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This Quarter… This Quarter…
Developer Will Hindmarch answers the fans’ questions as he takes on the role of developer for Vampire: The Requiem Requiem. Be kind; he’s new. Kindred get all religious as Justin Achilli takes us into the world of the Lancea Sanctum.

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Author Aaron Dembski-Bowden gives us a look at the terrifying things that await you (and the Forsaken) in Predators Predators, the next major sourcebook for Werewolf: The Forsaken Forsaken.



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Exalted: The Autochthonians takes you beyond the confines of Creation and into a strange and alien world, the self-contained machine-world of Autochthonia. This except tours the confines of this new realm.

An assortment of tricks and Charms from Aspect-Book: Water shows just a few reasons you want to take these Dragon-Bloods seriously. See the beginning of the Exalt Panther’s quest to restore a just world in this excerpt from Carl Bowen’s upcoming novel Exalted: Pillar of the Sun Sun. Learn the tricks for creating a city full of vampires from members of the Camarilla fan club.


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by Dan Brereton

Howlings News and Notes from White Wolf Game Studio
In April
Spanish VTES Championships (April 17) — Spanish Methuselahs face off in Barcelona for the national prize. Skulls Are Stylish — A new Vampire: The Requiem T-shirt goes on sale this month, featuring only the fanged skull of the game without any logos.

A New Set of Fangs
Justin Achilli, who has served as Vampire line developer and IP manager, recently accepted the position of White Wolf ’s Editing & Development Manager. Will Hindmarch has stepped up to become the new Vampire: The Requiem developer. On December 21st of last year, White Wolf held an online Q&A session with Will. What follows is an edited excerpt of that chat. JamesDMarr: Will the bloodlines named in the Vampire: The Requiem book be the first to be outlined in the Bloodlines books? Will Hindmarch: None of the bloodlines in the core rulebook appear in this first Bloodlines book. I don’t intend to flesh those out in the near future, in fact. Those are yours, for you guys to color and bring to life at your tables. You may see some in the future which have powers not unlike those mentioned in the rulebook, but probably not those bloodlines specifically. PerfectCircle20: First bloodlines book? Is there going to be a series of these types of sourcebooks? Hindmarch: Yes. DAGREATJL : Will Bloodlines: The Hidden feature information about forming your own bloodlines (in addition to what’s found in Vampire: The Requiem)? Hindmarch: Not in that one. Lots of inspiration, lots of new Disciplines, but nothing to revise or contradict what’s in the rulebook. We’ll see more of that kind of toolkit information, though. Good question. JasonC: Will there ever be alternative metaplot offered for those of us who appreciate a little helping hand with such? Hindmarch: Metaplot? No. However, the episodic (but not completely unconnected) forthcoming novels are a good source of inspiration for drama, for character arcs, and for far-reaching storylines. The city books have ideas for how to set up dramatic settings and I’m looking to help suggest new ways for Vampire chronicles to unfold, but metaplot’s not the Tao of that anymore. My hope is that we can help you all to tell great stories that unfold organically and metaplot can sometimes get in the way of that. It’s not to say I’m unaware of the challenge of running Vampire. We’re still gonna help you out.
Hecktar: Will covenants enjoy the same treatment as bloodlines? I mean books which depict possible variation to the general body politic of vampires? Hindmarch: The game line will enjoy such treatments (lots of alternatives, lots of little spins, lots of options), but the covenant books themselves aren’t quite the places where that happens. Everything is an example in those books, though. We may say in the Lancea Sanctum book, for example, that some creed of vampire ministers acts a certain way in the American Southeast, but you can take that and put it in Boise, if you want. That’s the whole point of the neofeudal set-up for the World of Darkness. So the covenant books show some of the different ways that the covenants organize in various cities — so they show options in that way — but they don’t deeply revise what the covenant’s are, exactly. But you’ll see, I think, that the covenants are broader, wider concepts than they might appear in the rulebook. Your wandering mendicant hermits and your crimson-robed melodramatic Inquisitor are both Sanctified, for example. GEHENNAHERETIC: Balance among the game lines is more important in the new World of Darkness than in the old. How is balance across game lines being established? Hindmarch : We have these involved meetings wherein all the developers and our manager(s) get together and double check to make sure our ideas are going to play well together. So when we need a new rule for something one of us might come up with it, but then we all sit down and say “How does a werewolf interact with this? How is this going to affect mages?” I’ll give you an example that hints at the first Bloodlines book: I ’ ve got a new Discipline with an old name that lets a vampire do stuff with shadows. Ethan and Bill and I sit down and agree on a way that shadow-type stuff is handled in the game at large. How will it interact with mage powers and werewolf rites, etc. (Generally, this means Ethan and Bill speak like the Oracle, for their words are worth gold, and I take notes as fast as I can.)

In May
Southeast VTES Qualifier (May 14) — card players gather in Atlanta for the Southeast qualifier for this year’s North American championship (to be held in August in Indianapolis). The Mind’s Eye Returns — After a delay to make sure they were just right, White Wolf’s new liveaction rules hit shelves this month.

In June
NEGLECt (June 2-5) — Chicago welcomes the Camarilla in the 2005 event for Northeast, Great Lakes and East-Central members (open to gamers from further afield too, of course). Live-action and tabletop World of Darkness games go all day and all night. Origins (June 30 - July 3) — Gamers of all stripes descend on poor Columbus, Ohio. White Wolf holds an exclusive preview game for Mage: The Awakening as well as a variety of seminars and other events.

Essentially, it comes from constant cooperation and diligence. The whole reason I’m down here in beautiful Atlanta is because we developers need to be able to tap each other on the shoulder at any minute. It’s an ongoing process in which we constantly doublecheck and remind ourselves. SHRICKE: Victorian Age and Dark Ages… is there any chance we might see them again or is that completely ruled out? Hindmarch: As game lines, or sub-lines, or whatever, I don’t think you’ll see them again. More to the point, we don’t even have all of our horses out of the gate right now, so those sorts of questions are a long way off. Personally, I have a big love for history and historical settings, but I think you’re more likely to see certain historical elements just come up in books where its needed, rather than put into their own books. I can’t say for sure, either way, and I can’t see the future, but I doubt you ’ ll see products that go over that same ground in a similar way again. Jackob : The inevitable question: What’s your favorite Clan and Covenant? Hindmarch: Hm. That really is hard for me to say. I’m not good at “ favorites, ” no matter the subject. I’ll go with… the Circle of the Crone and the Mekhet, but that’ll change tomorrow. Mithras: Are there any future plans to release any sourcebooks set in Europe? Hindmarch: “Set in Europe…” Assuming that means focused on Europe, yeah, I’d like very much to do a book on Edinburgh some day (though it’s not in Europe), and I’d like to do some very nonWestern areas and ideas. I can’t say when that will happen, but my answer is an emphatic Yes! Soonmot: Are we going to have another Kuei-Jin, or will all vampires have the same sort of supernatural background, whatever that may be? Hindmarch : Without being able to see the future, my answer is this: All vampires the world over are, at their core, the same creatures. That said, take a look at the Aswang in World of Darkness: Antagonists. That’s a great example of another culture’s vampire myth adapted to the World of Darkness. For vampires you can play, though, I plan to have all the world ’s undead be different breeds of the same stock. Bloodlines: The Hidden , for example, has vampire lineages from all over the world. One day I hope to exaggerate the way that’s done (in an optional system), but generally, all vampires are the same kind of monster. Qzujak49: Will we see Discipline levels above 5? Hindmarch: Depends who you play with. I won’t be covering that territory for a long while. I don’t promise that I will ever cover it. It’s the purview of the individual Storyteller for now. qzujak49: Will we be getting more info on VII and their “Kingdom”? Hindmarch: Yes, yes, yes. I’ve just spent some time developing three distinct ideas for VII with three different authors. The book on VII offers three different ideas for you to use either in whole, or in parts to assemble your own VII organization. They’re a stellar example of how things are done in the new game line. I’m pretty excited to see these three ideas unfold. Derbyhat: Will we be seeing other books (in the vein of VII) with this “this, that, or this other thing entirely” flexibility? Hindmarch: Absolutely, yes. VII is the best example right now, only because it’s mentioned in the rulebook and because that book is so focused on one subject. In the future, though, I want to even go so far as to offer up optional alternatives to the basic Curse of the Damned. Plus, I’m hoping to experiment with a citybook or two that’s as flexible and multi-faceted as the VII book. I love that stuff.. _daNieL_: Any plans for more details on Golconda, or will it remain speculative? Hindmarch: Bit of both. If I get my way, you’ll see some cultural permutations of what might be Golconda get the VII-style treatment we were just discussing. That might be in 2006. gur wadd: What aspect of Vampire: The Requiem do you feel has the most room for development going forward, and what aspects do you feel are already complete? Hindmarch: I think The Requiem (and the World of Darkness book) lay down a solid foundation, but that our first job is to layer on the fundamental materials at this stage — covenant books, new bloodlines, etc. At this point, nothing is complete. Everything could be explored deeper, but I think it ’s the cultural place of vampires, the way they interact with the world at large, and the ways they behave and interact as creatures, that’s most open to new development. Vampire anthropology, in other words. WPPB : Any chance of something like the Q&A in the Storyteller’s Handbook. Things like “do vampires cry blood,” “do they leave fingerprints,” “do their fangs retract?” Hindmarch: I’ve thought a lot about that, and I like that kind of easily digestible format for some things, but on that subject I think I’d rather handle it this way: Q: “Do vampires leave fingerprints?” A: “ If they do, then [this can happen in your game], but if they don’t [then you get to do stuff like this].” I’d like to explore the notions and offer you guys answers to toy with — do it one way in this chronicle and a different way in the next chronicle. Even if I have to pick one way as the default (for the purposes of published stories and the like), I don ’t want to neglect the options. Mithras: Are there any more plans to create more covenants than the five presented in the main book? Hindmarch: I plan to create some new takes on the covenants, first. (What did the Invictus evolve into in Mumbai, or something.) If or when I get to do my books on some far-off lands (Turkey, Japan, India), I expect you’ll see a mix of the traditional covenants and a new one or two here or there. I’d like to, but it’ll be a while before we ’ ve finished putting down the carpet, so to speak. SHRICKE: There were rumors for a historical setting based on ancient Rome. As you said before, Will, it’s to early to be sure, but Justin said he would love to do it. Are you of this opinion also? Hindmarch: I’ve been trying to coax more of this idea out of Justin. Short version is that, yes, I ’ m crazy excited to see this setting. The sooner we do it, though, the sooner we dilute the focus on the Modern Gothic part. I don’t know when the time will be right, but I think we’ll get to see something about Roman Vitae some night. GEHENNAHERETIC : Doesn’t the ‘blood sympathy’ rule where blood relatives can spy on each other hinder the intrigue aspects of the game? Hindmarch: Not at all. It’s a mechanism of consequence. Intrigue is sort of about things happening behind the scenes, but stories are always about what happens when things come on stage. It suggests avenues of intrigue, makes character accountable for their actions, and demands that these reclusive monsters interact in dramatic ways. It keeps power from gravitating automatically upwards, to some extent. It requires somewhat different storytelling from the old game, but that doesn’t mean it’s less intriguing. Good question, though. You can find a full transcript of the chat on

Catechism of the Damned The Kindred Get Religion in Lancea Sanctum
Lancea Sanctum
WW25001; $34.99 ISBN 1-58846-249-8

Starting from scratch is a daunting task, particularly when the result needs to be something appealing and playable to a large base of Vampire: The Requiem players. April sees the release of Lancea Sanctum Sanctum, a complete guide to the most religious of the five core covenants in Vampire Vampire. Following are some of the principles I put to the book’s writers. There’s also an excerpt from the book proper, so you can judge if we all did our jobs right.
• The Lancea Sanctum is conservative. Sometimes arch- or even ultra-conservative. It doesn’t want to get its way by tearing everything down and burning the piles of debris. The Lancea Sanctum can be subtle and mannered when it’s not being imperious. It wants to help those who help themselves. • The Lancea Sanctum is righteous. Christ is to Christians as Longinus is to the Lancea Sanctum. Although not every Sanctified needs to be a Testament of Longinus-beating “fundie,” the covenant’s members generally believe its dogma. Certainly, less-devout members exist, but it’s probably easier to advance a personal agenda from inside a sect that doesn’t require so much of its members. Trying to ride the Lancea Sanctum into your own archbishopric is hard work. You might as well try to become a big shot in Rome’s politics by becoming Pope. It can be done, but not likely. No, the Lancea Sanctum is largely earnest in its crusades. • The Lancea Sanctum is zealous. The Lancea Sanctum is entirely convinced that its way is the best way, and that’s among Lancea Sanctum progressives who don’t insist that the Lancea Sanctum way is the one true way. Members of the Lancea Sanctum are headstrong because they’re entirely convinced of their cause. Bear in mind that this doesn’t mean every member has to be an overbearing, blustering jackass who wants to boss the coterie around. A Sanctified can be quietly determined, stoic and unflappable, or simply committed to his own cause. As such, crises of faith serve as great flaws or foibles for Lancea Sanctum characters, and covenant theory will often clash with the cornerstones of the character’s morality. • The Lancea Sanctum is deliberate. It’s not like the Lancea Sanctum to run in and throw Molotov cocktails at your haven. A Lancea Sanctum foe might be a relentless “dark knight,” coming at you with unstoppable fury, or she might be a consummate politico, undermining your credibility and reputation by suggesting that your actions aren’t good for the whole of

by Justin Achilli

Ten Things to Know About the Lancea Sanctum

page 14

City of the Damned: New Orleans
WW25200; $26.99 ISBN 1-58846-248-X

page 16

WW25110; $26.99 ISBN 1-58846-256-0

page 15

the Damned. Being Sanctified isn’t about chaos and random thuggery, it’s about knowing you’re doing God’s work in your own capacity as predator. • The Lancea Sanctum is organized. The Lancea Sanctum is far more so than many of the other covenants, and is arguably the most organized of all of them. The Carthians are fractured internally. The Ordo Dracul is a scam. The Circle of the Crone has a hierarchy, but it’s more organic, fluid and holistic. Even the Invictus is more of an “I’ll do what I want and you had best know your place” sort of situation. The Lancea Sanctum has titles and offices directly responsible for certain sectarian duties. Note that this doesn’t mean there’s no conflict within the covenant — it just means that the sect is more cohesive in general. • The Lancea Sanctum is catholic in both senses of the word. It draws many of its rites and practices from the capital-C Catholic denomination of Christianity, and for this reason, many Kindred suspect that the Lancea Sanctum is the oldest covenant of vampires, possibly having been there since the inception of the mortal faith. It is lowercasec catholic because it has ideas and beliefs about the entire Kindred condition, not just certain aspects. Its moralities are evolved and even convoluted in places, covering every aspect of the Requiem from relations with mortals to the nature of inter-Kindred relationships. • The Lancea Sanctum exalts the role of predator. God made vampires a cut above mortals — their powers and abilities are testament to that. God also, however, made vampires prey upon “lesser” creatures. In the minds of Lancea Sanctum vampires, they’re not doing their jobs unless they’re inflicting terror or preying on the populace. Be careful with this. The Sanctified act as they do out of a sense of divine purpose, not because they’re sociopaths or bullies. As always, I’m sure there are some sociopathic bullies among the Lancea Sanctum, but they’re not the prevailing culture. Sanctified vampires aggrandize their vampiric nature because that’s what God made them. They have no illusions as to whether or not they’re Damned — they


just spend less time crying into their pillows about the matter. This, of course, is a delicate matter when it comes to handling Humanity, but many Sanctified are willful enough to maintain control over themselves and still evolve a predator’s mindset. • The Lancea Sanctum is evangelical. You will do what the Lancea Sanctum says. The Sanctified are the rightful lords of the Kindred, because they know most intimately what being a vampire means. The Lancea Sanctum enforces. The Lancea Sanctum demands. The Lancea Sanctum holds your fate in its hands, and if you cross it, you shall die as a heretic or traitor.

• The Lancea Sanctum is hypocritical. The Lancea Sanctum occasionally breaks the Kindred Traditions, but it justifies those acts to itself. When Lancea Sanctum members do it, they have a good reason. When you do it, you’re a traitor to the Damned. • Lancea Sanctum leaders and officials are “Anointed.” The rite of Anointing occurs whenever a vampire gains rank in the Lancea Sanctum. For this reason, leaders, etc. are often referred to as the “Anointed.” See the core book subsection for more.

Quadragesima (literally Latin for “40 days” or “40th day”) is an imposed period of reflection, prayer and fasting for the Sanctified. According to some translations of the Testament, after Longinus was cursed, he existed in a numb, hungry state for 40 nights. During these 40 nights, he wandered, mad with starvation, eyes and mind lying to him with hallucinations and visions. This was the covenant father’s darkest time, but in a way, also the most revealing. For in his visions, he saw the true nature of his Requiem and found what it meant to be a sanguine fiend of the night. Many of these visions found in the Testament, written in a cryptic poetical style, are said to inform much of what would become Longinus’ philosophies and the Lancea Sanctum’s practices. To emulate the fasting of Longinus, the covenant offers the ritus of Quadragesima (sometimes called only “The Holy Denial” or “The Prophet’s Fast”). It begins on the first night of the New Year (January 1) and continues for 40 days, until February 9. Abstaining from drinking blood is a critical part of this ritual, but isn’t the sum total of it, either. Starving oneself from Vitae for a full five and a half weeks is a sure road to frenzy, not to mention a practical guarantee that some overzealous neonate is going to shatter the Masquerade. The fasting only takes place during the final week of the Denial, from February 3 to February 9. Wise Kindred feed to satiety beforehand so as not to go truly hungry. Wise Sanctified hide themselves contemplatively away in their havens for the time, so as not to require any unnecessary uses of their Vitae. Clever enemies know that this is an excellent time to engage faithful Sanctified, if only to deplete their blood supply and lead them to weakness.

Quadragesima: A Lancea Sanctum Ritus

The days prior to February 3 are marked by prayer and reflection leading up to the abstaining from blood. Prayers are largely personal, with several instances of Ecclesia observed by individuals or coteries. Midnight Mass during this period does take on even more pomp and circumstance, however, usually running double the time with readings from the more obscure parts of The Testament of Longinus. Not all Sanctified join in the ritus of Quadragesima. Once upon a time, they did. They were required to, actually, bound by dogma (and held fast by threats of further damnation and heresy) to take part in the Denial. Unfortunately, as traditionalist and demanding as the Lancea Sanctum is, it can’t demand such a sacrifice of its members any longer, mostly because it just can’t keep track of who is partaking and who isn’t. Moreover, it’s dangerous inviting such weakness into the covenant, even if only for seven nights. The Sanctified party line demands that every covenant member take part in the ritual. The reality, on the other hand, is that most give some lip service to prayer, but not to the actual fasting. System: Those Sanctified who faithfully meet the obligations of Quadragesima find that it reinvigorates them, giving them a wellspring of faith upon which to draw when they need it most. After fulfilling the requirements of the ritus, the Sanctified character’s player may declare that the 9 Again rule applies to any single roll he makes. Again, this 9 Again bonus applies to a single roll — if applied to an extended action, it affects only the next roll made for that action, not every roll made for that action. If this bonus isn’t taken before the beginning of the next Quadragesima (January 1), it is lost. Players may not “bank” 9 Again bonuses earned in this manner. The 9 Again rule is described on p. 134 of the World of Darkness rulebook.

Lancea Sanctum Sanctum, a 224-page hardcover sourcebook, releases in April.



P r e d a t o r s is a book designed with these themes and images in mind. It is the primary antagonist sourcebook for Werewolf: The Fors a k e n and handles the most significant inhuman enemies of the Uratha, while assisting Storytellers in coming up with ways to present these antagonists in their own games.

WW30300; $29.99 ISBN 1-58846-326-5

page 16

Werewolves have much to fear. They frequently war with each other; the Forsaken battling against the Pure, fighting viciously over causes and beliefs that are held tight with the convictions of millennia. In the midst of this unstable balance, the Bale Hounds carve their wretched influence. And then, there are the threats born of the flesh and the Shadow to deal with: dangers that are often poorly understood and awe-inspiring in their horror and power. While any werewolf can call upon his fury and concentrate it into killing Rage, there are creatures out in the physical world and the Shadow Realm that mere claws and anger cannot always conquer. There are foes that Gifts and spirit magic may fail against. There are monsters that stalk the dark places of both worlds, and spectral enemies that steal the lives of men and women, perverting them into twisted mockeries of themselves. When the werewolves look outward; out past their own conflicts, out past the threatening presence of the Pure Tribes, out past the sanctuary of their packs, their loci and their uneasy alliances… then the other enemies of the Uratha reveal themselves. Some of these creatures cling to the shadows of distant dens in Shadow. Some walk the streets of the world’s cities wearing human skin like stolen clothing. If the Uratha run the boundaries of their protectorates in honor of Father Wolf, then they are going to come up against enemies infinitely more fearsome than wandering sorcerers or hungry vampires. Out in the spirit wilds, negotiation with the local entities can break down into butchery and slaughter over a single misunderstanding. On city streets and in the wilderness between such settlements, the werewolves must deal with the sinister presence of the Beshilu and the Azlu: two spirit-born races that also lay claim to supernatural heritages and the territorial rights of rival predators. The Rat Hosts and Spider Hosts bear no love for their wolf-blooded enemies and hold ancient grudges of their own.

What is it to really be hunted by another creature? The Uratha, as exemplary predators and gifted warriors are secure in their skills and hunting ability. They are a race bred for the hunt, and their wolf-hearts exalt in the success and harmony of the kill just as their human-minds rejoice in a predator’s pride. As such, the werewolves are masters of playing the hunter, stalking prey, and moving in for the kill with fangs and fury and claw. But what of those creatures out there who have skills and powers of their own: abilities and talents that allow them to turn the tide on the werewolves and hunt the hunters? Anything that can stalk one of the Uratha and be confident enough to close in for the kill has to be fairly sinister in its own right, purely by virtue of the prey it has chosen. And what if these creatures are content to hunt an entire pack of Uratha? What malevolent creatures lurk in the werewolves’ territories, waiting to be discovered like the foul insect life under a rock or the single corrupted fruit that slowly sours the rest of the batch? Predators tells you and gives you the tools to populate the darkness with your own terrible things.

