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Contact Date of Birth

KUMARESAN 26 September 1983

Mail Programmer/Developer Location Chennai - India

Career Objective

A responsible position in a progressive and creative environment where my knowledge will have valuable
application and utilization of my opportunity for advancement.


Research and Development Engineer

Accel Animation Studio - Chennai/Trivandrum - India (Apr 2008 – Present)

- Automating Maya using MEL/Python Scripts and API.

- Handling Crowd and Complex Shots using Renderman RIB and LOD Concepts (Novice Level).
- Supporting the design and implementation process of production pipeline.
- Designing and deploying production tools to automate the production process.
- Studying/Implementing Autodesk Motion Builder, Softimage’s Face Robo and Pixar’s Renderman.
- Research on Deploying Motion Capture Setup and Handling data for Production.
- Providing technical solutions and technical troubleshoot.
- Studying and analyzing new software for production.
- Training the production peoples for latest technologies and methodologies.
- Projects involved:
South Indian Fables, Alibaba aur 41 Chor – Promo I, Promo II, Movie (In production)

Character Rigger / MEL Scripter

Accel Animation Studio - Chennai - India (Oct 2007 – Mar 2008)

- Assisting Technical Director, Character Setup Artist.

- Supporting Character and Technical Animators.
- Providing Logical Solutions through MEL Tools.
- Adapting MOCAP Data for production (Friends for ever - Movie)
- Projects involved:
South Indian Fables, Friends for Ever, Alibaba aur 41 Chor Demo
Official Training and Certification

Renderman (January 2009)
Official Training by Mr.Baranidharan (Pixar Certified Renderman Trainer), DUX Soft, Mumbai, India
Softimage Face Robo (September 2008)
Official Training by Mr.MikeLaxman, Softimage XSI, Mumbai, India
Motion Analysis System (Motion Capture Setup) (September 2007)
Official Training by Mr.Geoff Shaw, Mr.Jeff Thingvold – Motion Analysis Corporation, Santa Rosa, California


Extensive Knowledge of:
- Maya Embedded Language (MEL), Maya Python, Action Script, Visual Basic 6/2005, Motion Analysis
EvaRT’s Sky Script.
Working Knowledge of:
- Renderman Shader Language (RSL and RIB), VC++, Maya API, Python, C, C++, Java, TCL/TK
- Windows DOS Batch, FoxPro, Dbase, Basic

Graphics Technology:
- Autodesk Maya, Softimage XSI’s FaceRobo, Softimage XSI, Motion Analysis EvaRT and Cortex (Motion
Capture), Autodesk Motion Builder, Renderman, Autodesk Combustion
- Hands-on Experience in: Endorphine, Blender, 3D Studio MAX

Web Technology:
- Adobe Suites, Macromedia Flash MX, Dreamweaver MX, ColdFusion,
ViewPoint Media Technology, CSS, HTML, VRML, ASP, VBScript, JAVA Script, MySQL, SQL Server

Hardware / Networking Technology:

- Motion Analysis Motion Capture Technology 32 Eagle Camera Setup
- CENTRONIC/SERIAL Port handling, programming
- Hands-on Experience in: Windows NT Server Networking
- Win 9x, Win XP, Win NT Server, Win Clustered Computation Servers
- Hands-on Experience in: Linux, Unix
- Programmer, Trouble Shooter, Technical/Character Setup Artist.
- Will act as a Catalyst for faster and reliable operations.
- Fast learner and can easily adapt to any new technology.
- Handles technical situations with innovative methodologies.
- Energetic, Self Confident, Self Motivated, Friendly.
- Excellent Teacher, Team Player.
Skill Highlights

In Career
- Mocap cleanup data handler, distributor, manager tool
- Mocap and Mobu data navigator tool
- Mocap facial data stabilizer tool
- Production Tracker (Rapid Application using VB6/MySQL)
- Remote Technical Messaging and Troubleshooter (Maya MEL/Maya Python)
- Standalone Maya Scene (ASCII, Binary) Analyzer / Troubleshooter (VB .NET)
- Modeling, Animation, Rigging, nCloth, Lighting, Rendering Automation Tools (Maya MEL/Maya Python)

In Academy
- Cargo Service/Tracking – VB6, MS SQL – Duration 3 Month
- User Behavior Analysis – Viewpoint Media 3D, ASP, MS SQL – Duration 4 Month
- Short Movies (LiveAction,3D/2D Animated):
69 mm (2D Flash & Maya), Thief (Live Action), X Change (Live Action), Wildest West (3D)

- 2D Game developing (Flash/VB/VC++/Access/SQL Based)
- People Management Setup – For AUDCO (Larson and Turbo India Ltd)
- Web Designing, Web Developing.
- Win Applications for Automation:
GAME ROM Disc Primary Security Program, Swiss Knife Media Player, Flash engine’s Greeting Card
Designer, Bluetooth based systems, Sony Erickson mobile-pc interaction systems.


PG Diploma in Animation Technology (July 2006 – Sep 2007)

Accel Animation Academy / Studio – Chennai

B.E Computer Science Engineering (May 2006)

Panimalar Engineering College – Chennai

Diploma in Computer Technology (April 2003)

Panimalar Polytechnic College – Chennai

Matriculation (April 2000)

Sri Sankara Matriculation HiSec School – Chennai
Personnel Data

Name: L.Kumaresan
Sex: Male
Blood Group: B +ve
Date of Birth: 26 September 1983
Father: P.Lakshmanan
Familiar Languages: Tamil, English
Nationality: Indian



S/O P.Lakshmanan,
B6’ 6 Cross Street,
Thiruvalluvar Nagar,
Chennai - 600041.
(Tamil Nadu – India)


Mobile Phone:


Thank you

( L.Kumaresan)