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Audit Program




: LOAN RECEIVABLES – Short Term Loan; Long Term Loan; Termed Loans; Others : January 01, 2013 to December 31, 2013

Audit Period

Audit Objectives and Assertions: 1. 2. 3. 4. To ascertain completeness and correctness of account balances as recorded in the books (Accuracy and Completeness). To determine that all Loan Receivables recorded actually exist (Existence). To determine whether all Loan Receivables transactions are contracted in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations (Regularity). To determine whether the account is properly and consistently classified and presented in the F/S and that disclosures are appropriate (Presentation and Disclosure).

1. Completeness 1.1 Trace beginning balance to prior year’s (PY’s) audit working paper/ending balance of PY’s Financial Statements (F/S) and General Ledger (GL). Trace debit and credit postings in the GL to the Cash Receipts Journal/Check Disbursement Journal to the Report of Collections and Report of Checks Issued. Foot the debit and credit entries in the GL and established the balance. Compare the GL Balance with the balance in the TB or BS and the SL. Prepare proof of balance working paper Top Schedule. Investigate discrepancies, if any . Prepare and necessary. issue AOM, if

WP Ref

Audit Period






1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7

2. Existence 2.1 Obtain or prepare listings of all Loan Receivables accounts. 2.2 Prepare and send bank confirmation
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4. For unconfirmed accounts. prepare bank reconciliation statements) 3. Valuation issue AOM.e.1 From list obtained in 2. 4.1 Determine if foreign currency transactions are recorded in accordance with the accounting policy. and 3. 5. review of available documents and/or information. Presentation and Disclosure the statement 5.3 Prepare and issue AOM.3 Obtain management (if none.2 Prepare necessary. (Random sample taken from the Lists) 1.3 Prepare necessary.1. 5.2 Determine the appropriateness/ completeness of disclosures made in the Notes to F/S.1.a Correctness of computation of charges against loan proceeds. Project of World Bank charged to ADB bank accounts).1. paper if analysis-working 3.1 Determine that the account is properly identified and classified in the F/S.Procedures letters (to management) be signed by WP Ref Audit Period Target Actual Responsible a. 5.1 Compare presentation with the NGAS.b Correctness of charging of bank account (Ex. and 4.2 Prepare using the prescribed format. if 5. Regularity 3.1.1 select sample bank accounts to be verified as to: 3. if necessary. undertake alternative procedures i. issue AOM. statements from 2. CIB 2 of 3 .1.

MANDIN State Auditor IV Audit Team Leader /misc’2012 Fdn: NSO9 AP 2012 fn: CIB 2012 .doc CIB 3 of 3 .Prepared by: Reviewed by: MYDEE C.