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Lesson 17

Size and Shape
1. archaeology: the systematic recovery by the scientific methods of material evidence remaining from man’s life and culture in past ages, and the detailed study of this evidence. 2. elfin – fairylike; delicate; small and charmingly merry or mischievous. In folklore, an elf was a tiny, often prankish fairy who lived in the woods and possessed magical powers, like Shakespeare’s Puck. 3. infinitesimal – too small to be measured. Mathematicians, philosophers, and photographers are accustomed to dealing in concepts that range from the infinite (too large to be measured) to the infinitesimal 4. Lilliputian – very small; tiny, narrow-minded; petty. In Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, the hero was shipwrecked on the island of Lilliput, the inhabitants of which stood six inches tall. 5. megalopolis – an extensive, heavily populated, continuously urban area, including any number of cities. This larger than a metropolis since it includes an inner city, suburbia, and any adjacent towns. 6. minimize – to reduce to a minimum; decrease to the least possible amount or degree; belittle. Again we meet a synonym for “small.” minim, this time combined with the suffix ize , “to make,” and denoting as in the definition for infinitesimal, making something appear to be of the least possible amount, value, or importance . 7. minutiae – small or trivial details; trifling matters. The word is not restricted in meaning to unimportant details since a seemingly minor point can prove to be of major significance

strength. Cronus.8.titanic: of enormous size. prolific or fertile. refers to royal privileges. We admire the person who dresses impeccably. 9. The Old English word terman meant “to produce offspring. 13. palatial – like a palace. 15. or power. In classical mythology the Titans were a race of giants who ruled the world before gods and goddesses. 11. vista: a far-reaching intellectual view. simulacrum – a slight. or literally “I have sinned) 10. this meant a coin of small value.” What is perhaps more interesting is that our word team also comes from the Old English team. an image or representation of something 12. “without fault. survived and eventually overthrew his father. a high official.” Indeed. Inevitably. swallowed all his children in an attempt to avert a prophecy of doom. narrow avenue or passage. a very small amount. a Roma soldier as well as to the chief of the seven hills upon which Rome was built. or superficial likeness or semblance. large and ornate. soupcon – suspicion. but one son. especially one seen through a long. Originally. petty or prejudiced. Jupiter (Zeus).” perhaps are tolerant to the peccadillos of our friend. a mental view extending over a long period of time or embracing many remembrances or experiences. a slight trace or flavor. a view or prospect. perhaps the most famous (think of our word chronology). the meaning was transferred to a person of low esteem because of his or her criticism or bias. which meant “childbearing” or “brood” 14. . and probably forgive the person who offers his peccavi (confessions. peccadillo – a small sin or fault. unreal. teeming: swarming. an obsolete meaning of teeming was “to become pregnant and produce offspring. A closely related word derived from the same Latin root palatine (palace). picayune – of little value or account.

then circle the word that comes to mind. The seven dwarfs of Disney (Lilliputian. (minimize. I was bogged down in petty details. palatial. palatial) 3. titanic) 8. An elfin creature is huge and lumbering ____ 2. peccadillo) 10. picayune) 2. Mac stumbled once over his lines but otherwise his performance was perfect (minutiae. soupcon) 9. minimize) 4. peccadillo. This is the biggest rocket in our arsenal. elfin. Soupcon is the call to dinner ____ 3. (megalopolis. 1. True or False? In the space provided indicate whether each statement is true or false ____ 1. vista) 7. teeming) 6. we looked out on a marvelous landscape. read the statement. Which Word Comes to Mind? In each of the following. (megalopolis. simulacrum) 5. elfin. Most of their points were scored when out best man was in the penalty box (amplitude. vista. You should feel complimented if your mental powers are called Lilliputian . The defense kept objecting to every minor point that was raised in court (picayune. Lilliputian. minutiae. The two cities have grown so quickly you can hardly tell where on ends and the other begins. titanic.Exercises I. (soupcon. vista) II. palatial. We took a guided tour of Buckingham Palace (teeming. teeming. After climbing to the top of the mountain. The myriad molecules on the head of a pin (infinitesimal.

III. exaggerate titanic cooperative amplitude searching imitate pompous teeming pettiness serviceable minimize hopeful moderate range unbiased assemble . economy 4. Vista galleries are so called because they attract many visitors. The amplitude of the harvest gratified the farmers. My parents are willing to overlook an occasional peccadillo. 1. ____ 5. Don’t minimize Fermi’s contributions to the development of the atomic bomb. Synonyms and Antonyms Find and circle two words on each line which are either synonyms or antonyms. ____ 10. ____ 7. ____ 9. we seek to trade our megalopolis for the country air. A teeming street is dilapidated and deserted. In summers. picayune 5. ____ 8. infinitesimal 2. ____ 6.____ 4. It took a titanic effort to open the car door under water. swarming 3.

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