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Combining all the best elements of a product catalog and a quarterly special-interest magazine, this publication gives you everything you need to know about what’s new and upcoming from White Wolf Publishing, including the most up-to-date release information on the books you’ve been waiting for. And best of all, it’s totally free! It’s no secret. You’d have to live in a cave not to have heard. The Time of Judgment is upon us. The end of the World of Darkness is here. The Endtimes span every modern World of Darkness game with the following titles: Gehenna Gehenna, Apocalypse Apocalypse, Ascension Ascension, World of Darkness: Time of Judgment and Laws of Judgment Judgment. There’s also fiction dedicated to the last days in the Time of Judgment Trilogy: Vampire: Gehenna, The Final Night Night, Werewolf: The Final Battle and Mage: Judgment Day Day. Even the Orpheus limited series comes to a close with epic events culminating for the dead. Yet the world still turns in other times and places. For Exalted Exalted, The Outcaste explores the criminals and exiles of the Realm — who you can play! Vampire: The Dark Ages also continues in the Dark Medieval predecessor of these Final Nights.

Vampire: The Masquerade ......................................................................................................................................................................................... 2
By Justin Achilli, Vampire Developer. Gehenna is nigh. What fate does the end hold for the vampires of your chronicle?

Werewolf: The Apocalypse ....................................................................................................................................................................................... 4
By Ethan Skemp, Werewolf Developer. Do Garou and Gaia stand a chance at Ragnarok?

Mage: The Ascension ................................................................................................................................................................................................ 5
By Bill Bridges, Mage Developer. How all the phases of Mage history have led to the end.



World of Darkness: Time of Judgment ...................................................................................................................................................................... 6
By Ken Cliffe, ToJ Developer. The means to the end for no less than five game lines, all according to the demands of your chronicle.

Mind’s Eye Theatre .................................................................................................................................................................................................. 7
By Peter Woodworth, Mind’s Eye Theatre Developer. How to live-action roleplay the end of the world and live to tell about it.

White Wolf Fiction.................................................................................................................................................................................................. 8
The Time of Judgment Trilogy brings the saga of the World of Darkness and the Final Nights to an end. Take a front-row seat.

Two Wolf Press ....................................................................................................................................................................................................... 9
Our new imprint for Nancy A. Collins carries on with the first trade edition of In the Blood Blood.

By Lucien Soulban, Orpheus Developer. What fate awaits the dead at the end of the world?

Exalted ...................................................................................................................................................................................................................11
by Geoff Grabowski, Exalted Developer. Geoff shares what it’s like to be an outcaste.

World of Darkness: Time of Judgment
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Dark Ages ............................................................................................................................................................................................................... 12
By Matt McFarland, Dark Ages Developer. Why vampire rules… rule the Dark Medieval world.

Artist Spotlight ..................................................................................................................................................................................................... 13
Check out the gorgeous illustrations of William O’Connor.

White Wolf Fan Club ..............................................................................................................................................................................................14
Want to get involved?

The Comprehensive World of Darkness................................................................................................................................................................... 23
A list of every World of Darkness book ever published

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Full Tilt to Ragnarok
by Ethan Skemp, Werewolf Developer

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t getting sentimental working on Apocalypse e. Sentimental in a good way. From the beginning, Werewolf has been the game line most prepared to end the world. Look at the title of the game! From the Prophecy of the Phoenix to the Perfect Metis to the Red Star, everything has led up to this. So in a way, much of the work was done long ago.
Apocalypse page 17

But there’s a catch. Because Werewolf has had its eyes on the Final Battle for so long, the Final Battle has to be good. And I’m not talking “Hollywood blockbuster good.” It has to compare with Ragnarok itself. The giants in the earth break free, the works of man collapse, and a small but devoted army is all that makes the difference between total destruction and a world that may have a second chance. Thankfully, we’ve got room to play with not just one scenario, but with four. When we decided that the Time of Judgment books would be hardcover, that gave us tremendous amount of space to play with. So, not only do we present a chapter that lays out the state of the world as it escalates toward all Malfeas breaking loose, but we have four different takes on how the world can end. And that’s a golden opportunity to tackle everything. Wondering where we were going with the growing emphasis on the Weaver being an enemy of Gaia? Check out the Weaver Ascendant chapter. Want to see how the ties of Zhyzhak’s destiny, the Perfect Metis and even the destruction in Bangladesh tie together? Take a look at The Last Battleground. Ready for a world-ending scenario

that will scar Heaven and Earth forever? Look no further than Ragnarok, where we pull out all the stops. And as for the fourth scenario, well, that one you have to wait for. If that’s what your Storyteller chooses, you’re in for a surprise. But if there’s a common thread among all four of these Apocalypse scenarios (apart from “that’s it for the World of Darkness”), it’s one that we had to include — the Garou do down fighting. This isn’t some sissy T.S. Eliot poem where the world ends not with a bang but a whimper. What fun would that be to play? Although each of the scenarios tells the story of Werewolf Werewolf’s end in a different way, they’re all designed to be used as much as simply read. Your pack will be the ones standing on the last battlefield, tearing into the foe under Anthelios’ hellish light. Your characters will be the ones racing to undo the Enemy’s rituals, to give Gaia that last chance even if they have to give their own lives to do it. The glory is yours. It’s going to be one wild, lunatic blowout, and we hope you enjoy it. See you on the battlefield. Apocalypse is available in February.


Cutting the Gordian Knot :Mage’s Final Ascension
By Bill Bridges, Mage Developer

Has it really been almost 11 years? Mage: The Ascension was released at Gen Con in 1993 to critical acclaim. Now, just into 2004, its story of cosmic struggle finally comes to an end.
While one of M a g e e’s popular elements originated in the late ‘80s Ars Magica fantasy roleplaying game, the new “Storytelling Game of Modern Magic” was an innovation in wizardry, boasting the most versatile magic system of any roleplaying game. I remember when Stewart Wieck finally revealed his giant manuscript to his fellow White Wolfers. There’d never been a game like it, filled with philosophy, cosmology and kick-ass wizardry, all in the same world where vampire clans and werewolf tribes stalked their prey. Like any first draft, it went through the wringer of rigorous playtesting, tweaking and refining within an insanely tight schedule, and picking up new elements along the way. Everybody worked their butts off to make it the best game yet. And it grew from there, with a plethora of sourcebooks, ably helmed by Phil Brucato, who further refined the game with a second edition. As time marched on and the World of Darkness suffered the Reckoning, Mage changed. The Avatar Storm rose to force mages back to Earth, to fight their battle for Ascension in the mean streets rather than in realms of dream and fancy. Revised by Jess Heinig, Mage became a grim, realistic game set in a recognizable World of Darkness. And that’s where I came in, shepherding Mage into its next phase, a reminder that the past often comes back to haunt the present. Throughout all the sourcebooks and plot twists, M a g e e’s many authors have also done their best to warp readers’ minds and vault their imaginations toward a world where magic is real — and dangerous. Now it’s time to see where these modern mages’ struggles lead — to enlightenment or oblivion. Like any truly occult setting, M a g e has introduced a knotwork tapestry of secret societies and plots, age-old vendettas and impossible quests. The air is so thick with conspiracy that it’s sometimes hard to breath. Ascension cuts through all these pretensions, like Alexander the Great cutting the Gordian Knot. The quick, unequivocal stroke that severs all complexity. So what is Ascension, anyway? That would be telling. Mages have sought the answer to that question for ages. Now we give you the tools to answer it for yourself. There’ll be a return of old faces — Dante, Amanda, Senex and Voormas — but it’s up to you to fill Ascension with the most fitting cast of all: your characters. They’re the ones who deserve answers after 11 years of asking the tough questions. Ascension is available in March.

Ascension page 18


World of Darkness: Time of Judgment page 18

By Ken Cliffe, Time of Judgment Developer

By now you’ve heard all kinds of stories, rumors and news flashes about the end of the World of Darkness. It’s definitely true; the Time of Judgment is here and it spans all the game lines in the modern setting. Of course, that means Vampire Vampire, Werewolf and M a g e e, but it also affects Demon Demon, Hunter Hunter, Changeling g, Kindred of the East and M u m m y y. These lesser-known but no less important lines also come to a close and demand attention in the last days. Sure, vampires, shapechangers and mages have their own take on the Endtimes, but so do the damned, imbued, fae, Kuei-jin and Amenti. Those views and voices also need to be heard.
Thus is the premise behind World of Judgment. This single, Darkness: Time of Judgment hardcover, 224-page book addresses the End for five different game lines, each with its own chapter. As with all the Judgment books, we offer ideas on how each of the supernatural “races” might be affected by utter cataclysm or redemption. The conditions of demon existence may change at the end, for example, altering everything the damned have come to know and expect of their existence. The rules can all change in the last days on two levels: in the setting and in game systems. Possession of hosts might be altered inexplicably as the forces of the universe shift momentum. Human bodies might spontaneously expel their invaders. Or acquiring hosts could become easier than ever for would-be possessors, with the absence or frailty of human spirits no longer required for demons. Those setting-based cosmological shifts may mean new game rules for demonic possession, and for what the damned are capable of at the End. Now imagine those same possibilities across all the games. But this single book does more than show how its games’ cosmology and rules can be altered. It presents a host of suggestions and story ideas for how the world can end for demons, hunters, changelings, Kuei-jin and Amenti. At no point does White Wolf say, “This is how your chronicle must end.” We give you and your troupe choices on how to end things, from absolute destruction to the salvation of the world and the turning of a new age. If you want, your chronicle can stop with a punctuation mark or can continue on to new horizons that you create. It’s your game. You get to decide the exact nature of its fate and the role of your characters in that destiny. Does one book covering five games shortchange each of those storylines? No. We’ve packed this book with the best of the best ideas and information on how the various lines can close. “Pretty cool” doesn’t cut it. It’s “awesome” or nothing. The result are succinct and powerful ideas and tools for your Judgment chronicle. Suggestions and plot points that will surprise, terrify and invigorate characters and players. We want each of these games to end on a high note, and the format of this book lets us do just that. We get right to the point. We hope you’ll appreciate the final result. World of Darkness: Time of Judgn, m e n t covers the D e m o n : T h e F a l l e n Reckoning, Changeling: The Hunter: The Reckoning g, K i n d r e d o f t h e E a s t and Dreaming Mummy: The Resurrection game lines at the end of the World of Darkness. The book is available in March.


Living the End

By Peter Woodworth, Mind’s Eye Theatre Developer

Endings are always about the little things. It’s very tempting for Storytellers and players to think of the Endtimes and immediately dream of events along the lines of summer action movies. Earthquakes! Fires! Riots! City streets running with the blood of Ancients! Thunderwyrms erupting and toppling skyscrapers! Sure, all of these images and more can be part of an interesting Judgment scenario, but I’ll tell you this right now — overlooking the personal side of the Endtimes means missing the point. That’s especially so in a roleplayingdriven venue such as Mind’s Eye Theatre Theatre, where interaction is the name of the game and players initiate and drive the plots.
Stories of endings, whether about the entire universe or just your game’s small slice of it, necessarily involve characters coming to terms with what they’ve accomplished, what they’re afraid of and most of all what they continue to value. Characters should feel involved on every level — not just as supernatural beings dealing with sweeping mystical crises, but as simple friends and lovers, family and neighbors. Doing so gets players involved on an intimate level that not only fuels the dramatic engine of live-action, but that helps players sustain belief in the sweeping events taking place. Don’t worry about rising evil or falling stars alone. Find time to confront the many personal victories and losses that make up so much of life (and unlife). Take the opportunity to resolve your game’s minor conflicts and subplots. Or perhaps look at what it’s like to have regrets or to leave things unsaid as the world ends. This is not to say that every character must have a final Poignant Heart-to-Heart with her Tearful but Supportive Significant Other before resolutely marching off into the night, feeling Frightened Yet Determined to bravely Do What Needs to Be Done. Likewise, there’s a fine line for a Storyteller between being true to the devastating nature of the material and simply being mean for its own sake. Players will immediately know if that line is crossed. Events are going to be big enough without throwing layers of out-ofcharacter melodrama on top of it all. Rather, as the title of this page suggests, don’t focus on only global events or the cool powers possible at the end. Try to think about what would really matter to you if the world was ending. Chances are it’s a lot more simple and humble — not to mention moving — than you might first believe. Most characters aren’t much different. What makes them cry or fear or wonder is often far removed from supernatural power and mystical trinkets. Quite often, it’s rooted in the very human facets of their souls, fears and dreams. And that’s the essence of live-action drama. Laws of Judgment is available in March.

Laws of Judgment page 18


Over Steps Three
The Time of Judgment Trilogy
January, February and March of 2004 bring about the unprecedented Time of Judgment, the end of the World of Darkness as it was conceived 13 years ago. White Wolf Fiction is front and center in this momentous event, with a trilogy of novels telling the story of the Endtimes from three distinct perspectives. Because of the extraordinary nature of these events, we’ve expanded our mass-market paperback format to 352 pages (as opposed to 288) for this trilogy.

Vampire: Gehenna, The Final Night by Ari Marmell WW11910; $7.99 ISBN 1-58846-855-0 Page 16

The Final Night
Ari Marmell’s Vampire: Gehenna, The Final Night focuses on Beckett, the undead scholar who has researched the origins and meaning of vampiric existence for centuries. Readers know Beckett from countless appearances, from The Book of Nod to The Year of the Scarab Trilogy to the Victorian Age Vampire Trilogy Trilogy. Throughout, he has tried to piece together the meaning and fate of being Kindred. If it is a curse upon Caine, then what purpose has it served? Now, everything he once dared to believe is shattered. “Beckett breaks down when he learns Gehenna is coming,” explains author Ari Marmell. “Sure, he knew it was around the corner, but he always assumed that something would happen between now and then — something to show that there was a reason for it all, that it was more than the curse of some arbitrary God who chose to teach one man a lesson by causing untold pain and suffering to every generation to follow. Beckett’s last desperate search isn’t just one of curiosity. It’s a question of faith.” Look for Theo Bell and Lucita of Aragon to both help and hinder Beckett in his last desperate quest.

Werewolf: The Last Battle by Bill Bridges WW11911; $7.99 ISBN 1-58846-856-9 Page 17

But What About Anatole? Fans of White Wolf Fiction may remember that at the climax of the Clan Novel Series Series, the Malkavian “Prophet of Gehenna” gave his unlife to prevent the coming of the Final Night in 1999. Was that in vain? No. Look for Anatole — or something claiming to be him — in the Time of Judgment Trilogy Trilogy. And in April, the last of the C l a n N o v e l S a g a compilations (Vampire: Vampire: End Games s; WW11273; ISBN 1-58846-8542) provides further background on the prophet’s existence, as well as a look at Camarilla stalwart Jan Pietrezoon’s reaction to the end of the world. So, stay tuned! The Last Battle
1992’s first edition of W e r e w o l f : T h e A p o c a l y p s e featured the so-called “flipbook of doom,” a graphic representation of two Garou out for each other’s blood. They were the down-at-the-heels Silver Fang Jonas Albrecht, and the tough-as-nails Black Fury Mari Cabrah. Over the ensuing 12 years, these characters have become the prominent faces of W e r e w o l f f, allying as packmates, taking on a young cub named Evan Heals-the-Past, and rising to the pinnacle of Garou society. Bill Bridges, who was the original developer of W e r e w o l f f, oversaw much of this evolution, from the “Legacy Rite” comic that introduced Evan, to The Silver Crown and several of the Werewolf Tribe Novels.

Mage: Judgment Day by Bruce Baugh WW11912; $7.99 ISBN 1-58846-857-7 Page 18


the Edg e
In W e r e w o l f : T h e F i n a l B a t t l e e, Bridges gets to finish the story he’s been telling all these years, with the entirety of the Garou Nation along for the ride. “It’s an epic conflict on many fronts with many characters,” Bridges explains. Indeed, the Silver River Pack (featured in the W e r e w o l f Tribe Novels s), the Black Spiral Dancer Zhyzhak and many other characters appear. This is the Last Battle they have all been waiting for. Tenth Sphere: Telos, Judgment. It’s the missing component of the grand cosmological system of the awakened. After dissolution into Entropy and before resurrection into pure Primal energy, all things are judged. Now that judgment happens on a universal scale. This, at last, is Ascension, when all things face their ultimate measure. “We’re going from cosmic discoveries to deeply personal struggles,” Baugh says. His three protagonists include Robert Blanclege, a mage Baugh first introduced in T r a d i t i o n B o o k : D r e a m s p e a k e r s ( R e v i s e d ) , along with a member of Iteration X and a traditional Chinese sorceress. Coming from three radically different outlooks, they each journey to the ruins of a legendary chantry in search of the Rogue Council, the only magi who may have the answers. Ultimately, they all must look within themselves to decide how to face Ascension. “Each of the travelers returns home and tries to do what’s possible to spread the word of the end.” Tragedy and triumph await.

Dead Roses for a Blue Lady by Nancy A. Collins WW12997; $13.99 ISBN 1-58846-844-5 On sale now

Judgment Day
The final installment of the End trilogy, Bruce Baugh’s M a g e : J u d g m e n t D a y unveils the full scope of Ascension through the eyes of three mages. While vampires have feared Gehenna for eternity and werewolves have prepared for the Apocalypse throughout time, the diverse Traditions have each held to their own vision of the Endtimes, cobbled together in the grand unification of the Nine Spheres. Now, with the Red Star looming, three mages from three very different Traditions discover the legendary

Meet Two Wolf Press

White Wolf Publishing has launched a new imprint dedicated to the best of creator-owned genre fiction. Nancy A. Collins, the award-winning writer of the Sonja Blue series, is the flagship author of this new line. Last October’s D e a d R o s e s f o r a B l u e L a d y — a collection of Sonja Blue stories — inaugurated T w o W o l f P r e s s s. I n t h e B l o o d This May, an all-new edition of Collins’ joins it. Look for more exciting T w o W o l f P r e s s titles from Nancy A. Collins in the near future, including D e a d M a n ’ s H a n d : F i v e T a l e s o f t h e W e i r d W e s t (WW12995; ISBN 1-58846-875-5).


Last Rites for the Dead

By Lucien Soulban, Orpheus Developer

The Orphan- Grinders page 16

Charting its course over six books, Orpheus reaches its finale with T h e Orphan Grinders and End Game Game. The stakes have never been higher. While each supplement increases the threat of the chronicle and places characters at the heart of growing opposition, events are bigger than ever before. After all, horror is sometimes frightening because of its scope and scale. Throughout the series, Orpheus has struck at different aspects of horror. The core rulebook focuses on ghosts and terror through exploration of the unknown. Subsequent books focus on different themes, whether horror through loss of control, human suffering or fanaticism. The Orphan Grinders and E n d Game focus on visceral concepts, be it loss of identity and freedom or the invasion of an alien, remorseless entity. In both cases, the threat is posed to one’s very soul and to any final reward that awaits ghosts.
From beginning to end, Orpheus has been a storytelling experiment, re-interpreting the foundations of the World of Darkness while remaining true to their spirit. Gone are the secret societies vying to manipulate humanity. This is a story about people. The revelation of ghosts and an afterlife doesn’t shatter society as we know it. Humanity is made of sturdier stuff than that. No, Orpheus is about humanity’s tenacity to survive… even past death. Orpheus is also about heroes. No game survives without protagonists and antagonists struggling to accomplish their goals. The World of Darkness always casts characters within the uncertain grays. While this is a realistic depiction of the world, it also creates opportunities for characters to fail. In contrast, Orpheus tries to provide reasons for characters to succeed. This is especially important for ghosts, who have every reason to lament their condition. Even in popular literature, few disembodied spirits can be defined as heroic. Most are spiteful or angry, with only a rare few inspiring

End Game page 17

hope. Orpheus provides characters with reason and incentive to help one another. Whether by aiding ghosts to find a final reward or by fighting an enemy that endangers eternal souls, the characters are heroes… if only to a handful. Finally, with the monumental scale of the World of Darkness, it’s easy to overlook characters as insignificant individuals. But Orpheus helps characters be important to the world. What makes their contribution so poignant is that their exploits are not likely to be publicized. Their fight to save ghosts from a massive threat is waged on the battlefield of the hereafter, where no one can celebrate their victories. Against the waning light of the World of Darkness, where hope falters with each passing moment, the characters are the new beacons of their kind. But no hero is ever born without threat of adversity, death, temptation or eternal damnation. That’s why there are so few heroes like your characters.

