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Boron trichloride (BCl3) - Boron(III) chloride

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Boron trichloride

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SAFC Hitech Offer SAFC Hitech BCl3 is supplied to customers throughout worldwide. To accommodate this range of customers, SAFC Hitech has invested in filling
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❍ Collaborative facilities capable of handling a wide variety of different containers, ranging in volume from 1kg to tonne. SAFC Hitech regularly fills BCl3 into both » Email Inquiry
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SAFC Boron trichloride (BCl3) Facts: Product Catalog (6.5M PDF)
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Containers Largest manufacturer of 99.999% BCl3 in the world

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A number of applications exist for Boron Trichloride, which require different purity specifications.
● > Performance Materials SAFC Hitech can supply a range of appropriate purities of Boron Trichloride from 99.999% to
99.9%. Identifiers of Boron
trichloride (BCl3)
The higher purity is predominantly used in the process of silicon chip production, while the lower
purity is used in pharmaceutical industry applications as well other industries requiring the special » V.P. Equation:
properties of CVD boron. Log10P(mmHg) = 7.316 -
Our service can help you with your Boron trichloride application requirements. » IUPAC name:
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» CAS Number:
» EC Number:
SAFC Hitech has manufactured BCl3 since 1993. During this time we have continued to
incorporate the latest technology in process equipment design and installed to yield an efficient and reliable plant that can run continuously. Built- 233-658-4
in redundancy and modular design ensure an uninterrupted supply of BCl3. » RTECS Number:
SAFC Hitech has a simple, direct way of manufacturing BCl3 from the constituent elements. This leads to an intrinsically pure product, which avoids
difficult to remove impurities by ensuring they are not present.

Our manufacturing expertise can provide high quality Boron trichloride for you. (1 of 2) [5/13/2009 10:54:18 AM]
Boron trichloride (BCl3) - Boron(III) chloride

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Analytical capabilities
SAFC Hitech employs the latest analytical techniques with low detection limits. Boron Trichloride
is sampled and analyzed during and post manufacture..

In addition, as appropriate, individual cylinders and drums are analyzed for a wide range of
impurities from the vapor and liquid phases. This analysis is performed using industry standard
Properties of Boron
techniques such as those based on Gas Chromatography, Infra-Red Spectroscopy and Inductively
trichloride (BCl3)
Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy to ensure products meet the required
specifications. » Molecular formula:
Considerable effort has been expended to develop suitable methodologies to provide accurate, » Formula Weight (Molar
reproducible data for the different grades of product available. As for many of its manufactured Mass):
products, SAFC Hitech regularly reviews the analytical data it collects and can provide SPQ data 117.17 g/mol
to its customers.
» Boiling Point :12.6°C
» Melting Point :-107.3°C
Our analytical capabilities can validate the purity Boron trichloride for you. » Density: 1.43 g/mol (O °
» Contact SAFC C)
» Relative Density (gas): 4
(air = 1)
» Solubility: decomposes in
ethanol soluble in CCl4

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