Between enemies, sooner or later it always comes down to conflict. The Uratha are savage protectors and the one thing they are never short of is enemies. The spirits within the Shadow, humble and mighty alike, must be placated and honored if they are beneficial…and removed or destroyed if they stand in the way of a secure protectorate. The Spirit-Ridden, humans plagued and possessed by banes and other spirits, can rend the sanctity of werewolf territory apart by


their very presence as they irrationally spread their influence, feed their alien powers and further their unknown agendas. The Beshilu, crazed and chaotic, undermine the workings of everyone and everything they touch. They rip holes in the Gauntlet, threatening to bring the sickened Shadow into the realm of flesh, causing a flood of spiritual contagion. The Azlu, coldly vindictive, prowl loci and trap spirit and flesh alike in their webs. When they call off this task, they take to the darkness of the human cities, hunting the Uratha for the Essence in their very blood. Conflict threatens every aspect of a werewolf’s life, and very, very little of such violence is trivial in nature. Some Uratha may enjoy conflict; there is much to be said for the purity of falling into a killing Rage and ripping apart your blood enemies with your own claws. But any enjoyment the Uratha may feel is secondary to the overriding truth behind the conflict in a werewolf’s life. Easy or challenging, ferocious or calculated, bloody or clean…the conflict is often necessary. The Uratha have the duty of a murdered father to uphold, and the lives of their loved ones to preserve. That said, antagonists do not always need to be confronted with righteous anger and a lethal outlook. Conflict can mean more than just physical violence, and there are many ways to make an opponent bend to your will. Negotiation and compromise are sometimes options, even between sworn foes. The chapters take each antagonist in turn and present Storytellers with ways in which they can use these creatures in their games, with possibilities running the gamut from outright onslaught to sincere negotiation.

Predators is not designed to serve as a comprehensive catalogue of “bad guys.” In short, it is not a Beasts Bestiary or similar listing of antagonists to throw at the players’ pack in alphabetical order when they reach a certain degree of killing competence. Instead, this book deals with an easily misunderstood aspect to the Uratha lifestyle: the near-constant threat of violence and warfare that looms over their lives. While it is an antagonists book, the antagonists within are opposed to the werewolves for perfectly valid reasons of their own. The Uratha may know these reasons and return the sentiment with nothing but hatred. In other cases, the werewolves may not understand why the creatures hold such an enmity, and see only that the existence of such animosity threatens the stability of their domains. The theme of werewolf conflict is to overcome the challenges presented, no matter the cost. All that being said, Predators does detail several different types of enemies for your Uratha pack to face: • Spirits: Of all the creatures presented within this sourcebook, the ephemeral denizens of the Shadow Realm are (paradoxically) both the most open to negotiation and the most alien and fearsome enemies. Some might serve as potential allies, bound into service as totems or into fetishes; others may prove dire rivals for control of the Shadow. •Spirit-Ridden: Possessed by unearthly spirits, these altered men, women and children can struggle to deal with their loss of control, or embrace their spiritual dominator and surrender to its will. New tools for building a greater variety of Ridden antagonists are provided, as are a number of sample Ridden for out-of-the-box use. • The Hosts: The Azlu and Beshilu got some coverage in the main Werewolf: The Forsaken book, but they receive more detail here. The chaotic, unpredictable tactics of the Rat Hosts seem born entirely to plague the lives of their werewolves, while the sinister, malicious Spider Hosts wait in the darkness, feeding and growing stronger as human-spider hybrids. Even more terrifying, Predators reveals new types of Hosts for the first time. • Horrors of an Ancient Age: There are things that do not easily fall into the categories of spirits, Ridden and Hosts. Uratha can and do face unnatural blasphemies that never should have been, things of neither flesh nor spirit, and even creatures remaining from some ancient, lost age.

Combat, the most obvious and immediate form of conflict, definitely has its place in Werewolf: The Forsaken Forsaken. There will always be those werewolves who revel in their killing power, just as there will be those who regret the murders they have committed over the course of their lives. Combat itself should not be a plain, repeated process of rolling dice and clocking up points of damage against the enemy. Indeed, it is a great disservice to the ferocity, the passion, and the sheer dynamics of the way werewolves fight to treat it so blandly. When the Uratha sharpen their claws and cry out the howls of the hunt, they do so for very real reasons. Danger is near. Death is approaching. If the creatures out in the darkness cry back with answering roars, then that is all the more reason to treat the combat with added flair and tension. The creatures presented in Predators are not a standard, dollar-a-dozen lots of enemies that the Uratha blithely deal with. When they meet these sinister threats, the fighting should be handled with as much visceral, savage pathos as possible.

Predators s, a 192-page sourcebook for Werewolf: The Forsaken Forsaken, is available in June.


Welcome to the Machine God A Tour of the Very Different World of Exalted: The Autochthonians
Exalted: The Autochthonians
Unlike the Creation of Gaia, Autochthon is not surrounded by the endless chaotic expanses of the Wyld. Instead, the Machine God sleeps in the non-space of Elsewhere. Beyond the static boundaries of Gaia’s Creation, infinite uncertainties exist. In contrast, literal and absolute nothing lies beyond Autochthon’s boundaries, and so, the titan’s boundaries are necessarily more rigid. Geometrically, he is shaped closest to a sphere, although that is a necessary oversimplification for the minds of those who cannot perceive his true complexity. Given that his world is, in fact, a three-dimensional realm of solid organ-continents grinding against one another in the expression of Primordial biology, this changes the fundamental structure of the world from Creation. The Great Maker is not composed of the same elements as Creation, and so, both the composition and function of the world inside his body differs. In place of the basic elements of air, wood, fire, water and earth, Autochthon uses the artificially created elements of steam, crystal, lightning, oil and metal. Autochthon also incorporates a sixth element of smoke, but this embodiment of pollution manifests Autochthon’s ailing health rather than a desired component of his being. Primordial’s mechanical physiology. Oil is Autochthon’s lifeblood, and the vast pumps beneath the pole serve as his many hearts. Recycled oils work their way back upward through peristaltic veins after use, pumped through successive tiers of filtration until they arrive at the reservoir pole in purified form.

The Elemental Pole of Smoke
The bottom fifth of Autochthonia is a barren and blasted wasteland that forms the single largest open space inside the Great Maker’s body. This openness is a sharp contrast to the immensely claustrophobic conditions that predominate in all of the rest of Autochthonia. However, this openness is far from inviting, as the Elemental Pole of Smoke is a dark and poisonous realm. A roiling bank of dense black fog, dozens of miles thick, rises to the ceiling, carefully sealed away from the rest of the Machine God by armored plates treated against the smoke’s corrosive pollutants. The scuttling custodians who maintain this shielding perform a necessary but thankless duty. Their existence is short and brutal, as this acidic environment gradually destroys their bodies and ultimately sends their dying remains plummeting into the miles-deep heap of debris far below. The clouds of elemental smoke here are toxic and occasionally luminous when mobile Essence vortices condense into a malevolent glow. In other places, the harsh and relentless meteorological conditions become turbulent enough that intermittent lightning flashes and thunder add to the inescapable gloom. Great automaton dirigibles plated with soulsteel against the corrosive pollution drift through the churning polychromatic clouds, their intake maws sucking in the foul air through purification baffles. From time to time, these bloated automata dock with the colossal inverted spires that pierce down into or even through the smoke at irregular intervals. When docked, air-scrubber drones pump clean air into ventilation ducts, where it funnels back up through Autochthonia for the benefit of its biological denizens and the Primordial’s own biomechanical subsystems. This complex system serves as Autochthon’s lungs.

Exalted: The Autochthonians
WW8816; $34.99 ISBN 1-58846-681-7

page 15

Aspect Book: Water
WW8843; $19.99 ISBN 1-58846-679-5

page 14

The Elemental Pole of Oil
Just as the elements themselves differ, so too does the arrangement of poles. The upper fifth of this spherical world is a colossal hemispherical reservoir filled entirely with an ocean of oil. Squid-like custodians swim in schools there, mixing the lubricants as they scout their lightless inky realm by echolocation and Essence sight. These creatures also maintain the wards of the ceiling, attaching their suckers to create hermetically sealed environments in which they can extrude welding torches without fear of explosion. Vast ovoid automata, miles long, consume and convert oil into refined chemicals, which are sealed in anchor pods and dropped to the ocean floor. Bladesleek gremlins prowl tainted currents like siaka, foraging out to attack the factory whales and batten themselves on the processed cargo. All around the containment bulwark’s periphery, factory-crustaceans feed and maintain the intake valves and pumps that regulate the flow of oil pumping into the world below. These refinery-spirits also harvest released chemical pods as they find them, placing them into designated drop chutes. In the rest of Autochthonia, the oils serve the part of water as the predominant fluid, greasing mechanical parts and providing raw materials for many chemical components in the

Exalted: Pillar of the Sun
WW10068; $6.99 ISBN 1-58846-868-2

page 14

The Elemental Pole of Metal
The remaining three-fifths of Autochthonia form a roughly toroidal cylinder, the solid husk and flesh of the Great Maker. Within this predominantly metal realm, continent-sized organs drift and clash according to the inscrutable principles of this realm’s biotectonics. The vast majority of Autochthonia is unyieldingly cramped, a bizarre mix of subterranean and urban design. Moderate spaces and chasms exist only in the interstices


between organs. Here mortals build their cities and towns, which are connected by a multitude of lesser spaces carved by labyrinths of tubes, veins, tunnels, chutes and chimneys threading through and around the Machine God’s organs. Much of this crowding and claustrophobia stems from Autochthon’s own constraints — he crammed his infinite being into bounded space for his exodus. The entire toroidal bulk forms the Elemental Pole of Metal, the Essence-charged nature of which makes most surfaces impermeable to dematerialized beings. At the absolute heart of Autochthon, the metacrystalline Godhead contains the Primordial’s Core, which the residents of Autochthonia imagine to be the Great Maker’s own soulgem. This core contains the processing function of the titan’s ego. From the outside, this chamber is a vast sphere. However, the wide hyperbolic slope of a solid central pillar transforms the interior of the chamber into a torus. Affixed to the upper half of this pillar and woven outward to fill the top half of the continent-sized cathedral, the Tapestry of Autochthon’s design incorporates a multidimensional fractaline complexity resembling Yu-Shan’s Loom of Fate. Likewise, the gossamer spider web of starmetal cables and adamant nodes plays home to millions of design weavers, the upgraded pattern spiders weaving the Essence and future of the Machine God’s Realm in accordance with the dictates of the Core. Lightning arcs between the strands constantly and elaborately, a great sizzling storm of naked, incalculable thought. Far below, the Godhead itself is a forest of couplings, tubes and towers, every one leading through ducts, filaments, wires or some other apparatus to mechanisms through all of Autochthonia. Because the Core trusts the Divine Ministers and their revered subroutines to fulfill their assorted autonomic functions, the slumbering Primordial makes infrequent use of these couplings. From time to time, however, Autochthon directs one spider or another to fall on a gleaming dragline from the web and plug its spindly legs into some architectural tree miles below. Once attached, the web-strand links the Tapestry with the machine, bridging the two in an awesome surge of Essence. The power of that vast thought races to its destination, displacing and superseding all other spirits in its path. The Godhead is the Elemental Pole of Crystal, but more than that, the chamber is the very brain and perfected ideal to which all else in Autochthonia is physically and metaphysically subsidiary.

in sparks that could span — or vaporize — whole cities. The largest of these arcs blazes brighter than the noonday sun by several orders of magnitude. As directed by the Divine Ministers, spikes of orichalcum extend from between the dynamos, conducting their power through portals into batteries scattered in Autochthon’s central mass. These batteries serve as relay nodes, transmitting their stored lightning through the starmetal nerve cabling threaded throughout the Machine God. Surges of this power feed the Tapestry of the Godhead and innumerable other components, as well as igniting oils to generate fire within factory-forges and providing rapid communication between Autochthon’s Primordial biology. The Pole of Lightning powers the Great Maker’s biomechanical nervous system.

The Elemental Pole of Steam
Autochthon’s Elemental Pole of Steam exists in a sanctum realm the same overall dimensions as the Pole of Lightning. This colossal silo houses a sea of fresh water in its lowest expanses, kept boiling by the constant application of underwater lightning arcs. Unsurprisingly, nothing biological can live in this scalding, high-pressure tank. Its only denizens are jellyfish-shaped custodians capable of rapidly adjusting their buoyancy to move through the shaft, tasked with upkeep of the cistern’s mechanisms and scouting for impurities to devour. The entirety of the silo contains steam at pressures that would crush a behemoth or transform coal into diamond. Vents open in the walls, allowing that pressure to feed through sanctum portals into arterial veins within Autochthonia. From there, the steam flows to all parts of the Machine God, providing driving force for pistons and wheels, as well as cleansing whole sectors with tempests of scouring vapor. Cooled by blue-jade filters, steam condenses into water, which serves a myriad of functions throughout the Machine God. In industry, water tempers freshly smelted metals and lubricates those components where oil proves dangerous or impractical. More importantly, water supports the ecosystem of truly biological life within Autochthonia. Some veins carry water near mortal settlements, diverting some of their pressure into the capillaries that carry nutrients and veins of organic waste. As part of this life-support system, globule cisterns staged at strategic intervals in the vein networks contain vast reefs of synthetic coral. These are the largest species of biocrystalline elementals in Autochthonia, created to process and filtrate their environment. In this role, they use some of the biomass to expand or repair themselves and excrete the remainder as nutrient pastes directly into adjoining capillaries. Inorganic wastes flush away to factories capable of extracting the purified ores. The reefs take the bulk of their purified water and send it directly into the Pole of Steam via sanctum portals, where it joins with the other steam and reclaimed water to keep the sea at a roughly constant volume. Subsidiary elementals live inside the vein network itself like blood cells, where they diligently repair cracks and attempt to remove unforeseen contaminants that could poison fragile mortals.

The Elemental Pole of Lightning
The Elemental Pole of Lightning exists within a cylindrical sanctum measuring a third the height of Autochthonia and a fifth the diameter. Bounded in semi-organic insulating ceramics tiled over indestructible crystal, the chamber boasts dynamos whose number and size stagger the imagination alongside Essence capacitors affixed to the interior walls in stackedringed tiers. Each tier rotates opposite from the one beneath, turned by an impossibly complex assemblage of Essence-driven engines and gears, all lubricated by oil pumped through veins inserted through scattered sanctum doorways. Lightning fills the space within the rumbling column, arcing from node to node

Exalted: The Autochthonians Autochthonians, a hardcover E x a l t e d rulebook, releases in May.


Strike Like a Tidal Wave
In Exalted Exalted, Water-aspected Dragon-Blooded form the crucial logistical and bureaucratic foundations to the Realm and its society. They travel the great whale roads of commerce, master its businesses (legitimate and otherwise) and meditate on and explore the secrets of the Exaltation. But Creation is a dangerous world, and the Children of Dana’d are no weaklings — as this assortment of Charms and Artifacts from the upcoming Aspect Book: Water proves.
Aspect Book: Water
WW8843; $19.99 ISBN 1-58846-679-5

An Assortment of New Toys from Aspect Book: Water
attack multiple opponents one after the other and can enhance the clinch by placing this Charm in a Combo.

Smashing Tidal Wave Technique
(Brawl Charm) C o s t : 3 motes + 3 motes per additional target, 1 Willpower Duration: Brawl in turns T y p e : Supplemental Minimum Brawl: 5 Minimum Essence: 4 Prerequisite Charms: Crushing Glacier Prana Just as a tidal wave can crush many people at once, the character can attempt to hold a number of targets equal to his permanent Essence. In addition, this attack can be made at a range of (Essence x 5) yards. The opponents can be all together in a single group or standing separately — so long as all opponents are in range, the player rolls normally for his character to attempt to place each of them in a hold. The player rolls each hold attempt separately. Unless they break free, all opponents are held for a number of turns equal to the character’s Brawl score. All such attempts are made as if against the character who activated this Charm. Once the duration of this Charm is up, all opponents are automatically freed. The character must maintain these holds as if he were maintaining normal holds. Taking any other non-reflexive action automatically frees everyone effected by this Charm.

Bonds of Unbreakable Ice Technique
(Brawl Charm) C o s t : 3 motes, 1 Willpower Duration: Essence in turns T y p e : Supplemental Minimum Brawl: 3 Minimum Essence: 2 Prerequisite Charms: Riptide Method Just as ice on a frozen sea can hold a ship fast in place, the character can use bonds of Essence to maintain a hold on an opponent. The character makes a hold attack on her opponent normally and uses this Charm. If the hold attack is successful, then, at the beginning of the next turn, the character can let go and act normally. The opponent will remain held as if by the character for an additional number of turns equal to the character’s Essence score. The opponent can attempt to break free normally, and all such attempts are made as if against the character. Even if the opponent cannot break free, once the duration of this Charm is up, he is automatically freed. The character can use this Charm to immobilize multiple opponents one after the other and can enhance the hold by placing this Charm in a Combo.

page ??

Elemental Lens
(Artifact •••) Repair: 2 An elemental lens can take many shapes — some were made as part of a glove or gauntlet, with the lens mounted on the back of the hand, while others were built into talismans, weapons or suits of armor. An elemental lens built into an artifact adds • to the device’s Artifact rating, if the Artifact’s rating is less than ••• to start. Elemental lenses require 5 motes to attune — if added to another artifact with an attunement cost, it adds 2 motes to that cost. The elemental lens amplifies the effects of a DragonBlood’s elemental attacks as follows: Elemental Bolt Attack — each mote invested in an attack does 4L damage. Elemental Burst Technique — each mote invested does 3L damage or increases damage radius by one yard (so, permanent Essence + motes spent in yards). Total motes spent for damage or blast radius cannot exceed Stamina. Dragon Vortex Attack — each mote spent above 10 either increases the radius of the effect by two feet or increases the damage suffered per turn by 1L. Maximum number of motes equals permanent Essence + Stamina.

Crushing Glacier Prana
(Brawl Charm) C o s t : 10 motes, 1 Willpower Duration: Essence in turns T y p e : Supplemental Minimum Brawl: 5 Minimum Essence: 4 Prerequisite Charms: Bonds of Unbreakable Ice Technique The character can now also maintain a clinch after she ceases to touch her opponent. The character makes a normal clinch attack and uses this Charm. If the clinch attack is successful, then, the next turn, the character can let go and act normally. The opponent will continue to be crushed by waves of Essence for an additional number of turns equal to the character’s Essence score. The opponent can attempt to break free normally, and all such attempts are made as if against the character. Even if the opponent cannot break free, once the duration of this Charm is up, the opponent is automatically freed. The character can use this Charm to

Aspect Book: Water Water, a 96-page character book for Exalted: The Dragon-Blooded Dragon-Blooded, releases in April.


It Starts Here

An Excerpt from Exalted: Pillar of the Sun by Carl Bowen

April sees the release of the fourth in the ongoing series of Exalted novels. Carl Bowen (author of Exalted: A Day Dark As Night Night) brings us the last of the series’ key characters to life with the tale of the Exaltation of Panther. In this excerpt, Panther makes a decision that may shake Creation to its very foundations.
Awaking at dawn the next morning, Panther ate to curb the light hunger rumbling in his belly, then washed his face in a stream and relieved himself like a normal, mortal human being. His dreams had been filled with indistinct but wondrous images of glory and power that no waking mind in this age could conceive, but this simple biological act reminded him of who he was and where he’d come from. When it was done, he went back to the spot where he’d slept and lay back down in a boneless sprawl, looking at the world below. As the haze of sleep and dreams cleared, he saw that something wasn’t right in the hamlet he’d noticed the night before. The first thing he noticed was a pillar of smoke rising where the cooking fires had been coming from last night. The pillar was black and thicker than any cooking or brush-clearing fire should be—as if buildings in the village were burning. He wondered if an accident of some kind had started a fire in the village. Yet, looking to the edge of the valley and beyond, where the village’s farming fields lay, he could see that many of the crops had been trampled by a large number of men, horses and wheeled vehicles. Some were burning too, adding more smoke to the morning sky. And as Panther sat up and focused his attention, he could hear faint whispers of animal panic and piteous human distress, along with hard laughter and guttural shouts that were supposed to be intimidating. What he’d awoken to was no accidental tragedy, but a raid, likely by one of the barbarian tribes that roamed the Scavenger Lands looking for prey. He couldn’t guess which tribe it might be because he didn’t know exactly where he was, but that didn’t really matter. Though perhaps there was a reason for what was happening, the most ancient part of his reincarnated soul mused. After all, everyone needed to live. The barbarians raided for food, for metal—for things they needed to survive. After his mother’s death, even Panther himself had stolen to eat and committed crimes to survive. He understood the need. But no… that didn’t matter. A barbarian horde that grew strong on the rape and pillage of civilization would just keep on burning and destroying and despoiling until someone stopped it. And the sooner someone stopped it, of course, the better. Panther stood, strapping on the sword he had worn all the way from his erstwhile home in Nexus. Maybe once the imperial army would have come, and the legions would have marched forth in precise military fashion with their well-armed and armored foot soldiers led by DragonBlooded officers who wielded jade weapons and ancient magic. Even though being saved from chaos by the Dragon-Blooded more or less amounted to being conquered by a more civilized occupying power, at least the people would be safe. And in their gratitude, they would pay tribute, and the Realm would stay strong enough to keep protecting them. Yet now, the Dragon-Blooded were too concerned with their own affairs, so the only ones left to stand up for the Scavenger Lands were those who took it upon themselves to do so. Fortunately, it also left people like Panther, who’d been given a power that the DragonBlooded could only envy. The time had come for him to make a difference. “The world can be made pure and whole once again,” he said to himself as he started moving down the hill. “And it starts here.”

Exalted: Pillar of the Sun Sun, a 288-page mass-market paperback novel, releases in April.


Urban Renewal

A Guide to Creating a City in the Camarilla’s Global Chronicle

The Camarilla, White Wolf’s organized roleplaying club, has built a global chronicle that interconnects thousands of players world wide. The core of this process is the players, of course, but another key step is the creation of coherent versions of cities in the World of Darkness. Storytellers and players across the globe worked to populate their home cities with Kindred and other creatures and to flesh out a whole shadow history. What follows is an excerpt from the “city starter kit” created by Canadian Camarilla members Richard Birt and Leo Lingas to help with this process.
Step 1: Decide the Nature of Your Game
Start by deciding what themes your game will explore. Pick a defining Vice and Virtue for your setting to help establish the tension most players will feel with your story. A highly political or intrigue-based game might use the tension between Envy and Prudence; an action-oriented game in a city overwhelmed by dark things could use Wrath and Hope; a game about the investigation into hidden horrors might use Pride and Temperance. You should also have an idea of the initial relationship you would like to see between key characters. Do the elders get along, in order to withhold power from the neonates? Do the covenants clash in a struggle for power? Do clans viciously defend their individual territories? The clearer a notion you have for what you want the dynamics of your first session to be like, the easier later stages of this process will be. Some other key questions to answer: • Where will your game be set? • What will the theme and mood of your game be? • How far back can the oldest vampire in your setting remember? (And when was the last time that vampire was in torpor?) • How respected is the Prince in your setting? How large is his court? • The largest current industry in the city. • The most influential mortal institution in the city. (Answers from these two sections are shared with regional and national storytellers, who coordinate the various city histories in development to create a coherent chronicle back story. You may be asked to tweak your choices or to integrate facets from neighboring cities.)