Outcaste: Exalted Expanding the Dragon-Blooded
By Geoff Grabowski, Developer

The Dragon-Blooded focuses entirely on the culture of the Exalted of the Scarlet Dynasty, those lords of the Realm who rule Creation from the Blessed Isle. But there are thousands of Terrestrial Exalted beyond the shores of the Blessed Isle. Some are criminals and barbarians, to be sure, but groups such as the Forest Witches and the Seventh Legion of Lookshy comprise actual nations and cultures.
Dragon-Blooded and its rules support playing one of these Exalts from anywhere, but I want to expand the setting and make it possible to set a chronicle among the various Dragon-Blooded groups of the Threshold, too. E x a l t e d : T h e Outcaste is my chance to do that, and more. The Outcaste provides complete details of three groups: the militant Seventh Legion, the strange and decadent Forest Witches of the Scavenger Lands, and the pirate band of Eos and Ossisia, famed scourges of the Guild. These three groups range in size, and each has its own motivation for existing outside the Realm, and its own unique feel. The Seventh Legion preserves the Essence-fueled military machines of the First Age, while the Forest Witches and pirates make separate deals with dangerous powers to survive. Each of the three groups is playable in a DragonBlooded chronicle, and is as a wellspring of setting material for other Exalted games. Each society comes complete with modified character-creation guidelines so that Storytellers can easily set games among these organizations. In addition to these new arenas of play, Exalted: The Outcaste details the intricacies of life in the Scarlet Dynasty and the Realm. There’s a full chapter on how the Realm deals with so-called “lost eggs” — Exalted who arise spontaneously from the commingling of long-forgotten Terrestrial bastards. A large number of DragonBlooded emerge in this fashion every year, both on the Blessed Isle and in the Threshold. The Outcaste details the Empress’ methods for integrating these Exalted into Dynastic society and into the Thousand Mazy Paths. Also included is an appendix detailing police and criminal punishment in the Realm. With practically every member of the Dynasty involved in criminal subterfuge, and with the Thousand Scales falling into the hands of various house functionaries, it’s high time to detail the justice system of the Blessed Isle. All aspects of the imperial judiciary are explored, from the “justice” meted out to peasants by the imperial police to the intricacies of actually being disgraced and sent into exile as an Outcaste. I’m glad to get a chance to explore the Dragon-Blooded portions of the setting more thoroughly with this book. The DragonBlooded are one of the game’s most appealing elements, and with the Aspect Books and The Outcaste we’re able to add more detail to the elegant, decadent and deadly world of the Terrestrial Exalted.
The Outcaste page 16

Blood and Salt page 18

In Defense of the V ampire
By Matthew McFarland, Dark Ages Developer

One of the most common questions I get about the Dark Ages line is: “Why is Dark Ages: Vampire the core rulebook?” Or, to get to guts of it, “Why do I have to buy a Vampire book to run Dark Ages: Werewolf Werewolf?”
The short answer is: You don’t. Not really. As a lot of astute readers have pointed out, it’s easy enough to grab any of the revised core rulebooks and tweak, guess or fill in the cracks so that you don’t ever have to touch that beautiful, black book with the pretty rosary on the cover. But I’m not interested in the short answer, partially because it benefits us if you purchase the Dark Ages: Vampire book, but mostly because it benefits you. Why? Well, I’ll tell you. Vampires make superb antagonists… Come play in a convention game with me sometime. You’ll find that vampires are very often the “big bads” at the end of the game. Why? Well, it’s kind of intuitive, really. Vampires are undead creatures that drink blood. They manipulate humanity invisibly. One taste of their blood and you respect them, two and you care for them, three and you’d die for them. They make natural foils to werewolves (shapechangers fight their battles head-on, vampires take the path of least resistance; werewolves are unquestionably alive, vampires are dead; werewolves are pagan, vampires are largely Judeo-Christian; werewolves are the terrorists, vampires are the governing forces). They make easy sources of conflict for mages. And do I even need to talk about how you can have fun with vampires and inquisitors? …and antagonists deserve depth. Sure, you could make up your own rules for vampires. But when we’ve already done so much of the work for you — all of the books in the Dark Ages line include some information about vampires — knowing what we’re talking about when we say “Auspex 2” or “warrior Assamite” is a big time saver. We’ve created a rich and immersive world with vampires as a big part of it. Why not use it? Vampires are intuitive. A random non-gamer doesn’t know what a “mage” is. “Werewolf” might get you a better answer: “A guy who turns into a wolf, right?” But everybody knows what a vampire is and why it’s scary. While you might have some learning to do about the way we present vampires, you know what vampires are, which brings me to my next point…. Try it. You might like it. If you’ve never played Vampire because it’s too angsty/you heard bad things about it/ you don’t like playing monsters/you don’t like the idea of playing a dead thing, well, you’re missing out. There are great stories to tell with the undead childer of Caine and their secret wars… or maybe with some simple villager Embraced at random. You don’t have to be a goth, angst-bunny or blood fetishist to enjoy Dark Ages: Vampire Vampire. All you have to do is read the book, find a character concept (and a good Storyteller), and run with it.

Road of Humanity page 17

Inquisitor Companion page 18



William O’Connor
In 1991 I was a student at Alfred University when I
received a letter from Ken Cliffe telling me that he was interested in using my work in the up coming Ars Magica 3rd Ed. rule book. That was the first of a long line of illustrations that I would produce for White Wolf over the next dozen years. Ars Magica, Vampire, Mage, Trinity, Rage, Arcadia, and many others became product lines that I worked on with White Wolf's great art department. Cultivating a close relationship with the art directors, especially Rich Thomas, has allowed me to experiment and evolve my work over the years, as I have changed and grown as an artist. As I look back through my career as an illustrator, some of my most succesful images were produced for White Wolf. The feedback and encouragement from the fans and readers has been very rewarding as well, and I look forward to many more years of working with one of the most original and creative storytelling teams in the industry.


Camarilla Fan Club camarilla
email: camarilla@

Let it Burn!
The Camarilla’s Year of Fire
Atlanta. Dublin. Rio. London. Vancouver. Manila. Stockholm. Antwerp. London. Rome. Perth. When Gehenna comes, it won’t touch one place. It will engulf the world.
The Time of Judgment has come to the Camarilla’s chronicle, and it’s sweeping across the entire world as the Year of Fire. M i n d ’ s E y e T h e a t r e players in the Camarilla aren’t sitting in the audience holding their breath — they’re onstage and part of the action. Players around the world are shaping this story. In the United States, vampires suspect an Antediluvian has awoken. Mages in the United Kingdom fight for Ascension. The Brazilian Garou, scarred by their Amazon campaign, now prepare for the Last Battle with the Wyrm’s minions. These aren’t offstage events or backstory. These are real games happening across the world — right now. Over the past 10 years, our global chronicle has been built by thousands of players and storytellers. In 2004, we’re bringing this chronicle to a spectacular conclusion. The Year of Fire worldwide story arc weaves both White Wolf’s metaplot and 10 years of Camarilla chronicle history. It’s a story that we, as players and Storytellers, will create together, and we invite you to join us as we tell the story of the end times on a truly global stage. Just bring your character and imagination. We’ll provide a world for you to explore. Some of those who have played with us in the Camarilla for many years know that many multi-year plot lines haven’t ended. During the Year of Fire, the chronicle’s most closely guarded secrets will be revealed amid the flames. If you’ve ever wondered the truth behind these stories, you won’t want to miss a moment of the action. That’s because, when you’ve got a chronicle that encompasses 12 countries, five continents and thousands of members, there’s always a game taking place somewhere. Our members build the global game by roleplaying on hundreds of email lists and dozens of IRC channels, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s all in character, in six different venues. In 2004, the Camarilla’s Storytelling team invites the Antediluvians, the Wyrm and every other nasty the World of Darkness has to offer onto the stage to play out the final days of the game. Will you be in the audience, or on the stage with us? Shake off the commonplace. Step into the unexplored. Let your imagination burn brightly in the Camarilla’s Year of Fire. Membership is only $20 a year. With it you get access to the largest and only MET chronicle sanctioned by White Wolf Publishing. Sign up at camarilla and take part in the action.

Vampire: Elder Kindred Network vtes

Wolf Pack Demo Team retail/demo


world of darkness releases
Vampire: Gehenna™
The End of the World…
The prophecies of Gehenna were true. The world teeters on the brink of an undead apocalypse, the night when the progenitors of the vampire race rise to consume their childer amid a rain of blood and fire. As the fated Armageddon for the Kindred arises, what can they do?

Vampire: The Clan Novel Saga™, Vol. 3 — Bloody September™
The War Rages On
The chronological compilation of the entire 14-part Clan Novel Saga continues as the war between Sabbat and Camarilla rages through Buffalo, Baltimore, Hartford and New York. The assassins Lucita and Fatima duel in the shadows, while the Eye of Hazimel continues its twisted journey. The seeds of Gehenna are here.

Vampire: Gehenna, The Final Night™ (The Time of Judgment Trilogy, Part 1)
This is the Time of Judgment
The prophecies come true as the Antediluvians rise to devour their offspring. Beckett, researcher among the undead, struggles to stave off or find meaning to Gehenna before it’s too late. His search takes him from the burning cities of southern California to the grand chantry of the sorcerous Tremere, and beyond.

…For the Damned
Drawing the Vampire® line to a close, Gehenna brings about the conclusion of vampires’ World of Darkness®. Featuring a sliding scale by which Storytellers can custom-tailor the events of the End to their own chronicles, this book places the final accounting for the curse of Caine in the hands of the players’ characters. Part of the Time of Judgment™ series. Hardcover.
ISBN: 1-58846-246-3 Stock #: WW2999 Retail Price: $29.99 U.S. Page Count: 224 Authors: Bjorn T. Boe, Travis-Jason Feldstein, Christopher Kobar, Ari Marmell and Dean Shomshak Developer: Justin Achilli Artist: William O’Connor

About the Authors
The compilation includes work from Stewart Wieck, co-creator of the World of Darkness ®, Richard Dansky, Gherbod Fleming, Eric Griffin and others. Includes an all-new story by Lucien Soulban and a foreword from original series editor Anna Branscome.
ISBN: 1-58846-853-4 Retail Price: $17.99 U.S. Stock #: WW11272 Page Count: 592

About the Author
Ari Marmell is the author of many of the best supplements for Vampire: The Masquerade, including Victorian Age Vampire and Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom. Gehenna, The Final Night is his first novel.
ISBN: 1-58846-855-0 Retail Price: $7.99 U.S. Stock #: WW11910 Page Count: 352

(mass-market paperback) Author: Ari Marmell Cover Artist: William O’Connor

(trade paperback) Authors: Stewart Wieck, Richard Dansky, Gherbod Fleming, Eric Griffin, Lucien Soulban and Kathleen Ryan Cover Artist: John Van Fleet

Orpheus: The OrphanGrinders™
“This is Radio Free Death…
…the Voice of the Afterlife. This is it. This is how the world dies. Even the sky’s black with them. Try and run and hide, children, but some storms you just can’t wait out. For those of you willing to fight, stand your ground and protect any survivors so they can warn the future. I’ll be with you, fighting by your side. This is Radio Free Death… signing off for the last time.”

Exalted: The Outcaste™
Dragons beyond the Empire
They are criminals, rebels, heroes, bumpkins and bastards, yet the Dynasty of the Scarlet Empire uses only a single word to describe the Terrestrial Exalted who live beyond the borders of the empire: Outcaste. But while these beings may not have graduated from one of the imperial schools, or have a proper pedigree of parentage, they are Exalted nonetheless.

Time of Judgment™ Clock
Countdown to the End
White Wolf’s Time of Judgment has become one of the most eagerly anticipated roleplaying events in recent years. Watch every last second pass before the end with this useful and attractive clock.

Tick, Tock!
This clock is made of smooth black plastic and features the Time of Judgment logo prominently on the face.
Retail Price: $13.99 U.S Stock #: 5939

Storm of Shadows
The unthinkable has happened, the void has opened to consume the souls of the dead. But even when everything seems at its worst, hope emerges from the strangest quarters. In Orphan-Grinders, new and unexpected allies appear with their own unique powers and agendas, while your crucible explores new avenues of existence in the form of shared Horrors.
ISBN: 1-58846-604-3 Stock #: WW21012 Retail Price: $21.99 U.S. Page Count: 144 Developer: Lucien Soulban Artist: William O’Connor

Eggs Lost from the Nest
Exalted: The Outcaste details three major communities: the Forest Witches, the pirate band of Eos and Ossissia, and the mighty Seventh Legion, the last First Age military formation remaining in Creation. Also included is a wealth of information on Outcaste heroes born in the Threshold, those who forsake or are driven from Dynastic society, and the Imperial Policy for handling the many nonDynastic Exalts born on the Blessed Isle.
ISBN: 1-58846-671-X Stock #: WW8850 Retail Price: $22.99 U.S. Page Count: 160 Authors: Scott Taylor, Rebecca Borgstrom, Eric Brennan and W. Van Meter Developer: Geoffrey C. Grabowski Artist: Chris Stevens


The Final Battle
There is nowhere left to run. The Enemy has broken free and awaits the final battle. The prophecies have come true. Monsters from deep within the Earth run wild in burning cities, and the stars fall from the sky. Human civilization is at an end, and the werewolves are the only ones left to fight. The End Times are here. It’s time to save Gaia — or die trying.

world of darkness releases
Werewolf: The Last Battle™ (Time of Judgment Trilogy™, Part 2)
Apocalypse Now!
The werewolves of the Garou Nation gather as the Red Star Anthelios glows bright in the night sky. This is the Time of Judgment™ and the warriors of Gaia must fight one last, desperate battle with the dreaded Wyrm. Lord Albrecht, who bears the legendary Silver Crown, feels the weight of prophecy on his shoulders, but when a hidden enemy strikes at his pack, he may not live to fight his final foe. Part of the Time of Judgment series.

Road of Humanity™
Banished from Life
We are still human. We might be damned, but we still look upon the works of God and Man with joy in our hearts. Fate has seen fit to grant us eternity. Whether this is a blessing or a curse remains to be seen, but we will let humanity guide us. They are the truly favored of God, after all.

The Apocalypse Is upon Us
The final sourcebook for Werewolf: The Apocalypse™, Apocalypse is a guide for how the world ends, with four possible scenarios, each offering a different method of resolving the Final Battle. You also get all kinds of Storyteller information on handling werewolves’ last stand. Can Gaia be saved, or will the Garou fall? Find the answers within — and choose which one you’ll fight for. Part of the Time of Judgment™ series. Hardcover.
ISBN: 1-58846-323-0 Stock #: WW3999 Retail Price: $29.99 U.S. Page Count: 224 Authors: Carl Bowen, Chris Campbell, James Comer, Harry Heckel, James Kiley and Sean Riley Developer: Ethan Skemp Artists: Steve Prescott and Ron Spencer

The Prodigals Return
The last of the Road Books for Dark Ages: Vampire™, Road of Humanity includes everything necessary to play one of the Prodigals. The history of the road, its evolution alongside humanity from the First City, the current practices of its followers, and the most important the Prodigals in the War of Princes are detailed herein. Come walk the Via Humantatis. It’s the only sane course.
ISBN: 1-58846-297-8 Stock #: WW20034 Retail Price: $19.99 U.S. Page Count: 96 Author: Stephen Michael DiPesa Developer: Matthew McFarland Artist: John Bolton

About the Author
Bill Bridges was the original line developer of Werewolf: The Apocalypse™ and is the creator of Lord Albrecht and his pack. His previous Werewolf fiction includes The Silver Crown™, Tribe Novel: Stargazers™ and Tribe Novel: Wendigo™, all of which contain elements that bear fruit in Werewolf: The Last Battle.
ISBN:1-58846-856-9 Retail Price: $7.99 U.S. Stock #: WW11911 Page Count: 352

(mass-market paperback) Author: Bill Bridges Cover Artists: Steve Prescott and Ron Spencer

Dark Ages: Gangrel™ (Dark Ages Clan Novel #10)
The Call of the Beast
Deep in the wilds of Livonia, the vampire warlord Qarakh has become a power to be reckoned with. But now, the ancient Ventrue Alexander marches toward his lands, with undead knights at his side. This ancient Cainite has crushed many before him. Can Qarakh hope to stand where so many have fallen?

Orpheus: End Game™
“Can Anyone Hear Me…”
They’re all gone. For a second time in recent memory, the world of ghosts falls silent… but that’s about to change. It’s time to take the fight across the Shroud, back to where it began… back into the Shadowlands. You have the means and abilities to make a difference, but beware. You’ll need every trick in the book to survive this new playground.

Time of Judgment™ T-shirt
This Is the End
Gehenna. Apocalypse. Ascension. They all mean the same thing: the end of the world. The Time of Judgment is upon us.

Fall from Grace
White Wolf introduces these new T-shirts to complement the Time of Judgment series, the end of the World of Darkness®. These shirts are high-quality, black, Fruit of the Loom heavy T’s that feature original artwork. Available in Large, XL and XXL.
Stock #: L — 5840, XL — 5841, XXL — 5842 Retail Price: $21.99 U.S.

About the Author
Tim Waggoner is the author of the novels Dying for It and The Harmony Society, along with over 50 short stories published in a wide variety of horror anthologies and periodicals. He contributed the story “Seeker” to the Dark Ages™ anthology, Dark Tyrants™.
ISBN: 1-58846-847-X Retail Price: $6.99 U.S. Stock #: WW11214 Page Count: 288

Civil Wars
In this terrible, lonely place where the wind has teeth and a howl to shrivel the soul, the answer to otherworldly misery awaits in ancient ruins and forgotten citadels. This is only the beginning of a new fight, though, one to change this world and the next, forever. A war of Spectres is brewing, and your characters are caught in the middle of the harrowing conflict.
ISBN: 1-58846-605-1 Stock #: WW 21015 Retail Price: $21.99 U.S. Page Count: 144 Developer: Lucien Soulban Cover Artist: William O’Connor

(mass-market paperback) Author: Tim Waggoner Cover Artist: John Bolton


world of darkness releases
Ascension™ The 10th Sphere Revealed
Long have mages sought the elusive 10th Sphere of Creation. Each Tradition has its own theories about the nature of this ultimate metaphysical truth. To some, it is Unity. To others, Power. Many Masters have battled in pursuit of this awesome secret, destroying enemies and friends alike to attain an unproven ideal. But it’s all been futile, for the secret has remained hidden… until now.


Mage: Judgment Day™ (Time of Judgment Trilogy™, Part 3)
Ascension at any Price
The World of Darkness® teeters on the edge of total destruction. Thin-blooded vampires overrun the streets and the barrier between spirit and matter collapses. For normal people, it’s a time of madness and despair. For the mages of the world, it’s their last chance for spiritual Ascension. The mysterious Rogue Council and its agents fight the last battle for enlightenment, but hubris and jealousy could doom them (and all others) to oblivion.

World of Darkness: Time of Judgment™
The Final Chapter
At the end of the world, what will be the fate of its supernatural denizens? Can demons find salvation in the ashes of the realm they created? Can hunters purge the last of the monsters? Can changelings discover enough passion to return to their homeland? Can mummies restore the cosmic balance before it’s too late? And can the Kuei-jin avert or embrace the coming of the Sixth Age? You decide.

Prepare for Final Judgment
The omens are unmistakable, the signs are clear. The 10th Sphere of Telos, the moment between the soul’s Entropic death and Primal union, is active. The Day of Judgment is at hand. As the gods tally each soul’s due, mages struggle against their rivals to tip the scales of Karma in their favor, unleashing awesome power, heedless of Paradox. Will their final battle bring them Ascension… or Oblivion? Part of the Time of Judgment™ series. Hardcover.
ISBN: 1-58846-417-2 Stock #: WW4999 Retail Price: $29.99 U.S. Page Count: 224 Authors: Brian Campbell, Stephen Michael DiPesa, Conrad Hubbard, Sam Inabinet, Kathleen Ryan and Matthew Sheppard Developer: Bill Bridges Artists: Alex Sheikman, Leif Jones, Langdon Foss, Christopher Shy

The End Is Here
Time of Judgment is the final book for the World of Darkness® as you know it, and helps you resolve the stories of five different games: Demon™, Hunter®, Changeling™, Mummy™ and Kindred of the East™. This is the mother of all finales, offering you various scenarios and Storytelling ideas for ending or saving your game world. Are we all doomed, or is there hope for a new beginning? Hardcover.
ISBN: 1-58846-475-X Stock #: WW5399 Retail Price: $29.99 U.S. Page Count: 224 Authors: David Carroll, Michael Goodwin, Steve Kenson, Carrie Lewis, Patrick O’Duffy, Chuck Wendig and Peter Woodworth Developers: Kraig Blackwelder, Ken Cliffe, Mike Lee, Matt McFarland and Colin Suleiman Cover Artist: John Van Fleet

About the Author
Bruce Baugh is the author of the successful Clan Lasombra Trilogy™ and a great deal of material for White Wolf Game Studio and other publishers. Reviewers have praised his writing as “clean and smooth, capable of setting a vivid scene, evoking genuine emotion and instilling horror” (
ISBN:1-58846-857-7 Retail Price: $7.99 U.S. Stock #: WW11912 Page Count: 352

(mass-market paperback) Author: Bruce Baugh Cover Artist: Christopher Shy

Laws of Judgment™
Prophecies Ancient and Terrible
It is known by many names: Gehenna, Apocalypse, Ascension, Doomsday, Endless Winter, Judgment Day, the Reckoning. For millennia, humanity and its supernatural masters have wondered at and dreaded the nature of the End Times. But at last the signs have become unmistakable — the oldest fears of the prophets are about to be realized. Will it be utter annihilation, or does new hope await at the end of this great darkness?

Dark Ages Inquisitor Companion™
Heaven’s Fury
No matter how many demons we slay, more rise to take their place. No matter how many of their servants we put to the torch, Satan corrupts more. Yet we shall not fall into despair, for God is on our side, and faith can — and shall — move mountains. Let the fiends be the ones to cower, for we are coming, and nothing shall stay our righteous hand. Amen.

Blood and Salt™
The Deadly Lintha Family
They are the South’s most infamous buccaneers, a deadly gang of pirates so daring as to war with the lords of the Coral Archipelago and attack trade ships as far east as Chiaroscuro. All those who join the Family are bound by terrible oaths, and may never leave. It is said even the ghosts of dead comrades rise from the underworld to protect the pirates’ floating stronghold of Bluehaven.

