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IMPRISONMENT: who goes to jail seen in birth chart and when? : WHAT SCRIPTURES SAY?:::1.

. Jataka Thatwa by Mahadeva: persons born in Scorpio Lagna having malefics in 2, 12, 5 and 9 will be kept in cells under confinement. Also, if malefics are in 2&12, as also in 5and 9 to Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Libra born will be kept in fetters. 2. Varahamihiras Brihat Jathaka: If Lord of 1 and 6 are co-parked with Saturn in a Kendra (1, 4, 7, or 10) or in a Kona (1,5 or 9) one will be imprisoned. 3. Uthra Kalamitra by Kalidas: One has to judge imprisonment from 12th house. 4. Jathaka parijatha by Vaidyanatha Dikshitha: one will suffer imprisonment in Chakra dasa of the 6th Rasi. 5. Sanketanidi by Ramadayalu: If Venus is in 2nd house, the Moon in the 1st, Sun and Mercury in the 12th and rahu in 5th will make to commit murder and walk into prison. THUS the authors are of opinion that the 12th house signifies imprisonment while 5th,6th, 8th, and 9th houses contribute for punishment. Planets to involve for the above result: 1. Jupiter, Venus or Lord of 9th and 1st connected with house concerned indicates imprisonment on political grounds; 2. Mars, be lord of 8th, connected with any above will be punished for theft; 3. Saturn and Mercury cause this for forgery, falsification of accounts and misappropriation; 4. Mars, Saturn and Venus threaten imprisonment due to rape, kidnapping and brothel; 5.Mars and Saturn for murder. The sub period in the period governed by evils connected with the house 2 and 12 show the time of such imprisonment as also the period and sub-period of the benefics connected with the houses 2 and 11 indicate the time of release. collected and given to you for information only. - Pathi

TO JUDGE ANY ASPECT OF LIFE: Look for (a) The strength of the concerned house and the sign owner of that house; (b) Check the owners location and its relation with Lagna its Lord; (c) Nature (ownership & classification) of the house where Lagna is marked; (c) The location in any house sign of the Karka of Lagna house, parked strength valued along with co-occupant if any, as well as drusti if any; also any sort of sambanda with this Lagna planet (d) The consummate strength and gradation of influence of the plant in (a) above with a valuation (%). Then, refer them to Vim. Dasha periods, along with the sub-periods, influenced by related planets. Arrive at the product to any aspect of life related to the period. Pathi (18.05.2013)