Step 3: Founding Characters
Time to start populating your city. A real city evolves over time, of course, and yours will as well once play begins. However, you want to give players a sense of an established, functioning setting from the get-go. To do so, you and key players will cooperate to create the “founding characters,” the Kindred lynchpins of your own City of the Damned. Don’t create these lynchpins alone. Rather recruit the most experienced and helpful players in your domain and help them through the process. There are 11 key lynchpin roles: the five Prisci (clan heads), the five covenant heads, and the Prince. These roles can overlap, however — the Prince may also be the eldest Daeva in town and the Lancea Sanctum Bishop, for example — but you’ll probably end up with between 6 and 9 founding characters. Ask each player you recruit to come up with a character concept. Staring with the Prisci is easiest, since the arrival of the eldest clan members in a city establishes when that clan arrived in the domain. Covenant can be transmitted through texts and other means — clan requires physical presence. Regardless, you and your players should be able to answer the following questions: • Who was the first vampire to arrive in this city? When and why? • When did each of the other founding characters arrive in the city? How and why? Who were their sires? • How did the natural disasters and historical events you identified in Step 2 affect these vampires (and any others in the city at the time)? Did any of the founding characters have agendas or plans underway at these critical times?

Step 2: Do Historical Research
History is important in a game about undying monsters. The dynamics of Blood Potency and torpor mean you don’t need to know everything, of course, but as a Storyteller you still need to have a decent grasp of the domain’s past. Here are a few key facts to establish: • The date and reason for your city’s founding. • The pattern of population growth. When did the population reach 1,000? 10,000? 100,000? 1,000,000? Kindred population growth should match the mortal pattern. • The three gravest natural disasters to afflict the city, and their dates. • The five most significant historical events in the history.


• Who have been the Princes of the city? How and when did the current Prince assume that mantle? • What are the relationships between these vampires? (A “coterie-chart” is useful here; or even several) How does this affect the overall relationship between the five clans, the covenants, and others? • Which covenant has been dominant for most of the city’s history? Why? • What are the laws of the Prince, and how are they enforced? Are there any variations on the standard titles? • Do the founding characters represent a diversity of backgrounds (gender, race, religion, social class, etc.)? Why or why not? Design these characters according to standard rules (reflecting the experience of the players) with the following tweaks: • The Prisci: Each Priscus gains Clan Status ••• and City Status •••. • The Prince: The Prince gains City Status •••••. • The Covenant Heads: Each covenant gains Covenant Status ••• and City Status ••••. (If the character is also a Priscus, you can give him or her City Status •••••, setting him up as a rival to the Prince.) • Experience & Blood Potency: You should award starting experience points and additional Blood Potency dots according to the age of the founding characters and the size and age of your city. (The formula for doing so is a little complex so not included here, but it serves to give the founders an initial leg up as compared to the characters of other experienced players.) • Allies & Rivals: Every founding character should choose another character for whom she has marked positive feelings and one for whom she has marked negative feelings. These sentiments can be one-way streets or be reciprocated (creating strong alliances and rivalries) as you and the players see fit.

: Other Movers and Shakers Step 4:
The founders are a good start, but now it’s time to flesh out the avenues of power in the city with the help of all your other players. Talk with other players and see who is interested (and experienced enough) to play prominent characters in the city. Usually these will be formal members of the vampiric court (the Seneschal, Sheriff, and so on), but regents, prominent members of the covenants or even influential vampires without formal title are all appropriate. When creating these characters, ask the following questions: • When was the vampire Embraced, and by whom? • What is the vampire’s opinion of the founders he or she is tied to (Priscus, covenant head, the Prince)? • How did the vampire obtain his or her current position? • Which Kindred in the city does he trust and admire, and why? • Which Kindred in the city does he hate and despise, and why? • What is the vampire’s ambition? • What is the vampire’s cultural/political/religious background? How has this influenced who he or she is? Each character should also have another mover and shaker they feel positively about and one they feel negatively about, creating alliances and rivalries. Create these characters using the standard rules, but grant them each City Status • for free.

Step 5: Other Characters
With all these characters created, you can bring together all your remaining players to create their characters within the established framework. Encourage them to find their sires, rivals and mentors from among the established characters (a summary sheet of the established characters is useful for this). You can ask players to once again choose a vampire their character feels positively about and one they feel negatively about. With this all in place, you are ready to play. Welcome to the night.

Founding Characters Moving Forward
Founding characters are not intended to be players’ main characters in the chronicle. They exist to kick start the setting and when playing them, experienced characters essentially are serving as narrators. This doesn’t mean founders are invulnerable and immutable — far from it. In fact, the intention is for other characters (created by players) to rise to a position where they can replace or supplant the founders. Founders get some additional benefits at the outset, but do not gain experience over the course of play. Other characters will thus catch-up in sheer power. What’s more, enterprising players can and will come up with ways to displace the Prince or a Priscus. As Storyteller, you may also simply retire one or more founders, either by plotting a sequence in which they are destroyed, having them slip into torpor, or somehow else. Some experienced players you recruit to create the founders may find that they wish to make them into their primary characters, however. This can happen only if the experience they would have accumulated playing a normal character can pay for all the perks they got as a founder.

The Mind’s Eye Theatre Rulebook and Mind’s Eye Theatre: The Requiem Requiem, hardcover, trade-size live-action rulebooks, release in May.


Lancea Sanctum™
By the Words of the Dark Prophet

Requiem Skull T-shirt
A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words
The stylized and fanged skull stands for all the sophistication and gothic cool of Vampire: The Requiem™ and the vampire genre as a whole.


Dark paladins, fearsome zealots and devout evangelists, the members of the Lancea Sanctum exalt the words of Longinus, the philosophical founder of their cult. Through influences both subtle and overt, this ancient covenant enforces the dogmas of its Dark Prophet with relentless fervor. The Sanctified are more than just brimstone-and-fire extremists, however. They are agents of a righteous spirituality at work in the world tonight.

One Skull Says it All
White Wolf tries something different with this new line of Requiem Skull T-shirts. Each dark red shirt features the trademark Requiem Skull without other logos or gaudy artwork. Simple. Elegant. Vampire.
Stock #: M- WW57016, L- WW57017, XL- WW57018, XXL-WW557019. XXL- WW57020

A Deathless Legacy
A covenant guide for Vampire: The Requiem™, Lancea Sanctum sheds light on the mysterious, cultic practices of the organization that venerates the supposed father of the Kindred. It includes covenant secrets, bloodlines and Theban Sorcery rituals, as well as the offices and ideals the covenant holds dear. Hardcover.
ISBN: 1-58846-249-8 Retail Price: $34.99 U.S. Stock #: WW25001 Page Count: 224

Retail Price: $21.99 U.S.

Authors: Alan Alexander, Kraig Blackwelder, Jacob Klünder, Christopher Kobar and Chuck Wendig Developer: Justin Achilli Artist: Alex Maleev

Aspect Book: Water™
The Ebon Offspring of Daana’d
Sailors, spiritualists and businessmen without compare, the Aspects of Water are the tidal vortices of the Dragon-Blooded host. Yet these bureaucrats and sailors do far more than trade at foreign ports to increase the wealth of the Dynasty. With their skill at business, their eagle eye and their mastery of the waves, the Children of Daana’d are bookkeepers and investigators, endless fonts of secrets and designs for Creation.

Exalted: Pillar of the Sun™
(Exalted Novel #4)
Against the Barbarian Horde
The First Age Lunar Ma-HaSuchi has unleashed a barbarian army to ravage the Hundred Kingdoms, looting and burning everything in its path on a relentless march into the heart of the Realm. Nothing can stand against the Arczeckhi horde — until it crosses paths with Panther, a former pit fighter whose fearsome skills were legendary even before his Exaltation.

The Drowning Hands of the DragonBlooded
Aspect Book: Water is the fourth Aspect Book for Exalted — a series detailing the different types of Terrestrial Exalted. It tells the stories of five Caste members, from those who have just graduated from school to the plans of the mighty Peleps Deled. This book also provides the magical powers, rules and artifacts that Water-Aspected characters need to claim their roles as masters of trade and subterfuge.
ISBN: 1-58846-679-5 Retail Price: $19.99 U.S. Stock #: WW8843 Page Count: 96

About the Author
Carl Bowen is the author of popular White Wolf novels such as Exalted: A Day Dark as Night™ and Tribe Novel: Silver Fangs™. He is an editor at White Wolf Publishing and the author of several game supplements.
ISBN: 1-58846-868-2 Retail Price: $6.99 U.S. Stock #: WW10068 Page Count: 288

Author: Carl Bowen Artists: UDON

Authors: Ian Eller and John Snead Developer: Geoffrey C. Grabowski Artists: Kevin Lau, UDON and various artists


Thralls of the Damned
Slaves to the addictive taste of vampiric Vitae, ghouls trade servitude for that heady substance. Servitude, however, damns them far more than they know, as their unnatural craving drives them to ever greater desperation and depravity. Among those known as blood slaves, there’s no such thing as “just one fix.”

Mind’s Eye Theatre™
A World of Darkness

Bound to the Night
Ghouls examines the life and lot of those who serve vampiric masters. From in-depth rules on being a ghoul, to ghoul families and systems for creating them, to Vitae-fed plants known as mandragora, this book fully explores the effects of the Blood on mortal lives. Hardcover.
ISBN: 1-58846-256-0 Retail Price: $26.99 U.S. Stock #: WW25110 Page Count: 144

It’s never far away. You glimpse it shift in the shadows, hear it whisper on the breeze, feel its presence in every nightmare. A world so very like our own, but where sinister societies and ancient horrors cloak themselves in modern guises, and every truth uncovered only reveals a deeper mystery beneath. The shadows call. Will you answer?


How Deep Do the Shadows Reach?

Authors: Chuck Wendig, et. al. Developer: Matthew Mcfarland

Mind’s Eye Theatre gives you everything players and Storytellers need to play a live-action game set in the World of Darkness®. From setting material and rules for playing mortal characters to Storytelling advice and an innovative challenge-resolution system, this book is the cornerstone of a totally new live-action experience. Enter the theatre of the mind and learn the secrets of the night. Trade-sized and hardcover.
ISBN: 1-58846-522-5 Retail Price: $22.99 U.S. Stock #: WW50000 Page Count: 160


Authors: White Wolf Game Studio Developer: Peter Woodworth

Mind’s Eye Theatre: The Requiem™
There’s Music in the Night
As the sun fades into memory and the world falls into darkness, the haunting notes of the danse macabre echo, calling the undead to play their nightly games. From turf wars in the streets to cutting remarks at society parties, old grudges spill fresh blood as vampires vie for power and prominence. It’s a world without pity, a world of predators. Now that you’re one of them, it’s your world too.

Exalted: The Autochthonians™
Children of the Machine God
Outside Creation, the great Primordial forge-god Autochthon sleeps… and is dying. The vast industrial works that give him life falter. Yet he is not alone. Millions of worshippers live within his metal body, descended from those spirited away to his vast form millennia ago. They see their god fade, and will not allow it. They wrest open the gates of Creation, traversing the endless distances of Elsewhere to reach the resources and souls that their iron deity needs to survive.

Won’t You Join Us?
The Requiem provides all the information necessary to bring the mysterious existence of vampires to your Mind’s Eye Theatre™ game. Secret histories of the undead, the clans and sects that make up the danse macabre, rules for the mystic Disciplines — it’s all here. Discover the nocturnal world as you’ve never seen it before. Requires the Mind’s Eye Theatre rulebook for play. Trade-sized and hardcover.
ISBN: 1-58846-523-3 Retail Price: $27.99 U.S. Stock #: WW50001 Page Count: 224

Champions of the Metal Church
Exalted: The Autochthonians details the industrial god-world of Autochthonia. From its strange wildlife to the mighty Alchemical Exalted, the denizens of the god-machine are explored in fine detail. In addition, the book provides three scenarios about Autochthonian invasion of Creation, for Storytellers who wish to use the arrival of the machine-god’s exiles for an Exalted series. Hardcover.
ISBN: 1-58846-681-7 Retail Price: $29.99 U.S. Stock #: WW8816 Page Count: 256

Authors: Andrew J. Scott, Peter Woodworth and the White Wolf Game Studio Developer: Peter Woodworth

Authors: Kraig Blackwelder, Michael Goodwin, Michael Kessler, Alejandro Melchor and John Snead Developers: Geoffrey C. Grabowski and John Chambers Artists: UDON and various artists


City of the Damned: New Orleans™
The Sultry Night Beckons


Hunt or be Hunted
The world of werewolves is fear made flesh. Pain, terror and hatred all take physical form, and all hunt for prey. The Forsaken are well aware of these horrific threats, and pit themselves against their enemies when the moon rises. But are werewolves the predators… or are they the prey?

New Orleans lives on borrowed time. Steeped in the customs and traditions of the Old World and ruled with an iron fist by a pious Prince, the Kindred of the city keep the sanctity of the Traditions at court and sate their desires amid the neon glare of Bourbon Street. From the stately manors of the Garden District to the seedy lanes of the French Quarter, New Orleans seethes with pent-up desire and whispered promises of power, revolution and revenge.

Blood Flows under a Full Moon
An antagonists supplement for Werewolf: The Forsaken, Predators contains a horde of threats to pit against the werewolves of your chronicle. Inside are details on spirit foes from beyond the Gauntlet, and the Ridden they possess. Also included is information on the mad Rat and Spider Hosts, and on monstrous foes from the darkest past. Whether you need foes for a short and brutal encounter or a long and harrowing hunt, nothing fits the bill like a book full of predators. Hardcover.
ISBN: 1-58846-326-5 Retail Price: $29.99 U.S. Stock #: WW30300 Page Count: 192

Join the Danse Macabre

City of the Damned: New Orleans presents the Big Easy in all its baroque glory, detailing the city’s history, the laws and customs of its aristocratic court, and the intrigues of vampires both prominent and petty. A wealth of characters, plot hooks and Storytelling tips make this an invaluable resource for any Vampire: The Requiem™ chronicle. Hardcover.
ISBN: 1-58846-248-X Retail Price: $26.99 U.S. Stock #: WW25200 Page Count: 144

Werewolf: The Forsaken™ Mousepad
Rage Against the Machine
Do online flame wars incite your Rage? Is your computer an indispensable resource for your World of Darkness® chronicle? Show everyone which is your favorite game!

Authors: Jackie Cassada, Aaron Dembski-Bowden, Forrest B. Marchinton, Deena McKinney and Nicky Rea Developer: Ethan Skemp

Authors: C.A. Suleiman and Ari Marmell Developer: Justin Achilli

A Smooth Interface
White Wolf continues its line of World of Darkness computer accessories with this Werwolf: The Forsaken mousepad. Each pad is 3/16-inches thick and comes with a heavy-duty rubber backing. It features the Werewolf: The Forsaken logo and artwork.

World of Darkness: Mysterious Places™
Realms Foul and Forgotten
Down neglected roads or beyond hidden doors lie places in the World of Darkness® that are best left unknown. These mysterious locales, tainted sites and corrupt settings all bear the mark of some unmentionable crime or horrific transgression. Ordinary people go ignorant to the existence of these places, all the better to preserve their mortal, fragile minds. The wary, brave or foolish glimpse the truth and can’t turn away, and challenge their very fate by setting foot on unhallowed ground.

Cult of the Illuminated™
Disciples of the Children of Light
Despite the persecution of the Immaculates, despite the corruption of Heaven, there are those who believe that one day, the world will be a better place. Saviors will bring justice and peace to the world, they say. The Cult of the Illuminated believes, and serves the Gold Faction of Sidereals, protecting young Solar Exalted from the depredations of the Wyld Hunt and the Bronze Faction. Perhaps Solars are what the cult hopes for — children of light who promise a new golden age for Creation. Or perhaps their charges are just more dupes in a world that will never see a new dawn.

Stock #: WW30703 Retail Price: $12.99 U.S.

Best Left Alone
World of Darkness: Mysterious Places presents nine eldritch and bizarre settings for your Storytelling System™ chronicle. While designed for exploration by mortal characters straight out of the World of Darkness Rulebook, these places can also be discovered by vampires, werewolves or mages. The question isn’t who finds them, but whether they can get out again. Hardcover.
ISBN: 1-58846-485-7 Retail Price: $24.99 U.S. Stock #: WW55302 Page Count: 128

Protectors of the Solar Exalted
Cult of the Illuminated details the cult, its training operations, goals, structure and Sidereal patrons. Everything needed to use the cult as part of a Solar or Sidereal series is here.
ISBN: 1-58846-682-5 Retail Price: $21.99 U.S. Stock #: WW8829 Page Count: 128

Authors: Patrick O’Duffy, Daniel Dover and Mur Lafferty Developers: Geoffrey C. Grabowski and John Chambers

Authors: Kraig Blackwelder, Rick Chillot, Geoff Grabowski, Jim Kiley, Matthew Mcfarland, Greg Stolze and Chuck Wendig Developer: Ken Cliffe


__ Rites of the Dragon (WW25300; ISBN 1-58846-254-4; $24.99 US)

Vampire Fiction

Step into the Shadows
Enter the World of Darkness, a version of our world where the supernatural is real. The core setting for such games as Vampire: The Requiem and Werewolf: The Forsaken, the World of Darkness line presents core game mechanics and setting material shared by all Storytelling game lines.

__ A Hunger Like Fire (#1) (WW11235; ISBN 1-58846-862-3; $6.99 US) __ Blood In, Blood Out (#2) (WW11237; ISBN 1-58846-866-6; $6.99 US)

Vampire Merchandise
__ Vampire: The Requiem Character Sheet Pad (WW25701; ISBN 1-58846-598-5; $9.99 US) __ Vampire: The Requiem Dice (WW25702; ISBN 1-58846-597-7; $6.99 US) __ Vampire: The Requiem Mousepad (WW25704; $12.99 US) __ Vampire: The Requiem Storytellers Screen (WW25700; ISBN 1-58846-599-3; $14.99 US) __ Vampire: The Requiem T-Shirt (L: WW57004; XL: WW57005; XXL: WW57006; $21.99 US) __ Vampire: The Requiem Pin Display (WW25703; ISBN 1-58846-569-9; $99.99 US; 20 pins per display)

Core Products
World of Darkness Rulebook

(WW55002; ISBN 1-58846-484-9; $24.99 US) The core for all World of Darkness games, this book presents the complete Storytelling System. All World of Darkness, Vampire and Werewolf titles require use of this rulebook.
World of Darkness: Antagonists

(WW55301; ISBN 1-58846-478-4; $24.99) The World of Darkness is full of horrors, many of which can’t be easily categorized into supernatural species. This book — useful for all WoD games — presents an assortment of horrors and enemies who stalk vampires, mortals and werewolves alike.

Other Products
__ World of Darkness: Ghost Stories (WW55400; ISBN 1-58846-483-0; $24.99 US)

The Hunt Is On
Savage predators and raging beasts, the Urratha — werewolves — hunt the mad spirits and vermin hosts who would subject the world to their dominion. But the Forsaken are hunted as well, by fellow werewolves who blame them for their cursed state and by the spirit dukes who simply want their predators eliminated.

Join the Danse Macabre
Since time immemorial, the Kindred — vampires — have stalked unseen by the mortal masses upon whom they prey. Their world is a xenophobic, neofeudal nightmare, populated by tyrannical princes, wild-eyed heretics, bloodthirsty rogues and scheming manipulators. Factions vie for power, conspiracies plot in the darkness, and vampires struggle with morality and the Beast Within against a modern-gothic backdrop of horror and decay.

Core Product
Werewolf: The Forsaken

Core Products
Vampire: The Requiem

(WW30000; ISBN 1-58846-324-9; $34.99 US) The second major setting and game intended for use with White Wolf’s new Storytelling System, Werewolf: The Forsaken includes rules for using werewolves. Requires the World of Darkness Rulebook for play.

(WW25000; ISBN 1-58846-247-1; $34.99 US) The first major setting and game intended for use with White Wolf’s new Storytelling System, Vampire: The Requiem includes rules for using vampires. Requires the World of Darkness Rulebook for play.
Bloodlines: The Hidden

Other Products
__ Hunting Ground: The Rockies (WW30200; ISBN 1-58846-325-7; $26.99 US)

Werewolf Fiction
__ Heart of the Hunter (#1) (WW11310; ISBN 1-58846-867-4; $6.99 US)

(WW25102; ISBN 1-58846-255-2; $24.99 US) Twelve all-new bloodlines bring the variety of Kindred blood to your chronicle. New Disciplines and many different cultural heritages meld together to create many hidden and secretive lineages.

Werewolf Merchandise
__ Werewolf: The Forsaken Character Sheet Pad (WW30702; ISBN 1-58846-594-2; $9.99 US) __ Werewolf: The Forsaken Dice (WW30700; ISBN 1-58846-595-0; $6.99 US) __ Werewolf: The Forsaken Storytellers Screen (WW30701; ISBN 1-58846-593-4; $14.99 US) __ Werewolf: The Forsaken T-Shirt (L: WW57007; XL: WW57008; XXL: WW57009; $21.99 US)

Other Products
__ Coteries (WW25100; ISBN 1-58846-251-X; $24.99 US) __ Nomads (WW25101; ISBN 1-58846-252-8; $24.99 US)


they hunt in the barbarian wilds, with their savage tribes at their side. (Requires the Exalted rulebook to play.)
Exalted: The Fair Folk

Shadow Plays and Live Horrors
Live-action play takes stories into new territory. Costuming, décor and intense roleplaying define this style of play. Join in the global chronicle of the Camarilla fan club in which you can play with thousands of others across the world.

(WW8815; 1-58846-678-7; $29.99 US) Provides complete details for playing the fantastical Fair Folk, from raksha nobles to commoners and the Mountain Folk, as well as providing details on the Wyld beyond the edge of Creation. (Requires the Exalted rulebook to play.)
Exalted: The Sidereals

Core Products
Mind’s Eye Theatre

(WW50000; ISBN 1-58846-522-5; $22.99) The core for all live-action games in the World of Darkness, this book presents the complete Mind’s Eye Theatre rule system. All other Mind’s Eye Theater products require the use of this book, and it acts as the central rulebook for the Camarilla fan club’s global chronicle. Available in May.
Mind’s Eye Theatre: The Requiem

(WW8814; 1-58846-669-8; $29.95 US) Provides complete details for playing the Sidereal Exalted, the mysterious servants of the stars, and Creation’s greatest martial artists. Also details the heavenly bureaucracy and the great celestial city of Yu-Shan. (Requires the Exalted rulebook to play.)
Exalted Players Guide

(WW8804; 1-58846-673-6; $29.99 US) A complete companion to the Exalted core products, this book provides advanced and optional rules for combat, as well as details on new character types and magical powers.

(WW50001; ISBN 1-58846-523-3; $27.99) The first setting book intended for use with the Mind’s Eye Theatre rulebook, this book provides all the rules and setting for portraying the Damned in live-action play. Available in May.

