Ananthanarayana Venkatachala PathiLearn Astrology DISEASE :: The following gives details of Planets controlling ‘part’ of body, functions of various

organs, the implanting influence of related disease. This is informative in Chart analysis: SUN: Governs vital fluid in body; the heart; the ponsvarolli etc., while long prevailing radiant health; MOON: rules Stomach, the uterus, the ovaries, the lymphatic, the nervous system, the synovial fluid; the menstrual troubles; uterine afflictions; dyspepsia; eye trouble; lunacy; breast diseases; MARS: The Red-bone Marrow; haemoglobin; blood (red) corpuscles; throwing out body waste; genitals; accidents, burns; surgery; grievous injuries; surgery; MERCURY: respiratory diseases; spinal cord (Motor segment); vocal cord; nervous disorders, deafness; pulmonary system; JUPITER: Liver; adrenals; fatty degeneration of muscles; tumours of any sort; enlargement of organs; Sugar –waste; albumin in urine; apoplexy; glycogen; VENUS: Throat; kidneys; sedentary habits; tonsillitis; venereal diseases; SATURN: Atrophy; gall bladder; bones; painful rheumatism; teeth; fluoride intoxication; dullness; peristaltic action; indigestion; colds of severe afflictions; pessimistic mind set; fracture; bruisis. ONE SHOULD note which planet could cause which disease as above some may be related in combination in effect. To reach this, one should know the star in which the Lord of Logna is positioned. Check both first and sixth house, its Lord – is it individually afflicted or natural malefic, any ‘drusti’ of a malefic to these houses and the strength of Planet/s occupying these houses. Move to check the Vims. Dasha period and /or sub period in a malefic (under above) Planet’s Dasha, age at which such periods influence to cause the discomfiture, and continuation of periods to dispel this influence or aggravate the disease,- find the periods for its ‘release’, if any. This will lead to find the length of age and surviving period with or without the ailment arrived at. The pointer recommended is the 11th

and its sub-sub planetary influence in its periods (if strongly parked in a favourable house) to get relief in that period from ruler. –Pathi (UK) .