The End Is Nigh
Laws of Judgment is a comprehensive guide to presenting the End Times for all Mind’s Eye Theatre™ games. Everything players and Storytellers need is contained within, from new rules and systems born of the End Times to ready-made doomsday scenarios to Storytelling advice on how to give a chronicle the finale it deserves. Part of the Time of Judgment™ series. Trade-sized.
ISBN: 1-58846-522-5 Stock #: WW5099 Retail Price: $21.99 Page Count: 296 Developer: Peter Woodworth

Smite the Servants of Hell
In the first sourcebook specifically for Dark Ages: Inquisitor™, we present detailed information on the shadow Inquisition, including tips on building characters, dealing with the Holy Church, and the secrets of each of the five orders. The Dark Ages Inquisitor Companion also includes a new look at roleplaying Faithful characters, along with Blessings to aid in the fight against the Adversary.
ISBN: 1-58846-291-9 Stock #: WW20011 Retail Price: $22.99 U.S. Page Count: 144 Authors: Kraig Blackwelder, Myranda Kalis, Jonathan L. Shepherd, Adam Tinworth and Janet Trautvetter Developer: Matthew McFarland

Creation’s Most Feared Criminal Band
Blood and Salt details the Lintha Family’s organization, history and dark practices. It also describes many of the gods and monsters of the Southwest Ocean, and the ancient kingdom of An-Teng, which lies north of the Silent Crescent — everything needed to run games set in the exotic and romantic lands of the Southwest.
ISBN: 1-58846-672-8 Stock #: WW8827 Retail Price: $19.99 U.S. Page Count: 128 Authors: Genevieve Cogman, Ian Eller and Michael Kessler Developer: Geoffrey C. Grabowski Artists: Melissa Uran


__ Vampire: The Masquerade 1-56504-249-2 __ Vampire Revised CD-Rom 1-56504-167-4 __ Archons & Templars 1-58846-224-2 __ Blood Sacrifice: The Thaumaturgy Companion 1-58846-222-6 __ Book of Nod 1-56504-078-3 __ Caine’s Chosen: The Black Hand 1-58846-236-6 __ Cairo by Night 1-58846-215-3 __ Chaining the Beast 1-58846-241-2 __ Chicago Chronicles Volume 2 1-56504-220-4 __ Cities of Darkness Volume 3 1-56504-235-2 __ Clanbook: Assamite Revised 1-56504-256-5 __ Clanbook: Brujah Revised 1-56504-267-0 __ Clanbook: Followers of Set Revised 1-58846-204-8 __ Clanbook: Gangrel Revised 1-56504-265-4 __ Clanbook: Giovanni Revised 1-58846-207-2 __ Clanbook: Lasombra Revised 1-58846-201-3 __ Clanbook: Malkavian Revised 1-56504-268-9 __ Clanbook: Nosferatu Revised 1-56504-266-2 __ Clanbook: Ravnos Revised 1-58846-209-9 __ Clanbook: Setite Revised 1-58846-204-8 __ Clanbook: Toreador Revised 1-56504-269-7 __ Clanbook: Tremere Revised 1-56504-254-9 __ Clanbook: Tzimisce Revised 1-58846-202-1 __ Clanbook: Ventrue Revised 1-56504-255-7 __ Counsel of Primogen, The 1-58846-237-4 __ Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand 1-56504-210-7 __ Ghouls: Fatal Addiction 1-56504-230-1 __ Gilded Cage, The 1-58846-216-1 __ Giovanni Chronicles IV: Nuova Malattia 1-56504-252-2 __ Giovanni Saga 1, The 1-56504-253-0 __ Guide to the Anarchs 1-58846-223-4 __ Guide to the Camarilla 1-56504-261-1 __ Guide to the Sabbat 1-56504-263-8 __ Havens of the Damned 1-58846-225-0 __ Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom 1-58846-239-0 __ Lair of the Hidden 1-58846-242-0 __ Mexico City by Night 1-58846-228-5

(2300) $29.95 US (5720) $49.95 US (2425) $19.95 US (2423) $14.95 US (2251) $10.95 US (2428) $16.95 US (2410) $15.95 US (2432) $19.95 US (2235) $20.00 US (2624) $16.00 US (2359) $14.95 US (2351) $14.95 US (2360) $14.95 US (2352) $14.95 US (2363) $14.95 US (2362) $14.95 US (2353) $14.95 US (2354) $14.95 US (2364) $14.95 US (2360) $14.95 US (2356) $14.95 US (2357) $14.95 US (2361) $14.95 US (2358) $14.95 US (2429) $19.95 US (2006) $18.00 US (2021) $15.00 US (2420) $15.95 US (2097) $19.95 US (2098) $17.95 US (2424) $25.95 US (2302) $25.95 US (2303) $25.95 US (2426) $14.95 US (2441) $29.95 US (2430) $21.95 US (2412) $17.95 US

__ Midnight Siege 1-58846-219-6 __ Red Sign, The 1-58846-245-5 __ Revelations of the Dark Mother 1-56504-237-9 __ Sins of the Blood 1-58846-217-X __ State of Grace 1-58846-234-X __ Succubus Club: Dead Man’s Party 1-58846-240-4 __ Vampire Players Guide 1-58846-243-9 __ Vampire Storytellers Companion 1-56504-259-X __ Vampire Storytellers Handbook (Revised Edition) 1-56504-264-6 __ Ventrue Chronicle 1-58846-244-7

(2422) $17.95 US (2431) $19.95 US (2024) $10.95 US (2421) $17.95 US (2427) $17.95 US (2409) $16.95 US (2305) $29.95 US (2301) $14.95 US (2304) $25.95 US (2460) $21.95 US

__ Victorian Age: Vampire 1-58846-229-3

(2470) $26.95 US

__ Victorian Age Companion 1-58846-238-2 __ London by Night 1-58846-230-7

(2472) $24.95 US (2471) $19.95 US

A Collectible Card Game Inspired by Vampire: The Masquerade

__ Anarchs Starter Display 1-58846-038-X __ Anarchs Booster Display 1-58846-037-1 __ Sabbat War Booster Pack 1-56504-479-7 __ Sabbat War Booster Pack Display 1-56504-478-9 __ Final Nights Starter Deck: Assamite 1-56504-463-0 __ Final Nights Starter Deck: Giovanni 1-56504-464-9 __ Final Nights Starter Deck: Ravnos 1-56504-465-7 __ Final Nights Starter Deck: Setite 1-56504-466-5 __ Final Nights Starter Deck Display 1-56504-462-2 __ Final Nights Booster Pack 1-56504-481-9 __ Final Nights Booster Display 1-56504-480-0 __ Bloodlines Booster Pack 1-56504-468-1 __ Bloodlines Booster Pack Display 1-56504-467-3 __ Camarilla Edition Booster Pack Display 1-58846-033-9 __ Camarilla Edition Starter Deck Display 1-58846-026-6 __ Camarilla Edition Booster Pack 1-58846-034-7 __ Camarilla Edition Starter Deck: Ventrue 1-58846-032-0 __ Camarilla Edition Starter Deck: Tremere 1-58846-031-2 __ Camarilla Edition Starter Deck: Toreador 1-58846-030-4 __ Camarilla Edition Starter Deck: Nosferatu 1-58846-029-0 __ Camarilla Edition Starter Deck: Malkavian 1-58846-028-2

(2512) $59.70 US (2511) $99.00 US (2556) $2.75 US (2555) $99.00 US (2563) $9.95 US (2564) $9.95 US (2565) $9.95 US (2566) $9.95 US (2562) $79.60 US (2561) $2.75 US (2560) $99.00 US (2576) $2.75 US (2575) $99.00 US (2592) $99.00 US (2585) $59.70 US (02593) $2.75 US (2591) $9.95 US (2590) $9.95 US (2589) $9.95 US (2588) $9.95 US (2587) $9.95 US


__ Camarilla Edition Starter Deck: Brujah 1-58846-027-4 __ Black Hand Starter Display 1-58846-042-8 __ Black Hand Booster Display 1-58846-043-6

(2586) $9.95 US (2635) $79.60 US (2636) $99.00 US


__ Kindred of the East 1-56504-232-8 __ Dharma Book: Bone Flowers 1-56504-240-9 __ Dharma Book: Devil-Tigers 1-56504-239-5 __ Dharma Book: Thousand Whispers 1-58846-200-5 __ Heresies of the Way 1-58846-232-3 __ Killing Streets 1-58846-208-0 __ Kindred of East Companion 1-56504-223-9 __ Shadow War 1-56504-227-1 __ Thousand Hells, The 1-56504-226-3

(2900) $25.00 US (2905) $14.95 US (2904) $14.95 US (2906) $14.95 US (2922) $19.95 US (2930) $15.95 US (2901) $19.95 US (2903) $15.95 US (2902) $17.95 US

__ Libellus Sanguinis I 1-56504-286-7 __ Libellus Sanguinis IV 1-58846-205-6 __ Liege, Lord and Lackey 1-56504-281-6 __ Players Guide to High Clans 1-58846-289-7 __ Players Guide to Low Clans 1-58846-287-0 __ Road of Heaven 1-58846-285-4 __ Road of Kings 1-58846-281-1 __ Road of Sin 1-58846-288-9 __ Road of the Beast 1-58846-280-3 __ Transylvania by Night 1-56504-287-5 __ Transylvania Chronicles 3: Ill Omens 1-56504-292-1 __ Transylvania Chronicles 4: The Dragon Ascendant 1-56504-293-X __ Under the Black Cross 1-58846-275-7 __ Veil of Night 1-58846-206-4 __ Wind from the East: The Mongols 1-56504-271-9 __ Wolves of the Sea 1-56504-298-0

(2807) $15.00 US (2830) $15.95 US (2806) $15.00 US (20007) $29.95 US (20006) $29.95 US (20032) $16.95 US (20031) $15.95 US (20033) $19.95 US (20030) $15.95 US (2808) $18.00 US (2813) $15.95 US (2814) $15.95 US (2836) $15.95 US (2832) $25.95 (2828) $14.95 US (2820) $14.95 US

__ Dark Ages: Vampire Revised Edition 1-58846-276-5 __ Ashen Cults 1-58846-213-7 __ Ashen Knight, The 1-56504-241-7 __ Ashen Thief, The 1-56504-236-0 __ Bitter Crusade 1-58846-214-5 __ Clanbook: Baali 1-56504-213-1 __ Clanbook: Cappadocian 1-56504-280-8 __ Clash of Wills 1-56504-289-1 __ Dark Ages: British Isles 1-58846-290-0 __ Dark Ages Europe 1-58846-279-X __ Dark Ages: Inquisitor 1-58846-282-X __ Dark Ages: Mage 1-58846-404-0 __ Dark Ages: Mage Grimoire 1-58846-411-3 __ Dark Ages: Right of Princes 1-58846-283-8 __ Dark Ages: Spoils of War 1-58846-286-2 __ Dark Ages: Vampire Storytellers Companion 1-58846-278-1 __ Dark Ages: Werewolf 1-58846-284-6 __ Erciyes Fragments, The 1-56504-297-2 __ Fountains of Bright Crimson 1-56504-270-0 __ House of Tremere 1-56504-272-7 __ Iberia by Night 1-58846-212-9 __ Jerusalem by Night 1-56504-299-9

(20000) $29.95 US (2835) $14.95 US (2826) $17.95 US (2827) $14.95 US (2833) $15.95 US (2817) $12.00 US (2805) $12.00 US (2810) $8.00 US (20021) $21.95 US (20020) $21.95 US (20004) $26.95 US (20002) $26.95 US (20060) $21.95 US (20045) $19.95 US (20046) $19.95 US (20003) $14.95 US (20005) $29.95 US (2818) $14.95 US (2825) $7.95 US (2829) $19.95 US (2834) $19.95 US (2821) $17.95 US

__ Werewolf: The Apocalypse (Revised) 1-56504-365-0 __ Art of Werewolf: The Apocalypse 1-58846-302-8 __ Book of Auspices 1-58846-315-X __ Book of the City 1-58846-310-9 __ Book of the Weaver 1-56504-311-1 __ Croatan Song 1-56504-388-X __ Guardians of the Caerns 1-56504-360-X __ Gurahl 1-56504-339-1 __ Hammer & Klaive 1-58846-317-6 __ Hengeyokai: Shapeshifters of the East 1-56504-338-3 __ Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes 1-56504-308-1 __ Mokolé 1-56504-306-5 __ Nagah 1-56504-348-0 __ Nuwisha 1-56504-336-7 __ Past Lives 1-58846-319-2 __ Players Guide to the Changing Breeds 1-58846-318-4 __ Players Guide to the Garou 1-58846-313-3 __ Possessed: A Players Guide 1-58846-307-9 __ Rage Across Egypt 1-58846-301-X __ Rage Across the World Volume 1 1-56504-319-7

(3801) $29.95 US (3803) $14.95 US (3812) $19.95 US (3811) $19.95 US (3209) $17.95 US (3112) $17.95 US (3212) $15.95 US (3079) $17.95 US (3813) $19.95 US (3063) $20.00 US (3074) $15.00 US (3081) $19.95 US (3084) $19.95 US (3076) $12.00 US (3814) $19.95 US (3807) $29.95 US (3806) $29.95 US (3810) $19.95 US (3114) $17.95 US (3069) $20.00 US


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1-58846-246-3 1-58846-855-0 1-58846-853-4 1-58846-297-8 1-58846-847-X 1-58846-291-9 1-58846-323-0 1-58846-856-9 1-58846-417-2 1-58846-857-7 1-58846-671-X 1-58846-672-8 1-58846-604-3 1-58846-605-1 1-58846-521-7



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The Comprehensive World of Darkness
With the World of Darkness coming to an end, it’s fitting that we look back on all the books ever published for the setting and its games. These are 13 years’ and several game lines’ worth of supplements, all listed alphabetically for your viewing pleasure. Kind of makes you wax nostalgic, huh? Also included are stock numbers and ISBNs to help you track elusive titles down.
Vampire: The Masquerade Alien Hunger Anarch Cookbook Archons and Templars Art of Vampire: The Masquerade Art of Vampire: The Masquerade (Limited Edition) Ashes to Ashes Awakening: Diablerie Mexico Berlin by Night Blood Bond Blood Magic: Secrets of Thaumaturgy Blood Sacrifice: The Thaumaturgy Companion Book of Nod Book of Nod (Limited Edition) Book of the Damned Caine’s Chosen Cairo by Night Chaining the Beast Chicago by Night (1st Edition) Chicago by Night (2nd Edition) Chicago Chronicles Volume 1 Chicago Chronicles Volume 2 Chicago Chronicles Volume 3 Children of the Night Cities of Darkness Volume 1 Cities of Darkness Volume 2 Cities of Darkness Volume 3 Clanbook: Assamite (1st Edition) Clanbook: Assamite (Revised Edition) Clanbook: Brujah (1st Edition) Clanbook: Brujah (Revised Edition) Clanbook: Gangrel (1st Edition) Clanbook: Gangrel (Revised Edition) Clanbook: Giovanni (1st Edition) Clanbook: Giovanni (Revised Edition) Clanbook: Lasombra (1st Edition) Clanbook: Lasombra (Revised Edition) Clanbook: Malkavian (1st Edition) Clanbook: Malkavian (Revised Edition) Clanbook: Nosferatu (1st Edition) Clanbook: Nosferatu (Revised Edition) Clanbook: Ravnos (1st Edition) Clanbook: Ravnos (Revised Edition) Clanbook: Setite (1st Edition) Clanbook: Setite (Revised Edition) Clanbook: Toreador (1st Edition) Clanbook: Toreador (Revised Edition) Clanbook: Tremere (1st Edition) Clanbook: Tremere (Revised Edition) Clanbook: Tzimisce (1st Edition) Clanbook: Tzimisce (Revised Edition) Clanbook: Ventrue (1st Edition) Clanbook: Ventrue (Revised Edition) Counsel of Primogen Dark Colony DC by Night Diablerie Diablerie: Britain Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand Elysium: The Elder Way Encyclopedia Vampirica Gehenna Ghouls: Fatal Addiction Gilded Cage Giovanni Chronicles I: The Last Supper Giovanni Chronicles II: Blood and Fire Giovanni Chronicles III: The Sun Has Set Giovanni Chronicles IV: Nuova Malattia Giovanni Saga 1 Guide to the Anarchs Guide to the Camarilla Guide to the Sabbat Havens of the Damned Hunters Hunted Inquisition Kindred Most Wanted Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom Lair of the Hidden London by Night Los Angeles by Night Mexico City by Night Midnight Siege Milwaukee by Night Montreal By Night New Orleans by Night New York by Night Nights of Prophecy Players Guide to the Sabbat Red Sign (2100) (2207) (2425) (2298) (02295) (2102) (2005) (2214) (2103) (2106) (2423) (2251) (02293) (5001) (2428) (2410) (2432) (2201) (2203) (2234) (2235) (2236) (2023) (2622) (2623) (2624) (2059) (2359) (2051) (2351) (2052) (2352) (2063) (2363) (2062) (2362) (2053) (2353) (2054) (2354) (2064) (2364) (2060) (2360) (2056) (2356) (2057) (2357) (2061) (2361) (2058) (2358) (2429) (2212) (2211) (2231) (2010) (2006) (2233) (2440) (2999) (2021) (2420) (2090) (2091) (2096) (2097) (2098) (2424) (2302) (2303) (2426) (2205) (2020) (2230) (2441) (2430) (2471) (2210) (2412) (2422) (2105) (2216) (2209) (2411) (2265) (2055) (2431) 1-56504-015-5 1-56504-048-1 1-58846-224-2 1-56504-209-3 0-9627790-7-5 1-56504-018-X 1-56504-075-9 1-56506-002-3 1-56504-246-8 1-58846-222-6 1-56504-078-3 1-56504-260-3 1-56504-068-6 1-58846-236-6 1-58846-215-3 1-58846-241-2 1-56504-000-7 1-56504-051-1 1-56504-219-0 1-56504-220-4 1-56504-221-2 1-56504-244-1 1-56504-233-6 1-56504-234-4 1-56504-235-2 1-56504-214-X 1-56504-256-5 1-56504-032-5 1-56504-267-0 1-56504-046-5 1-56504-265-4 1-56504-218-2 1-58846-207-2 1-56504-211-5 1-58846-201-3 1-56504-052-X 1-56504-268-9 1-56504-064-3 1-56504-266-2 1-56504-217-4 1-58846-209-9 1-56504-215-8 1-58846-204-8 1-56504 095-3 1-56504-269-7 1-56504-115-1 1-56504-254-9 1-56504-216-6 1-58846-202-1 1-56504-129-1 1-56504-255-7 1-58846-237-4 1-56504-056-2 1-56504-225-5 1-56504-238-7 1-56504-074-0 1-56504-142-9 1-56504-155-0 1-58846-227-7 1-58846-246-3 1-56504-230-1 1-58846-216-1 1-56504-250-6 1-56504-251-4 1-56504-258-1 1-56504-252-2 1-56504-253-0 1-58846-223-4 1-56504-261-1 1-56504-263-8 1-58846-225-0 1-56504-020-1 1-56504-228-X 1-56504-124-0 1-58846-239-0 1-58846-242-0 1-58846-230-7 1-56504-130-5 1-58846-228-5 1-58846-219-6 1-56504-017-1 1-56504-224-7 1-56504 096-1 1-58846-218-1 1-56504-229-8 1-56504-042-2 1-58846-245-5 Revelations of the Dark Mother Sins of the Blood State of Grace Storyteller’s Screen (1st Edition) Storyteller’s Screen 2nd edition Storytellers Handbook Storytellers Handbook to the Sabbat Succubus Club Succubus Club: Dead Man’s Party Tim Bradstreet Vampire Portfolio Time of Thin Blood Transylvania Chronicles 1: Dark Tides Rising Transylvania Chronicles 2: Son of the Dragon Transylvania Chronicles 3: Ill Omens Transylvania Chronicles 4: The Dragon Ascendant Vampire Players Guide Vampire Players Guide (1st Edition) Vampire Players Guide (2nd Edition) Vampire Storytellers Companion (Revised Edition) Vampire Storytellers Handbook (Revised Edition) Vampire Storytellers Handbook (Revised Limited Edition) Vampire: The Masquerade (1st Edition) Vampire: The Masquerade (2nd Edition) Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised Edition) Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised Limited Ed) Ventrue Chronicle Victorian Age Companion Victorian Age: Vampire War of Ages Who’s Who Among Vampires: Children of the Inquisition Kindred of the East Dharma Book: Bone Flowers Dharma Book: Devil-Tigers Dharma Book: Resplendent Cranes Dharma Book: Thousand Whispers Dharma Book: Thrashing Dragons Half-Damned: Dhampyr Heresies of the Way Killing Streets Kindred of East Companion Kindred of the East San Francisco by Night Shadow War Thousand Hells Dark Ages: Vampire Ashen Cults Ashen Knight Ashen Thief Bitter Crusade Cainite Heresy Clanbook: Baali Clanbook: Cappadocian Clanbook: Salubri Clash of Wills Constantinople By Night Dark Ages Europe Dark Ages: British Isles Dark Ages: Brujah Chronicles Dark Ages: Darkening Sky Dark Ages: Devil’s Due Dark Ages: Fae Dark Ages: Hallowed Ground Dark Ages: Inquisitor Dark Ages: Inquisitor Companion Dark Ages: Italy Dark Ages: Mage Dark Ages: Mage Grimoire Dark Ages: Players Guide to High Clans Dark Ages: Players Guide to Low Clans Dark Ages: Right of Princes Dark Ages: Spoils of War Dark Ages: Vampire (Revised Edition) Dark Ages: Vampire (Revised Limited Edition) Dark Ages: Vampire Storytellers Companion (Revised Edition) Dark Ages: Werewolf Erciyes Fragments Fountains of Bright Crimson House of Tremere Iberia by Night Jerusalem by Night Libellus Sanguinis I Libellus Sanguinis II Libellus Sanguinis III Libellus Sanguinis IV (2835) (2826) (2827) (2833) (2819) (2817) (2805) (2822) (2810) (2803) (20020) (20021) (20048) (20049) (20047) (20008) (20025) (20004) (20011) (20022) (20002) (20060) (20007) (20006) (20045) (20046) (20000) (20001) (20003) (20005) (2818) (2825) (2829) (2834) (2821) (2807) (2815) (2823) (2830) 1-58846-213-7 1-56504-241-7 1-56504-236-0 1-58846-214-5 1-56504-296-4 1-56504-213-1 1-56504-280-8 1-56504-212-3 1-56504-289-1 1-56504-278-6 1-58846-279-X 1-58846-290-0 1-58846-298-6 1-58846-294-3 1-58846-295-1 1-58846-292-7 1-58846-296-X 1-58846-282-X 1-58846-291-9 1-58846-293-5 1-58846-404-0 1-58846-411-3 1-58846-289-7 1-58846-287-0 1-58846-283-8 1-58846-286-2 1-58846-276-5 1-58846-277-3 1-58846-278-1 1-58846-284-6 1-56504-297-2 1-56504-270-0 1-56504-272-7 1-58846-212-9 1-56504-299-9 1-56504-286-7 1-56504-294-8 1-56504-203-4 1-58846-205-6 (2905) (2904) (2908) (2906) (2907) (2920) (2922) (2930) (2901) (2900) (2921) (2903) (2902) 1-56504-240-9 1-56504-239-5 1-58846-221-8 1-58846-200-5 1-58846-211-0 1-56504-247-6 1-58846-232-3 1-58846-208-0 1-56504-223-9 1-56504-232-8 1-58846-231-5 1-56504-227-1 1-56504-226-3 (2024) (2421) (2427) (2001) (2003) (2222) (2225) (2104) (2409) (2252) (2101) (2811) (2812) (2813) (2814) (2305) (2204) (2206) (2301) (2304) (02294) (2000) (2002) (2300) (02299) (2460) (2472) (2470) (2022) (2250) 1-56504-237-9 1-58846-217-X 1-58846-234-X 0-9627790-9-1 1-56504-055-4 1-56504-024-4 1-56504-045-6 1-56504-011-2 1-58846-240-4 1-56504-079-1 1-56504-245-X 1-56504-290-5 1-56504-291-3 1-56504-292-1 1-56504-293-X 1-58846-243-9 1-56504-012-0 1-56504-053-8 1-56504-259-X 1-56504-264-6 1-56504-273-5 0-9627790-6-7 1-56504-029-5 1-56504-249-2 1-56504-200-X 1-58846-244-7 1-58846-238-2 1-58846-229-3 1-56504-243-3 1-56504-039-2