Other Exalted Products
Character Books
__ Aspect Book: Air (WW8840; 1-58846-668-X; $19.95 US) __ Aspect Book: Earth (WW8841; 1-58846-674-4; $19.99 US) __ Aspect Book: Fire (WW8842; 1-58846-676-0; $19.99 US) __ Caste Book: Eclipse (WW8834; 1-58846-664-7; $16.95 US) __ The Outcaste (WW8850; 1-58846-671-X; $21.99 US)

Epic Fantasy in the Second Age of Man
It’s the Second Age of Man, a time of wonder, corruption and boundless adventure. In a game that melds cinematic action, high magic and a rich fantasy world of decadent rulers and emerging heroes, Exalted invites you to play a champion chosen by the great gods to be their agent in Creation. Your demigod hero struggles to find greatness, explore the hidden corners of reality and scheme in the great halls of power.

Other Game Supplements
__ Blood and Salt (WW8827; 1-58846-672-8; $19.99 US) __ Book of Bone and Ebony (WW8806; ISBN 1-58846-680-9; $24.99 US) __ Book of Three Circles (WW8802; 1-58846-651-5; $17.95 US) __ Exalted Storytellers Companion (WW8801; 1-58846-650-7; $15.95 US) __ Houses of the Bull God (WW8828; 1-58846-677-9; $21.99 US) __ Kingdom of Halta (WW8826; 1-58846-670-1; $19.95 US) __ Manacle and Coin (WW8825; 1-58846-667-1; $19.95 US) __ Ruins of Rathess (WW8824; 1-58846-666-3; $16.95 US) __ Savant and Sorcerer (WW8805; 1-58846-675-2; $23.99 US) __ Scavenger Sons (WW8820; 1-58846-652-3; $15.95 US) __ Time of Tumult (WW8821; 1-58846-655-8; $21.95 US)

Core Products

(WW8800; ISBN 1-56504-623-4; $29.95 US) The main Exalted rulebook covers the Solar Exalted, once the rulers of Creation, now reincarnated as a new breed of outcast heroes. Contains all core game mechanics and the powers of the Solars.
Exalted: The Abyssals

(WW8813; 1-58846-665-5; $29.95 US) Provides complete details for playing the Abyssal Exalted, the dark reflections of the Solars, who draw their power from the Underworld. Also details the Deathlords and the Underworld itself. (Requires the Exalted rulebook to play.)
Exalted: The Dragon-Blooded

(WW8811; 1-58846-656-6; $25.95 US) Provides complete details for playing the Dragon-Blooded, the hereditary Exalted who rule the Second Age. Also details the great empire called the Realm and its Byzantine society. (Requires the Exalted rulebook to play.)
Exalted: The Lunars

Exalted Fiction
__ A Day Dark as Night (New Series #1) (WW 10065; 1-58846-859-3; $6.99 US)

(WW8812; 1-58846-657-4; $25.95 US) Provides complete details for playing the Lunar Exalted, the savage, shapechanging demigods who once stood beside the Solars. Now

__ Relic of the Dawn (New Series #2) (WW 10066; 1-58846-860-7; $6.99 US) __ In Northern Twilight (New Series #3) (WW 10067; 1-58846-861-5; $6.99 US) __ Chosen of the Sun (Trilogy of the Second Age, Book 1) (WW10080; 1-58846-800-3; $6.50 US) __ Beloved of the Dead (Trilogy of the Second Age, Book 2) (WW10081; 1-58846-801-1; $6.50 US) __ Children of the Dragon (Trilogy of the Second Age, Book 3) (WW 10082; 1-58846-802-X; $6.50 US)

Other Dark Ages Products
Character Books and Player Guides
__ Clanbook: Cappadocian (WW2805; ISBN 1-56504-280-8; $12.00 US) __ Libellus Sanguinis I (WW2807; ISBN 1-56504-286-7; $15.00 US) __ Libellus Sanguinis IV (WW2830; ISBN 1-58846-205-6; $15.95 US) __ Players Guide to High Clans (WW20007; ISBN 1-58846-289-7; $29.95 US) __ Players Guide to Low Clans (WW20006; ISBN 1-58846-287-0; $29.95 US) __ Road of Heaven (WW20032; ISBN 1-58846-285-4; $16.95 US) __ Road of Humanity (WW20034; ISBN 1-58846-297-8; $19.99 US) __ Road of Kings (WW20031; ISBN 1-58846-281-1; $15.95 US) __ Road of Sin (WW20033; ISBN 1-58846-288-9; $19.95 US) __ Road of the Beast (WW20030; ISBN 1-58846-280-3; $15.95 US)

Exalted Merchandise
__ Exalted Dice (WW8810; 1-56504-624-2; $6.99 US) __ Exalted Essence Beads: Personal (WW5925; ISBN 1-58846-723-6; $6.99 US) __ Exalted Essence Beads: Peripheral (WW5926; ISBN 1-58846-724-4; $6.99 US) __ Exalted Mousepad (WW5586; $12.95 US) __ Exalted T-Shirt (L: WW5992; XXL: WW5994; $21.95 US)

Other Game Supplements
__ Ashen Cults (WW2835; ISBN 1-58846-213-7; $14.95 US) __ Ashen Knight, The (WW2826; ISBN 1-56504-241-7; $17.95 US) __ Ashen Thief, The (WW2827; ISBN 1-56504-236-0; $14.95 US) __ Bitter Crusade (WW2833; ISBN 1-58846-214-5; $15.95 US) __ Clash of Wills (WW2810; ISBN 1-56504-289-1; $8.00 US) __ Dark Ages: British Isles (WW20021; ISBN 1-58846-290-0; $21.95 US) __ Dark Ages Europe (WW20020; ISBN 1-58846-279-X; $21.95 US) __ Dark Ages: Devil’s Due (WW20047; ISBN 1-58846-295-1; $23.99 US) __ Dark Ages: Inquisitor Companion (WW20011; ISBN 1-58846-291-9; $21.99 US) __ Dark Ages: Mage Grimoire (WW20060; ISBN 1-58846-411-3; $21.95 US) __ Dark Ages: Right of Princes (WW20045; ISBN 1-58846-283-8; $19.95 US) __ Dark Ages: Spoils of War (WW20046; ISBN 1-58846-286-2; $19.95 US) __ Dark Ages: Vampire Storytellers Companion (WW20003; ISBN 1-58846-278-1; $14.95 US) __ Fountains of Bright Crimson (WW2825; ISBN 1-56504-270-0; $7.95 US) __ House of Tremere (WW2829; ISBN 1-56504-272-7; $19.95 US) __ Jerusalem by Night (WW2821; ISBN 1-56504-299-9; $17.95 US) __ Liege, Lord and Lackey (WW2806; ISBN 1-56504-281-6; $15.00 US) __ Transylvania by Night (WW2808; ISBN 1-56504-287-5; $18.00 US)

Medieval Horror and War of Princes
Travel to a time when priests spoke with the power of God behind every word, when mighty kings and princes warred for pride and power, and the Crusades swept the land. In Dark Ages, players adopt the roles of supernatural creatures ruling as lords in medieval Europe.

Core Products
Dark Ages: Vampire

(WW20000; ISBN 1-58846-276-5; $29.95 US) The main Dark Ages rulebook provides all the basic game mechanics and setting for playing the greatest of medieval monsters: vampires, the cursed progeny of Caine.
Dark Ages: Inquisitor

(WW20004; ISBN 1-58846-282-X; $26.95 US) Provides full details on playing Inquisitors, the agents of the Church in its war against the demonic and evil influences on the world.
Dark Ages: Mage

(WW20002; ISBN 1-58846-404-0; $26.95 US) Provides full details for playing medieval sorcerers and magical scholars, including the many different magical traditions and paths to power.
Dark Ages: Werewolf

(WW20005; ISBN 1-58846-284-6; $29.95 US) Provides full details for playing the dreaded werewolves who hunt man and beast alike through the endless woods of the Dark Medieval world.


__ Transylvania Chronicles 3: Ill Omens (WW2813; ISBN 1-56504-292-1; $15.95 US) __ Under the Black Cross (WW2836; ISBN 1-58846-275-7; $15.95 US) __ Veil of Night (WW2832; ISBN 1-58846-206-4; $25.95 US) __ Wind from the East: The Mongols (WW2828; ISBN 1-56504-271-9; $14.95 US) __ Wolves of the Sea (WW2820; ISBN 1-56504-298-0; $14.95 US)

Other Orpheus Products
__ Crusade of Ashes (WW21001; ISBN 1-58846-601-9 $21.95 US) __ Shades of Gray (WW21010; ISBN 1-58846-602-7; $21.95 US) __ Shadow Games (WW21011; ISBN 1-58846-603-5; $21.95 US) __ Orphan-Grinders, The (WW21012; ISBN 1-58846-604-3; $21.99 US) __ End Game (WW21015; ISBN 1-58846-605-1; $21.99 US) __ Haunting the Dead (anthology) (WW11905; ISBN 1-58846-837-2; $6.99 US)

Dark Ages Clan Novel Series
__ Dark Ages: Nosferatu (Book 1) (WW11205; 1-58846-817-8; $6.99 US) __ Dark Ages: Assamite (Book 2) (WW11206; 1-58846-818-6; $6.99 US) __ Dark Ages: Cappadocian (Book 3) (WW11207; 1-58846-819-4; $6.99 US) __ Dark Ages: Setite (Book 4) (WW11209; 1-58846-821-6; $6.99 US) __ Dark Ages: Lasombra (Book 5) (WW11208; 1-58846-820-8; $6.99 US) __ Dark Ages: Ravnos (Book 6) (WW11210; 1-58846-823-2; $6.99 US) __ Dark Ages: Malkavian (Book 7) (WW11211; 1-58846-831-3; $6.99 US) __ Dark Ages: Brujah (Book 8) (WW11212; 1-58846-832-1; $6.99 US) __ Dark Ages: Toreador (Book 9) (WW11213; 1-58846-833-X; $6.99 US) __ Dark Ages: Gangrel (Book 10) (WW11214; 1-58846-847-X; $6.99 US) __ Dark Ages: Tremere (Book 11) (WW11215; 1-58846-848-8; $6.99 US) __ Dark Ages: Ventrue (Book 12) (WW11216; 1-58846-849-6; $6.99 US) __ Dark Ages: Tzimisce (Book 13) (WW11217; 1-58846-852-6; $6.99 US)

A CCG by White Wolf and Richard Garfield
Named the best multiplayer collectible card game of all time by Inquest Gamer, Vampire: The Eternal Struggle casts players as elder vampires who control minions, agents and progeny, and who seek to drain their opponents of precious blood. Designed by Richard Garfield, creator of Magic: The Gathering. All starters are pre-constructed 90card decks. All boosters are random packs of 11 cards.

Core Card Sets
Camarilla Edition
Six different starter decks and booster packs allow players to quickly pick up and play, or complete their collections. Cards in the Camarilla Edition focus on the refined and devious vampires who hunt within mortal society. __ Starter Deck: Brujah (WW2586; ISBN 1-58846-027-4; $9.95 US) __ Starter Deck: Malkavian (WW2587; ISBN 1-58846-028-2; $9.95 US) __ Starter Deck: Nosferatu (WW2588; ISBN 1-58846-029-0; $9.95 US) __ Starter Deck: Toreador (WW2589; ISBN 1-58846-030-4; $9.95 US) __ Starter Deck: Tremere (WW2590; ISBN 1-58846-031-2; $9.95 US) __ Starter Deck: Ventrue (WW2591; ISBN 1-58846-032-0; $9.95 US) __ Camarilla Edition Booster Pack (WW02593; ISBN 1-58846-034-7; $2.75 US) __ Camarilla Edition Starter Display (WW2585; ISBN 1-58846-026-6; $59.70 US) __ Camarilla Edition Booster Display (WW2592; ISBN 1-58846-033-9; $99.00 US)

Other Dark Ages Fiction
__ To Sift Through Bitter Ashes (WW11031; 1-56504-995-0; $5.99 US) __ To Speak in Lifeless Tongues (WW11032; 1-56504-996-9; $5.99 US)

Don’t Look Back
Join the Orpheus Group as it parts the veil between life and death. All it will cost is your soul. An innovative limited-series game, Orpheus casts players in the roles of agents able to walk among both the living and the dead. The story arc unfolds through all six books, creating a terrifying chronicle.

Sabbat War
Four starter decks focus on the vampires of the Sabbat, the sect rejecting humanity and embracing the monstrous aspect of the Kindred. __ Starter Deck: Brujah Antitribu (WW2554; ISBN 1-58846-477-0; $9.95 US) __ Starter Deck: Lasombra (WW2552; ISBN 1-58846-473-8; $9.95 US) __ Starter Deck: Tzimisce (WW2551; ISBN 1-58846-472-X; $9.95 US) __ Starter Deck: Ventrue Antitribu (WW2553; ISBN 1-58846-474-6; $9.95

Core Product

(WW21000; ISBN 1-58846-600-0; $34.95 US) The Orpheus rulebook has everything you need to play, from complete game mechanics and supernatural powers to full details on the Orpheus Group, the private agency that delves into the Underworld.


__ Sabbat War Booster Pack (WW2556; ISBN 1-56504-479-7; $2.75 US) __ Sabbat War Starter Display (WW2550; ISBN 1-56504-471-1; $79.60 US) __ Sabbat War Booster Display (WW2555; ISBN 1-56504-478-9; $99.00 US)

The Black Hand
Fanatic vampires feared by even the most monstrous of their kind, the Black Hand ruthlessly pursue all who are agents of the ancients — including Camarilla, Anarchs and Sabbat vampires. __ Starter Deck: Malkavian Antitribu (WW2637; ISBN 1-58846-044-4; $9.95 US) __ Starter Deck: Nosferatu Antitribu (WW2638; ISBN 1-58846-045-2; $9.95 US) __ Starter Deck: Toreador Antitribu (WW2639; ISBN 1-58846-046-0; $9.95 US) __ Starter Deck: Tremere Antitribu (WW2640; ISBN 1-58846-047-9; $9.95 __ Black Hand Booster Pack (WW2641; ISBN 1-58846-048-7; $2.75 US) __ Black Hand Starter Display (WW2635; ISBN 1-58846-042-8; $79.60 US) __ Black Hand Booster Display (WW2636; ISBN 1-58846-043-6; $99.00 US)

Other VTES Packs and Sets
__ Starter Deck: Assamite (from Final Nights set) (WW2563; ISBN 1-56504-463-0; $9.95 US) __ Starter Deck: Giovanni (from Final Nights set) (WW2564; ISBN 1-56504-464-9; $9.95 US) __ Starter Deck: Ravnos (from Final Nights set) (WW2565; ISBN 1-56504-465-7; $9.95 US) __ Starter Deck: Setite (from Final Nights set) (WW2566; ISBN 1-56504-466-5; $9.95 US) __ Final Nights Booster Pack (WW2561; ISBN 1-156504-481-9; $2.75 US) __ Final Nights Starter Display (WW2562; ISBN 1-56504-462-2; $79.60 US) __ Final Nights Booster Display (WW2560; ISBN 1-156504-480-0; $99.00 US) __ Bloodlines Booster Pack (WW2576; ISBN 1-56504-468-1; $2.75 US) __ Bloodlines Booster Display (WW2575; ISBN 1-56504-467-3; $99.00 US) __ Starter Deck: Anarch Barons (from Anarchs Set) (WW2514; ISBN 1-58846-040-1; $9.95 US) __ Starter Deck: Anarch Gangs (from Anarchs Set) (WW2515; ISBN 1-58846-041-X; $9.95 US) __ Starter Deck: Gangrel (from Anarchs Set) (WW2513; ISBN 1-58846-039-8; $9.95 US) __ Anarchs Booster Pack (WW2510; ISBN 1-58846-036-3; $2.75 US) __ Anarchs Starter Display (WW2512; ISBN 1-58846-038-X; $59.70 US)

__ Anarchs Booster Display (WW2511; ISBN 1-58846-037-1; $99.00 US) __ Gehenna Booster Display (WW2651; ISBN 1-58846-626-4; $99.00 US) __ Gehenna Booster Pack (WW2656; ISBN 1-58846-631-0; $2.75 US) __ VTES Tenth Anniversary Set (Pack #1) (WW2658; ISBN 1-58846-632-9; $19.99) __ VTES Tenth Anniversary Set (Pack #2) (WW2659; ISBN 1-58846-633-7; $19.99) __ Starter Deck: Alastors (From Kindred Most Wanted Set) (WW2686; ISBN 1-58846-637-X; $9.99 US) __ Starter Deck: Anathema (From Kindred Most Wanted Set) (WW2683; ISBN 1-58846-638-8; $9.99 US) __ Starter Deck: Baali (From Kindred Most Wanted Set) (WW2684; ISBN 1-58846-639-6; $9.99 US) __ Starter Deck: Gangrel Antitribu (From Kindred Most Wanted Set) (WW2685; ISBN 1-58846-636-1; $9.99 US) __ Kindred Most Wanted Booster Pack (WW2682; ISBN 1-58846-640-X; $2.99 US) __ Kindred Most Wanted Starter Display (WW2680; ISBN 1-58846-634-5; $79.92 US) __ Kindred Most Wanted Booster Display (WW2681; ISBN 1-58846-635-3; $107.64 US)

Mistress of Modern Horror
Two Wolf Press brings the work of award-winning Horror author Nancy A. Collins to your door. From the streets of New Orleans to the darkest corners of the mind, Collins and her signature character Sonja Blue have their fingers on the pulse of modern horror.

Nancy A. Collins
__ A Dozen Black Roses (WW11019; ISBN 1-56504-873-3; $11.99 US) __ Dead Man’s Hand: Five Tales of the Weird West (WW12995; ISBN 1-58846-875-5; $17.99) __ Dead Roses for a Blue Lady (WW12997; ISBN 1-58846-844-5; $13.99 US) __ In the Blood (WW12993; ISBN 1-58846-876-3; $13.99 US) __ Paint It Black (WW12994; ISBN 1-58846-877-1; $13.99 US)

Borealis Science Fiction and Fantasy
__ The City on the Edge of Forever (WW11949; ISBN 1-56504-964-0; $11.99 US) __ The Road to Science Fiction #5: The British Way (WW11091; ISBN 1-56504-157-7; $14.99 US) __ The Road to Science Fiction #6: Around the World (WW11092; ISBN 1-56504-158-5; $14.99 US


____________________________________________________________________________ APRIL 2005






____________________________________________________________________________ MAY 2005










1-58846-781-3 1-58846-787-2

17210 15032 8386 PGG0001

$39.99 $24.99 $34.99 $39.99

NECROMANCER 1-58846-139-4 ZIR’AN 0-97290-520-0

____________________________________________________________________________ JUNE 2005




16112 8368 17604

$19.99 $29.99 $21.99

NECROMANCER 1-58846-763-5 DRAGONMECH 1-58846-786-4

____________________________________________________________________________ JULY 2005



1-58846-968-9 1-58846-788-0

16516 16149 8396

$34.99 $19.99 $26.99

NECROMANCER 1-58846-766-X

____________________________________________________________________________ AUGUST 2005



1-58846-983-2 1-58846-784-8 1-58846-796-1

15013 17206 16154 8394 17800 PGG0002

$22.99 $29.99 $37.99 $69.99 $34.99 $24.99

NECROMANCER 1-58846-948-4 PENDRAGON ZIR’AN 1-58846-947-6 0-97290-521-9

____________________________________________________________________________ SEPTEMBER 2005



1-58846-773-2 1-58846-798-8 1-58846-771-6 1-58846-986-7

17207 16133 17605 16526

$26.99 $19.99 $21.99 $34.99


cover art by Cory Allemeier

This Quarter … This Quarter …
2 Malhavoc Press
Forging Iron Lore
The Insider talks to designer Mike Mearls about his upcoming variant player’s handbook Iron Lore.
The Secret of Zir’An

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4 World of Warcraft
Holy Might and Unholy Power
The World of Warcraft RPG launches in April and we show you the full details of the Paladin class and the Forsaken Undead race. Self-righteous and creepy… neat.


8 Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved
Big Shoes to Fill
Author Mike Mearls gives a preview of Ruins of Intrigue, the first sourcebook for Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved. He shows us what the giants of the Diamond Throne are up to.

9 Malhavoc Press
Alarming Indeed
Author Wolfgang Baur previews of The Book of Roguish Luck, his guide to all things stealthy and thief-like. In this piece he looks at the various types of alarms a rogue might face — and how to defeat them.


10 Necromancer Games
Grimtooth the Troll returns to plague players and dungeon-crawlers across the world with The Wurst of Grimtooth’s Traps.

12 DragonMech
Tricks of the Mech Jockey’s Trade
Matt Sprengeler and Joseph Goodman bring you Steam Warriors, a sourcebook of options, tricks and tools for DragonMech.

13 Ravenloft
Stories To Chill the Heart
Developers Jackie Cassada and Nicky Rea take you into the Mists to the Dread Realm and show you how the residents scare each other in this sneak peak of Dark Tales and Disturbing Legends


14 The Secret of Zir’An
The Future of Fantasy
Martin Caplan of Paragon Games introduces The Secret of Zir’An, a new game of adventure focused on the “whammy.”

