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Framingham State College

Computer Applications in Nutrition

Nutrition Web Sites
Online Diet Analysis Tools
Fitday Food and exercise journal. Fitday offers a reliable, user-
friendly program which is
most useful for an individual
looking for a diet analysis
and fitness tracking
program. Additionally, it
allows tracking over time.
Life Clinic My Health Record offers a variety of health tracking
tools in addition to Nutrition
and Fitness tracking. It also
offers a Food Analyzer that
analyzes nutrition content of
individual food items, Food
and Exercise Diary for
recording and tracking your
daily meals and activities,
and a question-and-answer
service with registered
USDA Food Composition Data Search individual foods in the most recent release of
the USDA Nutrient

MyPyramid Tracker MyPyramid tracker is based on the 2005 Dietary
Guidelines (DG). It
calculates daily intake
compared to the DG,
MyPyramid Stats, Nutrient
Intake from food and
Nutrient Information on
Dietary Supplements. At this
time of this evaluation, the
Healthy Index portion was
under revision.
Nutrawatch This is a reliable, easy to use diet analysis tool. This
tool allows the user to
change their goals for
macronutrients, fiber and
Nutridiary Nutridiary is a very thorough and informative
tool that is easy to use. It
offers an abundance of
graphing and tracking
options that allow for data
to be easily visualized and
Nutrition Analysis Tool NAT is a simple, free diet analysis tool which uses
food codes rather than food
names to display analysis,
making it less user friendly
than some other programs;
reports are also difficult to
print. The site also offers
online interactive nutrition
education, sports nutrition,
body image and basic
Nutrition Data Free and interactive web site that generates nutrition
facts labels and provides
simplified nutritional
analysis for foods and
recipes. Uses reliable USDA
nutrient database, however
some tips not accurate.

Menu Planners and Recipe Sites

Interactive Menu Planner National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute’s Interactive
site for creating meals for
1200-2000 calorie levels.
My Menus Loads of recipes which can be re-sized to meet your
needs; provides nutrient
analysis of each recipe and
generates a shopping list.
Cooking Light Recipes with a lighter flare
Your Produce Man Current produce information ie: pricing, crop damage and more. Nutrition and
food trivia. Recipes for almost any kind
of produce.
Food Network Lots of recipes and more.
The Cook's Thesaurus A cooking encyclopedia that covers thousands of
ingredients and kitchen
tools. Entries include
pictures, descriptions,
synonyms, pronunciations,
and suggested
Epicurious Menus & Recipes galore!

Cooks Recipes and more

General Nutrition Sites

Homepage for the Food and

Food and Nutrition Information Nutrition Information
Center Center. Nutrition topics, Dietary Supplements, Food
composition, Dietary
Guidelines, Food Guide
Pyramid, FNIC Databases
Dietary Guidelines 2005 Authoritative source of dietary advice to promote
nes/ good health and prevent
chronic disease..
Food borne Illness Education Food Safety Education,
Information Center HACCP, Discussion groups and links
National Center for Chronic Disease Includes nutrition, physical
Prevention and Health Promotion activity, public health programs, publications and
MEDLINEplus Find health topics, encyclopedia and dictionary.
Interactive tutorials on
health conditions.
Mayo Clinic General Health information, including sections on
Healthy Living, Diseases &
Conditions, Drug Search,
Health Program, Books &
Web MD Great site for researching common ailments, aches &
pains, and keeping up with
the latest research being
done on all types of health
Peapod Access Nutrition Facts labels and pictures of brand name
foods on a variety of
products. Go to “product
information” to view item,
then right click to save
picture. Copy/Print Nutrition
Facts label and ingredient
list (remember food labels
frequently change and
these may not be uptodate)
Center for Science in the Public Nutrition Advocacy
Interest Organization. Check out Nutrition Action Healthletter.
Vegetarian Resource Group Excellent resource on the topic of vegetarianism. This sites provides a broad array of nutrition resources,
including education
programs, fact sheets and
lifecycle resources.
UPENN Link to variety of Nutrition Web sites
National Center for Complementary & Sound information on
Alternative Medicine alternative and complementary medicine.
Food Labeling Everything you need to know about Food labeling.

FDA Kids Interactive site for kids and teens includes Food Safety
Quiz, , The Teen Scene and