Liege, Lord and Lackey Road of Heaven Road of Humanity Road of Kings Road of Sin Road of the Beast Three Pillars Transylvania by Night Under the Black Cross Vampire: The Dark Ages Vampire: The Dark Ages Book of Storyteller Secrets Vampire: The Dark Ages Companion Vampire: The Dark Ages Storytellers Screen Veil of Night Wind from the East: The Mongols Wolves of the Sea

(2806) (20032) (20034) (20031) (20033) (20030) (2809) (2808) (2836) (2800) (2802) (2804) (2801) (2832) (2828) (2820)

1-56504-281-6 1-58846-285-4 1-58846-297-8 1-58846-281-1 1-58846-288-9 1-58846-280-3 1-56504-288-3 1-56504-287-5 1-58846-275-7 1-56504-275-1 1-56504-277-8 1-56504-279-4 1-56504-276-X 1-58846-206-4 1-56504-271-9 1-56504-298-0

Werewolf: The Apocalypse Ananasi Apocalypse Art of Werewolf: The Apocalypse Axis Mundi: The Book of Spirits Bastet Book of Auspices Book of the City Book of the Weaver Book of the Wyld Book of the Wyrm 1st Edition Book of the Wyrm 2nd Edition Caerns: Places of Power Chronicle of the Black Labyrinth Corax Croatan Song Dark Alliance: Vancouver Freak Legion: A Players Guide to Fomori Frontier Secrets: Werewolf: The Wild West Screen and Book Ghost Towns Guardians of the Caerns Gurahl Hammer and Klaive Hengeyokai: Shifters of the East Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes Litany of the Tribes Volume 1 Litany of the Tribes Volume 2 Litany of the Tribes Volume 3 Litany of the Tribes Volume 4 Mokolé Monkeywrench: Pentex Nagah Nuwisha Past Lives Players Guide to the Changing Breeds Players Guide to the Garou Possessed: A Players Guide Project Twilight Rage Across Appalachia Rage Across Australia Rage Across Egypt Rage Across New York Rage Across Russia Rage Across the Amazon Rage Across the Heavens Rage Across the World Volume 1 Rage Across the World Volume 2 Rage Across the World Volume 3 Rage: Warriors of the Apocalypse Ratkin Rite of Passage Rokea Silver Record Subsidiaries: A Guide to Pentex Tales from the Trails: Mexico Tribebook: Black Furies (1st Edition) Tribebook: Black Furies (Revised Edition) Tribebook: Bone Gnawers (1st Edition) Tribebook: Bone Gnawers (Revised Edition) Tribebook: Children of Gaia (1st Edition) Tribebook: Children of Gaia (Revised Edition) Tribebook: Fianna (1st Edition) Tribebook: Fianna (Revised Edition) Tribebook: Get of Fenris (1st Edition) Tribebook: Get of Fenris (Revised Edition) Tribebook: Glass Walkers (1st Edition) Tribebook: Glass Walkers (Revised Edition) Tribebook: Red Talons (1st Edition) Tribebook: Red Talons (Revised Edition) Tribebook: Shadow Lords (1st Edition) Tribebook: Shadow Lords (Revised Edition) Tribebook: Silent Striders (1st Edition) Tribebook: Silent Striders (Revised Edition) Tribebook: Silver Fangs (1st Edition) Tribebook: Silver Fangs (Revised Edition) Tribebook: Stargazers (1st Edition) Tribebook: Stargazers (Revised Edition) (3082) (3999) (3803) (3067) (3075) (3812) (3811) (3209) (3113) (3200) (3109) (3201) (3404) (3077) (3112) (3103) (3066) (3701) (3703) (3212) (3079) (3813) (3063) (3074) (3380) (3381) (3382) (3383) (3081) (3203) (3084) (3076) (3814) (3807) (3806) (3810) (3064) (3107) (3106) (3114) (3100) (3105) (3104) (3110) (3069) (3070) (3071) (3403) (3080) (3002) (3083) (3210) (3211) (3705) (3051) (3851) (3052) (3852) (3053) (3853) (3054) (3854) (3055) (3855) (3056) (3856) (3057) (3857) (3058) (3858) (3059) (3859) (3060) (3860) (3061) (3861) 1-56504-359-6 1-58846-323-0 1-58846-302-8 1-56504-315-4 1-56504-335-9 1-58846-315-X 1-58846-310-9 1-56504-311-1 1-56504-367-7 1-56504-041-4 1-56504-356-1 1-56504-066-X 1-56504-314-6 1-56504-337-5 1-56504-388-X 1-56504-059-7 1-56504-350-2 1-56504-341-3 1-56504-343-X 1-56504-360-X 1-56504-339-1 1-58846-317-6 1-56504-338-3 1-56504-308-1 1-56504-302-2 1-56504-303-0 1-56504-304-9 1-56504-305-7 1-56504-306-5 1-56504-060-0 1-56504-348-0 1-56504-336-7 1-58846-319-2 1-58846-318-4 1-58846-313-3 1-58846-307-9 1-56504-310-3 1-56504-313-8 1-56504-127-5 1-58846-302-X 1-56504-040-6 1-56504-077-5 1-56504-061-9 1-56504-309-X 1-56504-319-7 1-56504-320-0 1-56504-324-3 1-56504-318-9 1-56504-342-1 1-56504-036-8 1-56504-364-2 1-56504-307-3 1-56504-358-8 1-56504-345-6 1-56504 093-7 1-56504-389-8 1-56504 094-5 1-58846-300-1 1-56504-141-0 1-58846-303-6 1-56504-325-1 1-58846-306-0 1-56504-326-X 1-58846-312-5 1-56504-327-8 1-58846-308-7 1-56504-328-6 1-58846-309-5 1-56504-329-4 1-58846-311-7 1-56504-330-8 1-58846-314-1 1-56504-331-6 1-58846-316-8 1-56504-332-4 1-58846-320-6

Tribebook: Uktena (1st Edition) Tribebook: Uktena (Revised Edition) Tribebook: Wendigo (1st Edition) Tribebook: Wendigo (Revised Edition) Umbra (Revised Edition) Umbra: The Velvet Shadow Under a Blood Red Moon Valkenburg Foundation Ways of the Wolf Werewolf Chronicles Volume 1 Werewolf Chronicles Volume 2 Werewolf Players Guide (1st Edition) Werewolf Players Guide (2nd Edition) Werewolf Screen (1st Edition) Werewolf Screen (2nd Edition) Werewolf Storytellers Companion (Revised Edition) Werewolf Storytellers Handbook Werewolf Storytellers Handbook (Revised Edition) Werewolf: The Apocalypse (1st Edition) Werewolf: The Apocalypse (2nd Edition) Werewolf: The Apocalypse (Revised Edition) Werewolf: The Apocalypse (Revised Limited Edition) Werewolf: The Dark Ages Werewolf: The Wild West Who’s Who Among Werewolves: Garou Saga Wild West Companion Wild West Poker Deck World of Rage Mage: The Ascension Art of Mage: The Ascension Artisans Handbook Ascension Ascension’s Right Hand Bitter Road Blood Treachery Book of Chantries Book of Crafts Book of Madness (1st Edition) Book of Madness (Revised Edition) Book of Mirrors: Mage Storytellers Handbook Book of Shadows: The Mage Players Guide Book of Worlds Castles and Covenants Chaos Factor Convention Book: Iteration X (Revised Edition) Crusade Lore: The Sorcerers Crusade Book and Screen Dead Magic 1 Dead Magic 2 Destiny’s Price Digital Web Digital Web V.2 Dragons of the East Fallen Tower Forged by Dragon’s Fire Fragile Path: Testaments of the First Cabal Guide to the Technocracy Guide to the Traditions Halls of the Arcanum Hidden Lore: Second Edition Screen and Book Horizon: Stronghold of Hope Infernalism: The Path of Screams Infinite Tapestry Initiates of the Art Loom of Fate Lost Paths I Mage Chronicles Volume 1 Mage Chronicles Volume 2 Mage Chronicles Volume 3 Mage Screen Mage Storytellers Companion Mage Storytellers Handbook Revised Edition Mage Tarot Deck Mage Tarot Deck (Revised Edition) Mage: The Ascension (1st Edition) Mage: The Ascension (2nd Edition) Mage: The Ascension (Revised Edition) Mage: The Ascension (Revised Limited Edition) Mage: The Sorcerers Crusade Manifesto: Transmissions from the Rogue Council Masters of the Art Michael Kaluta Mage Portfolio Order of Reason Orphan’s Survival Guide Sorcerer Revised Edition Sorcerers Crusade Companion Spirit Ways Swashbucklers Handbook Tales of Magick: Dark Adventure Technocracy: Assembled Volume 1 Technocracy: Assembled Volume 2 Technocracy: Iteration X Technocracy: New World Order Technocracy: Progenitors Technocracy: Syndicate

(3062) (3862) (3078) (3863) (3111) (3204) (3102) (3101) (3050) (3207) (3208) (3202) (3108) (3001) (3601) (3802) (3205) (3804) (3000) (3600) (3801) (03799) (3800) (3700) (3401) (3704) (3938) (3213)

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(4620) (4804) (4999) (4005) (4044) (4046) (4003) (4011) (4251) (4602) (4302) (4050) (4007) (4803) (4101) (4035) (4801) (4045) (4048) (4040) (4004) (4016) (4047) (4631) (4640) (4006) (4014) (4603) (4009) (4301) (4012) (4806) (4632) (4253) (4002) (4030) (4013) (4015) (4018) (4001) (4601) (4604) (4020) (4120) (4000) (4300) (4600) (04599) (4800) (4255) (4017) (4400) (4807) (4252) (4254) (4805) (4043) (4808) (4021) (4208) (4209) (4202) (4203) (4201) (4206)

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Technocracy: Void Engineers Technomancer’s Toybox Tradition Book: Akashic Brotherhood (1st edition) Tradition Book: Akashic Brotherhood (Revised Edition) Tradition Book: Celestial Chorus (1st Edition) Tradition Book: Celestial Chorus (Revised Edition) Tradition Book: Cult of Ecstasy (1st Edition) Tradition Book: Cult of Ecstasy (Revised Edition) Tradition Book: Dreamspeakers (1st Edition) Tradition Book: Dreamspeakers (Revised Edition) Tradition Book: Euthanatos (1st Edition) Tradition Book: Euthanatos (Revised Edition) Tradition Book: Hollow Ones (Revised Edition) Tradition Book: Order of Hermes (1st Edition) Tradition Book: Order of Hermes (Revised Edition) Tradition Book: Sons of Ether (1st Edition) Tradition Book: Sons of Ether (Revised Edition) Tradition Book: Verbena (1st Edition) Tradition Book: Verbena (Revised Edition) Tradition Book: Virtual Adepts (1st Edition) Tradition Book: Virtual Adepts (Revised Edition) Traditions Gathered 1: Songs of Science Traditions Gathered 2: Blood and Dreams Traditions Gathered 3: Swords of Faith Witches and Pagans Wraith: The Oblivion Book of Legions Buried Secrets: Second Edition Screen and Book Charnel Houses of Europe: The Shoah Dark Kingdom of Jade Dark Kingdom of Jade Adventures Dark Reflections: Spectres Doomslayers: Into the Labyrinth Ends of Empire Face of Death Guildbook: Artificers Guildbook: Haunters Guildbook: Masquers Guildbook: Puppeteers and Pardoners Guildbook: Sandmen Guildbook: Spooks and Oracles Haunts Hierarchy Love Beyond Death Mediums: Speakers with the Dead Midnight Express Necropolis: Atlanta Quick and the Dead Renegades Risen Sea of Shadows: A Storytellers Guide to the Tempest Shadow Players Guide Wraith Character Kit Wraith Players Guide Wraith Storytellers Screen Wraith: The Great War Wraith: The Oblivion (1st Edition) Wraith: The Oblivion (2nd Edition)

(4204) (4207) (4057) (4657) (4008) (4665) (4061) (4661) (4062) (4662) (4063) (4663) (4666) (4064) (4664) (4058) (4658) (4059) (4659) (4060) (4660) (4053) (4054) (4055) (4809)

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Hunter: The Reckoning Hunter Book: Avenger Hunter Book: Defender Hunter Book: Hermit Hunter Book: Innocent Hunter Book: Judge Hunter Book: Martyr Hunter Book: Redeemer Hunter Book: Visionary Hunter Book: Wayward Hunter Players Guide Hunter Storytellers Companion Hunter Storytellers Handbook Hunter: Apocrypha Hunter: Fall from Grace Hunter: First Contact Hunter: Holy War Hunter: The Infernal Hunter: The Moonstruck Hunter: The Nocturnal Hunter: The Reckoning Hunter: The Spellbound Hunter: The Walking Dead Hunter: Urban Legends Hunter: Utopia Hunters Survival Guide Demon: The Fallen (8103) (8104) (8112) (8106) (8107) (8109) (8110) (8111) (8113) (8120) (8101) (8121) (8108) (8135) (8131) (8130) (8137) (8134) (8132) (8100) (8136) (8105) (8138) (8133) (8102) 1-56504-739-7 1-56504-740-0 1-56504-748-6 1-56504-742-7 1-56504-743-5 1-56504-745-1 1-56504-746-X 1-56504-747-8 1-58846-703-1 1-58846-700-7 1-56504-736-2 1-58846-701-5 1-56504-744-3 1-58846-708-2 1-58846-704-X 1-58846-702-3 1-58846-710-4 1-58846-707-4 1-58846-705-8 1-56504-735-4 1-58846-709-0 1-56504-741-9 1-58846-711-2 1-58846-706-6 1-56504-737-0

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City of Angels Damned and Deceived Days of Fire Demon Players Guide Demon Storytellers Companion Demon: The Fallen Earthbound Fear to Tread Houses of the Fallen Saviors and Destroyers

(8211) (8221) (8281) (8202) (8201) (8200) (8280) (8270) (8203) (8220)

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Mummy: The Resurrection Mummy Players Guide Mummy: The Resurrection Orpheus Crusade of Ashes End Game Orphan-Grinders Orpheus Shades of Gray Shadow Games World of Darkness World of Darkness 1st Edition World of Darkness 2nd Edition World of Darkness: Blood and Silk World of Darkness: Blood-Dimmed Tides World of Darkness: Combat World of Darkness: Demon Hunter X World of Darkness: Gypsies World of Darkness: Hong Kong World of Darkness: Mafia World of Darkness: Midnight Circus World of Darkness: Mummy (1st Edition) World of Darkness: Mummy (2nd Edition) World of Darkness: Outcasts World of Darkness: Sorcerers World of Darkness: The Bygone Bestiary World of Darkness: Time of Judgment World of Darkness: Tokyo Mind’s Eye Theatre Antagonists Apocalypse Book of Props Book of the Damned Elder’s Revenge Hengeyokai: Way of the Beast Courts Laws of Ascension Laws of Ascension (Limited Edition) Laws of Ascension Companion Laws of Judgment Laws of the East Laws of the Hunt (1st Edition) Laws of the Hunt (Revised Edition) Laws of the Hunt Players Guide Laws of the Night (1st Edition) Laws of the Night (Revised Edition) Laws of the Night (Revised Limited Edition) Laws of the Reckoning Laws of the Resurrection Laws of the Wild (1st Edition) (5020) (5300) (5003) (5001) (5201) (5036) (5022) (05025) (5033) (5099) (5016) (5014) (5032) (5010) (5005) (5013) (05015) (5037) (5035) (5007) 1-56504-502-5 1-56504-121-6 1-56504-500-9 1-56504-068-6 1-56504-503-3 1-58846-514-4 1-58846-500-4 1-58846-504-7 1-58846-516-0 1-58846-521-7 1-56504-730-3 1-56504-505-X 1-58846-511-X 1-56504-587-4 1-56504-506-8 1-56504-589-0 1-56504-699-4 1-58846-515-2 1-58846-513-6 1-56504-508-4 (2220) (2226) (2950) (3350) (3206) (2227) (2223) (2009) (2228) (3068) (2221) (2224) (3065) (4010) (4802) (5399) (6103) 1-56504-019-8 1-56504-207-7 1-56504-242-5 1-56504-354-5 1-56504-316-2 1-56504-202-6 1-56504-136-4 1-56504-222-0 1-58846-226-9 1-56504-317-0 1-56504-026-0 1-56504-206-9 1-56504-312-X 1-56504-451-7 1-56504-491-6 1-58846-475-X 1-56504-633-1 (21001) (21015) (21012) (21000) (21010) (21011) 1-58846-601-9 1-58846-605-1 1-58846-604-3 1-58846-600-0 1-58846-602-7 1-58846-603-5 (2381) (2380) 1-58846-235-8 1-58846-203-X

Changeling: The Dreaming Autumn People Book of Houses (Noblesse Oblige) Book of Lost Dreams/Changeling Storytellers Screen Book of Lost Houses Book of Storyteller Secrets/Changeling Storytellers Screen Changeling Players Guide Changeling Storytellers Guide Changeling: The Dreaming (1st Edition) Changeling: The Dreaming (2nd Edition) Denizens of the Dreaming Dreams and Nightmares Enchanted Fools Luck: The Way of the Commoner Freeholds and Hidden Glens Immortal Eyes 1: The Toybox Immortal Eyes 2: Shadows on the Hill Immortal Eyes 3: Court of all Kings Inanimae: The Secret Way Isle of the Mighty Kingdom of Willows Kithbook: Eshu Kithbook: Nockers Kithbook: Pooka Kithbook: Redcaps Kithbook: Satyrs Kithbook: Sluagh Kithbook: Trolls Land of Eight Million Dreams Nobles: The Shining Host Shadow Court War in Concordia (7004) (7305) (7302) (7311) (7001) (7100) (7009) (7000) (7300) (7310) (7303) (7008) (7010) (7002) (7200) (7201) (7202) (7307) (7007) (7306) (7056) (7052) (7054) (7055) (7053) (7051) (7050) (7308) (7006) (7005) (7309) 1-56504-709-5 1-56504-719-2 1-56504-717-6 1-56504-483-5 1-56504-702-8 1-56504-701-X 1-56504-708-7 1-56504-700-1 1-56504-716-8 1-56504-734-6 1-56504-718-4 1-56504-714-1 1-56504-715-X 1-56504-706-0 1-56504-703-6 1-56504-750-2 1-56504-713-3 1-56504-721-4 1-56504-712-5 1-56504-720-6 1-56504-785-0 1-56504-727-3 1-56504-729-X 1-56504-482-7 1-56504-728-1 1-56504-726-5 1-56504-725-7 1-56504-722-2 1-56504-711-7 1-56504-710-9 1-56504-724-9