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2 4 6 16 17 18 19 The Inside Scoop: News and Notes From Sword & Sorcery Studios Spotlight On… World of Warcraft: The Paladin Spotlight On… World of Warcraft: The Forsaken Products for April Products for May Products for June 6 Backlist


The Inside Scoop
In 2002, Malhavoc Press made the roleplaying game industry stand up and take notice with the release of Monte Cook’s Arcana Unearthed. This variant player’s handbook presented a whole new venue for fantasy adventure, with new classes, a refreshing new take on the standard spell system, and exciting new races. Arcana Unearthed took the core of fantasy gaming and tweaked it just enough to make things familiar yet wholly different. Now, two year later, Malhavoc Press is set to do it again. Imagine a world where a warrior’s skill and training, rather than the potency of an enchanted blade, determines his fortune. A world where magic is a force too powerful for a mere mortal to control it with any confidence. A world at the dawn of a new era, where human-built cities are scarcely more than a century old. Welcome to Iron Lor e , Malhavoc Press’ next variant player’s handbook. Recently we had a chance to ask Iron Lore designer Mike Mearls a few questions. Insider: What’s at the heart of Iron Lore? Mike Mearls: The key design conceit behind Iron Lore is relatively simple. What if you took a standard fantasy world, one with horrid monsters, demons, and other threats, but made magic an unstable, unpredictable resource that humans could barely control? In other words, spells are no longer a reliable defense against a hydra or a troll incursion. If humanity wants to survive, it must develop its other abilities to new heights. A warrior can’t afford to lean on a shiny suit of enchanted armor and a vorpal blade. Instead, he needs to use smart tactics and a variety of fighting techniques to win. In Iron Lore, magic is still common in terms of weird monsters, enchanted locations, and other standar d tr opes of fantasy roleplaying games. Creatures other than humans can and do bend magic to their will. Humanity must create new talents to battle them. Insider: Monte Cook’s Arcana Unearthed presented new races, new classes, and a new take on the classic magic system. What sort of rules changes can we look forward to in this variant player’s handbook? Mearls: There are three key changes from the core rules. First, the book radically expands and alters feats. Some of them improve over time, and many focus on specific fighting styles and tactical abilities. For instance, if you want to focus on fighting with the warhammer, a variety of feats make you different from a warrior who specializes in the greatsword. Second, Iron Lore creates wholly new options and abilities that open up new layers of customization and player choices. For example, character traits replace races. Rather than play a human, dwarf, or litorian, you can create a tall, rangy wanderer from the frozen north. Your character’s traits—his cultural backgr ound and his gr eat height—have mechanical effects similar to the bonuses for a race. And plenty of feats are designed for mighty characters. A highlevel thief can talk someone into almost anything with the right skills and feats. A talented executioner can slice an opponent’s arteries with the precision and flair of a master artist. Since your character’s abilities and talents derive from his training and knowledge, you have more development paths to choose from than in standard d20. Finally, Iron Lore is designed for fast-paced, exciting action. The skill system is more flexible than ever, allowing you to try a whole range of new stunts. You can willingly accept a higher Difficulty Class or a penalty to your skill check to gain an additional benefit from a check. Combat, built with an emphasis on action, draws on the skill rules to form

News and Notes from Sword & Sorcery Studios and Arthaus Publishing

Forging Iron Lore An Interview With Designer Mike Mearls
the basis of a stunt system. Rather than maintain a static position and trade blows with an opponent, a character in Iron Lore might roll beneath a table to evade on ogre’s greataxe, or dive between the ogre’s feet then leap onto the brute’s shoulder to drive his dagger into its neck. The skills are fully integrated into the combat system, making almost any action and its effects easy to adjudicate. Even if the basic concept behind Iron Lore doesn’t appeal to you, the book has plenty of new rules material you can add to your existing game with minimal effort. Iron Lore is designed for seamless integration with other d20 games. The expanded rules for skills and feats work in almost any fantasy campaign, as do the new options for fast-paced combat that focus on stunts, exciting battles, and tactical maneuvers. Insider: What about magic? You talked about how it’s unreliable, but what does that mean for players? Mearls: The magic system in Iron Lore is built on the idea that magic is tremendously difficult to control. There are no spells such as fireball or cure light wounds. Instead, a caster tries to create a general effect such as filling an area with searing flames. She then tries to summon energy to

The Inside Scoop
her, shape it, and unleash the effect she wants. Sometimes it works. Other times it simply fizzles and nothing interesting happens. Most of the time, the arcanist creates a surge of fire but it doesn’t have exactly the effect she hoped for. The flames may set the area on fire, or they could surge close to her allies. The key is that an arcanist has nothing more than a general idea of her spell’s effects. The exact result depends on her skill and a fair amount of luck. That ’ s not to say that arcanists are useless characters. They draw on other talents to even the gap with other classes. They master a variety of useful lore and knowledge, and having a reputation for consulting with spirits or unleashing the fires of hell can prove useful in social situations. Much of the time, an arcanist can use the threat of a spell more effectively than an actual incantation. Insider: When is Iron Lore due out in stores? Mearls: It’s set to debut at Gen Con Indy this August. If you want a taste of the game’s direction, check out the previews at We post a new preview each month, then flesh it out with Design Diary entries and related features. We ’ ll also have a preview in the next issue of Insider!

A Matter of Finesse
The Secret of Zir’An, a new game line from Paragon Games and Arthaus Publishing, uses an original game mechanic called the Finesse System. (Yes, a game that doesn’t use d20!) The system is full of options and possibilities, but here is a very basic tutorial on task resolution. All die rolling in Finesse uses a ten-sided die (d10) and involves interlacing three fundamental elements of the player character: Stats, Aptitudes, and Skills. Stats represent the qualities of the character, what nature and family gave them; Stats include Physique, Acuity and so forth. Aptitudes are those qualities that have been nurtured in the character as he has developed; these include Physical Aptitude, Social Aptitude and so on. Finally, a character’s Skills represent his experience with his capabilities; there are many skills, but they are each governed by a particular Stat and Aptitude. A character’s Stats and Aptitudes are measured numerically, Stats from 1 to 10 and Aptitudes from 1 to 5. (Certain superhuman character may surpass these limits, however.) A character’s proficiency in a Skill is measured by his or her Finesse Level in that Skill: either Basic, Advanced, Expert, or Elite. Characters may also have a practice value in their skill, a numeric modifier that represents just how tried and true their skill use is. The practice value adds to the value of the governing Aptitude when using that Skill. sufficient Finesse Level? Well, then it’s time to roll the dice (or the die, actually). Based on the Finesse Level needed, the task has a dif ficulty number (usually between 10 to 30) you have to meet or exceed. You skill roll is: Stat + Aptitude + Skill Practice (if any) + 1d10 Example: Sir Melereton is attempting to discern the control panel of an ancient device. He has Mechanics at Advanced, but this an Expert Difficulty (20). Sir Melereton will have to score at least a 20 when making his Skill Test. With an Intelligence of 7, a Knowledge Aptitude of 4 (+ the 2 points of Practice he possesses in Mechanics), he needs to roll a 7 or higher on 1d10.

Getting the Whammy
The Finesse System is all about getting the “whammy,” that moment of gaming glory when your character does something amazing that you talk about for days and weeks. One key way it delivers this is with a Superior Success. When you make a Skill Test and exceed the difficulty by 5 or more, you’ve just achieved a Superior Success. That allows you to narrate an additional action or benefit related to the task your character was attempting to accomplish. When speaking of additional actions or secondary benefits, they must be things the character could accomplish with a skill from the same Aptitude or something a character could do that would require a separate skill test to achieve. Example: Dean is playing Gureg, a Ballinorian Journeyman Engineer, who has run afoul of a pack of Gravenvulfs while traveling through Ballinor’s high country. To escape them he is going to have to scrabble to the top of a tall promontory nearby. Laurana, the HoF, declares that for him to climb up the boulder-strewn slope would be an Advanced difficulty. Dean has to score at least a 15 in his Athletics Skill Test to succeed. Making his roll, he actually manages to score a 21, which would be an Expert Difficulty. He makes a Superior attempt. Scrambling to the top of the promontory, the Hand of Fate allows him to pull up one of his companions who had started up the rock-strewn slope before him. Normally, to do that would have required a separate Athletics skill test, but because his skill test in a related activity proved Superior, he was able to accomplish this task as well. For more on The Secret of Zir’An, see p. 14.

How You Accomplish Anything
Just like Skills, the difficulty of any task in The Secret of Zir’An is given a Finesse Level. If your character has the appropriate Skill at that Finesse Level or higher, and she isn’t under stress, she succeeds automatically. No need to roll, you just narrate the basics of what happens. Example: Capthia possesses an Athletics skill of Expert. She is the equivalent of an Olympic gymnast, a master climber, and cat burglar. She needs to get to the roof of the Edyssian Exchange. The walls are sheer brick, but there are runoff pipes, ledges, and windowsills. The HoF decides this is an Advanced difficulty. Being Expert, Capthia doesn’t even need to roll; it’s naturally assumed that such a situation is no problem for her. She makes her way to the roof. But what if your character is under stress? Say she’s being chased by an enemy, or there’s a driving rain? Or what if she doesn’t have the Skill at a

WRoleplaying arcraft Game
The Paladin
Description: The paladin is a warrior of the Holy Light. She upholds all that is good and true in the world and reviles all that is evil and sinister — especially undead and the Burning Legion. She offers succor to the beleaguered and smites her enemies with holy fervor. She is particularly potent against undead, as these creatures threaten the goodly races and the Holy Light burns them terribly. The presence of any evil is reprehensible to the paladin, but she focuses her ef forts on destr oying undead and demons. Races: Humans and Ir onforge dwarves are the most likely to become paladins, as these races revere the Holy Light. The paladin order, also called the Knights of the Silver Hand, grew out of humanity’s culture and its greatest heroes and fiercest proponents are humans. Ironforge dwarves possess the toughness needed to withstand the onslaught of the paladins’ many enemies. Half-elves may take up the mantle of paladin if they wish to follow a noble facet of their human ancestry. High elves rarely become paladins. Alignment: Paladins are the embodiments of goodliness. They help the innocent and punish the wicked. As such, all paladins must be of good alignment. Affiliation: Alliance only. Abilities: Charisma is the most important ability for the paladin because many of her special abilities are based on Charisma. Spirit determines her spellcasting potential. Strength is important because the paladin tends to be a frontline fighter, and Stamina helps keep her alive. Hit Die: d10.

Holy Might and Unholy Power
The Paladin Core Class and the Forsaken Race of Undead Show of f World of Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game

In May, Sword & Sorcery Studios brings you World of Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game, a complete fantasy roleplaying book dedicated to the world of Azeroth — the setting for Blizzard Entertainment’s smash-success World of Warcraft online roleplaying game. World of Warcraft builds on the material developed for 2003’s Dungeons & Dragons® Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game but allows us to go into the very basics of the world’s most popular fantasy roleplaying game system and tweak it all to suit the larger-than-life style of Warcraft. Some of these changes are highlighted in our take on the Paladin core class (featured below) and in the Forsaken Undead racial template (featured on pages 6 and 7). Enjoy!

Class Skills
The paladin’s class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Concentration (Sta), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Handle Animal (Cha), Heal (Spt), Knowledge (military tactics/nobility and royalty/religion) (Int), Profession (Spt), Ride (Agy) and Sense Motive (Spt). Skill Points at 1st Level: (2 + Int modifier) x 4. Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 2 + Int modifier.

Class Features
Weapon and Armor Proficiency : Paladins are proficient with all simple and martial weapons, with all types of armor (heavy, medium and light), and with shields (except tower shields). Aura of Good (Ex): The power of a paladin’s aura of good (see the detect good spell) is equal to her paladin level. Detect Undead (Sp): A paladin can use detect undead, as the spell, at will. Holy Strike (Su): Once per day, a paladin may attempt a holy strike with one normal melee attack. She must declare her intent to use holy strike before she makes her attack roll. If she hits, she deals 1d6 extra points of holy damage, +1 additional point of holy damage per paladin level. Her weapon is considered goodaligned for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction. If the paladin misses with her holy strike, the strike has no effect but is still used up for that day. At 5th level, and at every five levels thereafter, the paladin may use holy strike one additional time per day, to a maximum of five times per day at 20th level. Divine Grace (Ex): At 2nd level, a paladin gains a bonus equal to her Charisma bonus (if any) on all saving throws.

Auras (Su): Beginning at 3rd level, a paladin gains an aura. The Holy Light manifests around her in a tangible field and provides benefits to her and her allies. The aura extends from the paladin in a radius equal to 5 feet per Charisma bonus (minimum 5 feet) and affects the paladin and all allies within this area. Activating an aura is a free action, and the paladin can have only one aura active at a time. The aura lasts for 1 round per paladin level. At 3rd level the paladin gains aura of might and can activate an aura once per day, but gains more auras and can activate them more often as she gains levels. The paladin can also use a hero point to activate an aura that does not count against her auras per day. If she does so, the aura’s radius is double normal (i.e., 10 feet per Charisma bonus). When the paladin activates an aura, she can activate any aura she knows. For instance, a 6th-level paladin can activate an aura 2/day. In one day she can activate a devotion aura twice, or an aura of might twice, or a devotion aura once and an aura of might once. When an aura is active, a colored glow sheaths the paladin and a circle of energy pulses at her feet. (The color depends on the aura.) Light of the same color dimly illuminates each affected ally. The aura provides shadowy illumination within its area. Some auras mimic spells of the same name; these auras’ effects do not stack with the spells’. Aura of Might: The paladin and her allies receive a +1 sacred bonus on damage rolls for every 3 paladin levels, to a maximum of +5 at level 15. Devotion Aura: The paladin and her allies receive a +1 deflection bonus to

AC for every 3 paladin levels, to a maximum of +5 at level 15. Healing Aura: The paladin and her allies gain fast healing 1. Retribution Aura: Whenever a creature deals damage with a melee attack to the paladin or one of her allies, it takes 2d4 points of holy damage, +1 point per the paladin’s Charisma bonus (if any). The base damage increases to 3d4 at 15th level and 4d4 at 20th level. Resistance Aura: The paladin and her allies gain spell resistance equal to 5 + the paladin’s level. Wisdom Aura: The paladin and her allies each regain 1 mana every round. Divine Health (Ex): At 3rd level, a paladin gains immunity to all diseases, including supernatural and magical diseases. Turn Undead (Su): When a paladin reaches 4th level, she gains the supernatural ability to turn undead. She may use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + her Charisma modifier. She turns undead as a priest of three levels lower would. Lay on Hands (Su): Beginning at 4th level, the paladin can heal wounds (her own or those of others) by touch. This is a powerful ability that drains all of the paladin’s remaining mana. The target heals a number of hit points equal to 5 per mana point lost in this way and recovers mana equal to half the mana points the paladin loses. Using lay on hands is a standard action. Alternatively, the paladin can use lay on hands to deal damage to undead

creatures. Using lay on hands in this way requires a successful melee touch attack and does not provoke an attack of opportunity. The paladin deals 5 points of holy damage per mana point lost and loses mana equal to half the mana the paladin loses. The undead creature may attempt a Will save (DC 10 + the paladin’s level + the paladin’s Charisma modifier) to halve the damage and the mana loss. If the paladin attempts to use lay on hands and misses, the ability has no effect. The paladin may try again in the next round. Spells: Beginning at 4th level, a paladin gains the ability to cast a small number of divine spells, which are drawn from the paladin spell list. To cast a spell, a paladin must have a Spirit score equal to at least 10 + the spell level. The Difficulty Class for a saving throw against a paladin’s spell is 10 + the spell level + the paladin’s Spirit modifier. Like other spellcasters, a paladin uses mana to cast her spells. In addition, she receives bonus mana per day if she has a high Spirit score. Through 3rd level, a paladin has no caster level. At 4th level and higher, her caster level is one-half her paladin level. Crusader Strike (Ex): At 5th level, a paladin can string together multiple holy strikes in a shining display of holy fervor. If she hits a creature with more than one holy strike, each holy strike beyond the first deals additional damage equal to her Charisma bonus (if any) for each previ-

ous holy strike against that creature. For example, Valdania is a 10th-level paladin with a Charisma of 17. If she hits a creature with two holy strikes, the second strike deals +3 extra damage. If she hits the same creature with a third holy strike, that strike deals +6 extra damage. Fist of Justice: At 7th level, a paladin gains Bash as a bonus feat and can use it with slashing or piercing weapons. Code of Conduct: A paladin must be of good alignment and loses all class abilities if she ever willingly commits an evil act. Additionally, a paladin’s code requires that she respect legitimate authority, act with honor (not lying, not cheating, not using poison, and so forth), help those in need (provided they do not use her help for evil ends) and punish those who harm or threaten innocents. Associates: While she may adventure with characters of any good or neutral alignment, a paladin will never knowingly associate with evil characters, nor will she continue an association with someone who consistently offends her moral code. A paladin may accept only henchmen, followers or cohorts who are of good alignment. Ex-Paladins: A paladin who ceases to be good, who willfully commits an evil act or who grossly violates the code of conduct loses all paladin spells and abilities (but not weapon, armor and shield proficiencies). She may not progress any farther in levels as a paladin. She regains her abilities and advancement potential if she atones for her violations.

The Paladin (Pal)
Class Level 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th Base Attack Bonus +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6/+1 +7/+2 +8/+3 +9/+4 +10/+5 +11/+6/+1 +12/+7/+2 +13/+8/+3 +14/+9/+4 +15/+10/+5 +16/+11/+6/+1 +17/+12/+7/+2 +18/+13/+8/+3 +19/+14/+9/+4 +20/+15/+10/+5 Fort Save +2 +3 +3 +4 +4 +5 +5 +6 +6 +7 +7 +8 +8 +9 +9 +10 +10 +11 +11 +12 Ref Save +0 +0 +1 +1 +1 +2 +2 +2 +3 +3 +3 +4 +4 +4 +5 +5 +5 +6 +6 +6 Will Save +0 +0 +1 +1 +1 +2 +2 +2 +3 +3 +3 +4 +4 +4 +5 +5 +5 +6 +6 +6 Base Mana Points — — — 0 0 1 1 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 6 7 10 11 15 17 Special Aura of good, detect undead, holy strike 1/day Divine grace Activate aura 1/day, aura of might, divine health Lay on hands, turn undead Crusader strike, holy strike 2/day Activate aura 2/day, devotion aura Fist of justice Activate aura 3/day, healing aura Holy strike 3/day Activate aura 4/day, retribution aura

Activate aura 5/day, holy strike 4/day, resistance aura

Activate aura 6/day, wisdom aura Holy strike 5/day


WRoleplaying arcraft Game
Forsaken Undead
Description: Undead humans and elves freed from the Lich King’s control, the Forsaken are a strange and dark force. They hail from the twisted, skittering darkness of Undercity and are nominally allied with the Horde, but the Forsaken serve only themselves. Their objectives are twofold: eliminate the Scourge and establish a place for themselves on Azeroth. Four years ago, the high elven ranger general Sylvanas Windrunner fell in combat against the Scourge. Prince Arthas raised her as a banshee and compelled her to follow his command. When the Lich King’s power waned in the incidents surrounding the Frozen Throne, Sylvanas harnessed her fury and tore herself free from his skeletal grasp. She freed many other undead as well, and recruited powerful allies from the Burning Legion and the surrounding ogre clans. Sylvanas dubbed her new force the Forsaken, and the undead established their capital in the labyrinthine crypts beneath Lordaeron’s capital city. Their sprawling, subterranean realm is called Undercity. The Forsaken made allies of the Horde out of necessity and convenience. They have no love for orcs, tauren or any other living creature, but they need time to strike against the Scourge and allies to help them do it. The Forsaken claim that they joined the Horde to prove their desire to leave their evil ways behind, but no one really believes this. The Hor de accepts the Forsaken ’ s help, as they do indeed have a common enemy: the Scourge. The Horde is leery of the Forsaken’s tactics, however, and keeps watchful eyes on them. This caution is justified. Forsaken culture is strange, a perverse combination of the lives they once knew as humans and the mindless slavery they experienced in the Scourge, colored by white-hot rage toward the Lich King and an almost equally intense devotion to their queen. Never sleeping, eating or falling ill, abandoned by those they once loved, the Forsaken have a brutal set of priorities. They focus many of their efforts on dark alchemy, and the Royal Apothecary Society commands gr eat power in Undercity ’ s oily tunnels. The apothecaries constantly send Forsaken on missions to gather materials for their twisted experiments. Rumors tell that the undead creatures are working to create a plague that will exterminate the Scourge and every living being on Azeroth. Are the Forsaken evil? At times it can be dif ficult to tell. Some Forsaken

attempt to reclaim their humanity by acting in kind and helpful ways. Others allow hatred to fester into cruelty and rage. All that can be said is that the Forsaken follow their own agendas, and the rest of the world be damned. And if they have their way, it will be. Appearance: Forsaken, unsurprisingly, look like dead people. Their skin is gray and rotting, showing bone and flesh in places. Their pupil-less eyes glow with dim white ghostlight. Their muscles are withered, making them scrawny. Their movements are slow but jagged. Forsaken hardly ever smile (unless their lips have rotted away — then they smile all the time). Necromantic magic keeps them somewhat preserved, but natural decay still proceeds, just slower than normal. Region: Undercity is the Forsaken’s home. They have also taken over Tirisfal Glades and have several towns in that cursed wood. Forsaken patrols have tried to secure Silverpine Forest for


the past couple of years, but they are unable to do so. Affiliation: Horde. Though the Forsaken do not trust anyone and no one trusts them, they are members of the Horde and, for now, do their best to help their allies and placate their ambassadors. Forsaken have even less love for the Alliance, particularly because they clash constantly with the human Scarlet Crusade. Faith: None. The Forsaken have abandoned religion, just as they believe it has abandoned them. They place their faith in their queen and their dark science. Some have turned to the Burning Legion as a source of power, believing that only it is potent enough to defeat the Lich King. Names: Like their dark lady, Forsaken keep the names they had when they were alive. As most Forsaken are human, these tend to be human names. If a Forsaken cannot remember her name, she may make up a suitable name or read one from a headstone. Some invent surnames that imply their desire to eradicate the Scourge. • Male Names: Roberick, Magan, Danforth, Lansire. • Female Names: Yellen, Limmy, Sarias, Mierelle. • Family Names: Dartfall, Blacksling, Ghoulhunter, Blastlich.

learn the language of their enemies and their allies (who may soon become their enemies). • Racial Levels: Unlike humans and some other races, Forsaken can take a few levels in “Forsaken” as a class to develop their racial qualities more fully. • Favored Class: Fighter. A multiclass Forsaken’s fighter class does not count when determining whether he suffers an XP penalty for multiclassing.

Undead Traits
Forsaken are undead rather than humanoids. This provides a Forsaken with the following undead traits in addition to the racial traits above: • No Stamina score. Forsaken do not possess Stamina scores and gain no bonus hit points per hit die. • Immunity to all mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, and morale effects). • Immunity to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, stunning, disease, and death effects. • Not subject to critical hits, nonlethal damage, ability drain, or energy drain. Immune to damage to their physical ability scores (Strength and Agility), as well as to fatigue and exhaustion effects. • Negative energy (such as from a death coil spell) heals Forsaken, while positive energy damages them. • Forsaken do not heal naturally. • Immunity to any effect that requires a Fortitude save (unless the effect also works on objects or is harmless). • A Forsaken uses his Charisma modifier for Concentration checks. • Not at risk of death from massive damage. Unlike other undead, a Forsaken is not destroyed when reduced to 0 hit points or less. Instead, at 0 hit points a Forsaken is disabled. He is only able to perform one move action or standard action each round but does not risk further damage from strenuous activity. Between –1 and –9 hit points, a Forsaken is down. He is unconscious and cannot

act, but he does not risk further damage (unless his enemies attack him or some other unfortunate event befalls him). At –10 hit points, a Forsaken is destroyed. • Not affected by raise dead and reincarnate spells or abilities. Resurrection and true resurrection can affect Forsaken. These spells return a destroyed Forsaken to his undead life; the Scourge’s curse makes it virtually impossible to bring a Forsaken back to life as the creature he was before he died. Only wish or miracle can accomplish that. • Forsaken do not breathe, eat, or sleep. Forsaken spellcasters still need 8 hours uninterrupted meditation and contemplation before preparing their spells.

