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PRONOUNCED LOCALLY Everything around you is green.

Simon says theres an ocean under this town

it is called ocean. A great deal of work goes into this phase. Beyond the lavish extraction fence Simon says there is ocean. See how it becomes

ocean. Of significance. It lives beneath the town. X-rayed baked photographed w/ special equipment. Reports by experts must be filed. You unblessed elaborate internally. This sets the tourist in motion. Every landscape is holy. The frame itself become sight. Enshrinement rises through while you are busy making benediction. This could be the beginning

Of a beautiful symbiosis. The floating mountain. A popular upper arm tattoo. It is surprisingly easy to ascend to your dreambanks but so very difficult to come down. marker ---> sight obliteration The way the path jars your knees as you return to the lot. Only more so. Marked off from similar objects. Im not afraid to tell you its magic here. It is the prime destination

(markers of a tourist site

Looking for the truth object where is your bliss station? The pamphlet the matchbook the t-shirt apple cider. So long as the faculty of imagination is at rest only the ocean might be read (later on

rites of passage:

from this old body thru the buttercups into that new bodied

An underground network like 10 to the 4th mystification. We are walking around backless. Instant fruiting body data. Replica in ternally. His sprinkle death each thru us like bleach

rites of passage:

the internet is inherently different from the animus

This is a matter of l n d This is a matter of land

If chosen you will know by the working model of yourself built next to yourself

The internet is declared natural. Presented to disclose more about the real thing than the real thing itself discloses. Example: do we know our hearts are not shaped like <3s. Endless images presented

what do we know. as authentically as possible of course someone will have to die

I will try to package the info for you encased in fat but this is only a correlation

rites of passage: with my statuary.

I want to make you the very myth of my land. Set in the Just like me

time before internet. Instead you slavering pic skinned gullet. You fell in love

As we matured we becoming public of almost everything. The process makes all equal before attraction. Your story syncs in our ocean. We interface with fairies. Thats what I said fairies for reasons of being foreign old fashioned weird or futuristic can be assembled on any local base converting it into a place

there is more at stake here than a little recreation (read on to find the perfect vacay

&other tacky sights only heighten the reality of this

I have made the colors real vivid for you. As you move closer it becomes familiar and the foreign retreats before you. Despite that nearly all of the action will take place at night you have to go where the internet is/not. Our path is long &loamy. The first stage is sacralization. You will have to locate it in your body. A hive of red berries. Some of us are born systemic

Jenn Marie Nunes is the author of three chapbooks: OBJECT REFERENCE NOT SET TO AN INSTANCE OF OBJECT , dancing girl press (fall 2013), OPERA TRANS OPERA, with Mel Coyle, Alice Blue Books (2013), and STRIP , online at [PANK] Magazine (July 2011). Her work appears in numerous journals, including the Ninth Letter, Black Warrior Review, Cafe Irreal and Bateau. She lives in New Orleans where she co-edits TENDE RLOIN, on online gallery for poetry, and cocurates the associated ColdCuts reading series. Some say she has pretty eyes.