Laws of the Wild (Revised Edition) Laws of the Wild (Revised Limited Edition) Laws of the Wyld West Liber des Goules (The Book of Ghouls) Long Night Masquerade (1st Edition) Masquerade (2nd Edition) Mind’s Eye Theatre Discipline Deck Mind’s Eye Theatre Gift Deck Mind’s Eye Theatre Journal #1 Mind’s Eye Theatre Journal #2 Mind’s Eye Theatre Journal #3 Mind’s Eye Theatre Journal #4 Mind’s Eye Theatre Journal #5 Mind’s Eye Theatre Journal #6 Mind’s Eye Theatre Journal #7 Mind’s Eye Theatre Journal #8 Mind’s Eye Theatre Prop Deck Mind’s Eye Theatre: Anarchs Guide Mind’s Eye Theatre: Book of the Wyrm Mind’s Eye Theatre: Camarilla Guide Mind’s Eye Theatre: Changing Breeds 1 Mind’s Eye Theatre: Changing Breeds 2 Mind’s Eye Theatre: Changing Breeds 3 Mind’s Eye Theatre: Dark Epics Mind’s Eye Theatre: Faith and Fire Mind’s Eye Theatre: Sabbat Guide Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire by Gaslight Oblivion Player’s Kit Prince’s Primer Secrets of Elysium Shining Host Shining Host Players Guide Vampire Storyteller Guide Fiction A Dozen Black Roses (hardback) A Dozen Black Roses (tradeback) As One Dead Beast Within (1st Edition) Beast Within (2nd Edition) Beyond the Shroud Book of the Kindred Breathe Deeply Call to Battle Caravan of Shadows City of Darkness: Unseen Clan Brujah Trilogy, Book 1: Slave Ring Clan Brujah Trilogy, Book 2: The Overseer Clan Brujah Trilogy, Book 3: The Puppet Masters Clan Lasombra Trilogy, Book 1: Shards Clan Lasombra Trilogy, Book 2: Shadows Clan Lasombra Trilogy, Book 3: Sacrifices Clan Novel 1: Toreador Clan Novel 2: Tzimisce Clan Novel 3: Gangrel Clan Novel 4 : Setite Clan Novel 5: Ventrue Clan Novel 6: Lasombra Clan Novel 7: Assamite Clan Novel 8: Ravnos Clan Novel 9: Malkavian Clan Novel 10: Giovanni Clan Novel 11: Brujah Clan Novel 12: Tremere Clan Novel 13: Nosferatu Clan Novel Anthology Clan Novel Saga, Volume 1: The Fall of Atlanta Clan Novel Saga, Volume 2: The Eye of Gehenna Clan Novel Saga, Volume 3: Bloody September Clan Novel Saga, Volume 4: End Games Clan Tremere Trilogy, Book 1: Widow’s Walk Clan Tremere Trilogy, Book 2: Widow’s Weeds Clan Tremere Trilogy, Book 3: Widow’s Might Dark Ages Clan Novel, Book 1: Nosferatu Dark Ages Clan Novel, Book 2: Assamite Dark Ages Clan Novel, Book 3: Cappadocian Dark Ages Clan Novel, Book 4: Setite Dark Ages Clan Novel, Book 5: Lasombra Dark Ages Clan Novel, Book 6: Ravnos Dark Ages Clan Novel, Book 7: Malkavian Dark Ages Clan Novel, Book 8: Brujah Dark Ages Clan Novel, Book 9: Toreador Dark Ages Clan Novel, Book 10: Gangrel Dark Ages Clan Novel, Book 11: Tremere Dark Ages Clan Novel, Book 12: Ventrue Dark Ages Clan Novel, Book 13: Tzimisce Dark Destiny (hardback) Dark Destiny I (paperback) Dark Destiny III: Children of Dracula (hardback) Dark Destiny III: Children of Dracula (paperback) Dark Destiny: Proprietors of Fate (hardback) Dark Destiny: Proprietors of Fate (paperback) Dark Kingdoms

(5022) (05026) (5004) (5006) (5008) (5000) (5200) (5181) (05183) (5401) (5402) (5403) (5404) (5405) (5406) (5407) (5408) (5180) (5040) (5029) (5017) (5019) (5024) (5034) (5027) (5038) (5018) (5041) (5400) (5002) (2232) (5012) (5009) (5030) (5021)

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(11018) (11019) (11517) (11001) (11900) (13250) (11695) (13000) (11304) (11005) (11007) (11120) (11121) (11122) (11114) (11115) (11116) (11100) (11101) (11102) (11103) (11104) (11105) (11107) (11106) (11108) (11110) (11109) (11111) (11112) (11113) (11270) (11271) (11272) (11273) (11117) (11118) (11119) (11205) (11206) (11207) (11209) (11208) (11210) (11211) (11212) (11213) (11214) (11215) (11216) (11217) (11806) (11810) (11807) (11812) (11807) (11811) (11049)

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Dark Kingdoms Trilogy, Volume 1: Ebon Mask (11050) Dark Tyrants (paperback) (11867) Dark Tyrants (tradeback) (11868) Death and Damnation (04126) Demon: Lucifer’s Shadow (11904) Drums Around the Fire (3400) Essential World of Darkness (11080) Eternal Hearts (2400) Grails Covenant Trilogy, Book 1: To Sift through Bitter Ashes (11031) Grails Covenant Trilogy, Book 2: To Speak in Lifeless Tongues (11032) Grails Covenant Trilogy, Book 3: To Dream of Dreamers Lost (11033) Horizon War Trilogy, Book 1: Road to Hell (11021) Horizon War Trilogy, Book 2: The Ascension Warrior (11022) Horizon War Trilogy, Book 3: War in Heaven (11071) House of Secrets (11500) Immortal Eyes Trilogy, Book 1: The Toybox (11401) Immortal Eyes Trilogy, Book 2: Shadows on the Hill (11402) Immortal Eyes Trilogy, Book 3: Court of All Kings (11403) Inherit the Earth (11903) Masquerade of the Red Death Trilogy, Book 1: Blood War (13000) Masquerade of the Red Death Trilogy, Book 2: Unholy Allies (12401) Masquerade of the Red Death Trilogy, Book 3: The Unbeholden (12402) On a Darkling Plain (11501) Orpheus: Haunting the Dead (11905) Pomegranates Full and Fine (11060) Predator & Prey 1: Vampire (11700) Predator & Prey 2: Judge (11701) Predator & Prey 3: Werewolf (11702) Predator & Prey 4: Jury (11703) Predator & Prey 5: Mage (11704) Predator & Prey 6: Executioner (11705) Prince of the City (11006) Quintessential World of Darkness (11079) Silver Crown (11301) Splendour Falls (11400) Time of Judgment Trilogy, Book 1: Vampire: Gehenna, The Final Night (11910) Time of Judgment Trilogy, Book 2: Werewolf: The Last Battle (11911) Time of Judgment Trilogy, Book 3: Mage: Judgment Day (11912) Tower of Babel (11008) Trilogy of the Blood Curse, Book 1: The Devil’s Advocate (11081) Trilogy of the Blood Curse, Book 2: The Winnowing (11082) Trilogy of the Blood Curse, Book 3: Dark Prophecy (11083) Trilogy of the Fallen, Book 1: Ashes and Angel Wings (10090) Trilogy of the Fallen, Book 2: The Seven Deadlies (10091) Trilogy of the Fallen, Book 3: The Wreckage of Paradise (10092) Truth Until Paradox (1st Edition) (11004) Truth Until Paradox (2nd Edition) (11902) Vampire Diary: The Embrace (04800) Victorian Age Vampire Trilogy, Book 1: A Morbid Initiation (11190) Victorian Age Vampire Trilogy, Book 2: Madness of Priests (11191) Victorian Age Vampire Trilogy, Book 3: The Wounded King (11192) Werewolf Tribe Novel 1: Shadow Lords & Get of Fenris (11150) Werewolf Tribe Novel 2: Silent Striders & Black Furies (11151) Werewolf Tribe Novel 3: Red Talons & Fianna (11152) Werewolf Tribe Novel 4: Bone Gnawers & Stargazers (11153) Werewolf Tribe Novel 5: Children of Gaia & Uktena (11154) Werewolf Tribe Novel 6: Silver Fangs & Glass Walkers (11155) Werewolf Tribe Novel 7: Black Spiral Dancers & Wendigo(11156) When Will You Rage (1st Edition) (11002) When Will You Rage (2nd Edition) (11901) Year of the Scarab Trilogy, Book 1: Heralds of the Storm (10020) Year of the Scarab Trilogy, Book 2: Lay Down With Lions (10021) Year of the Scarab Trilogy, Book 3: Land of the Dead (10022) Fiction Published by Harper Collins Mage: Such Pain Vampire: Blood on the Sun Vampire: Blood Relations Vampire: Dark Prince Vampire: Netherworld Werewolf: Conspicuous Consumption Werewolf: Hell-Storm Werewolf: Watcher Werewolf: Wyrm Wolf World of Darkness: Strange City Wraith: Sins of the Fathers White Wolf Magazine

1-56504-828-8 1-56504-888-1 1-56504-868-7 1-56504-126-7 1-58846-824-0 1-56504-058-9 1-56504-864-4 1-56504-205-0 1-56504-995-0 1-56504-996-9 1-56504-997-7 1-56504-847-4 1-56504-848-2 1-56504-890-3 1-56504-843-1 1-56504-180-1 1-56504-861-X 1-56504-862-8 1-56504-839-3 1-56504-840-7 1-56504-841-5 1-56504-842-3 1-56504-844-X 1-58846-837-2 1-56504-889-X 1-56504-969-1 1-56504-970-5 1-56504-971-3 1-56504-972-1 1-56504-973-X 1-56504-974-8 1-56504-820-2 1-56504-880-6 1-56504-882-2 1-56504-863-6 1-58846-855-0 1-58846-856-9 1-58846-857-7 1-56504-853-9 1-56504-981-0 1-56504-982-9 1-56504-983-7 1-58846-805-4 1-58846-806-2 1-58846-807-0 1-56504-088-0 1-56504-904-7 1-56504-800-8 1-58846-828-3 1-58846-829-1 1-58846-858-5 1-56504-855-5 1-56504-883-0 1-56504-884-9 1-56504-886-5 1-58846-812-7 1-58846-813-5 1-58846-822-4 1-56504-087-2 1-56504-903-9 1-56504-857-1 1-58846-803-8 1-58846-804-6

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White Wolf Magazine issues #1-57

(White Wolf Inphobia as of #50)


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1-58846-854-2 1-58846-849-6 1-58846-848-8 1-58846-292-7 1-58846-673-6 1-58846-859-3 1-58846-674-4 1-58846-626-4 1-58846-631-0 1-58846-876-3 1-58846-957-3 1-58846-956-5 1-58846-961-1 1-58846-965-4 1-58846-962-X 1-58846-959-X 1-58846-963-8 1-58846-968-9 1-58846-958-1 1-58846-964-6 1-58846-954-9 1-58846-966-2



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__ Rage Across the World Volume 3 1-56504-324-3 __ Rokea 1-56504-364-2 __ Subsidiaries: A Guide to Pentex 1-56504-358-8 __ Tribebook: Black Furies Revised 1-56504-389-8 __ Tribebook: Bone Gnawers Revised 1-58846-300-1 __ Tribebook: Children of Gaia Revised 1-58846-303-6 __ Tribebook: Fianna Revised 1-58846-306-0 __ Tribebook: Get of Fenris Revised 1-58846-312-5 __ Tribebook: Glass Walkers Revised 1-58846-308-7 __ Tribebook: Red Talons Revised 1-58846-309-5 __ Tribebook: Shadow Lords Revised 1-58846-311-7 __ Tribebook: Silent Striders Revised 1-58846-314-1 __ Tribebook: Silver Fangs Revised 1-58846-316-8 __ Tribebook: Stargazers 1-58846-320-6 __ Tribebook: Uktena 1-58846-321-4 __ Tribebook: Wendigo 1-58846-322-2 __ Werewolf Chronicles Volume 2 1-56504-322-7 __ Werewolf Players Guide Second Edition 1-56504-352-9 __ Werewolf Storytellers Companion Revised 1-56504-323-5 __ Werewolf Storytellers Handbook Revised Edition 1-58846-304-4 __ World of Rage, A 1-56504-362-6

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__ Manifesto: Transmissions from the Rogue Council 1-58846-407-5 __ Masters of the Art 1-56504-427-4 __ Technocracy: Assembled Volume 2 1-56504-419-3 __ Tradition Book: Akashic Brotherhood Revised 1-56504-456-8 __ Tradition Book: Celestial Chorus Revised 1-56504-457-6 __ Tradition Book: Cult of Ecstasy Revised 1-56504-449-5 __ Tradition Book: Dreamspeakers Revised 1-58846-400-8 __ Tradition Book: Euthanatos Revised 1-58846-401-6 __ Tradition Book: Hollow Ones Revised 1-58846-403-2 __ Tradition Book: Order of Hermes Revised 1-58846-413-X __ Tradition Book: Sons of Ether Revised 1-58846-414-8 __ Tradition Book: Verbena 1-58846-415-6 __ Tradition Book: Virtual Adepts 1-58846-416-4

(4255) $16.95 US (4017) $13.95 US (4209) $14.95 US (4657) $14.95 US (4665) $14.95 US (4661) $14.95 US (4662) $14.95 US (4663) $14.95 US (4666) $15.95 US (4664) $19.95 US (4658) $19.95 US (4659) $19.95 US (4660) $19.95 US

__ Mage: The Ascension 1-56504-405-3 __ Blood Treachery 1-56504-409-6 __ Convention Book: Iteration X Revised 1-56504-441-X __ Dead Magic 2: Secrets and Survivors 1-58846-406-7 __ Dragons of the East 1-56504-428-2 __ Fallen Tower: Las Vegas, The 1-58846-408-3 __ Forged by Dragon’s Fire 1-58846-410-5 __ Fragile Path 1-56504-432-0 __ Guide to the Technocracy 1-56504-417-7 __ Guide to the Traditions 1-56504-455-X __ Horizon: Stronghold of Hope 1-56504-425-8 __ Infinite Tapestry, The 1-58846-409-1 __ Lost Paths I 1-56504-429-0 __ Mage Chronicles Volume 3 1-56504-444-X __ Mage Storytellers Handbook Revised Edition 1-58846-402-4 __ Mage Tarot Deck 1-56504-440-1

(4600) $29.95 US (4046) $14.95 US (4035) $14.95 US (4048) $21.95 US (4047) $19.95 US (4631) $19.95 US (4640) $16.95 US (4006) $10.95 US (4014) $25.95 US (4603) $25.95 US (4012) $15.00 US (4632) $24.95 US (4030) $17.95 US (4018) $17.95 US (4604) $25.95 US (4120) $19.95 US

__ Hunter: The Reckoning 1-56504-735-4 __ Hunter: Apocrypha 1-56504-744-3 __ Hunter Book: Avenger 1-56504-739-7 __ Hunter Book: Defender 1-56504-740-0 __ Hunter Book: Hermit 1-56504-748-6 __ Hunter Book: Innocent 1-56504-742-7 __ Hunter Book: Judge 1-56504-743-5 __ Hunter Book: Martyr 1-56504-745-1 __ Hunter Book: Redeemer 1-56504-746-X __ Hunter Book: Visionary 1-56504-747-8 __ Hunter: Fall from Grace 1-58846-708-2 __ Hunter: Holy War 1-58846-702-3 __ Hunter Players Guide 1-58846-700-7 __ Hunter Storytellers Companion 1-56504-736-2 __ Hunter Storytellers Handbook 1-58846-701-5 __ Hunter Survival Guide 1-56504-737-0 __ Hunter: The Infernal 1-58846-710-4 __ Hunter: The Moonstruck 1-58846-707-4 __ Hunter: The Nocturnal 1-58846-705-8 __ Hunter: The Spellbound 1-58846-709-0 __ Hunter: The Walking Dead 1-56504-741-9 __ Hunter: Urban Legends 1-58846-711-2 __ Hunter: Utopia 1-58846-706-6

(8100) $29.95 US (8108) $14.95 US (8103) $14.95 US (8104) $14.95 US (8112) $14.95 US (8106) $14.95 US (8107) $14.95 US (8109) $14.95 US (8110) $14.95 US (8111) $14.95 US (8135) $19.95 US (8130) $15.95 US (8120) $25.95 US (8101) $14.95 US (8121) $25.95 US (8102) $19.95 US (8137) $17.95 US (8134) $17.95 US (8132) $15.95 US (8136) $17.95 US (8105) $15.95 US (8138) $19.95 US (8133) $19.95 US


__ Demon: The Fallen 1-58846-750-3 __ City of Angels 1-58846-752-X __ Days of Fire 1-58846-762-7 __ Damned and Deceived 1-58846-758-9 __ Demon Players Guide 1-58846-756-2 __ Earthbound, The 1-58846-761-9 __ Fear to Tread 1-58846-753-8 __ Houses of the Fallen 1-58846-760-0 __ Saviors and Destroyers 1-58846-754-6 __ Demon Storytellers Companion 1-58846-751-1

(8200) $29.95 US (8211) $19.95 US (8281) $19.95 US (8221) $16.95 US (8202) $29.95 US (8280) $21.95 US (8270) $19.95 US (8203) $29.95 US (8220) $16.95 US (8201) $15.95 US

__ A World of Darkness Second Edition 1-56504-207-7 __ Mummy: The Resurrection 1-58846-203-X __ Mummy Players Guide 1-58846-235-8 __ World of Darkness: Blood and Silk 1-56504-242-5 __ World of Darkness: Mafia 1-58846-226-9 __ World of Darkness: Midnight Circus 1-56504-317-0 __ World of Darkness: Tokyo 1-56504-633-1

(2226) $18.00 US (2380) $25.95 US (2381) $26.95 US (2950) $21.95 US (2228) $17.95 US (3068) $15.00 US (6103) $14.95 US

__ Orpheus 1-58846-600-0 __ Crusade of Ashes 1-58846-601-9 __ Shades of Gray 1-58846-602-7 __ Shadow Games 1-58846-603-5

(21000) $34.95 US (21001) $21.95 US (21010) $21.95 US (21011) $21.95 US

__ Exalted 1-56504-623-4 __ Aspect Book: Air 1-58846-668-X __ Book of Three Circles, The 1-58846-651-5 __ Caste Book: Dawn 1-58846-653-1 __ Caste Book: Eclipse 1-58846-664-7 __ Caste Book: Night 1-58846-662-0 __ Caste Book: Twilight 1-58846-661-2 __ Caste Book: Zenith 1-58846-660-4 __ Creatures of the Wyld 1-58846-663-9 __ Exalted Storytellers Companion 1-58846-650-7 __ Exalted: The Abyssals 1-58846-665-5 __ Exalted: The Dragon-Blooded 1-58846-656-6 __ Exalted: The Lunars 1-58846-657-4 __ Exalted: The Sidereal 1-58846-669-8 __ Games of Divinity, The 1-58846-659-0 __ Kingdom of Halta 1-58846-670-1 __ Manacle and Coin 1-58846-667-1 __ Ruins of Rathess 1-58846-666-3 __ Scavenger Sons 1-58846-652-3 __ Time of Tumult 1-58846-655-8

(8800) $29.95 US (8840) $19.95 US (8802) $17.95 US (8830) $14.95 US (8834) $16.95 US (8833) $14.95 US (8832) $14.95 US (8831) $14.95 US (8803) $19.95 US (8801) $15.95 US (8813) $29.95 US (8811) $29.95 US (8812) $29.95 US (8814) $29.95 US (8823) $17.95 US (8826) $19.95 US (8825) $19.95 US (8824) $16.95 US (8820) $15.95 US (8821) $21.95 US

__ Hengeyokai: Way of the Beast Courts 1-58846-514-4 __ Laws of the Night Revised 1-56504-589-0 __ Laws of Ascension 1-58846-500-4 __ Laws of Ascension Companion 1-58846-516-0 __ Laws of the East 1-56504-730-3 __ Laws of the Hunt Revised Edition 1-58846-511-X __ Laws of the Reckoning 1-58846-515-2 __ Laws of the Resurrection 1-58846-513-6 __ Laws of the Wild Revised 1-58846-501-2 __ Laws of the Wyld West 1-56504-504-1 __ Mind’s Eye Theatre: Book of the Wyrm 1-58846-507-1 __ Mind’s Eye Theatre: Faith and Fire 1-58846-517-9 __ Mind’s Eye Theatre Gift Deck __ Mind’s Eye Theatre: The Anarch Guide 1-58846-519-5 __ Mind’s Eye Theatre: The Changing Breeds (Vol 1) 1-56504-733-8 __ Mind’s Eye Theatre: The Changing Breeds (Vol 2) 1-58846-502-0 __ Mind’s Eye Theatre: Changing Breeds (Vol 3) 1-58846-512-8 __ Mind’s Eye Theatre Discipline Deck 1-56504-698-6 __ Mind’s Eye Theatre Prop Deck 1-56504-679-X __ Shining Host, The 1-56504-510-6 __ Shining Host Players Guide, The 1-58846-508-X __ Vampire by Gaslight 1-58846-520-9 __ Vampire Storyteller Guide 1-58846-503-9

(5036) $17.95 US (5013) $19.95 US (5022) $19.95 US (5033) $17.95 US (5016) $17.95 US (5032) $19.95 US (5037) $19.95 US (5035) $19.95 US (5023) $19.95 US (5004) $14.95 US (5029) $15.95 US (5038) $19.95 US (05183) $14.95 (5040) $17.95 US (5019) $14.95 US (5024) $17.95 US (5034) $17.95 US (5181) $14.95 US (5180) $14.95 US (5009) $15.00 US (5030) $15.95 US (5041) $19.95 US (5021) $15.95 US

__ Trinity 1-56504-622-6 __ Alien Encounter 1: Invasion 1-56504-620-X __ Alien Encounter 2: Deception 1-56504-621-8 __ Darkness Revealed 1: Descent into Darkness 1-56504-751-6