Forsaken Levels
Forsaken can take up to three levels in “Forsaken” at any time. Unlike other races with the ability to take racial levels, Forsaken do not have a past legacy or rich traditions from which to draw power. Instead, Forsaken levels represent the individual focusing on developing his undead capabilities. Hit Die: d12. Skill Points at 1st Character Level: (2 + Int modifier) x 4. Skill Points at Higher Levels: 2 + Int modifier. “Class” Skills: Bluff (Cha), Craft (Int), Hide (Agy), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str). Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Forsaken with levels only in Forsaken (no actual class levels) are proficient in the use of all simple weapons and light armor. Slam (Ex): The Forsaken gains a slam attack that deals 1d6 points of damage. Increased Hit Die (Ex): The Forsaken’s body possesses the toughness and resilience of undeath. Whenever he gains a hit die, he uses the next largest one. For example, a Forsaken who gains an arcanist level rolls 1d6 for hit points, while one who gains a warrior level rolls 1d12. A Forsaken who would roll 1d12 for hit points (for taking a barbarian level, for instance) rolls 1d12+2.

Forsaken Racial Traits
• +2 Strength, –2 Agility. Undeath grants physical power but dulls reflexes. • Medium: As Medium creatures, Forsaken have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size. • Forsaken base land speed is 30 feet. • Darkvision: Forsaken can see in the dark up to 60 feet. Darkvision is black and white only, but it is otherwise like normal sight. Forsaken can function just fine with no light at all. • Automatic Language: Common. • Bonus Languages: Goblin, Low Common, Orc and Thalassian. Forsaken

The Forsaken
Forsaken Level 1st 2nd 3rd Base Attack Bonus +0 +1 +2 Fort Save +0 +1 +1 Ref Save +0 +0 +1 Will Save +2 +3 +3 Special +1 natural armor bonus to AC, +1 Strength +1 natural armor bonus to AC (stacks with previous bonus), +1 Strength, slam +1 natural armor bonus to AC (stacks with previous bonuses), +1 Strength, increased hit die

World of Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game, a 384-page hardcover fantasy gaming rulebook, is available in May.

Shoes To Fill MBig alhavoc Press
The Giants of the Diamond Throne Are on Display in Ruins of Intrigue by Mike Mearls
In Ruins of Intrigue, the new campaign sourcebook for Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved, the giants and the dragons both seek the treasures waiting to be discovered in the ancient city of Serathis. The book’s source material is customizable based on the outlook and allegiances of the player characters. For example, the excerpt here takes a look at the city’s giant stewards with guidelines for play based on whether your party is friendly to them, hostile (perhaps allied with the dragons!), or neutral. With all these possibilities covered, GMs are never left hanging, no matter what direction they decide to take their Diamond Throne campaigns.
The giants’ presence within the ancient city of Serathis serves as a civilizing force. However, the HuCharad’s motives for being there might not be entirely noble. To understand the giants’ involvement in the city, one must know why they have taken an active role here. Safe Quarter see the giants’ work as a positive undertaking. explorers. They want to empty the city as quickly as possible to erase any threat it might pose. Half the citizens of the Safe Quarter consider the giants too controlling and aggressive. The other half might chafe under the restrictions but see them as a necessary evil.
Ruins of Intrigue
WW16148; $19.99 US ISBN1-58846-783-X Page 16

The giants have established the Safe Quarter to bring stability and security to Serathis… but, truth be told, they would much rather attend to more pressing issues. The dragons are a continual, simmering threat to the west, and the city’s appearance has done nothing but disrupt the peace and invite a host of potential problems to the region. The giants strictly control trade and aggressively govern explorers and treasure hunters. They charge exorbitant taxes on items taken from the ruins and frequently forbid all travel to areas they deem too dangerous. The giants’ concern spills over into arrogance and a patronizing attitude. They believe the other races could never be trusted to manage Serathis without turning the place into a pit of decadence and villainy. In this case, the Hu-Charad care little for adventurers. They would prefer to keep them away from the ruins, and they use their military might to seal off areas and control commerce and exploration. Explorers must register with the giants in order to access the ruins legally and pay a 25 percent tax on the value of items they recover from the city. In addition, the giants seize any potentially dangerous objects, particularly magic items that adventurers recover. Under this scenario, the giants use active patrols to clear out ruined areas and hunt down illegal

The giants are here because of their sense of duty. They consider it their responsibility to ensure that the magic within Serathis and the monsters that dwell here remain contained. If a powerful artifact or some other relic lies within easy grasp of evil or greedy hands, it could spell disaster for the land. Any monsters that lurk here must be defeated before they can travel to civilized regions. The giants take an active, sometimes smothering, role in keeping the peace within Serathis, but they care little for interfering in the trade and recovery of relics and treasure. Their actions sometimes anger treasure hunters and merchants, as the giants seize potentially dangerous items and place a 10 percent tax on valuables taken from the ruins. However, they also provide security, rescue parties, and other life-saving services. With the “friendly” option, the HuCharad allow explorers as much latitude as possible while ensuring the Diamond Throne’s security. The giants genuinely want to maintain the peace while allowing honest folk to make a living in the trade of relics and magic items. Most citizens in the

With this option, the giants are an oppressive force in Serathis. While their actions stem from a desire to keep the peace, in practice they prevent litorians, humans, verrik, and other non-giants from profiting from the ruins. They impose a 50 percent tax on goods taken from the city and seize all magic items that adventurers find. In time, the Hu-Charad hope to extend the Safe Quarter farther into Serathis, cutting off the dragon Krovacatharis’ access to the city and forcing the wyrm to accede to their demands. They leap at any chance to defeat him, either through open combat or treachery. With this option, the giants take their role as caretakers to an extreme. They seek to smother the opportunity the ruins present, keeping for themselves any wealth and magical power found there. While their conduct may seem driven by greed, giants simply consider other races incapable of using the power and wealth available here in a responsible, intelligent manner. They see themselves as saviors, even if their actions paint them as opportunistic dictators.

The Book of Roguish Luck
WW16112; $19.99 US ISBN 1-58846-785-6 Page 18

Look for Ruins of Intrigue, a 96-page sourcebook from Malhavoc Press, available in April.

Alarming Indeed
The Book of Roguish Luck Brings Stealth (and Security) to Your Fantasy Campaign
by Wolfgang Baur
This sneak peek from The Book of Roguish Luck, a sourcebook of stealth and skill, comes from a larger section on breaking into locales that provides useful advice for thief and rogue characters. Here, author Wolfgang Baur takes a look at getting past a variety of alarms.
Mundane alarms include every kind of noisemaker as well as visual signals: bells, gongs, clackers, whistles, flags, and bonfires. But the alarms themselves are not inherently interesting; it’s really what the alarms summon that makes them dangerous. An alarm that goes off isn’t dangerous if no one answers it. One can defeat an alarm in at least three ways: by silencing it, disarming or incapacitating the guard meant to respond to it, and overriding its intended effect with complicating factors or distractions. paging mobs, storms, or unearthly noises may distract a guard from his duty. In these cases, roll a Wisdom check for the guard as shown on the Alarm Response table. If the check succeeds, the guard manages to answer the alar m. If not, he either doesn’t hear it, ignores it, or talks himself out of answering it. A distraction works for as long as the distracting condition continues or for 1d6 minutes, as the GM determines.

Entering by Chimney, Air Shaft, or Roof
Breaking and entering into the rich lord’s manor or the lich-king’s lair involves knowing a few basic points of weakness: chimneys, air shafts, doors, windows, thatched or tiled roofs, and so forth. Doors and windows are standard points of entry, but rogues can overlook chimneys and roofs. As long as the target location is home to breathing creatures, there will be air shafts for the dungeon; as long as the creatures prefer heat and warm food, there will be a hearth and a smoke-hole or chimney. Getting in down a chimney or air shaft is an excellent approach; a Small climber can get down an average chimney—and into a kitchen or main hall—in 1 or 2 rounds, bypassing guards, alarms, traps, and major opponents. For that very reason, securityminded dungeon overlords and manor house barons place iron bars in chimneys to prevent access. One cannot always discover these countermeasures in advance (a Use Rope check with a plumb bob may detect them — DC 15 for a vertical shaft, DC 25 if angled). In these cases, getting back out requires an Escape Artist check rather than a Climb check, typically DC 12 per 10 feet of distance. Entering through the roof is another overlooked option. One can move or cut away thatch to get into an attic or onto a set of rafters. Thatch keeps out wind and water but requires just a single round of shifting to grant a character access. Tiled roofs take a little longer (1d4 rounds to lift tiles and make a hole among the struts that hold them up), but are also relatively easy to bypass.

Silencing Alarms
The first method is straightforward: Closing doors between a guard barracks and a bell tower can make the bell go unheard; a muffled or cracked bell won’t make much noise; and a silence spell can simply shut the thing up. In each case, the alarm fails to bring a response.

Complicating Factor Distracting Noise Drunken Guard Fire Mob Multiple Alarms Rain

Wisdom Check DC 12 18 22 18 16 13

Incapacitating Guards and Overriding Alarms
For an alarm to succeed, it has to generate a response. If there are many other noises, or if the local guards are incapacitated, it doesn’t matter how loud or how long it rings. A drunk or sleeping guard blows no whistles and rattles no clacker, so a housebreaking burglar can try to ignore him. If a guard is asleep or drunk, roll a Wisdom check for him as shown on the Alarm Response table. If the check succeeds, the guard wakes up or pulls his drunken self together to answer the alarm. If not, he remains oblivious. The other method involves creating a distraction that occupies more of the guard’s attention than a ringing alarm. Other noises, fires, ram-

Seductive Opposed distraction Bluff Sleeping Guard 24 Storm 15 Strong Wind 8 Terrifying Howls or Noises 13

Magical Alarms
Worse than mundane alarms are the magical alarm spells such as alarm (Sor/Wiz 1), magic mouth (Sor/Wiz 2), rattling chant (Gutter Mage 1), and guards and wards (Wiz 5). A few variations on these alarms are common, especially enchanted constructs. Failing to bypass them with the correct key, password or spell triggers these constructs — they make a noise, automatically lock a doorway, close a gate, flood a tunnel, or have some other deleterious effect.

Look for The Book of Roguish Luck, a 96-page sourcebook from Malhavoc Press, available in June.

ecromancer N
Just When Y ou Thought It Was Safe to Dungeon-Crawl
Necromancer Games Brings Back The Wurst of Grimtooth’s Traps
by Grimtooth the Troll
Nercromancer Games has built its reputation on “First Edition Feel.” For a whole generation of fantasy gamers, nothing says First Edition more clearly than a dungeon strewn with traps, traps and more traps. And for fiendish traps, no series set the bar higher than Flying Buffalo’s much-loved (by GMs!) Grimtooth’s Traps manuals. Now, Necromancer brings back the cream of that murderous crop in The Wurst of Grimtooth’s Traps. This excerpt brings you just one of the hundreds of death-dealing traps, this one taken from an entire dungeon of traps. Enjoy. (Or quake in fear, if you’re a player.)
The Wurst of Grimtooth’s Traps
WW8386; $34.99 US ISBN1-58846-139-4 Page 17

ames G
take note of at this time is that any reasonably agile character will have no trouble jumping into the alcove created by the dropping floor in the toe of the “L,” but this will become increasingly difficult as the floor drops. The floor will be dropping at a fair clip. In 6 seconds it will have dropped 40 feet, at which point it will

This trap is a little on the complicated side, but deliciously devious in the end. The room is “L” shaped, 50 feet along the outside of the “L,” and 20 feet wide, to two 30-foot walls on the inner side of the “L.” The ceiling is 10 feet high. The entrance is off to the left of the stem of the “L,” on the base. Off to the right, down the stem of the “L” is… yes, another coffin! The walls are covered with the usual stucco, wonderful stuff, really, as you have seen it can hide a multitude of surprises. The magic users in the delvers’ party can sense no magic. The party will eventually approach the coffin. As with the previous coffins, this one is stone, ornately carved with geometric patterns and 8 feet, by 4 feet, by 4 feet high. If the sarcophagus is opened it will set in motion the trap mechanism for this room. By now the party may have decided they don’t want to open any sarcophagi they come upon because this brings them only problems. C’est la vie! The trap will also be activated by stepping on a pressure plate to the left of the entrance at a point, on the floor in the center of the wall at the “toe” of the “L.” In either event, once tripped the nature of the room changes rapidly.

The first thing the party will notice is the sound of a terrific crash as a 10 by 10 foot block of steelplated stone drops down into the doorway. If the party left one of its number in the entrance as a guard, or to keep the door open, there is a 30% chance he will be crushed (L3); survival based on luck or speed. This will effectively seal off the room. The next thing the party will notice is that the room is descending into the ground. All that is, except a 20 by 20 foot alcove at the “toe” of the “L.” Any that take the time to look into the sarcophagus will notice that it is full of silver ingots. (These are 58,000 sp weight of them. About 5,800 gp value at the current rate of exchange.) A point to


lock into place, and a trap door 20 feet wide and 10 feet deep, in the wall above the coffin will open. By now the room is well below the surface of the underground lake (see main map). Hundreds of tons of water, and the denizens therein will pour into the chamber. Now to reach the alcove will require some pretty fancy footwork. Characters attempting to swim must make a successful Swim check (DC 20) or begin drowning. If the characters have some mechanism that allows them not to drown and thus they stay put and defy the water, there are denizens of the aforesaid lake that have to be dealt with as well (see Leftward Ho section for denizens of the water list). For those who do make it to the alcove the show goes on. Those already safe will get to watch the struggles of those who have failed. The ones who think they are clever will be waiting for the water level to get to the point they can clamber into the alcove. This will mean fending off the at-

tentions of one or two of the lake dwellers just for sport. For these swimmers all is not as it seems. When the water reaches a point 4 feet below the lip of the alcove it will set off another trap. A pin is released on a rocker panel in the floor of the alcove. As soon as the weight of a delver trying to climb out is put on the edge it will tip setting off the last part of the trap. From the ceiling will descend, through the stucco, and from wall to wall, a clear quartz panel. The edge of this panel will be razor sharp. Its descent is not outrageously fast (Quartz being r elatively fragile to dr op it would risk breakage). If the party hesitates the save DC to avoid incr eases by +1 per round, until the wall drops into contact with the floor. (Delvers with severe judgment problems can elect to stay in the rising water with no additional peril besides the risks already encountered.) Compassionate delvers may wish to try breaking the quartz wall, but it will soon become

apparent why this is not a survival-oriented decision. The water level rises past the edge of the alcove and will eventually afford those in the alcove with a wonderful floor to ceiling fish tank. This will come complete with views of their struggling friends, those in armor, and those who either by luck or decision decided to chance the rising waters. At this point there are two obvious weaknesses of this trap from MY point of view. First the quartz wall doesn ’ t leak. Too bad Evinrood really falls down here; nothing puts the edge on a victim like a time limit. The other is less obvious but even more critical. Those still in the water filled portion of the room could just try to swim out once the pressure equalizes. (There are still the lake dwellers but if the delvers last this long they probably aren’t that concerned by the fish.) I rate this baby at two skulls, too many ways out, lots of entertainment value, but not lethal enough.

Water? What Water? I Don’t See Any Water.
CR: 6 Type: Mechanical Search: Trap (DC 22), Trigger (DC 22) Disable Device: Trap (DC 22, 2d4 rounds); Trigger (DC 22, 2d4 rounds) Primary Trigger: Touch or Location (opening the coffin or a pressure plate located on floor near the “toe” of the “L”) Primary Trap Effect: Steel plate drops in front of door. Anyone standing there is crushed (12d6 crushing damage) unless a Reflex save is successful Primary Save: Reflex (DC 18) avoids Secondary Trap Effect: Floor sinks down and room floods with water Tertiary Trigger: Timed (water triggers a pressure plate 4 feet below the lip of the alcove) Tertiary Trap Effect: Clear quartz panel (no attack roll necessary; 6d6, crit 19–20/x2) Tertiary Save: Reflex (DC 20) avoids Reset: Manual Cost: 12,000 gp
The Wurst of Grimtooth’s Traps, a 256-page hardcover book of traps, is available in May.




Steam Warriors
WW17604; $21.99US ISBN 1-58846-786-4 Page 18

The archetypal heroes of DragonMech are not the swordslingers and spell-blasters of traditional fantasy, but their clockwork counterparts: fighters with steampowered chatterswords, steam mages who build mighty metal mechs, and the fearless mech jockeys who pilot these monstrosities. Fighting alongside these heroes are the fantasy-engineer coglayers, the half-man/half-machine steamborgs, and a variety of other classes unique to the DragonMech world. The Steam Warriors sourcebook expands the options for these kinds of characters, serving up a wide variety of new feats, prestige classes, equipment, and other options, including special rules for coglings, the halfling-like creatures that live in the great steam engines of the city-mechs. Here are a few examples of what you’ll find within its pages.

work, then unlocked to retrieve the tool. Some more elaborate styles incorporate small portable holes for storing nuts, bolts, and other hardware, though these are much more expensive. Switching from tool to tool is a move action. While these vests do have their uses, they also have their drawbacks. The wearer is at a – 2 to any Move Silently checks she makes. Gnomish toolvest: 200 gp, 1 lb.

A modified version of a steam gun, a steam grappler fires a grappling hook or magnetic grapple instead of a normal steam gun bullet. Three hundred feet of silk rope are attached to the side of the grappler on a large flywheel, allowing the rope to spool out quickly when the steam grappler is fired. The steam grappler has a range increment of 60 feet and additional rope may be attached to it to make it effective beyond five range increments. If the steam grappler is used as a weapon, it inflicts 1d6 bludgeoning damage and has a critical modifier of x3. Loading a steam grappler takes three rounds. A steam grappler is an exotic weapon, but treat it as a steam gun in terms of the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat. Steam grappler: 170 gp (including rope and hook), 1d6, range increment 50 ft. (300 ft. of rope), 35 lbs. (loaded with rope)

Animal skill description) also learns the trick rage, as follows: Rage (DC 22): With a DC 22 Handle Animal check, you can force a grease lizard that you have trained into a bloodthirsty rage. The creature temporarily gains a +4 bonus to Strength, a +4 bonus to Constitution, and a +2 morale bonus to Will saves, but takes a –2 penalty to armor class. The rage lasts for a number of rounds equal to 3 + the lizard’s (newly improved) Constitution modifier. In all other respects this is like the barbarian class ability, including the fatigue that sets in when it is complete. Commanding the grease lizard is a free action for you, and slipping into a rage is a free action for the grease lizard. A raging grease lizard automatically attacks all apparent enemies, as if it had also been given the attack command.


You sacrifice appearance for functionality. Benefit: When you gain an artificial part, you may permanently reduce your Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma by two and increase your Strength, Dexterity or Constitution by one. Special: You can take this feat multiple times. Its effects stack. You may not reduce an ability score to 0 in this way; Intelligence cannot be reduced below 3 this way.

Never drop a hammer again! Because of the bumpy nature of mech traveling, dropped tools are inevitable. When it’s 1,000 feet to the bottom, a means of securing one’s utilities is a must. Enter the gnomish toolvest, which represents the finest in coglayer ingenuity (if not style). This patchwork mess of hooks, pockets, magnets and latches allows one to bring anything they could need to service everything they could think of, from the simplest routine maintenance to the worst combat damage. All this without ever having to worry about a fight outside causing you to lose your concentration inside. The vest’s thin, retractable chains keep everything at your side. They can be locked in an extended position to provide enough slack to

You know special tricks for fighting with grease lizards, and can force the ones you train to battle in an insane rage. Prerequisites: Cogling, Handle Animal 6 ranks Benefit: Any grease lizard you train for fighting (per the Handle

You have a knack for tearing things apart. Benefit: You gain a +4 bonus on any Disable Device, Craft (mechcraft), Knowledge (mechs), Knowledge (steam engines), Profession (engineer) or Attribute check to wreck or sabotage a machine, be it mundane, a construct, or steam powered.

Steam Warriors Warriors, a 128-page sourcebook for DragonMech DragonMech, is available in June.

avenloft R
In the dark we hope to distance, distract and defend ourselves from terrors that haunt the twilight by huddling in our houses before the fading evening fire and telling each other tales to occupy our thoughts till dawn. We recount legends of valiant quests and faded glory, fallen heroes and dark justice, tragic villains and ancient horrors. Then the old folk recall the time-worn tales, grim sagas known throughout the realms from Darkon to Invidia, Mordent to Barovia; narratives of suffering and shame, of trials and tribulation and ultimately of tragedy for hero and villain alike. For in these tales we find warning and caution, hope and solace, and a chance that we might yet avoid a similar fate. The Realms’ greatest legends, however, are more than mere musings of an imaginative mind. Though these fables may vary with each telling, the characters, themes and lessons remain the same as if drawn from the very pages of history, for, after all, at the heart of every legend lies a foundation in truth! It is this very kernel of veracity that inspires some and entices others to seek to discern the fact from the fiction and drives them on through the torments of life with the frail hope of proving the tale true and claiming the prize for themselves. But, one must be careful when seeking to learn the legitimacy of a legend lest one becomes trapped within that very saga, facing the same grim fate as its hero. “To Inherit Eternity” is one such story.
horrific crimes, these stories serve a dual purpose. First and foremost, they are intended to entertain fans of Ravenloft with versions of familiar horror tales such as “The Bride” and “The Flying Dutchman. ” These tales, however, are transformed by the Mists into mini-adventures that are uniquely flavored by the atmosphere of the Dread Realm. Read through these stories and you will recognize tales of wedding nights gone dr eadfully wr ong, monsters in the shape of men who prey upon the innocent and the trusting, and an eternal wanderer cursed by something most people would consider a blessing. Once you ’ ve read the tales, find out how you can turn these stories into adventures and expand those adventures into campaigns. Variations on each story’s theme provide opportunities for clever DMs to use these adventures several times by making some simple changes, such as substituting one villain for another or altering objects or scenes. Beyond the tales themselves, Dark Tales and Disturbing Leg-

Stories To Chill the Heart
Gather Round for Ravenloft’s Dark Tales and Disturbing Legends
by Jackie Cassada and Nicky Rea, Ravenloft developers
ends provides something intangible for the Ravenloft game — a set of folk legends and ideas for creating similar stories. These tales come from the popular folklore of the Dread Realm, not from the few heroic characters battling darklords and engaging in political intrigues. These are the stories told by grandfathers and grandmothers to their children’s children, or featured in taverns and inns on stormy nights when the doors and windows are bolted against the wind and rain. Tales of haunted houses and hidden treasures hint of a rich body of legendry and folklore, differing from realm to realm but each touching upon the things seen out of the corner of the eye or sensed after the lights have been blown out. Five premier authors approached these tales in their own way. Some place the players in the middle of the story, while others introduce their tales as fireside entertainments. The Ravenloft game grew out of one of the most famous tales of gothic horror, that of the doomed, deathless vampire caught in his own tragic drama. What more fitting addition to the body of published work than a book of folk stories brought to dreadful life by the talents of Harold Johnson, Steve Miller, Brett King, Ryan Naylor and Ari Marmell. So sit back, brew a cup of hot cider, lock your doors and open your minds to a different kind of terror, one that grows quietly as the night darkens, the silence deepens and thoughts dwell on the unknown and the mysterious, on Dark Tales and Disturbing Legends.

