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Broward County Case Number: FMCE12009608 Court Type: Civil Division - Family Court

Incident Date: N/A Court Location: Central Courthouse Magistrate ID / Name: 93 Boven, Randi Judge ID / Name: 44 Feren, Steven B. Glick Style: Tracy B Martin Petitioner vs. Alicia T Martin Respondent Party(ies) [+] Expand All [-] Collapse All [] Party Detail Disposition(s)

State Reporting Number: 062012DR009608AXXXCE Case Type: Diss. of Marriage + Sub Type: DOM w/out Children Pro Se Filing Date: 08/09/2012 Case Status: Disposition Entered


Attorneys / Address Party Type Petitioner Party Name Martin, Tracy B Address
(Per AOSC07-49, only the Denotes Lead Attorney (Per FL Bar Rule 1-3.3, the most current attorney contact information can be found on the Florida Bar website.) addresses of counsel can be displayed.)

Respondent Martin, Alicia T

Pro Se Retained Yates, Robert Dominic Retained The Law Offices of Robert D. Yates, P.A. 208 S.E. 6th St. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301

[] Disposition Detail Date Statistical Closure(s) 05/01/2013Disposed by Judge Date Disposition(s) Final Judgment Dissolution of Marriage 04/25/2013 Comment (WITH PROPERTY BUT NO DEPENDENT OR MINOR CHILDREN) Vol./Book49812 , Page221, 1pages [] Events, Hearings and Orders of the Court Date Description Final Judgment Dissolution 04/25/2013 of Marriage 04/22/2013 Motion for Leave 04/22/2013 Letter to Judge 04/22/2013 Exhibits 04/12/2013 Order Setting Additional Text TO RESCIND OR. IN THE ALTERNATIVE, AMEND THE PARTIES' MARRIAGE SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT Party:Respondent Martin, Alicia T Party:Respondent Martin, Alicia T UNCONTESTED FINAL HEARING 04/25/13 10:00[7/11/2013 1:04:11 AM]

Case Detail

03/27/2013 Letter From 02/13/2013 Motion 02/13/2013 Comment: Marriage Settlement 02/07/2013 Agreement 01/30/2013 Order Granting 01/30/2013 Order Granting 01/23/2013 Notice of Hearing 01/14/2013 Motion for Leave 01/03/2013 Order Granting Motion 01/03/2013 Consent 12/19/2012 Notice of Compliance Notice of Production From 12/11/2012 Non-Party Response to Request to 12/07/2012 Produce 12/07/2012 Notice of Compliance 11/14/2012 Request to Produce Family Law Financial 11/14/2012 Affidavit 11/14/2012 Request for Production Supplemental 11/14/2012 Interrogatories 11/06/2012 Motion to Compel 11/06/2012 Volume Created 10/25/2012 Amended Affidavit Response to Request for 10/25/2012 Production 10/25/2012 Copy 10/18/2012 Certificate of No Objection

#997 indicating that she is Pro Se // attached copy of order Party:Respondent Martin, Alicia T to Set Hrg for FJ of Dissolution Party:Petitioner Martin, Tracy B ** Not of hrg sent to judge 02-14-13 ** Party:Petitioner Martin, Tracy BRespondent Martin, Alicia T Leave to Withdraw Robert Yates. All further pleadings shall be directed to Alicia Martin Leave to Withdraw Robert Yates. All futher pleadings shall be directed to Rspt 01-30-13 @ 8:45 rm 933 to Withdraw Party:Attorney Yates, Robert Dominic to withdraw aws atty for petitioner to withdrawal as atty for petitioner with Mandatory DIsclosure Party:Petitioner Martin, Tracy B 12/10/12 Party:Attorney Yates, Robert Dominic to Petitioner Party:Respondent Martin, Alicia T w/Mandatory Disclosure Party:Respondent Martin, Alicia T Party:Petitioner Martin, Tracy B Party:Petitioner Martin, Tracy B (supplemental) Party:Petitioner Martin, Tracy B Party:Petitioner Martin, Tracy B husband's better responses to wife's req for production Party:Respondent Martin, Alicia T #2 Amended Family Law Fin Aff Party:Petitioner Martin, Tracy B Party:Petitioner Martin, Tracy B Ans to Standard Family Law Interrogatories for Original or Enforcement Proceedings Party:Petitioner Martin, Tracy B Pursuant to Rule 1.351 F.R.C.P Party:Attorney Yates, Robert Dominic /attached Party:Respondent Martin, Alicia T ad atty for petitioner/atty vegina

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Notice of Filing Financial 10/10/2012 Affidavit 10/10/2012 Notice of Appearance Notice of Filing Designation 10/10/2012 of Emailing Addresses 10/10/2012 Answer to Counter Petition Party:Petitioner Martin, Tracy B FOR DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE WITHOUT Answer and Counter MINOR CHILDREN 10/05/2012 Petition Party:Respondent Martin, Alicia T Payor: ROBERT D YATES P A ; Userid: CTS-sbrice Ctr Pet-Cross Claim-3rd pty ; Receipt: 20121YE1Q002262; Comments: CK# 10/05/2012 5180 ; Family Fee Paid[7/11/2013 1:04:11 AM]

Case Detail

to Rspt/Husband 09/19/2012 Request for Production Party:Respondent Martin, Alicia T Notice of Propounding to Petitioner 09/18/2012 Interrogatories Party:Respondent Martin, Alicia T to File a Rspns to the Petition for Dissolution of 09/18/2012 Motion for Extension of Time Marriage Party:Respondent Martin, Alicia T Clerk's Certificate of 08/09/2012 Compliance W/AO II-95-F-5 08/09/2012 Civil Cover Sheet 08/09/2012 Petition Payor: MARTIN, TRACY B ; Userid: CTS-rsukhlall ; Receipt: 20121YE1F003081; Comments: CASH/S08/09/2012 Filing Fee 1/HB PET ; Amount: $409.00 Payor: MARTIN, TRACY B ; Userid: CTS-rsukhlall ; Receipt: 20121YE1F003081; Comments: CASH/S08/09/2012 Summons Issued Fee 1/HB PET ; Amount: $10.00 Family Law Financial 08/09/2012 Party:Petitioner Martin, Tracy B Affidavit Not of Social Security # 08/09/2012 Party:Petitioner Martin, Tracy B Filed/Orig in Drawer 08/09/2012 Notice of Related Cases HB to Pet 08/09/2012 Summons Issued Party:Respondent Martin, Alicia T 08/09/2012 Complete File Sent to case mgt

Notice of Production From 10/05/2012 Non-Party

Amount: $295.00 bureau of victim compensation 10-3-12[7/11/2013 1:04:11 AM]