(9099) $14.95 US (9104) $17.95 US (9105) $17.95 US (9101) $15.95 US


__ Darkness Revealed 2: Passage Through Shadow 1-56504-752-4 __ Darkness Revealed 3: Ascent into Light 1-56504-753-2 __ Trinity: America Offline 1-56504-762-1 __ Trinity: Luna Rising 1-56504-760-5 __ Trinity: Shattered Europe 1-56504-761-3 __ Trinity: Stellar Frontier 1-56504-763-X __ Trinity Field Report: Alien Races 1-56504-772-9 __ Trinity Field Report: Extrasolar Colonies 1-56504-771-0 __ Trinity Field Report: Media 1-56504-605-6 __ Trinity Technology Manual 1-56504-770-2

(9102) $15.95 US (9103) $15.95 US (9003) $17.95 US (9002) $17.95 US (9004) $19.95 US (9005) $19.95 US (9202) $4.95 US (9201) $4.95 US (9204) $4.95 US (9200) $15.95 US

__ Clan Novel: Setite 1-56504-804-0 __ Clan Novel: Ventrue 1-56504-805-9 __ Clan Novel: Assamite 1-56504-809-1 __ Clan Novel: Ravnos 1-56504-808-3 __ Clan Novel: Giovanni 1-56504-826-1 __ Clan Novel: Brujah 1-56504-825-3 __ Clan Novel: Nosferatu 1-56504-835-0 __ Clan Novel Anthology 1-56504-876-8

(11103) $5.99 US (11104) $5.99 US (11107) $5.99 US (11106) $5.99 US (11109) $5.99 US (11110) $5.99 US (11112) $5.99 US (11113) $6.50 US

Clan Lasombra Trilogy
__ Vampire: Shards (Book 1) 1-56504-865-2 __ Vampire: Shadows (Book 2) 1-56504-858-X __ Vampire: Sacrifices (Book 3) 1-56504-887-3 (11114) $6.50 (11115) $6.50 US (11116) $6.50 US

__ Aberrant 1-56504-626-9 __ Aberrant: Church of Michael Archangel 1-56504-691-9 __ Aberrant: The Directive 1-56504-685-4 __ Aberrant: Elites 1-56504-692-7 __ Aberrant: Fear and Loathing 1-56504-689-7 __ Aberrant Players Guide 1-56504-687-0 __ Aberrant: Project Utopia 1-56504-631-5 __ Aberrant: 1-56504-690-0 __ Aberrant: XWF 1-56504-688-9 __ Aberrant: Year One 1-56504-629-3 __ Aberrant Storytellers Screen 1-56504-627-7 __ Aberrant Worldwide Phase I 1-56504-684-6 __ Aberrant Worldwide Phase II 1-56504-686-2 __ Exposé: Aberrants 1-56504-630-7

(8500) $24.95 US (8543) $4.95 US (8521) $14.95 US (8506) $14.95 US (8541) $4.95 US (8505) $25.95 US (8504) $19.95 US (8542) $4.95 US (8540) $4.95 US (8502) $14.95 US (8501) $14.95 US (8530) $21.95 US (8510) $19.95 US (8503) $4.95 US

Clan Tremere Trilogy
__ Vampire: Widow’s Walk (Book 1) 1-56504-925-X __ Vampire: Widow’s Weeds (Book 2) 1-56504-935-7 __ Vampire: Widow’s Might (Book 3) 1-56504-949-7 (11117) $6.50 US (11118) $6.50 US (11119) $6.50 US

Clan Brujah Trilogy
__ Vampire: Slave Ring (Book 1) 1-58846-814-3 __ Vampire: The Overseer (Book 2) 1-58846-815-1 __ Vampire: The Puppet-Masters (Book 3) 1-58846-816-X (11120) $6.99 US (11121) $6.99 US (11122) $6.99 US

Victorian Age Trilogy
__ Vampire: A Morbid Initiation (Book 1) 1-58846-828-3 __ Vampire: The Madness of Priests (Book 2) 1-58846-829-1 __ Vampire: The Wounded King (Book 3) 1-58846-858-5 (11190) $6.99 US (11191) $6.99 US (11192) $6.99 US

__ Adventure 1-56504-608-0

(9350) $25.95 US

Dark Ages: Vampire Clan Novel Series

White Wolf Fiction

The Clan Novel Saga
__ Vampire: The Fall of Atlanta (Volume 1) 1-58846-845-3 __ Vampire: The Eye of Gehenna (Volume 2) 1-58846-846-1 (11270) $17.99 US (11271) $17.99 US

Clan Novel Series
__ Clan Novel: Tzimisce 1-56504-802-4 __ Clan Novel: Gangrel 1-56504-803-2 (11101) $5.99 US (11102) $5.99 US

__ Dark Ages: Nosferatu (Book 1) 1-58846-817-8 __ Dark Ages: Assamite (Book 2) 1-58846-818-6 __ Dark Ages: Cappadocian (Book 3) 1-58846-819-4 __ Dark Ages: Setite (Book 4) 1-58846-821-6 __ Dark Ages: Lasombra (Book 5) 1-58846-820-8 __ Dark Ages: Ravnos (Book 6) 1-58846-823-2 __ Dark Ages: Malkavian (Book 7) 1-58846-831-3 __ Dark Ages: Brujah (Book 8) 1-58846-832-1 __ Dark Ages: Toreador (Book 9) 1-58846-833-X

(11205) $6.99 (11206) $6.99 US (11207) $6.99 US (11209) $6.99 US (11208) $6.99 US (11210) $6.99 US (11211) $6.99 US (11212) $6.99 US (11213) $6.99 US


Predator & Prey Series
__ Predator & Prey: 1-56504-969-1 __ Predator & Prey: 1-56504-970-5 __ Predator & Prey: 1-56504-971-3 __ Predator & Prey: 1-56504-972-1 __ Predator & Prey: 1-56504-973-X __ Predator & Prey: 1-56504-974-8 Vampire (Book 1) Judge (Book 2) Werewolf (Book 3) Jury (Book 4) Mage (Book 5) Executioner (Book 6) (11700) $6.50 US (11701) $6.50 US (11702) $6.50 US (11703) $6.50 US (11704) $6.50 US (11705) $6.50 US
Nancy A. Collins

__ Sunglasses After Dark 1-56504-849-0 __ A Dozen Black Roses 1-56504-873-3 __ Darkest Heart 1-56504-845-8 __ Dead Roses for a Blue Lady 1-58846-844-5

(12990) $11.99 (11019) $11.99 US (12998) $11.99 US (12997) $13.99 US

Other Hunter Fiction
__ Inherit the Earth (anthology) 1-56504-839-3 (11903) $6.50 US
Science Fiction and Fantasy

Tribe Novel Series
__ Tribe Novel: Shadow Lords & Get of Fenris (Book 1) 1-56504-855-5 __ Tribe Novel: Silent Striders & Black Furies (Book 2) 1-56504-883-0 __ Tribe Novel: Red Talons & Fianna (Book 3) 1-56504-884-9 __ Tribe Novel: Bone Gnawers & Stargazers (Book 4) 1-56504-886-5 __ Tribe Novel: Children of Gaia & Uktena (Book 5) 1-58846-812-7 __ Tribe Novel: Silver Fangs & Glass Walkers (Book 6) 1-58846-813-5 __ Tribe Novel: Black Spiral Dancers & Wendigo (Book 7) 1-58846-822-4 (11150) $6.50 US (11151) $6.50 US (11152) $6.50 US (11153) $6.50 US (11154) $6.50 (11155) $6.50 US (11156) $6.50 US

__ The City on the Edge of Forever (11949) 1-56504-964-0 $11.99 US __ The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish (tradeback) (12553) 1-56504-199-2 $14.99 US __ The Road to Science Fiction #5: The British Way (11091) 1-56504-157-7 $14.99 US __ The Road to Science Fiction #6: Around the World (11092) 1-56504-158-5 $14.99 US

White Wolf Wares
Specialty items designed to appeal White Wolf fans worldwide.

__ Dark Ages Revised Dice 1-58846-053-3 __ Exalted Dice 1-58846-050-9 __ Time of Judgment Dice 1-58846-016-9 __ Ultimate Fantasy Dice 1-58846-017-7
Camarilla and Sabbat Pin Set

(20010) $6.99 (8810) $6.99 US (05520) $6.99 (05521) $6.99

Trilogy of the Fallen
__ Demon: Ashes and Angel Wings (Book 1) 1-58846-805-4 __ Demon: The Seven Deadlies (Book 2) 1-58846-806-2 __ Demon: The Wreckage of Paradise (Book 3) 1-58846-807-0 (10090) $6.99 US (10091) $6.99 US (10092) $6.99 US

This pin set contains 34 pins (one from every vampire clan and bloodline) and two ankh necklaces (one Camarilla and one Sabbat). They come with a heavy stock cardboard base, making them easy to display. The display board is only slightly larger that our previous pin display — but holds more than twice as many pins! The following pins are included in this set:

The Year of the Scarab Trilogy
__ Year of the Scarab: Heralds of the Storm (Book 1) 1-56504-857-1 __ Year of the Scarab: Lay Down With Lions (Book 2) 1-58846-803-8 __ Year of the Scarab: Land of the Dead (Book 3) 1-58846-804-6 (10020) $6.50 US (10021) $6.50 US (10022) $6.50 US

Trilogy of the Second Age
__ Exalted: Chosen of the Sun (Book 1) 1-58846-800-3 __ Exalted: Beloved of the Dead (Book 2) 1-58846-801-1 __ Exalted: Children of the Dragon (Book 3) 1-58846-802-X (10080) $6.50 US (10081) $6.50 US (10082) $6.50 US

__ Orpheus: Haunting the Dead (anthology) 1-58846-837-2

(11905) $6.99 US

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

Brujah Gangrel Malkavian Nosferatu Toreador Tremere Ventrue Assamite Giovanni Ravnos Lasombra Tzimisce Setite Brujah Antitribu Gangrel Antitribu Malkavian Antitribu Nosferatu Antitribu Toreador Antitribu Ventrue Antitribu Serpents of Light Assamite Antitribu Ravnos Antitribu Panders Kiasyd Blood Brothers Harbingers of Skulls

(2701) (2702) (2703) (2704) (2705) (2706) (2707) (5631) (5632) (5633) (5634) (5635) (5644) (5648) (5649) (5650) (5651) (5652) (5653) (5654) (5655) (5656) (5657) (5658) (5659) (5660)

$4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95



__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

Salubri Antitribu Baali Caitiff Ghoul Samedi Salubri Lasombra Antitribu Daughters of Cacophony Camarilla Ankh Necklace Sabbat Ankh Necklace

(5661) (5662) (5664) (5665) (5666) (5667) (5668) (5670) (2708) (5663)

$4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95


__ __ __ __

Silver Fangs Stargazers Uktena Wendigo

(5735) (5736) (5737) (5738)

$12.95 $12.95 $12.95 $12.95


World of Darkness Candle Holders
__ Werewolf: The Apocalypse Votive Holder & Candle (5461) $12.95 US

Zippo Lighters
__ Hunter: The Reckoning Lighter __ Mage: The Ascension Lighter __ Werewolf: The Apocalypse Lighter (5213) (5215) (5214) $29.95 US $29.95 US $29.95 US

World of Darkness Pins

__ White Wolf pin 1-56504-539-4 __ Vampire: The Masquerade pin 1-56504-516-5 __ Kindred of the East pin 1-56504-540-8 __ Vampire: The Dark Ages pin 1-56504-542-4 __ Werewolf: The Apocalypse pin 1-56504-517-3 __ World of Darkness pin 1-56504-538-6 __ Mage: The Ascension pin 1-56504-518-1 __ Wraith: The Oblivion pin 1-56504-519-X __ Changeling: The Dreaming pin 1-56504-522-X __ Trinity pin 1-56504-541-6

(5715) $4.95 US (5707) $4.95 US (5714) $4.95 US (5712) $4.95 US (5708) $4.95 US (5716) $4.95 US (5709) $4.95 US (5710) $4.95 US (5711) $4.95 US (5713) $4.95 US

World of Darkness Coffee Mugs
__ Mage: The Ascension Coffee Mug (5299) __ Werewolf: The Apocalypse Coffee Mug (5301) $12.95 US $12.95 US

Assorted Merchandise
__ __ __ __ __ __ Demon: The Fallen Mousepad (5585) Exalted Mousepad (5586) Mage: The Ascension Ethergoggles (5606) Vampire License Plate (5232) Music From the Succubus Club Audio CD (5959) Vampire Revised CD-Rom (5720) 1-5604-167-4 $12.95 $12.95 $64.95 $9.95 $14.99 $14.99 US US US US US US


Clan T-Shirts

Tribe Necklaces
__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ Ananasi Bastet Black Furies Bone Gnawers Children of Gaia Corax Fianna Get of Fenris Glasswalkers Gurahl Mokolé Nagah Nuwisha Ratkin Red Talons Rokea Shadow Lords Silent Striders (5739) (5740) (5726) (5727) (5728) (5741) (5729) (5730) (5731) (5742) (5743) (5744) (5745) (5746) (5732) (5747) (5733) (5734) $12.95 $12.95 $12.95 $12.95 $12.95 $12.95 $12.95 $12.95 $12.95 $12.95 $12.95 $12.95 $12.95 $12.95 $12.95 $12.95 $12.95 $12.95 US US US US US US US US US US US US US US US US US US

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

Assamite T-Shirt: Brujah T-Shirt: Gangrel T-Shirt: Giovanni T-Shirt: Lasombra T-Shirt: Malkavian T-Shirt: Nosferatu T-Shirt: Ravnos T-Shirt: Setite T-Shirt: Toreador T-Shirt: Tremere T-Shirt: Tzimisce T-Shirt: Ventrue T-Shirt:


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__ Exalted T-Shirt: L (5992), __ Hunter: The Reckoning T-Shirt: L (5977), __ Mage: The Ascension Revised T-Shirt: L (5763), __ Werewolf: The Apocalypse Revised T-Shirt: L (5760),

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Insi de
Welcome to the Sword & Sorcery Insider New Directions for the New Year

1554 Litton Drive Stone Mountain, GA 30083
cover art by Steve Ellis

Combining all the best elements of a product catalog and a quarterly special-interest magazine, the Insider is your source for articles and insights on your favorite Sword & Sorcery Studios games, as well as news on upcoming releases. Not only that — it’s totally free! We’re heading into 2004 as you read this. It’s the third or the fourth year of the new millennium — or the year of the monkey — depending on how you track such things. It’s also a leap year, which we’re taking as our cue to jump on entirely new projects, as well as to leap in new directions with our existing d20 lines. No, really! …Okay, so February 29th had nothing to do with it. Nonetheless, we are going in some new directions with upcoming projects. Don’t believe us? Check out this issue of the Insider, and stay tuned in the coming year.

Table of Contents

Scarred Lands Blood Sea: The Crimson Abyss
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COPYRIGHT NOTICE Open Game License v 1.0 Copyright 2000, Wizards of the Coast, Inc. System Reference Document Copyright 2000–2003, Wizards of the Coast, Inc.; Authors Jonathan Tweet, Monte Cook, Skip Williams, based on original material by E. Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson. Blood Sea: The Crimson Abyss Copyright 2004, Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

C ontents
Mastering the Apocalypse
An advance look inside the Gamma World Game Master’s Guide.

Gamma World Warcraft


Warcraft RPG: On the Horizon


A look at releases for the Warcraft RPG in 2004, as well as some errata. (Hey, nobody’s perfect.)

Scarred Lands
Depths of the Sea, Depths of the Past
Blood Sea and Echoes of the Past shed light on dark corners of the Scarred Lands.

4 6

Spotlight On…
Prestige Class: Seaborn Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water… comes this prestige class from Blood Sea: The Crimson Abyss.

Stirring Up Trouble in the Cauldron
EverQuest explores the legendary lands near the dwarves of Kaladim.


Malhavoc Press
What is Chaositech?
Well, Monte Cook is here to tell you.

8 9

Sword & Sorcery Q&A
Special Arcana Unearthed installment!

Monsters of Ravenloft
Denizens of Dread and Van Richten’s Guide to the Shadow Fey kick off a new year in the Land of Mists.


Necromancer Games
More of What Works, Less of What Doesn’t
Necromancer Games gives the fans what they want in 2004.


Sword & Sorcery Studios Products
New Releases
January February March 12 12 13

Order Forms
January to March

22 27

April to June

Gamma World
Gamma World is a place where almost anything can happen. The human race had generations to indulge its various whims with the help of ever more advanced science, and then the world has had more generations to run amok in altogether unpredictable ways. It’s a great environment for gaming, but the sheer scope of possibilities can make life difficult for the would be-GM. Enter the Gamma World Game Master’s Guide. This book has a bit of everything. There’s more information about the Gamma Age, and about the Gamma World in other eras, with possibilities for campaigns set before, during and after the Final Wars. There’s advice on adjusting the d20 sys-


An advance look inside the forthcoming Gamma World Game Master’s Guide.
by Bruce Baugh, Gamma World


Gamma World Game Master’s Guide page 13

tem to suit the particular needs of your campaign: making combat more or less lethal, resolving some challenges in greater than usual detail and abstracting others, incorporating more cinematic action, and so on. And there’s a lot of advice about principles of GMing, from dealing with problem players to the nitty-gritty of preparing plans that can survive contact with your players ’ unexpected choices and specific ways to set the genre for your game and give it a distinctive theme and mood. The authors bring to bear quite a range of experience. Veteran writer Greg Stolze knows all and tells all, as players of Hunter: The Reckoning,

Unknown Armies and many other games already know. Werner Hager, while not yet a seasoned professional, has a flair for clear-eyed analysis and explanations. Chad Underkoffler is well-known to readers of Pyramid Online for his entertaining and informative “Campaign in a Box” columns, and brings his expertise in concise and flexible preparations for the first time to Sword & Sorcery Studios. Doug Oglesby is a veteran artist and designer in the computer gaming world, and shares insights gleaned from his work at Redstorm Entertainment. They’re all working to help you enjoy better gaming: more of what you find fun, and less of what you don’t.

Action, Interaction, or Education
Action scenes involve physical challenges: combat, athletics, travel, chases. Interaction scenes concentrate on social challenges: debates, banter, discussion, display, seductions. Education scenes have to do with mental challenges: puzzles, research, discovery, analysis. While one element usually predominates within an incident, most will have the potential for all three. Education, in the form of new and interesting bits of scenery, character, or equipment, is almost always present in every Incident in a Gamma World game. Take some time to think about the interaction possibilities of mostly action scenes — you never know when PCs may decide to parley rather than fight, and vice-versa. (See also “Reminders & Nifty Notes” and “Being Flexible” below.) “Domaiz’s Offer” is intended to be an interaction incident: talking to Skoat, and then to Domaiz himself. However, there is the chance that PCs might decide to pull some action into the mix: fighting with Skoat and the guardsmen, or trying to run away from the meeting. The canny GM will have stats for these NPCs handy in case things go from interaction to action despite his own plans.

The Gamma World Game Master’s Guide is scheduled for release in March 2004 2

W a r c r a f t Roleplaying Game
Warcraft RPG:

On the Horizon
Warcraft computer games. Finally, further details are provided on creating technological devices, and a healthy supply of your favorite technological treats receives full statistics and descriptions. Mmm, meat wagons…. The hardcover Lands of Conflict is the first of two definitive setting sourcebooks for the Warcraft RPG. It covers the regions of Lordaeron, Khaz Modan, and the continent of Azeroth, including information on people and culture, geography and climate. It also contains tips on running campaigns in earlier eras, assisted by an indepth look at the history of each continent. As well, Lands of Conflict has statistics for famous NPCs and information on significant organizations. (The second setting sourcebook, Lands of Mystery — covering Kalimdor, Northrend, the Maelstrom, and more — is set for 2005.)

by Mike Johnstone, Warcraft developer

A look at releases for the Warcraft RPG in 2004

In 2004, Dungeons & Dragons Warcraft the Roleplaying Game will see the release of three more essential supplements — Magic & Mayhem, Lands of Conflict, and Shadows & Light — which will take your heroes from the discovery of new magics and technological devices to new lands to, finally, mysterious planes of existence. Magic & Mayhem focuses on the wonders of magic and technology in Warcraft. It includes expanded discussions upon and variant rules for magic, such as how to handle the magic corruption that has proven such a temptation to the high elves. There’s also a new core class, the runemaster, as well as new prestige classes and feats that explore the roles of magic and technology in the setting. Given the book’s title, it’s not surprising that it has a horde of new spells and magic items developed from the

To close out 2004, Shadows & Light serves as both a tome of Warcraft’s most powerful beings and a guide to traveling the planes of existence beyond Azeroth where such beings reside. Uncover the secrets of the titans who the dwarves pursue so eagerly, encounter fierce elementals, and brave the dangers of the Twisting Nether. Shadows & Light offers everything you need to take your Warcraft game to truly epic levels.

Manual of Monsters

Mortar Combat!
If you can’t wait for these titles to release, visit the official Warcraft RPG forum at, and get in on the lively discussions about the game and the setting. I’ll look for you there. In the meantime, what are you waiting for? To the field of battle!