So begins “To Inherit Eternity,” the first of five bone-chilling tales in Ravenloft’s latest supplement, Dark Tales and Disturbing Legends. Based on classic horror motifs familiar to anyone who has sat around a campfire swapping scary stories or stayed up late at night as a child to hear the grown-ups tell tales of ghostly visitations and

Dark Tales and Disturbing Legends, a 176-page book of scenarios and source material, is available in May.

Secret of of Fantasy Future
ArtHaus and Paragon Games Reveal The Secret of Zir’An
in all of them. There may even be musical ethnographies from the various cultures to peruse at some point. All this and more is in store for you, dearest reader, as we spin the world Zir’An out to you. I’ll let you in on a Secret, then, shall I? The setting of Zir’An is far more deeply detailed that it may first appear. The SoZ Core Gamebook consists of the character creation resources, a tutelage section on the Finesse System, extensive details on the two predominant types of magic (Runemagic and Shadowmagic), and a highly informative geopolitical tour of the history, nations, faiths, lands, media, technologies, magic, and beasts commonly known. This, however, is only the metaphorical icing on the cake. New meta-story campaign adventures will be released online every month, and coming in August is the Hand of Fate Book (“Hand of Fate” is our term for gamemaster). In that book, the secrets really start to fly, so to speak. And lurch. And scuttle. And give longwinded world domination speeches before activating Hrondim Anti-Life runes. You get the idea. Let’s get into some specifics on the game system, shall we? First off, you’ll notice that we are not on the 20-sided bandwagon. The Finesse System is based on one 10-sided die, and is completely new, our attempt to create a satisfying balance of crunch and narrative. During play you have a lot of options, revolving
The Secret of Zir’An Core Gamebook
PGG0001; $39.99 US ISBN 0-97290-520-0 Page 17

The The

I’m delighted to introduce our new RPG line The Secret of Zir’An (hereafter known as SoZ) to all of you fine Insider readers. I want to let you know about this new thing, this shiny new world that we here at Paragon Games, with the gracious help of ArtHaus, are going to let you all in on. Oh yeah, we think you’ll like it a lot. To borrow a bit of Hollywood development lingo, it’s all about the whammy. You know, the whammy, that moment in the game session that you end up talking about as you clean up the snack carcasses, scoop the dice into the bag, and smile to yourself about the next day. That time when your character totally did that thing, and it was awesome. Right then, the system, the story, the fun, it all came together in one moment to deliver that sweet business that we all got hooked on way back when. That’s what The Secret of Zir’An and the Finesse System are designed to do. A lot. We’re treating The Secret of Zir’An as a real world that exists just a few over from our own. The books in the line resemble items you could pick up from a reputable book concern in the world itself. You can listen to radio broadcasts from there (replete with commercials, I’m sad to say). You have the saucy, high-toned editorial contents of Caution to the Wind , the Adventurer’s newsletter, to contend with. There are seven languages in Zir’An, and you can find secret messages to decode

’ ZirAn

by Martin Caplan, President of Paragon Games

around spending initiative points for actions (run, shoot, cast Arroy’s Charm of Sunflare) and choosing what to do with points you get if you succeed, using Finesse Effects. This makes things dramatic, quick and easy to use for those that like things that way, while maintaining a depth of optional complexity that reaches all they way back into character creation for those who feel the crunchy itch. Topping it off, though, is the concept of Superior Successes, where the player, having made a highly effective skill attempt, is asked to freely narrate what happens next, sans fetters of system. This will be subject to the Hand of Fate’s veto, of course (or not, if you wish to game dangerously), but lets the players determine the details of their very own whammy moment — just what we were aiming for when designing the game in the first place. (Some more details on the Finesse System appear in the Inside Scoop section on page 3 — ed.) Though it is what you will be doing first, I have saved character creation for last in this first Insider entry of ours, dear readers. The process of creating an alter ego should be a satisfying one, one that is the prelude to the fun you’ll be having with your friends and your collective imaginations later. SoZ character creation is the literal building of your character’s previous life history before they stumbled into the hands of Lyiss’s web of fate and were Chosen. (What’s


a Chosen? Well, every player character has been singled out for great deeds and world-changing decisions. SoZ is about big stories, great deeds, climactic events — your character is Chosen by Fate to be an Adventurer, and events conspire to make him or her legendary. Whether that’s as a hero or villain, is up to you.) The point is, at the end of character creation you will have generated a deliberate (not random!) skeleton of your character’s backstory — where he went, who he knows, how he became what he is. All of it dir ectly connecting your character’s abilities, equipment and contacts into a cohesive whole all set to make his or her mark, willingly or unwillingly, on the world. Finally, the world of Zir’An is big enough to tell any genre of story, be it a political thriller, a harrowing war story, a cosmic drama, or a college romance. I must mention that there are plenty of tools provided to the Hand of Fate in the core book, all geared towards enabling these worthies to create dramatic, interesting adventures that are tailored to the hooks embedded in the histories created by players for their characters. Plus, we have a concept called Finesse Events in our published adventures, a new mechanism for enabling amazing cinematic scenes during the game, that help the Hands of Fate wow their players. We know that gamemastering is a tough job, and we hope to enable these most put-upon of gamers to deliver adventure aplenty to their group. We want game groups to have an overall roleplaying experience that is full of drama, humor, horror, and action, where players care about their characters and have those gaming epiphanies together that make our hobby such a uniquely great experience. Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings, friends. A new world awaits you in The Secret of Zir’An, and you’ll be sorely pressed to find another with more innovation and depth crammed into one package. Evuxia!
The Secret of Zir’An Core Gamebook, a 288-page roleplaying game, is available in May.

sword and sorcery april releases
Ruins of Intrigue™
Adventure and Intrigue in the World of the Diamond Throne!
The ruins of Serathis, uncovered only recently, loom high in the mountains. This ancient city draws hundreds to its shattered streets in search of treasure and adventure. Giants and dragons square off from opposite sides of the ruins. The winds of war howl in the distance.

Vast Wealth and Terrible Monsters Await!
Ruins of Intrigue provides the foundation for an entire campaign using Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved. The ruined city of Serathis lies between territories claimed by giants and dragons. Both factions seek the city and its treasure, setting the stage for conflict. Adventure source material will take your characters to 10th level and beyond.

Sword & Sorcery books are published under the Open Game License and are 100% compatible with v.3.5 rules and the d20 System.
ISBN: 1-58846-783-X Retail Price: $19.99 U.S. Stock #: WW16148 Page Count: 96

Author: Mike Mearls Cover Artist: J. P. Targete


sword and sorcery may releases
The Wurst of Grimtooth’s Traps™
The Troll Is Back!
More horrible than a nightmare, more feared and loathed than the IRS, Grimtooth the Troll has returned, bringing with him the best of his traps to try men’s souls and mangle their bodies! This connoisseur’s catalog of condemnable calamities contains countless contraptions to curse even the most courageous adventurer!

World of Warcraft the Roleplaying Game™
Enter a World of Adventure!
In a world ravaged by conflict, age-old enemies struggle to rebuild society amid a tenuous peace sparked by flares of violence as threats new and old clash in an endless conflict. Heroes battle undead and demons, explore strange and dangerous lands, uncover powerful magic, develop fascinating technological creations, and return glory to great cities and civilizations. They stand at the cusp of a new age — an age they shall forge by their allegiances and their exploits!

Traps and Trouble for any Campaign
The Wurst of Grimtooth’s Traps collects over 200 of the most devious traps ever devised, all with complete statistics for use in any d20 System game. It also includes the famous Traps Bazaar and the Dungeon of Doom, a dungeon of nothing but traps!

Calling All Heroes!
World of Warcraft the Roleplaying Game translates the hugely popular computer game setting into a pen-and-paper roleplaying game. Published under the Open Game License, it features complete rules for play that are 100% compatible with revised 3rd Edition rules and the d20 System. Everything you need is now in one book — from character generation to 10 races and 12 core classes, from extensive technological creation rules to a wide variety of spells, from combat rules to details on generating settlements and cities! Also compatible with existing Warcraft RPG game material. Hardcover.

Sword & Sorcery books are published under the Open Game License and are 100% compatible with v.3.5 rules and the d20 System.
ISBN: 1-58846-139-4 Retail Price: $34.99 U.S. Stock #: 8386 Page Count: 256

Warcraft RPG books are published under license with Blizzard Entertainment and utilize the Open Game License.
ISBN: 1-58846-781-3 Retail Price: $39.99 U.S. Stock #: 17210 Page Count: 384

Authors: Scott Greene, Clark Peterson, Steve Crompton, Mike Stackpole and many more Developers: Bill Webb and Clark Peterson Artists: Steve Crompton, Michael Von Glahn and Scott Jackson

Authors: Rob Baxter, Luke Johnson, Mur Lafferty and more Developer: Mike Johnstone, with Andrew Bates Cover Artist: Samwise Didier

The Secret of Zir’An™ Core Gamebook
Are You Chosen?
The world of Zir’An is a world of high magic, ancient technology, fantastic adventure, terrifying threats, and vast potential for Adventurers brave enough to step into the Hand of Fate’s grasp. Ultimately the destruction or renewal of Zir’An will come to rest on the decisions of a few individuals. Such is the burden of Fate’s Chosen.

Dark Tales and Disturbing Legends™
Tales Told In Darkness
Some tales take on a life of their own, passing from generation to generation as warnings of the dangers of life in the Dread Realms. Are these stories myths, or do they have a kernel of truth? Do you have the courage to find out for yourself?

The Future of Fantasy!
· Detailed setting that combines magic and technology in an expansive world of beauty and horror. · Build characters from a vast array of character packages, creating a unique history before the game even begins! · New Finesse Game System allows turn-to-turn customizable cinematic action limited only by your imagination. · Two totally new, dynamic magic systems: Rune Magic and Shadow Magic. · Hundreds of NPCs, monsters, weapons, armor, Items of Power and treasures. ISBN: 0-9729052-0-0 Retail Price: $39.99 U.S. Stock #: PGG0001 Page Count: 320

Stories Lived in Nightmares
Dark Tales and Disturbing Legends presents five classic tales of horror with a Ravenloft twist. Track down a rampaging killer, look behind the scenes of a tragic wedding night or flush out a creature from the darkest imaginings. DMs and players can find new magic items, feats and spells as well as new opportunities to explore the darkest corners of Ravenloft.

Ravenloft books are published under license with Wizards of the Coast and are 100% compatible with v3.5 rules and the d20 System.
ISBN: 1-58846-787-2 Retail Price: $24.99 U.S. Stock #: 15032 Page Count: 176

Authors: Harold Johnson, Steve Miller, Ryan Naylor and more Developers: Jackie Cassada and Nicky Rea Artists: Ravenloft staff

Authors: Chris Hockabout, Martin Hunter Caplan, Marcus Flores, Aram Gutowski Cover Artist: Cory Allemeier


sword and sorcery june releases
The Book of Roguish Luck™
Smarter, Stealthier, Tricksier
A silent footstep. The turn of a card. The silent kill, and the glitter of a knife in the dark. These are the tools of adventurers who live by their wits, deep in the shadows. But even the most skilled rogues adore and worship Lady Luck, who holds the difference between success and failure.

Get Lucky
The Book of Roguish Luck offers the new Luck rules subsystem for all classes, plus the bandit, gutter mage, and shadow thief core classes and four prestige classes. In addition, it presents expanded guild rules, a new school of rogue spells, shadow magic, over 30 new feats including the Rogue and Luck types, and expanded sneak attack rules. Gamble, cheat, and play with panache!

Steam Warriors™
Swords and Spells Have Nothing on Steam
Why wield a sword when you can build a metal man to wield it for you? Why waste time learning to cast a fireball when you have a flame-launching clockwork dragon? This character sourcebook unveils the world of the steam warriors, whose fantastic contraptions have reshaped the world of DragonMech™!

Sword & Sorcery books are published under the Open Game License and are 100% compatible with v.3.5 rules and the d20 System.
ISBN: 1-58846-785-6 Retail Price: $19.99 U.S. Stock #: WW16112 Page Count: 96

Author: Wolfgang Baur Cover Artist: Michael Komarck

A Guide for Every Player Dead Man’s Chest™
A Treasury of Nautical Lore
No place offers more adventure than the ocean. No dungeon is as deep, no jungle is as full of exotic and dangerous life. Most folk spend their entire lives on dry ground, unaware that entire civilizations thrive beneath the waves. Seldom do PCs venture into the depths, but when they do, they discover wonders they never dreamed of. The ocean offers a realm of adventure that is at once alien and appealing. Strange things exist down there, as perilous as they are compelling. This player’s guide expands the range of character options in DragonMech. In addition to a host of new feats, equipment, and prestige classes, it presents class templates for customizing characters to the region from which they hail, as well as details on the emerging clockwork races, new steam powers, guilds and organizations, and more.

Sword & Sorcery books are published under the Open Game License and are 100% compatible with v.3.5 rules and the d20 System.
ISBN: 1-58846-786-4 Retail Price: $21.99 U.S. Stock #: WW17604 Page Count: 128

Authors: W. Jason Peck, Matt Sprengeler, Christina Stiles, and more Developer: Joseph Goodman Artists: DragonMech Staff

Maritime Adventure
Dead Man’s Chest lays bare the ocean and its denizens. Within these pages are detailed rules for ship travel, as well as guidelines for underwater exploration, and three complete maritime adventures. At last there is a comprehensive source for sailing and the sea — packed with over 100 new magic items, monsters, feats, prestige classes and spells. Hardcover. ISBN: 1-58846-763-5 Retail Price: $29.99 U.S. Stock #: WW8368 Page Count: 200

Authors: Lance Hawvermale, Chris Bernhardt, Casey W. Christofferson, Chad Coulter, Skeeter Green, Patrick Goulah, Travis Hawvermale, Robert Hunter, Rob Mason, Matt McGee, and Greg Ragland Developers: Bill Webb and Erica Balsley


orcery S word S & B acklist
b a c k l i s t
Supercharge Your Campaign
Sword & Sorcery Studios brings you the best in d20 System and OGL products. Core products exist free of established campaign settings and serve to enhance any fantasy campaign. Relics & Rituals (WW8310; ISBN 1-58846-159-9; $24.95 US) Ready to outfit your campaign with a host of new magic items and divine and arcane spells? From trinkets to artifacts, from curious cantrips to devastating rituals, this sourcebook on magic has something new for every fantasy player and campaign.

Other Products

Hardback Handbooks

Core Products

Advanced Player’s Guide (WW16721; ISBN 1-58846-961-1; $34.99 US) This companion volume to the Player’s Handbook and other d20 System core rulebooks provides new rules options, new and expanded classes, new skills, new combat and magic systems and more — all the tools you need to take your campaign to the next level! Relics & Rituals: Excalibur (WW16711; ISBN 1-58846-956-5; $34.99 US) Forge your own legend of Camelot in this genre sourcebook, blending the trappings of Arthurian myth with the familiar ruleset of the d20 System. New spells, magic items, prestige classes and more. Relics & Rituals: Olympus (WW16712; ISBN 1-58846-974-3; $34.99 US) The Time of Legends infuses the d20 System with the power of Greek myth. Use the spells, prestige classes, magic items and more in this genre sourcebook to build a fantasy campaign set in the mythic side of the Bronze Age, or to add an infusion of godly vigor to an existing d20 campaign.

__ Campaign Setting: Termana (WW8341; ISBN 1-58846-142-4; $29.95 US) __ Creature Collection II: Dark Menagerie (WW8301; ISBN 1-58846-160-2; $24.95 US) __ Creature Collection III: Savage Bestiary (WW8303; ISBN 1-58846-138-6; $29.95 US) __ Divine and the Defeated: The Gods & Titans of the Scarred Lands, The (WW8311; ISBN 1-58846-165-3; $24.95 US) __ Relics & Rituals II: Lost Lore (WW8314; ISBN 1-58846-182-3; $25.95 US) __ Strange Lands: Lost Tribes of the Scarred Lands (WW8338; ISBN 1-58846-778-3; $34.99 US)

__ Serpent Amphora Cycle II: The Serpent & the Scepter (WW8333; ISBN 1-58846-118-1; $10.95 US) __ Serpent Amphora Cycle III: Serpent Citadel (WW8334; ISBN 1-58846-144-0; $10.95 US) __ Shelzar: City of Sins (WW8327; ISBN 1-58846-146-7; $21.95 US) __ Vigil Watch: Secrets of the Asaatthi (WW8335; ISBN 1-58846-143-2; $21.95 US) __ Vigil Watch: Warrens of the Ratmen (WW8330; ISBN 1-58846-164-5; $13.95 US) __ Wilderness and Wasteland (WW8331; ISBN 1-58846-121-1; $12.95 US) __ Wise and the Wicked, The (WW8312; ISBN 1-58846-167-X; $17.95 US)

Scarred Lands Fiction
__ Champions of the Scarred Lands (anthology) (WW11660; ISBN 1-58846-808-9; $6.50 US) __ Scarred Lands: Forsaken (Dead God Trilogy, Book 1) (WW11661; ISBN 1-58846-809-7; $6.50 US) __ Scarred Lands: Forsworn (Dead God Trilogy, Book 2) (WW11662; ISBN 1-58846-810-0; $6.50 US) __ Scarred Lands: Forbidden (Dead God Trilogy, Book 3) (WW11663; ISBN 1-58846-811-9; $6.50 US)

Player’s Guides
__ Player’s Guide to Clerics and Druids (WW8308; ISBN 1-58846-148-3; $23.95 US) __ Player’s Guide to Fighters and Barbarians (WW8307; ISBN 1-58846-149-1; $23.95 US) __ Player’s Guide to Monks and Paladins (WW8305; ISBN 1-58846-094-0; $23.95 US) __ Player’s Guide to Rangers and Rogues (WW8309; ISBN 1-58846-147-5; $23.95 US) __ Player’s Guide to Wizards, Bards and Sorcerers (WW8306; ISBN 1-58846-110-6; $23.95 US)

Other Products
__Ultimate Fantasy Dice (WW5521; ISBN 1-58846-017-7; $6.99 US)

Game Supplements
__ Blood Bayou (WW8328; ISBN 1-58846-145-9; $18.95 US) __ Blood Sea: The Crimson Abyss (WW8329; ISBN 1-58846-950-6; $23.99 US) __ Burok Torn: City Under Siege (WW8326; ISBN 1-58846-187-4; $17.95 US) __ Calastia: Throne of the Black Dragon (WW8324; ISBN 1-58846-181-5; $17.95 US) __ Echoes of the Past: The Slarecian Legacy (WW8336; ISBN 1-58846-955-7; $23.99 US) __ Edge of Infinity: The Scarred Planes (WW8319; ISBN 1-58846-962-X; $23.99 US) __ Faithful and the Forsaken, The (WW8317; ISBN 1-58846-137-8; $19.95 US) __ Gazetteer: Ghelspad (WW8320; ISBN 1-58846-161-0; $8.95 US) __ Gazetteer: Termana (WW8340; ISBN 1-58846-186-6; $10.95 US) __ Hollowfaust: City of the Necromancers (WW8322; ISBN 1-58846-163-7; $19.95 US) __ Hornsaw: Forest of Blood, The (WW8323; ISBN 1-58846-166-1; $17.95 US) __ Mithril: City of the Golem (WW8321; ISBN 1-58846-162-9; $17.95 US) __ Penumbral Pentagon, The (WW8316; ISBN 1-58846-185-8; $18.95 US) __ Secrets & Societies (WW8315; ISBN 1-58846-183-1; $13.95 US) __ Serpent Amphora Cycle I: Serpent in the Fold (WW8332; ISBN 1-58846-120-3; $10.95 US)

Three Eras, One World
The award-winning Trinity Universe comes to the d20 System. Each core book is a complete d20 System campaign setting, filled with detailed information on that particular era and all the rules needed to play in it. Each book includes new core and prestige classes, unique powers for daring adventurers, super-powered novas or intrepid psions, and much, much more.

A World of Adventure
Journey to Scarn, a world shattered by an apocalyptic war between gods and titans. Now, two centuries later, civilization reasserts itself and bold adventurers emerge from fortified cities to brave the monsterinfested wilderness. It is a time of heroism and intrigue. It is a time of adventure.

Core Products
Adventure! (d20 System edition) (WW16705; ISBN 1-58846-957-3; $34.99 US) A new era begins in the 1920s — an era of wonder, when men are forthright and women are courageous. An era of globe trotting exploration and mad science. An era in which excitement is found from the skyscraper penthouses of New York City to the sweltering jungles of the Congo! Aberrant (d20 System edition) (WW16706; ISBN 1-58846-965-4; $34.99 US) In the dawn of the 21st century, select humans erupt with incredible powers previously seen only in comics and movies. These rare “novas” are all too real, however, and their abilities and personalities will change the world forever.

Core Products
Creature Collection (Revised) (WW8302; ISBN 1-58846-247-1; $34.99 US) From the horrible wrack dragon to the tiny bottle imp, the over 200 creatures in this book are ready to be introduced to any campaign (whether Scarred Lands or no), each having been painstakingly updated to mesh perfectly with v.3.5 rules. Campaign Setting: Ghelspad (WW8325; ISBN 1-58846-184-X; $24.95 US) Playground of titans, battlefield of gods, land of empires and magic: Ghelspad is a vivid and exciting setting for your fantasy campaign. This volume provides Game Masters with a fully developed setting ready-made for adventure.


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b a c k l i s t
Trinity (d20 System edition) (WW16707; ISBN 1-58846-971-9; $34.99 US) In the 22nd century, humanity has ventured to the stars. Alien races, fractious colonies, ruthless corporation and aberrant mutations vie for power, while a new breed of humans – armed with potent psychic powers – stands to make the future its own.

