side effect caused local radio receivers to switch on . This could have been due to the ionizing discharges and electromagnetic induction.000 volts produced as indicated by static effects on near objects. broke the union between itself And the magnets and rose to an altitude of about 50 feet.of their own accord.when running produced an electrostatic potential difference between ring and rollers. Several small generators of this type were manufactured and by 1952 Searl had built the first multi-ring generator. The unexpected the occurred . Here it stayed for a while . At relatively low armature speeds a potential of the order of 1. Finally the whole generator http://www.The generator lifted up while still speeding up.still speeding up and surrounding itself in a pink halo.prevented mechanical and galvanic contact between rings and rollers (fig 6) By adding stationary C~ shaped electromagnets to the Stationary ring and the moving rollers (fig 7) the device produced electric power on its own. This indicated ionization of the air at much reduced pressure. The device induced an electrostatic potential in the radial direction.html[7/12/2013 2:09:50 PM] . Each ring consisted of a number of magnetic segments with insulating spacers between each such magnets ( fig 9 ) Due to high cost this generator did not contain enough magnets to be self starting. Gaps created by magnetic interaction and centrifugal force .org/energy/ssearl2. Characteristic crackling and the smell of ozone supported the conclusion.linux-host. He also found that the device . (~10^2 watts).000. This generator was tested in the open and the armature was set in motor by a small motor. The stationary ring being positively charged (fig(6). The device was about three feet in diameter and consisted of three segmented rings in the same plane with a number of electromagnets on its outer diameter (fig 6).

However a theory has been put forward by Professor S. Searl has proposed construction of a one-ring generator with the following dimensions. He has for instance been able to make the generator temperature dependent in such a way that it will stop running if the temperature exceeds a certain level (~50' C) a value far below the Curie point. Searl work has never been published in the scientific or the technical literature but many individuals and institutions know of his findings.html[7/12/2013 2:09:50 PM] . Since 1952 Searl and his co. The largest constructed was 10 meter shaped craft. workers have manufactured and tested more than ten generators. However after being removed from material disturbing fields the special magnets will after a few minutes . This phenomena could be used as a control mechanism (5) Searl has pointed out that it is possible to program the behavior of the generator by magnetizing just one of the small annular rings with a different frequency. (6) Basically the internal magnetic fields is along the axis of the rollers and annulus (fig 10) (7) Magnetic material ferrites or magnetic ceramics.linux-host. Searl would like cooperation and has given out some important information. (4) The specially made magnets have a tendency of temperately changing the characteristic properties when in contact with other permanent magnets . (1) During magnetization a small ac component (~10^2 MA) of radio Frequency (~10^7 Hz) and is superimposed on the magnetization direct current. http://www. Concerning the principles of the manufacturing process of which is detailed below.or magnetized with AC components of different frequencies.Seike in an attempt to explain the interaction taking place in and around the generator. (8) Measurements made by Searl show that the power to mass ratio for the one ring generator is 180KW/ton when interacting with the gravitation pull of the earth. A patent was applied for by Searl but was later withdrawn.regain their original properties. (2) At Least 180 ampere turns are needed for magnetization. (this figure may be incorrect the documents were hard to read WEB EDITOR) (3) For normal running all magnets in the same generator must be simultaneously magnetized.The Searl Effect Genrator accelerated at a fantastic rate is believed to have gone off into space.

R.linux-host. Searl The Searl Effect Part 1 Geoff Egel http://www.html[7/12/2013 2:09:50 PM] .org/energy/ssearl2.The Searl Effect Genrator The concepts The Searl Effect and the Searl Effect generator have been suggested by Peter Barret IT Sc An assistant to John R.