For Schools

Offers links to a variety of

Food and Nutrition Resources for nutrition resources, as well
Teachers as nutrient analysis (Food Online) using the
ml online USDA Nutrient
DOE-Nutrition Education and Training Provides links to a variety of
Resources nutrition education and training resources for those
t.html working with kids/students .
The Children’s Health Project Healthy B.A.S.I.C.S.(Building
Network Active Strategies to Inform
Children in School), a health
education program for
elementary and middle
school children. Supported
by a grant from
Metropolitan Life Foundation
and developed by clinicians
from The Children’s Health
Fund’s National Children’s
Health Project Network,
Healthy B.A.S.I.C.S. provides
simple, accurate and
culturally relevant health
education brochures and
lesson plans, suitable for
children of all backgrounds.
Action for Healthy Kids The only nonprofit organization formed
specifically to address the
epidemic of overweight,
undernourished and
sedentary youth by focusing
on changes at school.
Eat Smart Washington State Dairy Council. Lots of nutrition
education resources.
Nutrition Explorations Dairy Council site; resources for educators, parents, kids and school
Food Profile Tons of information for food products
such as cooking and storing
information, pack size, how to store as
well as nutritional information.
School Nutrition Association Outstanding resource with everything
for your school nutrition needs.
National School Food Service Excellent resource for
Institute School Nutrition Professionals
MA DOE - Managing Life Threatening MA guidelines developed for
Food Allergies schools to manage food allergies.
John Stalker Institute of Food & Site offers nutrition and
Nutrition food service resources to MA schools and child
nutrition professionals.
New England Dairy Council Nutrition education resources for Health
Professionals, School Food
Services and Consumers
On-line nutrition education
programs for teachers, as
Team Nutrition
well as lots of great nutrition
information for kids and
their families.
InteliHealth Aetna web site offers individual food search (uses
USDA database, but does
not list which release), as
well as a interactive tools
and health related
information geared to the
National Institutes of Health Provides links to credible health information as well
as to MEDLINEplus (health
database) and Healthfinder
(health resource)

Portion Distortion Quiz National Institutes of Health Interactive Quiz
Harvard School of Public Health Healthy Eating Pyramid and much more!
Oldways Site promoting healthy eating, sustainable food
choices and traditional
foodways. Links to healthy
eating pyramids, including
Mediterranean, Vegetarian,
Asian, Latin and Good
Health Puzzle.
Gatorade Sports Science Institute Sports information and resources

About Nutrition Offers tons of nutrition information (site run by RD)
as well as food Clipart,
vitamin/mineral facts and
single food nutrient analysis
NCEP Interactive Applications Special Web Pages and Interactive Applications
m include links to High Blood
Pressure, Healthy Weight,
Cholesterol, BMI calculator,
Women’s Health Initiative
and more.
CDC Click on Health Topics to link to endless resources

Strong Women Strength training info for women

Diet Channel Useful site to find information on quack diets.
QuackWatch Guide to quackery on the web and health fraud.
National Institute of Diabetes and Health Information with Fact
Digestive and Kidney Disorders Sheet on many nutrition related conditions
Office of Dietary Supplements Health information on
http://dietary- dietary supplements
Drug interactions Check interactions between two or more drugs,
ChooseDrugs including interactions with
food and alcohol.

For Kids & Families

USDA for KIDS Educational site for kids including nutrition, science
and agricultural resources
Children’s Nutrition Research Center Site offers information resources for children and
their families, as well as
education & training links,
including Children’s Energy
Calculator and BMI
Fit Family and Kids Offers healthy recipes and free downloads which
include nutrition charts
Smart-Mouth Interactive site for Kids sponsored by Center for
Science in the Public
Verbparents CDC funded campaign geared to get kids 9-13
years old active
Meal Make Over Mom A fun site run by RD's. Offers topics of interest to
x.html moms, such as customized
shopping lists, recipes
makeovers and nutrition
tips. Offers a free
"Makeover Mom's Club"
which helps mothers
improve the way their
families eat.
Kidnetic Interactive site for kids including topics on nutrition,
recipes and exercise.
Kids Health Health and Nutrition web site for kids and teens

Dole 5 A Day Site provides creative ways to increase fruit and
vegetable consumption.
Kids Nutrition Web Site Educational activities, links and information for kids,
on/ teens, parents and teachers.
Nutrition for Kids FREE Feeding Kids Newsletter, as well as other
nutrition resources by RD
Kids with Food Allergy Excellent site for recipes as well as many other food
allergy resources.
Food Allergy Invaluable site providing food allergy education and
Powerful Bones. Powerful Girls Interactive sites focused on bone health geared to girls

BAM BAM! was created to answer kids' questions on health
issues and recommend
ways to make their bodies
and minds healthier,
stronger, and safer. BAM!
also serves as an aid to
teachers, providing them
with interactive activities to
support their health and
science curriculums that are
educational and fun.
Sponsored by CDC.

For Professionals

The American Dietetic Association Professional organization for Registered Dietitians
Daily News from the ADA Knowledge
Center E-mails contain links to current articles (research,
DPG’s popular, etc.) Great to keep current in the field.
ADA Dietetic Practice groups
including description and
link to web site.
MDA Nutrition resource for RD’s including job listings,
contact information for MDA
committees, licensure and
professional activities.
Nutrition Jobs Select job category and location to view job listings
with description and contact
Growth Charts Site provides downloadable growth charts, as well as
interactive training modules
and PowerPoint
WIC topics A-Z Maternal & Child health resources
Squirrel Tales High calorie recipes
Bell Institute General Mills site which includes health & nutrition
resources, WIC nutrition
resources, Nutrition News,
product nutrition
MEDLINE References and abstracts
from 4600 biomedical
Dietary Reference Intakes Invaluable site containing pdf files of the Dietary
5.html Reference Intakes and
Recommended Dietary
Merck Manual The Merck Manual of Medical Information –Home
mmanual_home/contents.jsp Edition. Online access to
PDA MD Site offers advise about purchasing PDA,
downloading and installing
PDA RD One of a kind site designed by an RD for RD's offering
advise and resources on
Thanks to all the students and nutrition professionals who contributed
to this list.
KMcGrail, MEd, RD, LDN 2006