Storyteller System Products

__ Trinity: Shattered Europe (WW9004; ISBN 1-56504-761-3; $19.95 US) __ Trinity: Stellar Frontier (WW9005; ISBN 1-56504-763-X; $19.95 US) __ Trinity Field Report: Alien Races (WW9202; ISBN 1-56504-772-9; $4.95 US) __ Trinity Field Report: Extrasolar Colonies (WW9201; ISBN 1-56504-771-0; $4.95 US) __ Trinity Field Report: Media (WW9204; ISBN 1-56504-605-6; $4.95 US) __ Trinity Technology Manual (WW9200; ISBN 1-56504-770-2; $15.95 US)

__ Adventure! (Storyteller edition) (WW9350; ISBN 1-56504-608-0; $25.95 US)

__ Plane of Hate (WW16524; ISBN 1-58846-976-X; $24.99 US) __ Realms of Norrath: Dagnor’s Cauldron (WW16515; ISBN 1-58846-953-0; $24.99 US) __ Realms of Norrath: Everfrost Peaks (WW16511; ISBN 1-58846-131-9; $26.95 US) __ Realms of Norrath: Forests of Faydark (WW16513; ISBN 1-58846-133-5; $23.95 US) __ Realms of Norrath: Freeport (WW16510; ISBN 1-58846-128-9; $23.95 __ Solusek’s Eye (WW16522; ISBN 1-58846-062-2; $19.95 US) __ Temple of Solusek Ro Screen & Book, The (WW16521; ISBN 1-58846-132-7; $12.95 US)

__ Aberrant (Storyteller edition) (WW8500; ISBN 1-56504-626-9; $24.95 US) __ Aberrant: Church of Michael Archangel (WW8543; ISBN 1-56504-691-9; $4.95 US) __ Aberrant: The Directive (WW8521; ISBN 1-56504-685-4; $14.95 US) __ Aberrant: Elites (WW8506; ISBN 1-56504-692-7; $14.95 US) __ Aberrant: Fear and Loathing (WW8541; ISBN 1-56504-689-7; $4.95 US) __ Aberrant Players Guide (WW8505; ISBN 1-56504-687-0; $25.95 US) __ Aberrant: Project Utopia (WW8504; ISBN 1-56504-631-5; $19.95 US) __ Aberrant: (WW8542; ISBN 1-56504-690-0; $4.95 US) __ Aberrant Storytellers Screen (WW8501; ISBN 1-56504-627-7; $14.95 US) __ Aberrant: XWF (WW8540; ISBN 1-56504-688-9; $4.95 US) __ Aberrant: Year One (WW8502; ISBN 1-56504-629-3; $14.95 US) __ Aberrant Worldwide Phase I (WW8530; ISBN 1-56504-684-6; $21.95 US) __ Aberrant Worldwide Phase II (WW8510; ISBN 1-56504-686-2; $21.95 US) __ Exposé: Aberrants (WW8503; ISBN 1-56504-630-7; $4.95 US)

It’s Your World Now
Discover the vast details and find new epic adventures in the world of the EverQuest II online computer game with the EverQuest II Roleplaying Game. Packed with exclusive details on the world of Norrath, the EQIIrpg reveals critical information for online players and allows penand-paper gamers to play their own adventures. EQIIrpg is published under the Open Game License, and features a streamlined system that is 100% compatible with revised 3rd Edition fantasy roleplaying rules.

This War Is Yours to Fight
Millions of fans around the world have enjoyed the #1-selling Warcraft computer game series. Now, this hugely successful series becomes a fully interactive print roleplaying game world. Each supplement provides unprecedented detail on the Warcraft world as well as new and exciting d20 System innovations.

Core Products
EverQuest II RPG Player’s Guide (WW16550; ISBN 1-58846-999-9; $34.99 US) Uncover the secrets of the new era Norrath, the setting for EverQuest II online in this all new, complete player’s guide. Includes 16 races, 28 character classes, and much more. EverQuest II RPG Spell Guide (WW16551; ISBN 1-58846-998-0; $34.99 US) Magic is omnipresent in the world of Norrath and 18 character classes in the EverQuest II Roleplaying Game have distinct magic traditions and powers. There are so many spells and powers that they require their own volume, one containing over 1000 spells! The most complete guide to magic in EverQuest — online or anywhere else.

Core Products
World of Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game (WW17210; ISBN 1-58846-781-3; $39.99 US) The new OGL-driven standalone core rulebook brings Warcraft roleplaying to the next level. Complete with all the classes and races available in online play and unique spins on magic, community building and other innovations. Available in May 2005. Manual of Monsters (WW17201; ISBN 1-58846-070-3; $29.95 US) From the merciless Burning Legion to the five draconic broods, from the undead Scourge to the savage centaur, the world of Azeroth is rife with malevolent creatures. Manual of Monsters features over 200 monsters from the hugely popular series of Warcraft computer games. Magic & Mayhem (WW17203; ISBN 1-58846-954-9; $29.99 US) Sorcerers and wizards truck with demons while tinkers and engineers build mighty engines of battle in this sourcebook. Magic & Mayhem offers a wealth of spells, magic items, feats and technology that expands upon the Warcraft setting, as well as any d20 System campaign.

Other Products
The EverQuest I RPG Line
__ EverQuest® RPG Player’s Handbook (WW16500; ISBN 1-58846-125-4; $29.95 US) __ EverQuest® RPG Game Master’s Guide (WW16502; ISBN 1-58846-127-0; $29.95 US) __ Al’Kabor’s Arcana (WW16503; ISBN 1-58846-130-0; $29.95 US) __ Befallen (WW16520; ISBN 1-58846-129-7; $10.95 US) __ Heroes of Norrath (WW16504; ISBN 1-58846-963-8; $22.99 US) __ Luclin (WW16512; ISBN 1-58846-066-5; $29.95 US) __ Monsters of Luclin (WW16514; ISBN 1-58846-064-9; $21.95 US) __ Monsters of Norrath (WW16501; ISBN 1-58846-126-2; $29.95 US)

__ Trinity (Storyteller edition) (WW9099; ISBN 1-56504-622-6; $14.95 US) __ Alien Encounter 1: Invasion (WW9104; ISBN 1-56504-620-X; $17.95 US) __ Alien Encounter 2: Deception (WW9105; ISBN 1-56504-621-8; $17.95 US) __ Darkness Revealed 1: Descent into Darkness (WW9101; ISBN 1-56504-751-6; $15.95 US) __ Darkness Revealed 2: Passage Through Shadow (WW9102; ISBN 1-56504-752-4; $15.95 US) __ Darkness Revealed 3: Ascent into Light (WW9103; ISBN 1-56504-753-2; $15.95 US) __ Trinity: America Offline (WW9003; ISBN 1-56504-762-1; $17.95 US) __ Trinity: Luna Rising (WW9002; ISBN 1-56504-760-5; $17.95 US)

Other Products
__ Alliance & Horde Compendium (WW17202; ISBN 1-58846-063-0; $21.95 US) __ Lands of Conflict (WW17204; ISBN 1-58846-960-3; $29.99 US) __ Shadows & Light (WW17205; ISBN 1-58846-973-5; $24.99 US)


orcery S word S & B acklist
b a c k l i s t
Enter the Realms of Dread
__ Van Richten’s Arsenal, Volume I (WW15010; ISBN 1-58846-079-7; $24.95 US) __ Van Richten’s Guide to the Shadow Fey (WW15012; ISBN 1-58846-088-6; $22.99 US) __ Van Richten’s Guide to the Walking Dead (WW15011; ISBN 1-58846-085-1; $22.95 US)

Medieval Fantasy Meets Mechs

The classic fantasy horror series returns. A night of eternal terror. A world ruled by fear and horror. Vampires who rule the night. Shapeshifters who prowl the forests. Eldritch ghouls and undead skeletons who prey upon a fearful populace. If ever a world needed heroes, it is the world of Ravenloft.

Play Aid

__ Ravenloft Tarokka Deck (WW15049; ISBN 1-58846-090-8; $21.95 US)

Core Products
Ravenloft Player’s Handbook (WW15005; ISBN 1-58846-091-6; $34.95 US) Fully updated for v.3.5 rules, this handbook provides both rules and setting material, including character creation rules, new spells, new information on spell use and realm magic ratings, guidelines to the realms of the Land of Dread, and even a new group of prestige classes created specifically for Ravenloft. Ravenloft Dungeon Master’s Guide (WW15004; ISBN 1-58846-084-3; $34.95 US) This v.3.5-compatible guide contains a wealth of vital information for Ravenloft DMs. It offers ways to reshape the classes in the D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide, provides tips on creating a properly horrifying atmosphere for players, discusses ways to use Ravenloft in crossover games, contains delicious new magic items, prestige classes with alterations — and much more! Denizens of Dread (WW15006; ISBN 1-58846-951-4; $34.99 US) The world of Ravenloft holds terrors that stalk the night and prowl the realms even in daylight. From the doomed creatures that subsist on the blood of the living to canny shapeshifters and hideous constructs, this manual details the many monsters of Ravenloft.

After the Final Wars
The classic post-apocalyptic RPG returns, re-envisioned for the 21st century. A new world rises from the ashes of the Final Wars. Mutants born of radiation struggles against intelligent machines and humans remade from the genes up. Pockets of civilization stand against wastelands of barbarity. The Gamma World is yours to conquer. Requires the use of the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game or the Dungeon & Dragons Player’s Handbook, published by Wizards of the Coast.

Sword & Sorcery, Goodman Games and Super Unicorn join forces to bring you the first comprehensive d20 System treatment of fantasy mechs with the DragonMech campaign setting. The earth shudders with the footfalls of massive mechs, powered by steam, magic or even the labor of a thousand slaves. Humans, dwarves, elves and orcs pilot these lethal machines, striking back against monstrous forces that seek to decimate their world — and fighting one another for dominance in this new era!

Core Products
DragonMech (WW17600; ISBN 1-58846-988-3; $34.99 US) This core campaign setting is a stand-alone game world, but it is designed to integrate seamlessly with any ongoing campaign. DragonMech features extensive rules for fantasy mechs powered by machinery, magic, and manual labor, integrated with a host of new classes, feats, skills, and items designed for a mech-based fantasy campaign. DragonMech Mech Manual (WW17602; ISBN 1-58846-989-1; $21.99 US) This “monster manual of mechs” gives players new options and GMs new enemies. There are more than 50 new mechs complete with deck plans, plus loads of new steampunk gear and mech-based character options. In non-DragonMech fantasy worlds, the mechs can be used as deadly constructs or animated golems.

Core Products
Gamma World Player’s Handbook (WW17250; ISBN 1-58846-069-X; $34.95 US) This core campaign setting presents a new edition of the classic sci-fi adventure game, energized for the new millennium! Play humans, mutants and new races created in the chaos of the Final Wars, out not just to survive but to thrive in the midst of adventure, danger and mystery. Gamma World Game Master’s Guide (WW17251; ISBN 1-58846-068-1; $29.99 US) A book of solid, practical advice, designed to add power to any Gamma World campaign. Learn how to modify the rules for the right balance of adventure and danger, how to convey your chosen genre in description and pacing and how to plan and run a campaign from exciting start to rousing finish. You’ve got good ideas — put them to work! Machines & Mutants (WW17252; ISBN 1-58846-067-3; $34.95 US) In the Gamma World, new species of plants and animals fill the places humanity once ruled, and things that were once tools prey on the descendants of their makers. Machines & Mutants covers things both animal and mechanical that roam the post-apocalyptic future. You ’ ll find descriptions of mutated creatures and of electronic species, with rules for use as both monsters and as player characters.

Other Products
__ The Second Age of Walkers (WW17603; ISBN 1-58846-782-1; $29.99 US) __ The Shardsfall Quest (WW17601; ISBN 1-58846-997-2; $15.99 US)

Other Products
Game Supplements
__ Champions of Darkness (WW15003; ISBN 1-58846-081-9; $21.95 US) __ Heroes of Light (WW15030; ISBN 1-58846-082-7; $21.95 US) __ Legacy of Blood: The Great Families (WW15031; ISBN 1-58846-089-4; $22.99 US) __ Masque of the Red Death (WW15007; ISBN 1-58846-979-4; $34.99 US) __ Ravenloft Gazetteer, Volume I (WW15020; ISBN 1-58846-080-0; $24.95 US) __ Ravenloft Gazetteer, Volume II (WW15021; ISBN 1-58846-083-5; $24.95 US) __ Ravenloft Gazetteer, Volume III (WW15022; ISBN 1-58846-086-X; $24.95 US) __ Ravenloft Gazetteer, Volume IV (WW15023; ISBN 1-58846-087-8; $25.95 US) __ Ravenloft Gazetteer, Volume V (WW15024; ISBN 1-58846-964-6; $24.99 US) __ Secrets of the Dread Realms and Dungeon Master’s Screen (WW15001; ISBN 1-58846-076-2; $14.95 US)

The Best from the Best
Third Edition codesigner Monte Cook founded Malhavoc Press to continue to support the game he loves and create products to share with fans. His imprint publishes high-quality d20 System and OGL products from some of the best designers in the industry, including Monte himself, Bruce R. Cordell, Mike Mearls, Skip Williams and many more.

Core Products
Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved (WW16146; ISBN 1-58846-780-5; $49.99 US) This new variant player’s handbook from 3rd Edition codesigner Monte Cook takes everything that tens of thousands loved about Arcana Unearthed, presents it in a deluxe full-color format, then adds a vast amount of all-new material! This book integrates and revises the contents of Monte Cook’s Arcana Unearthed, The Diamond Throne, and Arcana Unearthed Screen

Other Products
__ Beyond the Horizon (WW17255; ISBN 1-58846-977-8; $24.99 US) __ Cryptic Alliances & Unknown Enemies (WW17254; ISBN 1-58846-966-2; $29.99 US) __ Out of the Vaults (WW17253; ISBN 1-58846-022-3; $21.95 US)


orcery S word S & B acklist
b a c k l i s t
and Player’s Guide. Discover new PC races like the dragonlike dracha, classes like the ritual warrior, evolved versions of all races, new champion and totem warrior types, and dozens of new spells, spell templates, feats, manifestations, equipment, and more. Full color hardcover. Beyond Countless Doorways (WW16108; ISBN 1-58846-975-1; $34.99 US) It ’ s a Planescape ® reunion! Monte Cook and a host of other creators mark the tenth anniversary of the ground-breaking campaign setting with an all-new d20 book of planes and a whole new cosmology for planar adventure. Includes contributions from Wolfgang Baur, David “ Zeb ” Cook, Monte Cook, Colin McComb and Ray Vallese, and a cover by rk Post. __ If Thoughts Could Kill (WW16150; ISBN 1-58846-106-8; $9.95 US) __ Mindscapes (WW16151; ISBN 1-58846-109-2; $18.95 US) __ Requiem for a God (WW16120; ISBN 1-58846-104-1; $12.95 US) __ Skreyn’s Register: The Bonds of Magic (WW16130; ISBN 1-58846-107-6; $12.95 US) __ When the Sky Falls (WW16121; ISBN 1-58846-061-4; $13.95 US) The Complete Book of Eldritch Might (WW16105; ISBN 1-58846-952-2; $34.99 US) Magic is the most powerful force in all creation. This mega-sourcebook from 3rd Edition codesigner Monte Cook introduces incredible facets of magic. Inside, you’ll find the incomparable power of soul magic, the secrets of intelligent magic items, the majesty of the arcane angels, and much, much more.

Third Edition Rules, First Edition Feel
Do you remember the good old days of fantasy roleplaying? Necromancer Games does, and they are committed to producing high-quality products under the d20 System for use with revised 3rd Edition rules but with a “classic” First Edition feel. Fun, accessible adventures. Sprawling dungeons and selfish dragons. It’s all here for your gaming pleasure.

Other Products
Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved
__ Children of the Rune (anthology) (WW16145; ISBN 1-58846-864-X; $6.99 US) __ The Diamond Throne (WW16141; ISBN 1-58846-067-6; $18.95 US) __ The Dragons’ Return (anthology) (WW16147; ISBN 1-58846-883-6; $6.99 US) __ Legacy of the Dragons (WW16143; ISBN 1-58846-958-1; $23.99 US) __ Monte Cook’s Arcana Unearthed DM’s Screen and Player’s Guide (WW16142; ISBN 1-58846-059-2; $15.95 US) __ Mystic Secrets: The World of Lore and Rune (WW16144; ISBN 1-58846-985-9; $15.99 US)

Core Products
The Tome of Horrors II (WW8388; ISBN 1-58846-992-1; $34.99 US) This tome contains nearly 200 never-before-seen monsters, from the crucifixion spirit to the dreaded encephalon gorger, all fully compatible with v.3.5 rules. This large collection was written with the expressed intent to provide usable, detailed, and unknown monsters that make a great addition to any d20 System campaign. Gary Gygax’s Necropolis (WW8390; ISBN 1-58846-116-5; $29.95 US) Both a vast campaign scenario and a complete campaign sourcebook, Necropolis sweeps the characters into an epic adventure across the magical desert kingdom of Khemit. It features new classes and prestige classes, new spells, more than 60 monsters unique to the desert lands, and over 50 new gods and new cleric domains. City-State of the Invincible Overlord (WW8393; ISBN 1-58846-990-5; $34.99 US) The best-selling adventure classic returns, updated for today’s players. Return to the City-State in all it’s glory. This hardcover edition includes all the material from the original, plus the Wraith Overlord scenario that brings players into the city-state’s underbelly. Years of adventure await.

Game Supplements
__ Anger of Angels (WW16131; ISBN 1-58846-060-6; $21.95 US) __ Banewarrens, The (WW16111; ISBN 1-58846-103-3; $17.95 US) __ Book of Hallowed Might (v.3.5) (WW16107; ISBN 1-58846-987-5; $13.99 US) __ Book of Hallowed Might II: Portents and Visions (WW16106; ISBN 1-58846-967-0; $13.99 US) __ Book of Iron Might (WW16109; ISBN 1-58846-980-8; $13.99 US) __ Chaositech (WW16104; ISBN 1-58846-056-8; $19.99 US) __ Cry Havoc (WW16122; ISBN 1-58846-023-1; $21.95 US) __ Demon God’s Fane (WW16110; ISBN 1-58846-101-7; $9.95 US) __ Hyperconscious: Explorations in Psionics (WW16152; ISBN 1-58846-995-6; $23.99 US)

__ Caverns of Thracia (WW8392; ISBN 1-58846-991-3; $23.95 US) __ Chaos Rising (WW8375; ISBN 1-58846-099-1; $13.95 __ Crucible of Freya (WW8350; ISBN 1-58846-485-1; $7.99 US) __ Demons and Devils (WW8354; ISBN 1-58846-153-X; $8.95 US) __ Glades of Death (WW8367; ISBN 1-58846-796-0; $29.99 US) __ Grey Citadel (WW8376; ISBN 1-58846-098-3; $13.95 US) __ Hall of the Rainbow Mage, The (WW8372; ISBN 1-58846-113-0; $15.95 US) __ Lamentation of Thieves, A (WW8383; ISBN 1-58846-093-2; $18.95 US) __ Maze of Zayene 1: Prisoners of the Maze (WW8380; ISBN 1-58846-189-0; $11.95 US) __ Maze of Zayene 2: Dimensions of Flight (WW8381; ISBN 1-58846-190-4; $11.95 US) __ Maze of Zayene 3: Tower Chaos (WW8382; ISBN 1-58846-117-3; $11.95 US) __ Morrick Mansion (WW8378; ISBN 1-58846-097-5; $13.95 US) __ Raise the Dead (WW8377; ISBN 1-58846-096-7; $15.95 US) __ Rappan Athuk: The Dungeon of Graves The Upper Levels (WW8360; ISBN 1-58846-164-4; $9.99 US) __ Rappan Athuk: The Dungeon of Graves 2 The Middle Levels (WW8361; ISBN 1-58846-157-2; $11.95 US) __ Siege of Durgam’s Folly, The (WW8370; ISBN 1-58846-188-2; $10.95 US) __ Tomb of Abysthor (WW8351; ISBN 1-58846-150-1; $15.95 US) __ Trouble at Durbenford (WW8385; ISBN 1-58846-?; $34.99 US) __ What Evil Lurks (WW8371; ISBN 1-58846-193-9; $10.95 US) __ Vault of Larrin Karr, The (WW8373; ISBN 1-58846-140-8; $15.95 US) __ Wilderlands Player’s Guide (WW8391; ISBN 1-58846-092-4; $23.95 US)

A Warband Awaits
Fiery Dragon has produced a popular series of fullcolor fantasy counters, allowing fantasy Game Masters to field vast armies of monsters and fiends to set against their PCs.

Other Products
__ Aberrations (WW8379; ISBN 1-58846-095-9; $13.95 US) __ Ancient Kingdoms: Mesopotamia (WW8365; ISBN 1-58846-994-8; $23.99) __ Bonegarden (WW8384; ISBN 1-58846-993-X; $21.99 US) __ Book of Taverns (WW8374; ISBN 1-58846-072-X; $19.95 US)

Core Product
Counter Collection Digital (WW16020; ISBN 1-58846-779-1; $29.99 US) Now players and Game Masters can create, customize and print their own counter selections, choosing whatever they need from over 1,000 high-resolution images collected on one CD-ROM! You can print as many counters as you need at any size they require, making this the ultimate accessory for strategic tabletop fantasy gaming.


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Join the world’s second-oldest profession: pimping! Mack some ho’s and put them to work. Make the biggest roll and be declared the Mack-Daddy. Just watch out for other pimps as they try to put a beatdown on you and your ho’s. A ho in the hospital don’t earn you no dough. Pimp is a hilarious, stand-alone card game for two to four mature players (well, old enough to vote, but not necessarily mature). 100 cards plus rule sheet. __ Pimp: The Backhanding (WW5140; ISBN 1-58846-624-8; $14.99 US) __ Pimp: The Backhanding Four-Deck Display (WW5141; ISBN 1-58846-623-X; $59.96 US)

ArthausB a c k l i s t
Core Product
The Secret of Zir’An Core Gamebook (PGG0001; ISBN 0-97290-520-0; $39.99 US) Your complete guide to adventuring and telling stories in the world of Zir’An. Features all the mechanics of the Finesse System, multiple magic systems and a wide assortment of tolls for players and the Hand of Fate (game-master) alike. Available in May 2005.

The Book of Knights (GK2724; ISBN 1-92899-911-5; $7.95 US) An introduction to King Arthur Pendragon, this book provides all the basic rules and everything you need to play as a knight and begin your quests in Arthur’s Britain.

Other Products

The Once and Future King
ArtHaus Publishing has acquired the acclaimed King Arthur Pendragon roleplaying game and is offering its full backlist. Take on the role of a knight in the legendary times of Arthurian Britain and build your own destiny in this trend setting game by celebrated designer Greg Stafford.

__ Beyond the Wall (GK2717; ISBN 1-56882-026-7; $19.95) __ Saxons! (GK2722; ISBN 1-92899-906-9; $24.95 US) __ Tales of Chivalry and Romance (GK2720; ISBN 1-92899-902-6; $13.95 US) __ Tales of Magic and Miracles (GK2721; ISBN 1-92899-904-4; $13.95) __ Tales of Mystic Tournaments (GK2723; ISBN 1-92899-910-7; $20.95 US) __ Tales of Spectre Kings (GK2726; ISBN 1-92899-922-0; $20.95 US)

Core Products

A New World of Adventure
ArtHaus and Paragon Games bring you an all-new game of fantasy and adventure. The Secret of Zir’An blends magic, technology and a flair for high-octane action into a heady mix sure to please manga and pulp fans alike. Zir’An introduces the Finesse System, a new game mechanic that puts the emphasis on wild stunts and quick action.

King Arthur Pendragon (GK2716; ISBN 1-92899-900-X; $29.95 US) This complete game provides everything you need to roleplay among the mysteries and dangers of Arthur’s Britain. The acclaimed game system covers chivalric virtues, combat, warfare, courtly matters, magic, witchcraft and much more.