Alliance & Horde Compendium

Warcraft RPG Errata
Well, nobody’s perfect. We found a few errors in the Warcraft RPG: Table 3–3: New Weapons lists the tauren halberd and the tauren totem with damage ratings for Small and Medium versions. Because tauren are Large creatures, the new 3.5 d20 weapon size rules mean that they receive a penalty for using such versions. The fix is simple: treat all tauren halberds and tauren totems as Large weapons, dealing 3d6 and 3d8 points of damage, respectively (see Table 7–4 in the 3.5 Player’s Handbook). Also, please note that the market value for the example downgraded flying machine in Chapter Three should actually be 380 gp, and that Jode’s technological limit should actually be 8 (see page 142).
Magic & Mayhem is scheduled for release in April 2004, with Lands of Conflict and Shadows & Light releasing later in the year. 3

carred ands S L
Depths of the Sea, Depths of the Past
When the Seas Run Red
Perhaps one of the most iconic “natural” details of the Scarred Lands is the Blood Sea. Though much has been described in the regions around — not to mention because of and even in — the Blood Sea, no source material has described the full extent of its crimson depths. Until now. Blood Sea: The Crimson Abyss describes the scarlet waves of the Blood Sea in exacting detail, from the history around its creation to the things that dwell beneath it to those who sail upon it. That’s just the beginning, however. This book also details the effects that the Blood Sea has on the world around it — from the primal, hate-filled warping influence it has upon all life to the strange weather patterns its unique traits create. The influence the Blood Sea has upon the Scarred Lands is unmistakable, and finds its origin in the titan who has long lain beneath the red waves — Kadum, called the Mountainshaker
by Joseph D. Carriker, Jr., Scarred Lands developer

What secrets lie beyond the Scarred Lands?
and Father of Monsters. In Blood Sea, you’ll find those who worship Kadum and wish to resurrect him, as well as those who despise the titan and work to keep him immobilized in the Maw, that deepest trench in the Blood Sea.

There is a wealth of material on the continents, creatures, magic and even gods of the Scarred Lands. Still, much of the setting remains shrouded in legend and mystery. In 2004, we explore places and creatures often mentioned in the Scarred Lands but never before focused upon. In addition to covering rich new topics for the Scarred Lands setting, each of these books offers valuable advice and ideas for running games in any d20 campaign you like!

Gone, But Not Forgotten
Unique to the Scarred Lands are a mysterious race called slarecians. Perhaps only the titans and the gods themselves have had an impact upon the setting to equal that of the slarecians. Horrific inhuman creatures of inscrutable intent, they founded cults, chronicled the history of mortal creatures and watched from afar as the beings above them loved, fought wars and lived out their lives. Yet it is said that the slarecians vanished long ago; only fragments of their culture and creatures of their making endure, scattered across the land. What became of the slarecians, and what influence do they still have upon the Scarred Lands?

Blood Sea: The Crimson Abyss page 12


Echoes of the Past:The Slarecian Legacy page 13

Echoes of the Past: The Slarecian Legacy examines the history of the slarecians, laying bare their secrets, from their origins to their goals to their fate. All of these secrets are revealed, including the reason why the slarecians hate the other beings of the world they inhabit — indeed, why they hate the world they inhabit itself. The slarecians left behind quite a legacy, in fact. From slarecian cults to strange and uncanny ruins to mind-twisting artifacts and servitor creatures, the touch of the slarecians can be felt across the Scarred Lands. This book features detailed descriptions of many such cults, creatures and ruins. Discover why the slarecians bore such antipathy to the denizens of Scarn. Their bitterness was nothing less than the hatred of prisoners for their jailors. Understand the goals of the slarecians and the purpose to their subterranean constructions. See the society of slarecian creatures, from their mightiest god-minds to their least servants. Finally, see what this strange race has in store for the future — for as long as the influence of the slarecians can be found in the world, their threat is not extinguished.

Looking to Distant Horizons
Plus, later in 2004 we will look outside the very bounds of Scarn. Edge of Infinity: The Scarred Planes will explore the realms of reality that exist beyond the borders of the material plane in which the Scarred Lands is found.

Tools for All d20 Campaigns
These releases also convey a clarified design sensibility. Scarred Lands books have always been intended to offer solid ideas and rules that can be added to any d20 campaign, but presented in the context of a specific campaign setting. In 2004, we refine that focus even further. These Scarred Lands books will not only expand upon our rich and detailed setting; they’ll also offer a wide selection of tools that make them applicable to any d20 campaign. Filled with adventures, prestige classes, spells and other goodies, Blood Sea: The Crimson Abyss answers the question: “What might a sea made literally of blood be like?” A history chapter looks at how the sea became that way, and — more importantly — details the changes that occurred, of fering plenty of story hooks to a Game Master

who might want to incorporate a bloody ocean into his own campaign. As you’ll see in Echoes of the Past: The Slarecian Legacy, slarecians can make for intriguing new antagonists or story hooks in any d20 campaign. The book has prestige classes, psionic powers and detailed organizations relating to the slarecian legacy that can be incorporated easily into a Scarred Lands campaign or any other game world. Edge of Infinity: The Scarred Planes will get further coverage down the road, but it, too, of fers plenty of possibilities for those Game Masters who want to take their campaigns beyond the bounds of their game worlds.

Blood Sea: The Crimson Abyss is scheduled for January 2004; Echoes of the Past: The Slarecian Legacy is set for March 2004. Edge of Infinity: The Scarred Planes releases later in 2004.

potlight S Seaborn
Spotlight on:


A prestige class preview from Blood Sea: the Crimson Abyss.

The first seaborn were merfolk who devoted their lives to the service of Manawe. As sailors and explorers from the surface world began exploring the Mother of Oceans’ watery realm using ships of wood, the merfolk spread the faith to them. As such, seaborn are rare, concerning themselves with the world’s seas rather than with masses of land. Seaborn understand that many sea beasts serve a role in the proper cycles of the seas, but aberrations created by foul magic and titan’s blood have no deserving place. A seaborn will also act against noble intentions that endanger the sea. Manawe blesses seaborn with abilities that let them act both above and below the waves. The majority hail from aquatic races, such as merfolk and sirens. Humans are the only land-based race known to become seaborn. Many clerics of the goddess, especially the martial Tidebrethren, choose this path, but also devout bards and rangers may become a seaborn to better serve Manawe. Use in Other Campaigns: The seaborn fit handily into any setting with an ocean. They may be servants of a god or goddess of the ocean, divine spellcasters who have learned secrets of the deep from merfolk allies or simply those who have heard the call of the oceans and answered it. Hit Die: d8

To qualify to become a seaborn, a character must fulfill all the following criteria. Alignment: Chaotic neutral Skills: Survival 6 ranks, Swim 10 ranks. Faith: Manawe. Feats: Sea’s Kindness.

Class Skills
A seaborn’s class skills are Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Escape Artist (Dex), Jump (Str), Knowledge (nature) (Int), Knowledge (religion) (Int), Profession (Wis), Sense Motive (Cha), Spellcraft (Int), Spot (Wis), Survival (Wis), Swim (Str), Use Rope (Dex). Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + Int modifier

Class Features (Abbreviated)
All the following are class features of the seaborn prestige class. Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Seaborn are proficient with all simple weapons but no armor or shields. Powerful Swimmer (Ex): The seaborn gains a Swim speed equal to his normal movement. Additionally, the DC to avoid nonlethal damage from fatigue due to long swimming times is reduced to 15. Auspices of Manawe (Ex): A seaborn of 2nd level can turn evil marine creatures, gaining +3 on his turn undead checks. The character may also apply his turn Class Level 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th Base Attack Bonus +0 +1 +2 +2 +3 +4 +5 +5 +6 +7

undead ability to any evil-aligned aquatic monster, including humanoids and outsiders. Note that the seaborn can only turn and not destroy the later creatures. Even those seaborn who lack clerical experience and the turn undead ability may use this ability. Tears of the Sea (Su): At 3rd level, a seaborn may cry over a humanoid or animal’s body and heal 2 points of damage/seaborn level. Additionally, his tears may transform liquids up to 1 cubic foot into seawater (alchemical substances save at DC 18, holy/unholy water at DC 13, and potions at DC 15 to resist the transformation). At 7th level, the seaborn can pool his tears in his hand, mixing them with sand and transforming this into pearls (valued at 100 gp) or grant waterbreathing (as per the spell). He may shed tears for this purpose once per week. Bestow Curse (Su): At 4th level, the seaborn may bestow a curse. For a number of days equal to 1 + the seaborn’s Cha modifier, the cursed individual suffers a –4 penalty on all seamanship skills such as Knowledge (navigation), Profession (sailor), and Swim checks as well as a –2 penalty on any skill checks made aboard ship. Remove curse can end the bane. A seaborn cannot curse more than one individual at a time and can remove the curse at will. Transformation (Su): By 5th level, the seaborn may breath water as easily as air (and visa versa for marine races). His skin shows a trace of iridescent Ref Save +1 +1 +2 +2 +3 +3 +4 +4 +5 +5 Will Save +0 +1 +1 +2 +2 +3 +3 +4 +4 +5 6

scales, webbed hands and feet, or graceful barbules in his hair. He gains a +1 enhancement bonus to both Charisma and Constitution that reflects the uncanny beauty and enduring nature of the sea. Voice of the Waters (Sp): At 5th level, a seaborn can speak with aquatic animals and monsters at will. He learns the Aquan language if he did not previously know it. The seaborn also gains a +2 reaction bonus when dealing with all marine life and those who ply the sea (fishermen, pirates). Companion: At 6th level, the seaborn may summon a Small water elemental as a faithful companion. Fast Healing (Ex): At 8th level, the seaborn doubles his rate of natural healing, including the healing of ability score damage. Resistance (Ex): The character receives a +2 sacred bonus to his Armor Class as well as energy resistance 5 against cold and fire damage (this benefit stacks with any other elemental protections the character might possess). Weaponry of the Surf: At 10th level, once per day as a free action, the seaborn can fashion out of sand, shells, coral, or even seawater any thrown or melee weapon with which he is proficient. The weapon formed is considered a +2 aberration bane weapon and lasts for one hour in the seaborn’s hands. Otherwise the weapon lasts 10 rounds after the seaborn releases it, unless that would cause it to last longer than an hour. Spells +1 level of existing class +1 level of existing class +1 level of existing class +1 level of existing class +1 level of existing class +1 level of existing class +1 level of existing class +1 level of existing class +1 level of existing class +1 level of existing class

Fort Save +1 +2 +2 +3 +3 +4 +4 +5 +5 +6

Special Powerful swimmer Auspices of Manwe Tears of the sea Bestow curse Transformation, voice of the waters Companion Tears of the sea Fast healing Resistance Weaponry of the surf

Stirring up Trouble in the Cauldron
The western shores of Faydwer are the subject of Realms of Norrath: Dagnor ’ s Cauldron . This book, the latest in the “Realms of Norrath” series for EverQuest: Role-Playing Game , looks at both the present and the shadowy past of all the lands near the great dwarven city of Kaladim. The tragedy of what is now known only as

EverQuest Roleplaying Game
by Stewart Wieck, EverQuest: Role-Playing Game co-developer

EverQuest: Role-Playing Game’s legendary lands near the dwarves of Kaladim.

the Estate of Unrest and the calamity of arrogance in the waters around Kedge Keep will be familiar to players of EverQuest online. EverQuest fans and players alike will delight in the brand-new infor mation about regions such as Ranthok ’ s Ridge and the Loping Plains. Among the most amazing stories (and one that is far

from complete) that’s been part of Norrath since the online world was created is that of Kedge Keep and the last of the kedge race, Phinigel Autropos, architect of the current geography of Dagnor’s Cauldron. This excerpt fr om Realms of Norrath: Dagnor ’ s Cauldron by author Anthony Pryor offers a taste of what you can expect:

Realms of Norrath: Dagnor’s Cauldron page 13

Unbelievable energy surged through the sorcerer, incinerating his fellow kedge spellcasters. A sphere of blinding golden light grew around him, fed by the life energies of surrounding kedge. It grew larger and larger, draining away the souls of the royal family and other inhabitants of Kedge Keep. Desperately, Phinigel tried to end the ritual, but it was too late. With a final explosion of white light, the souls of every living kedge were consumed — destroyed or drawn away into a nether realm from which there was no escape. In a single act, Phinigel Autropos had destroyed his entire race. He was the sole survivor. Visiting the city of Kaladim, Al’Kabor felt the terrible arcane energies that Phinigel had unleashed, and quickly led a group of companions south to investigate. Worse still, the memories and experiences of every kedge had been drawn into Phinigel’s mind. Overwhelmed by the myriad voices of his slain people and of the terrible act that in his pride he had committed, Phinigel Autropos was driven irrevocably mad. Al’Kabor and his companions explored the region. Dagnor’s Cauldron was now completely cut off from the sea — the tunnels that once connected it had collapsed and Kedge Keep itself was devastated, reduced to drowned ruins. With growing horror, Al’Kabor realized the extent of the

disaster, and finally came to the sad conclusion that every living kedge had been destroyed. Though he detected a faint glimmer of arcane energy nearby, he could not know the fearsome transformation that had overtaken his rival. As for the seahorses and the mermaids, they were now trapped in the keep, forced to continue to dwell alongside the last kedge. To their credit, they maintained their friendship for Phinigel and endeavored to help him undo the damage that he had done. Though mad, Phinigel had absorbed enormous arcane energy and knowledge. Now, he was among the most powerful spellcasters on Norrath, rivaling or surpassing even Al’Kabor himself. The combined life energies of all the slain kedge still burn brightly in him, making him effectively immortal. Since those days, Kedge Keep has sunk deeper into ruin, and Phinigel Autropos has retreated deeper and deeper into its twisting hallways. His arcane power controls legions of sharks, giant seahorses, pirhana, swordfish and other sea life, which fiercely defend the keep against intruders. Both the Gloomwater mermaids and the seahorses continue to aid him out of obligation and the belief that they have no other choice. Dagnor’s Cauldron is their home now — and their prison.

Realms of Norrath: Dagnor’s Cauldron is scheduled for March release.

M alhavoc ress P
What is
by Monte Cook
Chaositech page 13

Kail staggered on what should have been feeble legs, muscles eroded by time and mistreatment. Instead, however, he felt the rubbery tubes that ran from the pulsing device at the base of his spine and into his extremities, pumping slivers of burning hot fuel that filled him with unnatural energy. Tiny — almost unseen — insectlike fleshworkers squirmed across his limbs, repairing damage and enhancing every muscle moment by moment. Kail may appear to be a shriveled old wreck, but in truth he had the strength of an ogre and the speed of a demon. Under his tattered cloak, stained with the strange oils and elixirs of chaos, Kail kept a magic curved knife. He also concealed the harrower — a wicked, deathdealing device of steel and bone, fed by chaotic energies and granted him by Mevalkris, leader of the cult of chaos. Kail moved into the shadows of the rain-slick streets and peered up at the councilman’s home. He did not want to kill the man, but he had little choice in the matter. Despite the fact that he might look like a man with amazing tools, the truth was that these chaositech devices were his masters, not the other way around.
your soul. But still the Galchutt find people willing to make these sacrifices to harness great power. Of course, many believe they can use chaositech without falling victim to its dangers. A few might be correct. Despite all appearances, chaositech is not technology — it is technology’s dark and evil twin. It is not magic, but another power altogether. It is corruption and destruction given form. It is like nothing anyone in your campaign has ever seen before. Tools or creatures? Blessings or curses? Boons or banes? Gifts or shackles? Chaositech is all of these things and more. Chaositech is a 96-page sourcebook offering the dark and twisted creations of chaos’ dark masters. It describes the cults of chaos itself, including the tactics, spells, and rituals they use to serve the chaos lords. The book also contains an extensive system for generating mutations, some malignant and some benign, accepted willingly by those that serve chaos with their body and soul. And, of course, it offers hundreds of chaositech devices: enhancements, tools, and weapons (of steel and of flesh) with which the forces of chaotic evil arm themselves. The book even features the Galchutt, the terrible creators from beyond the pale, and their vile servants.

Long ago, the dark ones, known collectively as the Galchutt (or in ancient Elvish, the Natharl’nacna), desired to establish their hold over the mortal realm. To empower more slaves to help them in their terrible goals of destruction, they harnessed the power of raw chaos. How do they manage to control the uncontrollable? With devices both alien and unfathomable. Some appear to be fashioned from steel, but even more have all the properties of still-living flesh. Chaositech enslaves even as it grants power. Its addictive quality grants the dark ones a foothold in controlling your mind, your body, and even

Chaositech releases from Malhavoc Press in March 2004.


Q& A SWORD & word S
ENT! INSTALLM by Monte Cook
Since the release of Monte Cook’s Arcana Unearthed , I ’ ve been hearing from a lot of fans with questions about the book. Here are a couple of the most popular ones…. Q: I ’ m interested in Arcana Unearthed, but I already have an existing campaign going. Is there anything in the book for me? A: Absolutely. You can use Monte Cook ’ s Arcana Unearthed in whole or in part. If you don ’ t want to run a campaign with all-new races and classes, you can simply take the material from Arcana Unearthed — a few races, a class or two, some feats, some spells, and so on — and put it into your existing campaign, just like you would with any sourcebook.The mechanics in Arcana

Unearthed are balanced to be used along with existing mechanics from 3rd Edition and revised 3rd Edition rules.

& orcery S
that the material in the book really covers all the options you want it to. Alternatively, you can pick up the Arcana Unearthed DM’s Screen and Player’s Guide. In addition to presenting a nifty screen, a character sheet for every class, and some conversion guidelines for making it even easier to use with existing material, this product presents more background and archetype ideas for characters, and suggestions for making the classes and races work together.
Monte Cook’s Arcana Unearted Arcana Unearthed Player’s Guide & Screen, The Diamond Throne

You could also take the material in Arcana Unearthed and use it to cr eate a previously undiscovered kingdom, continent, or plane in your existing campaign world. It would have a very different feel, but it would all be compatible.

Q: I’m having trouble understanding what to do with the material in Arcana Unearthed. I like the new and innovative material, but I’m not sure Lastly, you’ll want to how it’s all supposed to check out The Diamond work together. Throne. This book monsters, A: The short answer is, contains it works together exactly prestige classes, and how you want it to. Just magic items for use with like with the Player ’ s Arcana Unearthed, but Handbook, you can take more importantly for these new races, classes, you, it presents an magic system, and other overview of an entire rules to create your own setting to use with the fantasy world. You’ll find new material.

Visit Monte Cook’s website at for free Arcana Unearthed game articles and support content.


R aven l o ft
Monsterso f Ravenloft
In 2004, Ravenloft delves ever further into the things that lurk in the Realms of Dread. First, Denizens of Dread takes a new look at the creatures that roam the mists and moors, deserts and oceans of Ravenloft. While based on Denizens of Darkness, the book of monsters published in 2002 and based on 3rd Edition rules, Denizens of Dread updates everything to the 3.5 rules and includes more creatures and more information. Besides revising the creatures from Denizens of Darkness, Denizens of Dread includes an expanded section on vampir es, golems and lycanthropes as well as information on the hags, mummies, liches, ghosts and fiends that challenge the bold, the curious, the unlucky or the dedicated her oes of Ravenloft. Within the pages of this generous hardback, you’ll find new looks at the standard monsters as well as some creatures not seen before. The addition of a listing of monsters by Challenge Rating helps DMs to scale monster encounters based on the level of the adventuring party. In addition, Denizens of Dread contains the best of the art from Denizens of Darkness as well as some stunning new artwork — a feast for the eyes as well as for the mind. Players and DMs will find this volume a vital addition to Ravenloft source material. I perceived a large, rumpled figure in the corner of the room. The figure sat upon a rocking chair as one might sit upon a throne. She bore a sagging shape, but I sensed a latent danger within that form, like a hive full of sleeping bees. I could not make out her face in the dim light, but I noted some form of movement there, like the flexing of a moth’s wings…. As my eyes adjusted further to the gloom, I could see her smiling at me. I could see as well that she had no sight. But instead infant hands sprouted where eyes should be. My lips went dry. I licked them slowly and tried to summon a charm or protective spell to the forefront of my mind. In the meantime, I spoke. “Fir” said I, guessing. “They always use that name for me,” she crooned. “But I never understand it.
Denizens of Dread page 12 Van Richten’s Guide to the Shadow Fey page 13

Presenting Denizens of D r e a d and Van Richten’s Guide to the Shadow Fey
by Jackie Cassada and Nicky Rea, Ravenloft developers

They use that name for us whether we are old, or young, mischievous or kind. How so many of us could be the same, while we are not, I’ll never know.” — fr om Van Richten ’ s Guide to the Shadow Fey Van Richten’s Guide to the Shadow Fey zeros in on one of the most interesting and least known of the creatures of the Land of the Mists — the elusive, mysterious and often deadly shadow fey. Who are these creatures who dwell in the murky depths of the unexplored Realm known as the Shadow Rift? What does it mean to be elf-shot or fey-touched. What happens when one of these creatures becomes infatuated with a mortal and desires to give that individual the gift of immortality — at the cost of everything that makes her who she is? Continuing in the grand tradition of the popular Van Richten ’ s guides, Van Richten ’ s Guide to the Shadow Fey presents a close study of the strengths, weaknesses, types and society of the shadow fey and provides ideas for games revolving around these seductive and ever-so-dangerous creatures.

Denizens of Dread releases in January 2004; Van Richten’s Guide to the Shadow Fey is set for March 2004.


ecromancer NGames
More of What Works, Less of What Doesn’t
Here we are, three years after D&D 3rd Edition hit the shelves, and we’ve already seen a major revision of the rules. Yet the constant remains that all good players need GMs to provide them with challenges, puzzles, and dif ficult roleplaying adventures to meet their needs of fun, mental stimulation — and most of all, the urge to kill things! We at Necromancer are proud to say that we’ve been doing this from the very beginning (yes, Wizard’s Amulet was the first 3rd Edition adventure, ever). So what have we learned in the past three years? We ’ ve seen what works, what doesn’t, and what we need to do more (and less) of. This is what we have planned:
by Bill Webb, Necromancer Games

Necromancer Games gives the fans what they want in 2004
stand-alone campaign or as a tie in to other Necromancer products. Finally, based on the resounding success of The Book of Taverns, comes another GM-utility product. The Book of Lairs provides a GM with nearly 100 short wilderness encounter areas, styled for those times when the dice merely say creativity is needed, and the GM is out of it.

Judges Guild

We Are the Dungeon Guys, After All!
Without dungeons, we wouldn’t be us. Therefore, we have three new adventures to start off 2004. The Bonegarden, The Crystal Skull and Skull and Shadow, styled after our award winning products Hall of the Rainbow Mage and Vault of Larin Karr, are mini-campaigns that you can insert easily into any game world. They provide rich background and large wilderness areas for the GM to use as-is or modify as needed to suit their own campaign.

In support of our Judges Guild line, Necromancer announces The Wilderlands of High Fantasy box set for later in the year. This product features all 18 maps from the original Judges Guild line, revised and expanded in a level of detail never before known. This is possibly the only gaming supplement anyone ever need buy! It represents hundreds of hours of writing by the industry’s finest, and is so large we had to put it in a box!

Support for Arcana Unearthed
Our good friend Monte Cook approached us with a few ideas. We were so impressed by his Arcana Unearthed that we decided to provide module support for it. Necromancer’s Game, a 128-page adventure and sourcebook supporting the AU setting, is planned for a release this winter.

Make More Critically Acclaimed Releases
Based on the rave reviews and award nominations for our Tome of Horrors last year, we are proud to announce the February release of Tome of Horrors II. With over 200 completely new monsters, this book focuses on mid-level creatures, although a few epic level encounters are included. After all, it wouldn’t be Necromancer without a few demon lords! In response to two EN World award nominations and one award, we’re devising a new sourcebook to follow in the footsteps of Necropolis. Mesopotamia: Cities in the Sand, an epic sourcebook and adventure, is due for release in early 2004. With a heavy Howard/ Ashton-Smith flavor, this sourcebook provides years of play either as a

Two major products are planned for early 2004. The City of Brass, an outer planes sourcebook set on the elemental plane of fire, features the city of the efreet. Great detail was put into this adventure, which includes the Sultan’s Palace and several short adventures. The Nautical Sourcebook details ocean adventures from the polar climes to the tropics — not to mention new monsters, ship-to-ship combat, weather effects, travel over the sea, and shipwrecks. Dozens of new spells and a few PC classes are included also.

sword and sorcery january releases
Blood Sea: The Crimson Abyss™
Waves of Scarlet
In a trench deep in the ocean floor lies the bound titan Kadum. He bleeds endlessly from the hole in his chest where his heart was plucked out. This blood — the blood of the Mountainshaker, the blood of the Father of Monsters — changes everything that it touches, men and beasts alike.

Ravenloft® Denizens of Dread™
Monsters Abound in the Dread Realm
The world of Ravenloft holds terrors that stalk the night and prowl the realms even in daylight. From the doomed creatures that subsist on the blood of the living to canny shapeshifters and hideous constructs, the monsters of Ravenloft lurk in every corner, seeking hapless adventurers as their prey. Only the bravest dare hunt them.

The Complete Book of Eldritch Might™
Eldritch Power Is Yours to Command!
Magic is the most powerful force in all creation. Herein lie the eldritch secrets to its mastery.

Never View Magic the Same Way Again!
This mega-sourcebook from 3rd Edition co-designer Monte Cook introduces incredible facets of magic. Inside, you’ll find the incomparable power of soul magic, the secrets of intelligent magic items and the majesty of the arcane angels. The Complete Book of Eldritch Might also contains a variant bard and sorcerer class, hundreds of spells and dozens of feats, prestige classes, magic items and monsters. Also included are seven fully detailed magical locations, rules for starlight magic, spellsongs, frozen dreams, magical constructs and much more. Learn the real power of the arcane in this d20 sourcebook! Hardcover.

Welcome to the Blood Sea
This sourcebook contains information for campaigns set in and around the Blood Sea, from creation of the sea to the beasts that owe their existence to it. Explore everywhere from the surface of the red waves themselves to the Heartsblood Archipelago and to the deepest sanguine depths of the crimson expanse.

A Bestiary of Terror
This core rulebook describes a wealth of monsters native to Ravenloft — even more than in the previous edition! It provides essential information including abilities, ecology and tactics of the many creatures of the Dread Realm, and everything is updated to be compatible with the Dungeons & Dragons® 3rd Edition revised Player’s Handbook. Hardcover. Ravenloft books are published under license with Wizards of the Coast and are 100% compatible with revised 3rd Edition rules and the d20 System. ISBN: 1-58846-951-4 Retail Price: $34.99 U.S. Stock #: WW15006 Page Count: 224

Sword & Sorcery books are published under the Open Game License and are 100% compatible with revised 3rd Edition rules and the d20 System.
ISBN: 1-58846-950-6 Retail Price: $23.99 U.S. Stock #: WW8329 Page Count: 160

Author: Steve Berman, Will Timmins and more Developer: Joseph D. Carriker, Jr. Artists: SSS staff

Sword & Sorcery books are published under the Open Game License and are 100% compatible with revised 3rd Edition rules and the d20 System.
ISBN: 1-58846-952-5 Retail Price: $34.99 U.S. Stock #: WW16105 Page Count: 224

Authors: SSS staff Developers: Nicky Rea and Jackie Cassada Artists: SSS staff

Author: Monte Cook Artists: Sam Wood, Kieran Yanner, Brian LeBlanc, and more

sword and sorcery february releases
™ Tome of Horrors II

The Horrors Return!
Necromancer Games brings you the sequel to the the largest monster book in the history of d20 gaming. Tome of Horrors II contains over 250 never-beforeseen monsters, from the crucifixion spirit to the dreaded encephalon gorger. But what would a Necromancer Games product be without new demons and devils, including the flesh-rending shedim, the hulking chaaor — and some that have never before seen print!

The Book of Hallowed Might™
The Strength of the Heavens
Those who wield power channeled from the gods command the very forces of creation. Whether from a pantheon of deities or from the spirits of nature, this divine energy is potent evidence of the wielder’s faith.

The Magic of the Divine
This tome offers exciting options for workers of divine magic — including new spells, classes, magic items and feats. Plus, it includes an all-new look at the paladin class. The Book of Hallowed Might supercharges divine spellcasters, from clerics and priests to paladins, druids and rangers. And they’ll need that extra edge when it comes time to face off against the vilest forces of evil. Re-issue.

More Monsters for Your Game
Completely compatible with revised 3.5 rules, Tome of Horrors II is also 100% Open Game Content. This large collection of monsters makes a great addition to any Third Edition campaign, and was written with the expressed intent to provide usable, detailed, and unknown monsters.

Sword & Sorcery books are published under the Open Game License and are 100% compatible with v.3.5 rules and the d20 System.
ISBN: 1-58846-992-1 Retail Price: $34.99 U.S. Stock #: 8388 Page Count: 256

Sword & Sorcery Studios™ books are published under the Open Game License and are 100% compatible with 3rd edition rules and the d20 System.
ISBN: 1-58846-108-4 Retail Price: $10.95 U.S. Stock #: WW16103 Page Count: 48

Author: Necromancer staff Developer: Clark Peterson and Bill Webb Artists: SSS staff

Author: Monte Cook Artists: rk post and Arne Swkel


sword and sorcery march releases
Echoes of the Past: The Slarecian Legacy™
From the Shadowed Past
The slarecians, a people of strange and terrible power, were destroyed by the combined forces of gods and titans in a mighty war whose full repercussions remain a mystery. What powers did they wield? Why were they such a danger that the mightiest beings in all of Scarn were forced to cast them down? But perhaps more importantly, what of their legacy still exists to threaten the people of the Scarred Lands?

The Bonegarden™
Ages of Buried Evil
Within a magical containment field one mile in diameter lies the Bonegarden, one of the true blights of the domain of Hawkmoon — an immense graveyard that serves as the prison for the doomed spirits of thousands of history’s most awful criminals. Those inside are determined to escape, and one of them may have found a way….

Van Richten’s Guide to the Shadow Fey™
Creatures of Beauty, Minions of Terror
Many legends purport to explain the existence of the elusive and enigmatic Shadow Fey, creatures of shadows and magic that inhabit the unknown depths of the Shadow Rift. Who are they? What are they? Only the daring or the unfortunate have ever known them… until now.

An Endless Forum of Adventure
All the action in this unique sourcebook takes place inside a mile-wide expanse where the dead are the majority and the living are hunted like wild game. In The Bonegarden, the heroes come to the cemetery in search of adventure. The only question is… have they bitten off more than they can chew?

The Threat Lingers
This sourcebook details the history of the mysterious and powerful slarecians, from their origins in the prehistory of the Scarred Lands to the fall of the mighty subterranean Slarecian Empire. Discover the legacy left by these strange creatures.

Shadows Contain Them No Longer
Continuing the tradition of Van Richten’s Guides to the creatures of the Dread Realms, Ravenloft’s mysterious Shadow Fey receive a detailed overview, including descriptions of special powers and vulnerabilities, the effectiveness of certain spells on them, and ways to defeat them. New variations of Shadow Fey allow DMs to create memorable encounters for their campaigns.

Sword & Sorcery books are published under the Open Game License and are 100% compatible with v.3.5 rules and the d20 System.
ISBN: 1-58846-993-X Retail Price: $21.99 U.S. Stock #: 8384 Page Count: 128

Sword & Sorcery books are published under the Open Game License and are 100% compatible with revised 3rd Edition rules and the d20 System.
ISBN: 1-58846-955-7 Retail Price: $23.99 U.S. Stock #: WW8336 Page Count: 160

Authors: Lance Hawvermale and Rob Mason Developer: Clark Peterson and Bill Webb Artists: SSS staff

Ravenloft books are published under license with Wizards of the Coast and are 100% compatible with revised 3rd Edition rules and the d20 System.
ISBN: 1-58846-088-6 Retail Price: $22.99 U.S. Stock #: WW15012 Page Count: 128

Authors: Mike Gill, Rhiannon Louve and more. Developer: Joseph D. Carriker, Jr. Artist: Brian LeBlanc

Authors: Rucht Lilavivat, Tadd McDivitt, Penny Williams and more Developers: Jackie Cassada and Nicky Rea Artists: SSS staff

Law and Order, Beware!
Chaos seethes with the primal forces of the universe. The strong can harness its power within strange devices unlike anything the world has ever seen: chaositech.

Realms of Norrath: Dagnor’s Cauldron™
Deep Within a Watery Grave
In the center of western Faydwer is a vast calderas named after the dwarven lord Dagnor. The greatest mortal wizard of Norrath — Phinigel Autropos, the sole surviving member of the kedge race — took Dagnor’s mighty hammer to a city beneath the waves. At least, Phinigel was mortal once. Some wonder if he might be responsible for his race’s destruction… as well as other dark deeds, including the curse that befouled the dwarven estate called Unrest.

Gamma World® Game Master’s Guide
The World at Your Fingertips
It’s a big world, with many secrets waiting to be revealed: mysterious landscapes, the changes wrought by war and disaster, cryptic alliances pursuing sinister goals of their own. They’re all in here ready for you to use in your Gamma World campaign.

Chaos Rules!
This unique sourcebook from 3rd Edition co-designer Monte Cook introduces chaospowered items that resemble both technology and magic, but are truly neither. Within these pages, discover the secrets of devices like the cohesion blaster, the darkness imbiber and chaosomatons. Chaositech also contains rules for chaos magic, including dozens of new spells, plus lots of original feats and prestige classes. Topping it off are the Galchutt, the fused aberration, and other all-new chaotic monsters, ready to drop into any campaign. Harness the wild power of chaos with this d20 sourcebook!

Making It All Work
This book gives you solid, practical advice. Learn how to modify the rules for the right balance of adventure and danger, how to convey your chosen genre in description and pacing and how to plan and run a campaign from exciting start to rousing finish. You’ve got good ideas — put them to work! Hardcover.

The Last of the Kedge Race
This book focuses on western Faydwer, including the gateway to the continent, the dwarven city of Kaladim. The surrounding Butcherblock Mountains are also covered, as well as two dungeon settings that surround Dagnor’s Cauldron: the Estate of Unrest and Kedge Keep.

Sword & Sorcery books are published under the Open Game License and are 100% compatible with revised 3rd Edition rules and the d20 System.
ISBN: 1-58846-056-8 Retail Price: $18.99 U.S. Stock #: 16104 Page Count: 96

Gamma World books are published under license with Wizards of the Coast and are 100% compatible with d20 rules.
ISBN: 1-58846-068-1 Retail Price: $29.99 U.S. Stock #: WW17251 Page Count: 192

EverQuest: Role-Playing Game books are published under the Open Game License.
ISBN: 1-58846-953-0 Retail Price: $23.99 U.S. Stock #: 16515 Page Count: 144

Author: Monte Cook Artist: rk post

Authors: Anthony Pryor, Aaron Rosenberg and Stephanie Smith Developers: Stewart Wieck and Scott Holden-Jones Artist: Eric Polak

Authors: Werner Hager, Greg Stolze, Chad Underkoffler and more Developer: Bruce Baugh Artists: SSS staff


S wordS orcery
b a c k
__ Blood Bayou 1-58846-145-9 (8328) $18.95 US __ Burok Torn: City Under Siege (8326) 1-58846-187-4 $17.95 US __ Calastia: Throne of the Black Dragon 1-58846-181-5 __ Creature Collection Revised 1-58846-111-4 __ Creature Collection II: Dark Menagerie 1-58846-160-2 __ Creature Collection III: Savage Bestiary 1-58846-138-6 __ Divine and the Defeated: The Gods & Titans of the Scarred Lands, The 1-58846-165-3 (8324) $17.95 US (8302) $29.95 US (8301) $24.95 US (8303) $29.95 US

__ Scarred Lands Dice 1-58846-169-6 __ Secrets & Societies 1-58846-183-1 __ Shelzar: City of Sins 1-58846-146-7





__ Scarred Lands Campaign Setting: Termana 1-58846-142-4

(8341) $29.95 US

__ Scarred Lands DM’s Screen 1-58846-170-X __ Scarred Lands Gazetteer: Ghelspad 1-58846-161-0 __ Scarred Lands Gazetteer: Termana 1-58846-186-6

B acklist
(8313) $8.95 US (8320) $8.95 US (8340) $10.95 US (8315) $13.95 US (8332) $10.95 US (8333) $10.95 US (8334) $10.95 US (8327) $21.95 US (8335) $21.95 US (8330) $13.95 US (8331) $12.95 US (8312) $17.95 US __ Al’Kabor’s Arcana 1-58846-130-0 __ Befallen 1-58846-129-7 __ Luclin 1-58846-066-5 __ Monsters of Luclin 1-58846-064-9 __ Monsters of Norrath 1-58846-126-2 __ Realms of Norrath: Everfrost Peaks 1-58846-131-9 __ Realms of Norrath: Forests of Faydark 1-58846-133-5 __ Realms of Norrath: Freeport 1-58846-128-9 __ Solusek’s Eye 1-58846-062-2 __ Temple of Solusek Ro Screen & Book, The 1-58846-132-7

(8399) $6.99 US

__ EverQuest Role-Playing Game: Player’s Handbook (16500) 1-58846-125-4 $29.95 US

__ EverQuest Role-Playing Game: Game Master’s Guide (16502) 1-58846-127-0 $29.95 US (16503) $29.95 US

(16520) $10.95 US (16512) $29.95 US (16514) $21.95 US (16501) $29.95 US (16511) $26.95 US (16513) $23.95 US (16510) $23.95 (16522) $19.95 US (16521) $12.95 US

__ Serpent Amphora Cycle I: Serpent in the Fold 1-58846-120-3 __ Serpent Amphora Cycle II: The Serpent & the Scepter 1-58846-118-1 __ Serpent Amphora Cycle III: Serpent Citadel 1-58846-144-0

(8311) $24.95 US

__ Faithful and the Forsaken, The (8317) 1-58846-137-8 $19.95 US __ Hollowfaust: City of the Necromancers 1-58846-163-7 (8322) $19.95 US

__ Hornsaw: Forest of Blood, The (8323) 1-58846-166-1 $17.95 US __ Mithril: City of the Golem 1-58846-162-9 __ Penumbral Pentagon, The 1-58846-185-8 __ Player’s Guide to Clerics and Druids 1-58846-148-3 __ Player’s Guide to Fighters and Barbarians 1-58846-149-1 __ Player’s Guide to Monks and Paladins 1-58846-094-0 __ Player’s Guide to Rangers and Rogues 1-58846-147-5 __ Player’s Guide to Wizards, Bards and Sorcerers 1-58846-110-6 __ Relics & Rituals 1-58846-159-9 __ Relics & Rituals II: Lost Lore 1-58846-182-3 __ Scarred Lands Campaign Setting: Ghelspad 1-58846-184-X (8321) $17.95 US (8316) $18.95 US (8308) $23.95 US (8307) $23.95 US (8305) $23.95 US (8309) $23.95 US (8306) $23.95 US (8310) $24.95 US (8314) $25.95 US (8325) $24.95 US

__ Vigil Watch: Secrets of the Asaatthi 1-58846-143-2 __ Vigil Watch: Warrens of the Ratmen 1-58846-164-5 __ Wilderness and Wasteland 1-58846-121-1 __ Wise and the Wicked, The 1-58846-167-X

__ Dungeons & Dragons Warcraft the Roleplaying Game (17200) 1-58846-071-1 $34.95 US __ Alliance & Horde Compendium (17202) 1-58846-063-0 $21.95 US

Fiction __ Champions of the Scarred Lands 1-58846-808-9

(11660) $6.50 US

__ Manual of Monsters 1-58846-070-3

(17201) $29.95 US

The Dead God Trilogy __ Scarred Lands: Forsaken (Book 1) (11661) 1-58846-809-7 $6.50 US __ Scarred Lands: Forsworn (Book 2) 1-58846-810-0 __ Scarred Lands: Forbidden (Book 3) 1-58846-811-9 (11662) $6.50 US (11663) $6.50 US

__ Ravenloft Player’s Handbook (15005) 1-58846-091-6 $34.95 US __ Ravenloft Dungeon Master’s Guide 1-58846-084-3 __ Champions of Darkness 1-58846-081-9 __ Denizens of Darkness 1-58846-077-0 (15004) $34.95 US (15003) $21.95 US (15002) $21.95 US


S wordS orcery
__ Heroes of Light 1-58846-082-7 (15030) $21.95 US __ Ravenloft Gazetteer, Volume I (15020) 1-58846-080-0 $24.95 US __ Ravenloft Gazetteer, Volume II (15021) 1-58846-083-5 $24.95 US __ Ravenloft Gazetteer, Volume III (15022) 1-58846-086-X $24.95 US __ Ravenloft Gazetteer, Volume IV (15023) 1-58846-087-8 $25.95 US __ Ravenloft Tarokka Deck 1-58846-090-8

__ Cry Havoc 1-58846-023-1 __ Demon God’s Fane 1-58846-101-7 __ If Thoughts Could Kill 1-58846-106-8 __ Mindscapes 1-58846-109-2 __ Requiem for a God 1-58846-104-1 __ Skreyn’s Register: The Bonds of Magic 1-58846-107-6 __ When the Sky Falls 1-58846-061-4 __ Aberrations 1-58846-095-9 __ Book of Taverns, The 1-58846-072-X __ Caverns of Thracia 1-58846-991-3 __ Chaos Rising 1-58846-099-1 __ City State of the Invincible Overlord 1-58846-990-5 __ Crucible of Freya 1-58846-485-1 __ Demons and Devils 1-58846-153-X __ Grey Citadel, The 1-58846-098-3









(16122) $21.95 US (16110) $9.95 US

__ Maze of Zayene 2: Dimensions of Flight 1-58846-190-4 __ Maze of Zayene 3: Tower Chaos 1-58846-117-3 __ Morrick Mansion 1-58846-097-5 __ Necropolis 1-58846-116-5 __ Raise the Dead 1-58846-096-7

(8381) $11.95 US

__ Diamond Throne: Malhavoc Handbook II, The 1-58846-067-6

B acklist
(16141) $18.95 US (16150) $9.95 US (16151) $18.95 US (16120) $12.95 US (16130) $12.95 US (16121) $13.95 US __ Rappan Athuk: The Dungeon of Graves The Upper Levels 1-58846-164-4 __ Rappan Athuk: The Dungeon of Graves 2 The Middle Levels 1-58846-157-2 __ Rappan Athuk: The Dungeon of Graves 3 The Lower Levels 1-58846-158-0

(8382) $11.95 US (8378) $13.95 US

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__ Monte Cook’s Arcana Unearthed DM’s Screen and Player’s Guide (16142) 1-58846-059-2 $15.95 US

(8360) $9.99 US

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__ Gamma World Player’s Handbook 1-58846-069-X __ Machines & Mutants 1-58846-067-3 __ Out of the Vaults 1-58846-022-3

(8362) $14.95 US

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(16140) $29.95 US (16131) $21.95 US (16111) $17.95 US (16100) $10.95 US

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(17000) $29.95 US (17001) $23.95 US (17002) $4.95 US (17005) $19.95 US

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__ Hall of the Rainbow Mage, The (8372) 1-58846-113-0 $15.95 US __ Lamentation of Thieves, A 1-58846-093-2 __ Maze of Zayene 1: Prisoners of the Maze 1-58846-189-0 (8383) $18.95 US (8380) $11.95 US

__ Book of Hallowed Might, The (16103) 1-58846-108-4 $10.95 US


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